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dear gabby #85 sep 19, 2022 relationships

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The topic of how to heal relationships is a BIG one … especially now. 

As we prepare to get back into the world after COVID, I’m getting so many relationship questions from Dear Gabby listeners. And these are big, beautiful questions that I’m proud to say …. 

I can now answer! 

For the past several years, I’ve done deep work that’s really taught me how to heal relationships. Through therapeutic and spiritual spiritual practices, I’ve learned to chip away at old patterns that kept me stuck in undesirable relationships and uncomfortable dynamics. 

But today, I’m proud to say that I’ve attracted the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships of my life. I’ve completely transformed the way I relate to others. I’m calmer, more confident, and more connected as a wife, as a friend, as a boss, as a daughter AND as a spiritual teacher. 

And I’m PSYCHED to share everything I’ve learned with you … starting in today’s episode of Dear Gabby and continuing with my BRAND NEW Relationship Challenge. 

the relationship challenge

As I’ve mentioned, SO many people have asked me about relationships lately. Whether they want to heal their relationship with their parents, feel more confident interacting with their colleagues at work or attract a romantic partner, everyone has some variation of this question:

How can I manifest more love and connection?

Well, this is how!

After listening to your inquiries for years—and healing my own relationships using transformational techniques that I’m finally ready to share—I designed a NEW 14-Day Relationship Challenge that starts October 1! The challenge is available exclusively through my new Gabby coaching app (see info below!).

This is going to be MAJOR. For 14 days I’ll guide you to open your heart, release any blocks that are holding you back in relationships … and become a MAGNET for love and connection.

If any of these ? sound familiar, then THIS CHALLENGE FOR YOU.

You want to feel more confident in all your relationships. 

You want to speak up for yourself with ease—at work, with your family and with your romantic partner. 

You want to be more accepting and less judgmental of the people in your life. 

You want to attract friends that inspire you and let you be YOU! 

You want to finally understand why you keep repeating the same relationship patterns over and over again.

I can help you with ALL of this ^^ and more … because I’ve struggled with the same issues. Annnd I’ve overcome every one of them, using the same spiritual and therapeutic techniques that I will share with you inside the Relationship Challenge. 

Here’s what you can expect from the challenge: 

  • Healing meditations to release insecurity and judgment so you can feel more confident in relationships
  • Spiritual exercises to learn how to honor your feelings and improve communication
  • Proven techniques to create healthy boundaries and protect your energy
  • Gentle methods to ease anxiety and develop deeper levels of trust and acceptance
  • A LIVE Relationship Q&A Workshop with me on October 14 at 1 PM/ET

I really hope you’ll join me. I want to be your relationship coach!

how to heal relationships

While you wait for the Relationship Challenge to begin, you can get some instant relationship tips on Dear Gabby today.

The morning before I recorded today’s episode, the Instagram questions were pouring in.

“GABBYYYY!” my podcast producer, Sam, yelled, “your followers are sending in the bessssst questions.”

“What do they want to know?” I asked.

Sam shook her head. “Nope! I’m not telling you yet,” she said. “I’ll read the questions to you in the studio, and you can answer them live!”

your top relationship questions

Well, I did just that! I channeled my inner relationship coach and didn’t hold anything back.

in this episode you’ll learn:
  • How to deepen your connection with friends in a post-COVID world 
  • What to do when you feel left out of social plans (this can be awkward … but there’s an easy spiritual solution!) 
  • How to rebuild trust in a relationship after you’ve been lied to 
  • Why you’re getting conflicting signs from the Universe when you’re trying to manifest a relationship
  • The #1 secret to attracting the romance you want

By listening to Dear Gabby today, you’re giving yourself permission to open your heart and your mind to the patterns that are holding you back from attracting the relationships you long for.

If you want more support beyond today’s podcast, I would love to be your relationship coach! If you feel called, click here to sign up for the Relationship Challenge

get more gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode. 

  • These episodes of Dear Gabby will go even deeper in teaching you how to heal relationships: 
I can be your coach—anytime, anywhere!

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Transform your life in just 10 minutes a day with:

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I’ll be your coach to help you manifest your desires and live with an unshakeable sense of inner peace.


This podcast is intended to educate, inspire, and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.