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I have something major for you today. Wendy De Rosa is my guest on the Dear Gabby podcast! Wendy is here to teach BIG lessons about how to protect your energy in relationships. 

I’m particularly psyched about this episode because I’ve seen the power of her teachings firsthand. 

I met Wendy when I was teaching alongside her at Kripalu. She and I both woke up early to watch the sun rise, and pretty soon we formed a “breakfast club” where we’d have these beautiful spiritual talks over coffee. 

It was during one of these early morning meetings that Wendy started talking to me about co-regulating. She taught me that as a speaker, I can actually help an entire audience regulate their energy … even when tricky subjects or big emotions come up. I became fascinated with this concept. 

And Wendy’s teachings about intuition, emotions and energy have continued to inspire me.

Becoming an Empowered Empath by Wendy De Rosa

how to protect your energy in relationships

I read Wendy’s book Becoming an Empowered Empath cover to cover. 

As soon as I read the first page, I knew I had to see this one through … even though I’ve never identified as overly empathic. 

You see, I knew the lessons in Wendy’s book would not only be helpful to me as a spiritual leader—they would really rock your world. 

I get so many questions like these from the Dear Gabby community: 

How can I be an empath without letting others’ energy drag me down? 

I want to keep my heart open to others but not get so dragged down by their issues … help me, Gabby! 

I do so much personal growth work, but interacting with this person always puts me in a funk. What gives?! 

Here’s the thing: Even if you meditate every day, read trauma-recovery books like Happy Days and work hard to keep your energy clean, you’re going to run into people who don’t share your commitment. 

And whether you’re an empath or not, you have to learn how to protect your energy in relationships. It’s a lesson we all need to learn! 

shake off low vibes

What can you do to stay emotionally centered and grounded while interacting with people whose energy threatens to take you down? ^^ Trust me, there’s a way … and Wendy will break it all down on Dear Gabby today.

listen to this episode to learn:
  • What being an empath REALLY means (a lot of people have this wrong!) 
  • Why no emotions are “bad” … and why it’s actually GOOD to experience heavy feelings 
  • How to be in a relationship with someone who seems stuck in chronic low vibes without taking on their energy 
  • The reason why some people become overly empathetic (hint: this ties into your chakra system) 
  • An easy and powerful self-care tip … for your aura!

ground your energy

Wendy works with the energetic chakra system, which might be new to some of you. Don’t sweat it! In this Dear Gabby, Wendy explains very clearly which chakras can be described as your “relationship power centers,” and how to protect your energy by tapping into them. 

She explains that these power centers are in the lower three chakras, which are stored in the physical body underneath your ribs. (If you want to geek out on this, these are the Root chakra, the Sacral chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra.) 

When we can get out of our heads a bit and bring our energy down to our lower chakras, Wendy says that we can feel more grounded in our sense of self—and stay centered in all our relationships. 

Here’s an exercise Wendy suggests to feel more connected to those lower chakras, a.k.a. power centers. 

the grounded cord meditation

Imagine a cord reaching down from your tailbone to the center of the earth. Now, widen the image to imagine the connecting cord also encompassing the sides of your hips, your lower belly and your lower spine.

You might imagine a tree trunk or a strong pillar extending from the base of your body deep into the earth.

Taking a few deep breaths, imagine all the energy that’s stored up in your head and heart flowing down to the lower half of your body. 

As you take several deep breaths, recite these affirmations silently with each inhale and exhale: 

chakra mantras

Now, take as much time as you need to allow your energy to take a deep seat in your sit bones, your tailbone, your legs, your pelvis and your belly.

Feel an evening out of energy between your upper body and lower body. You’re not losing your upper body consciousness; you’re simply expanding it into your lower body. 

Enjoy this practice, and all the gorgeous grounding tips that Wendy shares on this Big Talk!

get more gabby

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