#15 | July 26, 2021

How to Practice Good Feeling Thoughts to Attract Your Desires

There’s one extremely important method to master if you want to manifest your desires. It’s the power of positive thoughts! In this episode of Dear Gabby, get ready to amp up your manifesting power! You’ll learn how practicing good-feeling thoughts helps you receive the direction you need to attract more of what you want. Get psyched to tap into your own inner guidance system.

About This Episode

When we allow our stress and our anxiety to get in the way, we block our ability to receive the quiet, gentle voice of true inner guidance. 

Something interesting happened to me last night …

I usually sleep really well, about 9 to 10 hours a night. But last night I woke up in the middle of the night stressed out and worried. I was nervous about whether I should take on a new project.

I knew I needed to get out of the fear cycle and into a more spiritually minded cycle, see it through the spiritual lens rather than the fear lens. And so at 2 o’clock in the morning I did some journaling. I released all my feelings, dumped out all the negativity. 

And then I said, “Okay, I’m willing to receive guidance. I’m not going to try to fix it at 2 o’clock in the morning. I’m going to give it over and let the Universe show me what to do.” 

The moment I said that prayer, I went right back to sleep. 

I woke up in the morning feeling settled and connected to my intuition. My willingness to receive guidance helped me see that I wasn’t meant to take action on that endeavor. I could clearly understand why it wasn’t the right time for me.

It took me one minute of prayer to go back to sleep and let it be resolved. It didn’t take me two weeks of stress to figure it out. 

We just need to get out of the way and let the Universe do its work. And the fastest way is through the power of positive thoughts and prayers. 


In today’s episode, I share a prayer to help you open up to receive that guidance:

We open up our consciousness now to receive intuitive guidance through positive, empowering thoughts. 

We open up our consciousness now to seek solutions rather than problems.

We open up our conscious awareness to the abundance of gifts that are available to us from the Universe in this day. 

We welcome these miracles. We welcome this abundance. We welcome these gifts. 

Thank you, Universe, for revealing to us all of the abundance that is around us, guiding us and showing up for us. 

We awaken to the presence of that guidance, of those gifts, and of that true nature of love that is within us and around us. 

I’m ready to receive. I’m ready to receive. I’m ready to receive. 

Let that be your mantra today: I’m ready to receive guidance. And then get psyched, because there’s a lot of opportunity in front of you!


Get ready to learn how to lean in to a positive perspective, how to lean in to a solution, and how to lean in to what’s working. 

Throughout this episode I’ll reveal:

  • How to unapologetically claim your desires
  • How thoughts become things 
  • A prayer to help you open up to receiving important messages
  • 3 steps to stop playing small
  • My method for listening to the gentle voice of your true inner guidance
  • The importance of resilience in every moment
  • Why when we lean in to the experience of fun, we can’t fail

No matter how much you’re struggling, no matter how much you’ve detoured in the wrong direction, this show can be your catalyst for a quantum shift. 

Put on Dear Gabby and let’s practice good-feeling thoughts together! And when you’re finished listening, I welcome you to leave a review. Let me know how it’s going. Share your good-feeling thoughts and your miracles.

There’s more to feeling good, and here’s the secret: consistency. Every day offers us an opportunity to strengthen our spiritual connection and lean in to feeling good. The absolute BEST way to stay consistently happy is with a daily meditation practice.

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RELEASED ON | July 26, 2021

#15 | How to Practice Good Feeling Thoughts to Attract Your Desires

Show Notes

How to Practice Good Feeling Thoughts to Attract Your Desires

The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 


Don’t forget to join the upcoming Meditation Challenge. I’ll be your coach for 21 days.  Sign up here! 


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