I often hear people say, “When I have that (insert desire here) I’ll feel good.” 

NOPE, it’s quite the opposite. 

When you feel good you attract everything you desire. 

That’s the core message from today’s episode of Dear Gabby … 

I mean every word of this…

Lean toward joy and you will be led—led toward inspiration, toward brilliant ideas, toward happy anticipation of what can be!

In many ways, it’s heartbreaking to be alive right now witnessing the devastation, the trauma and the loss. We’re all walking around with a part of us that’s feeling a bit broken. 

If right now in your life you’re feeling stuck, lonely or in any way out of alignment with the loving energy around you, I want to offer you a clear path toward joy. 

Lean Toward Good-Feeling Thoughts

And here’s the first step. 

Set the intention to lean toward good-feeling thoughts and energy…

If we show up with the intention of joy and with a presence of excitement, then inspiration and brilliant ideas will come to us naturally. 

Are you waiting until everything is perfect to feel good?

We think that if we make our outside circumstances perfect, everything will be better for us on the inside too. 

Hear me when I say this: That’s a bunch of BS!

We can’t expect the outside world to be our source of safety. Instead, we have to adjust and attune our internal condition to be steady. That’s when we can show up in any circumstances and feel safe. 

And so it’s our work to walk away from situations that aren’t in alignment with who we are. It’s our work to make joy a priority in our lives.

In this episode of Dear Gabby, each soul who joined us was willing to do their own internal work and lean toward joy. Through their Dear Gabby moments, you’ll learn: 

  • A powerful tapping meditation to feel less alone
  • How to feel worthy of love and joy
  • Ways to transform jealousy into hope
  • A heart-opening meditation for connection when you feel abandoned
  • My #1 tip for when you’re sad that people aren’t showing up for you
  • How to attract your dream job
  • Why if fun is your only objective, you cannot fail
  • The real reason you’re unhappy at work

Prayer to Feel Worthy of Love

And in today’s episode, I share a prayer …

Gabby praying in a studio

When you’re feeling saddened by loneliness or abandonment, use this prayer to help you return to a feeling of worthiness for the love that’s always available to you at any time. 

Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly. 

As you take a deep breath in, I want you to allow yourself to breathe into the affirmations of this prayer. And on the exhale, I want you to let them out into the world.

Let’s begin:

On the inhale, I am worthy of love. And on the exhale, let it out. 

Breathing in, I am worthy of love. On the exhale, let it out. 

Inhale, everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of. Exhale, let that out. 

Breathe in, everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of. On the exhale, let that go.

Take a deep breath in, I am worthy of love. Exhale and let that out. 

Another deep breath in, I am worthy of love. And exhale, let that out. 

And one last deep breath in, everything I desire is on the way. And on the exhale, let it be. 

And so it is. Amen.

When we’re in a place of joy, when we’re in a place of happiness, when we’re just sort of free-flowing and doing something that feels good, we’re in Spirit—we’re inspired. 

And when we’re inspired, brilliant ideas come to us. We feel supported and we start to build momentum toward what it is that we want to create. 

Press play now to feel inspired.

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