How to Reduce Stress with EFT Tapping

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Editor’s note: This post was updated in July 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

For months I’d been praying for a book that would keep me up at night. The kind I loved so much that I couldn’t put it down!

One afternoon I opened my mailbox to find a package. It was a copy of my dear friend Nick Ortner’s book The Tapping Solution. My prayers were answered!!

For several years Nick has led a tapping revolution. Tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, is a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional health.

How EFT tapping works

EFT is a healing technique. When you do it, you tap on specific energy meridian points on your body with your fingertips. By tapping you can unblock ancient fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

When you stimulate these energy meridian points, you trigger the amygdala (aka the “fight or flight” part of brain) and signal it to calm down.

When the amygdala gets the memo that it’s safe to relax, stress is reduced fast. I’ve found tapping to be one of the best ways to bust through blocks in just a couple of minutes!

Tapping can help you release judgments and resentments, relieve anxiety, heal pain, feel more confident in your body, and much more.

Using EFT tapping to reduce stress

Now I’m taking my tapping to the next level! After reading The Tapping Solution, I taught myself how to lead a tapping session.

In the video below, l lead you through a tapping session to reduce stress. It will help you feel physically and mentally calmer.

As you tap on the specific meridians I will guide you to talk out loud about certain emotions that come up around stress.

All you have to do is find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can watch the video and follow along. It’s that easy.

Let’s use EFT tapping to reduce stress now!

**One important note: In the video, I ask you to rate your Most Pressing Issue (MPI) before and after tapping. In the video I say to rate it from 1 to 10. However, the scale is actually 0 to 10.

The EFT tapping points

If you want to use EFT tapping on your own to reduce stress, you can refer to the diagram below. This will help you get the hang of the tapping points! This image comes courtesy of Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution.


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  1. It’s really interesting how you said that EFT tapping can help you to release fears and limiting beliefs. My wife has really been struggling lately with feeling good about herself and it is really hard to watch. We will have to find a good EFT tapping service nearby that can help her get back to how she was functioning before.

    1. Sending lots of peace and healing to you and your wife. I hope these tapping videos can offer her some support and relief.

  2. I’m reading Miracles Now at the moment and really enjoying it.

    I’m currently sat in the library writing the last 4000 words of my masters dissertation and felt overwhelmed with stress, panic, anxiety and tears. I remembered the tapping you mentioned in your book and googled it. I was delighted to see a video from you on it with a guided lesson. When I was a child whenever I became anxious or scared I used to find myself tapping my collarbone and I always thought it was an anxious habit, but now I’m thinking perhaps it was actually my body’s way of telling me how to heal and survive.

    Anyway, in the midst of my stress this morning I took myself away to a quiet spot in the library and did your lesson three times (and I chose to repeat the positives twice on the last round). I rated myself as a 8-9 first of all (with tears in my eyes and panic in my chest even thinking about how stressed I was). Then afterwards I rated about a 5. Which I’m pleased with. Back at my desk now and hoping for a productive day. I’m glad to have this tool that I can return to if I need it. So thank you for sharing it.

    I do have one question which you might be able to answer (or anyone else)? I found some of the tapping points quite tender (below my eye and my under arm for example), do you know if this is indicative of anything? Blocks or does it mean that my energy might be getting more stuck in one area than another? I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

    Love and light, xxx

  3. Did this once and it was amazing and incredibly helpful. Went back to do again but now the video doesn’t come up. Also want to share with my husband who is having a lot of stress and bad insomnia lately. Please let me know if there is a way to view it again. Thanks! Michelle

  4. My brother suggested I might like this blog.
    He used to be entirely right. This publish actually made my day.
    You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this information!

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Gabby

    Your reduce stress video with tapping is not coming up on the screen? Love your written intro and can’t wait to watch it. I’ve tried to access it through a few threads and still seems to be absent? I’m all to view all of your other posted vblogs


      1. Thanks for the clarification on this story . It sure soneudd like a whopper to me as well, and this is the first follow-up news I’ve seen since the original flap. Good reading about sometimg that had been a troubling question in the back of my mind.

  6. Life Changing. To be honest, at first your caveat about the potential for an emotional or physicial reaction made me skeptical but I pushed through to see what EFT was all about. With your words, a deep focus. and true attempt at tapping the tears began to fall – actual release of emotion and stress. The shock of this immediate and real reaction pushed me to explore Nick’s book but I wanted to say thank you for bringing this to me/us.

  7. This was amazing! I have heard of EFT but never seriously tried it until your video and am astounded by how fast it works. I am recently laid off and the job search has been increasingly stressful, but this really helps to put things in perspective. Great work!

  8. Curious how significant the placement of the fingers is when tapping as one previous commenter eluded to. I am curious as well. Nick does it one way, his sister Jessica taps the collarbone for instance with one hand, not fingers. And Nick also uses the 0 to 10 scale after each tapping round and Gabbys one on pain (cant view this one) doesn’t do that each round. Does it matter? Having said all this, I really like and benefit from tapping and am grateful for both Nick and Gabby, have learned a lot. Thanks

  9. I just want to say Gabby that I am in much gratitude to you for sharing this. I went back to this email/video as the stress is getting overwhelming and I want a different way to approach life. You are helping me just by what you are sharing.

    Much love, hugs & gratitude,

  10. I have been tapping for other things, but stress and anxiety are a big issue for me. I’m 59 and have interstitial cystitis and many side effects from cancer treatment and was in an emotionally abusive marriage for too many years. Now I have met someone who knows about my issues and says he likes me for me, but I have all this anxiety rearing its ugly head. Seeing this video couldn’t have happened at a better time! I want to feel confident that in spite of the fact that my body doesn’t work like I would like it to I am still a fabulous woman with a lot to offer!

  11. I meditate as much as possible with my busy schedule but Tapping seems to bring me to the exact place I need to be at the exact moment I need it. Many thanks Gabby for sharing with us and Im with you sister, envoking a stress free mind can open doors we never thought existed. The sensation of Tapping reassures our Body to “chill out” and the physical response of the touch is a gentle reminder that there is something bigger than ourself we have to stay focused on. Thanks again and It was a pleasure meeting you. 🙂

  12. hi Gabby Love you!!! sorry this isn’t about tapping but it had been bugging me for a bit, when i go to sleep at night i wake up but still in a sleep state and have complete visuals of people not sure who they are but they are clear and real and either in an outside setting walking down the street etc,,, this has always happened but it is really clear now and i remember it in the morning. any suggestions on how or what to do

  13. Gabby…every word you spoke so expressed how my stress was constricting me that I kept opening my eyes and smiling, thinking “can she see me or something?” haha! Thanks for a wonderful tapping session. I have tapped in the past, but fell out of the habit. Your video today has helped me recalibrate my energy significantly. I will return to this video often as I get back in the habit of tapping! Thanks so much:)

  14. Gabby,
    Wow I had no idea how much I had to release! I didn’t realize how stressed and scared I really was until I did this practice with you. I am saving this video to use again and again. Very powerful. Of course I have also ordered Nick’s book. Looking forward to sharing this with my students as well.
    In love and appreciation,
    Cara Viana

  15. Gabby,
    Thank you for this video, it’s awesome! I really got into tapping a few months ago when Nick & Jessica Ornter did the World Tapping Summit. I also wanted to say many, many thanks for making my HerFuture blog about abundance & EFT one of the Blogs We Dig!!

  16. I’ve been waiting for Nick’s book to hit stores! Amazing and empowering and that’s what life and healing is all about : ) Glad to see you sharing the love.

  17. Thank you for this video as it came right on time. Now putting tapping into my daily regimine, this helped me so much. Thank you Gabby!!

  18. Gabby,

    Thanks so much for this video!

    I watched Marie’s interview with him first & then followed Natalie MacNeil’s link to your vid here, and I was so glad that she left it there.

    This video has been so helpful & totally spoke to me. Especially because I was at a 8 and then at a 5, and it’s such a coincidence that you used those exact numbers.

    Thanks again!

  19. Hey Gabby,
    I love how you used your old background for this video. It made the whole tapping process much more intimate and familiar!

    I have attended two of your lectures and called you on your HayHouse radio show. I am the “teenage spirit junkie” 🙂 This vlog couldn’t have come at a better time. Next week I am traveling to Europe for a graduation present with my friends and my ego has totally taken over control. Your presence always calms me down and I just wanted to thank you for continually saving my days!

    God Bless,

  20. I love how you used the background that you used to have in your old video blogs! It made the whole tapping process more intimate and familiar.

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time for me..I am the teenage spirit junkie and I met you at several lectures and called into your radio show once. Next week I am going to Europe for a graduation present with my friends and my ego has completely taken over. This video is helping me ease my anxiety. I truly benefit from all of your books, lectures and videos.

    God Bless,

  21. Gabby, what an amazing video. I totally needed that, today has been so tough for me I actually forgot my Gmail password, then reset it, only to forget the second one a few minutes later and have to reset it again. This has definitely helped me relax and now I feel like I can accept the lesson I need to learn from it and connect with my inner wisdom to do so. It has completely helped me connect to my authenticity again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are such an inspiration. Sending you lots of love. Can’t wait to get the book!

  22. That was AMAZ~ING! I have always wanted to tap, and I have to say, it absolutely works. I brought my stress down from an 8 to a 6 in that one repition. This stuff is genius, I am absolutely going to buy Nick’s book. Thanks for sharing this with us Gab, always broadening our horizons.

  23. Thank you so much Gabby for posting this video on tapping! I have heard about tapping before, but you’ve made it so accessible and easy to follow! I am definitely in need of ‘something’ to unblock my energies and help me out of my negative spiral, so am hoping that this is it! Please post more tapping related vids in the future 🙂 x

  24. Ok this may sound weird, but I did this on my lunch break at work (in my cubicle)….you were totally speaking to me about how stress affects someone (holding back, sickness, relationships)!!!! I do feel better. xoxoxox

    1. Kris – totally not weird. But then again, I am always doing something dubious during my lunch break. I always keep an eye open and looking around hoping I won’t find a coworker (or boss!) standing with their mouth wide open and a raised eyebrow… 🙂

  25. Thanks for talking about his here. I’ve been playing around with tapping for awhile now but haven’t fully committed. I use it here and there to help me get past some blocks but I haven’t used it consistently.

    But I need to. I’m in the process of healing myself from MS and I need to stay away from foods that are harmful to me. So I use tapping as a way of moving through this process and living a healthier lifestyle.

    I’m so glad to hear that Nick has a book now too. I have the DVD and I learned lots from it.

    Thanks for sharing,

  26. Tapping is a great technique that you can use anywhere. I have seen so many people lately using it on the airports or getting off a long flight for jetlag symptoms. Thank’s Gabby for sharing this information and video.

  27. Thanks for this video Gabby. I dipped my toes in tapping a couple months ago, but didn’t feel strongly enough about it to practice consistently. Your enthusiasm for it makes me want to try again, this time with a more open heart.

  28. Amazing, thanks for sharing Gabby! I learned about tapping through my life coach a few years ago but forgot how powerful it is when put into practice. xoxo

    1. Glad you enjoyed that one as much as I did, Cip. Jackie Wilson was an amziang singer and had a really long career but I will always remember him best for his hit single “Lonely Teardrops.” I just about wore out a 45 recording of that one.Sadly, the guy collapsed and died on stage a few years ago.

  29. oh my GOD this changed my life. I just did this because I’m about to walk into an exam and feel instantly clearer and more positive. I will be tapping all over the place from now on 🙂

  30. I love Tapping. I have used it before when I was feeling stress and overwhelmed and it definitely made a difference. Thanks for the reminder.

  31. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve done with a respected psychologist in NYC because my issues were complex, but now that I’m grounded and released trapped past energy, I feel lighter and less emotion-triggered.

    And if you’d like to read Follow Your Heart, in 2014, a true tale of inner transformation as told by me, a recovering NYC attorney, now a yoga instructor/writer, i’d love for you to. Perhaps it’ll keep you up until MIdnight, & it’d be lovely if you stayed up til 3 AM, like Ortner’s, yet no worries if you go to bed early even. I”d be flattered if you picked it up at all. Thanks so much for your girl power!

    Follow Your Heart,
    Karen Nourizadeh

  32. THANK YOU! So glad you’re here at a time in my life when I have to either change or die and now I feel like the latter option is available. My self-pity is changing to self-determination.

  33. Gabby, I am so excited that you are into E.F.T. I practice it often and love it! I want to offer you a suggestion for your next tapping video. Don’t be afraid to break up a statement and pause in the middle of, it will give your followers a better opportunity to phrase the sentence correctly or tweak it if they need to.
    I look forward to the next one!

  34. Thanks Gabby,

    I think you’re awesome and your Manifesting Miracles interview series just blew my mind. EFT tapping has rocked my world and my personal healing recently as well. Just a couple of things, especially for those just being introduced to this method – a couple of your points are a LITTLE off from where Nick places them – most notably the collarbone, which is supposed to be both hands (four fingers on each) an inch or so below both collarbones – not in the center. Also, one of the ways I’ve had the greatest breakthroughs in doing it along with Nick’s sessions on Hay House radio (available for rebroadcast all week, for anyone not familiar) is his series of questions in between each tapping rotation (not sure what else to call going once through all the points). His slow pace along with the questions in between really helps to draw out what’s at the root of our issues.

    Thanks for continuing to introduce us to such miraculous stuff! Looking forward to more mind blowing breakthroughs with you 🙂


  35. I love EFT tapping, I’ve found videos on Youtube Brad Yates, his videos are great & the results are great also. I have introducted EFT tapping to my boyfriend to relieve his frustration, he was skeptical at first & now he’s a firm believer it works! Thanks Gabby for this I’ll be using it when I feel stressed to release & let go

    1. Brad Yates is Great. I agree! He can be Korny sometimes, but it makes you smile, and he’s got a great selection on YouTUbe!

  36. great video Gabby! thank you!
    question: you only did the karate chop point in the beginning. on subsequent passes through the points should be tap this point again?
    thank you!

  37. Love this!! I have been using this technique in my counseling practice. Nick’s book is on delivery to my house now!!

  38. Wow–I really feel so calm and relaxed! I was skeptical, but I can tell this is effective. Thanks for being a great teacher:)

  39. I love this – more people should learn about tapping. My ex- boyfriend used EFT to get rid of his severe snake phobia, and I have used tapping to soothe anxiety with great results. It really works!

    You go girl!

  40. This video could not have been posted at a more perfect time. I am in the middle of packing up my life to move tomorrow and having been praying for something to help me relax and that was exactly what I needed. Thank You Gabby!!!

  41. Loved it! Not completely down w Kundalni, maybe just not ready for that intensity, gurulosophy.(I fast forwarded over it n MCM group:/ But tapping is ON! I bet here are some who feel the reverse, so… Just keep bringing it! (Alternative solutions, that is.) Have Happy Day!

  42. Your an amazing woman and a great teacher. Looking forward to more of your videos, keep up the good work

  43. This is very interesting and I am definitely intrigued to read the book! I have to say I was a bit concerned at the beginning with the focus on the negative whilst tapping and was happy to see the switch to positive. I believe so strongly in the power of positive mantra and affirmations and the tapping makes alot of sense to me. I am currently reading “The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy” by Cozolino’s and am loving it! She talks about how we can rewrote our stories and desire the brain by reframing… It’s so cool! If anyone needs support after doing this exercise I would love to help. You can contact me through my website – psychotherapy and Yoga Therapy. Thanks Gabrielle for this great vid!

    1. people often get hung up on the negative rounds. that’s why the positive rounds are so important to end with

    2. the thing is we need to acknowledge first what is really going on, hence why the negative statements. We are blessed in this day and age that tools like affirmations, positive thinking and that we are able to reframe our minds and create new neural pathways are well known. Because of this we are also likely to jump straight into “being positive” and therefore suppress what is bothering us. Tapping is amazing for this, it welcomes all feelings and emotions, unblocks them, moves them through and then introduces the positive.
      * I just thought of a lovely analogy: It’s the same when I buy myself a new bunch of lilies. I won’t put them into the old dirty water from the previous lilies. I empty it out, clean it and fill it up with fresh clear water before I add the new flowers*
      Lots of love,
      Keep tapping, it’s live changing x

      1. This response is perfect, Leah. I’ve been positively affirming for years – and it only acted like a Band-Aid until I started zapping the old stuff I didn’t even know I was holding onto. (And tapping has proved such an amazing tool to do this!)

        1. Yes ladies, this is great! Love the lily analogy! We need to feel our feelings -and that includes the negative -the whole spectrum of feelings -really feel them before we can release them…

  44. Crazy synchronicity (TARA!) – this video came exactly when I needed to watch it. Gabby, what an appropriate day to leave a video on tapping! Easter day is a great reminder of the message of rebirth and tapping is such a powerful tool to revolutionize each day going forward. Looking forward to making tapping a frequent habit 🙂

    1. You couldn’t be more right- being a mom is NO JOKE! I am not a mom but think it’s so imnrptaot for you mommies to get your YOU time! I nannied 3 boys under 3…holy moly was I glad I got to go home at the end of the day! 🙂 It was definitely rewarding work, and it was fun, but so so exhausting. 🙂

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