I was in my New York City apartment, clearing out the place that I’d lived in for a decade. Talk about setbacks … packing can be grueling! 

But moving homes also gives us the chance to reflect on how far we’ve come. And I have to say, going through my bookshelf was pretty trippy. 

I thought, “If someone just saw the books on my shelf—and knew nothing else about me—they’d think, Whoa, what the heck is up with this chick?” 

My books were on healing addiction, channeling and more … and they had been around the block! 

They all had tattered covers. I’d dog-eared the heck out of their pages and underlined HUGE chunks of text. Whew! I had done some serious studying. 

But as I gathered up the books, I felt overwhelming compassion for the version of myself who had read all those books. 

The young woman who’d thumbed through all these pages was earnestly seeking guidance to turn setbacks into success … and she found it!

Guidance Is Always Available

Today’s episode of Dear Gabby is all about guidance, whether it comes from books, cards, spirit guides … or our own intuition. 

The beautiful souls who called in to today’s show were seeking guidance. They were facing (perceived) setbacks or just feeling completely overwhelmed. 

It was my honor to gently guide them to turn their setbacks into success—with a little help from their friends. (One woman’s spirit guide showed up in such a major way. You’ll hear me channeling!) 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • A beautiful prayer to honor any holdups you’re experiencing in life … and to trust that those holdups have a purpose
  • A cool way to decorate your home so that positive affirmations are always front and center 
  • Why surrender is a crucial part of the manifestation process
  • A guided meditation that will help you surrender your goals to the care of the Universe and physically relax your grip (this exercise feels so freeing!)

Happy Days Ahead!

Throughout this episode, I felt a tremendous sense of gratitude, knowing that my next book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Peace and Inner Freedom, will offer guidance to anyone facing setbacks. 

The book comes out on February 22, 2022. But, I want to give you a little sneak peek today. Below, I’ll share three healing techniques from the book that will help you calm your nervous system, and tackle any setbacks with more grace and ease.

Healing Techniques

These techniques have been tremendously helpful to me in overcoming my own setbacks. I leaned on them heavily when I was suffering with postpartum anxiety, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that some of these practices saved my life.

These healing modalities have calmed me down and given me hope on some of the darkest days of my life: 

  • Shin Jyutsu Hold 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping 
  • Relaxing your tongue 

I’m really honored to arm you with these tools. 

They’re all things you can practice right now at home, or even at your desk at work. I know they’ll be healing for you … and I know that Happy Days will serve you, too. 

In fact, I hope it becomes a tattered, dog-eared, permanent part of your own book collection. I’d be honored to have a spot on your shelf. 

But more importantly, I hope the healing techniques I share in Happy Days become part of your spiritual toolkit and offer you guidance and peace anytime you need them.

Get More Gabby

The following are helpful resources and books I mention in the episode. 

MIRACLE MEMBERSHIP: Want even more support? I created the Miracle Membership to help you design a spiritual practice you can stick to—so you can feel connected, supported and inspired every day. Each week I deliver lessons, guided meditations and community connection. I also have a 21-day challenge planned for you each quarter! The Miracle Membership is easy to access on your phone, computer or tablet. Click here to join. 

My new book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, drops on February 22, 2022! This is my most important spiritual book yet. In it, I open up about my journey from trauma to recovery. I share the exact tools I used to heal, so that they can be accessible to you too. The book is available to preorder now—and if you order it by February 7, you’ll get all kinds of perks …. including a FREE VIP ticket to the Live Online Event Experience, which will bring the book to life! So here’s a PSA: If you think you’re going to buy Happy Days at some point, do it now so you get all these added freebies. 

If you need additional support, please refer to this list of mental health resources. I’m proud of you for being here. 


The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Let me ask you this. What if you could wake up every day without anxiety? What if you could view your past with purpose rather than regret and live a happy life, peaceful, free fr...

The following podcast is a Dear Media production.

Let me ask you this. What if you could wake up every day without anxiety? What if you could view your past with purpose rather than regret and live a happy life, peaceful, free from fear. Well, I’m excited to share that I’m going to show you the way.

In my upcoming book, Happy Days, the guided path from trauma to profound freedom and inner peace, I share my vulnerable, authentic account of how I transformed my own life. To live free from fear to wake up without anxiety every single day, to live without regret. And I’m going to teach you the steps and the methods that I took to get there. And when you order your copy of the book today, you will get a free VIP ticket to my happy days, live virtual event experience.

This virtual event is where I break down the methods of the book. I will take you through a full day. It’s all alive, online experience that you can get for free. And your VIP ticket is expiring on February 7th. So you’re going to want to go to deargabby.com/happydays.

All you have to do is pre-order the book, and you’re going to get a VIP ticket. Totally free. It is valued at $500 when you pre-order the book. And that VIP ticket gets you a front row seat from the comfort of your own home to a full day event with me. So I invite you to join me on the journey of releasing the fears from your past to transform your life in the present.

Join me for the Happy Days Live online event experience when you pre-order the book today at deargabby.com/happydays. The VIP ticket expires on February 7th.

Hey there. Welcome to Dear Gabby. I’m your host Gabby Bernstein. And if you landed here, it is absolutely no accident. It means that you’re ready to feel good and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s get started.

GABBY: Welcome back to Dear Gabby. Welcome back. Welcome back. This is a bittersweet day because our beloved Lindsey, our producer of our show is moving on to a massive job that she manifested. Listen, you gotta be careful when you hire good people, because then you teach them your manifesting methods and then they go manifest more and more and more.

And then you lose them. I think that that is pretty true. So, uh, my, my super attractor Lindsey manifested a big job and it was so hard for all of us to have to say goodbye to her. And this is her last day with us on the show. And so I just want to say thank you to Lindsey for being the producer on really the first 40 plus episodes of this show and helping us make it into the top 10 on Apple and helping us really just get this show on the road and get the show off the ground.

And so, Lindsey, what I want you to do is come in and read the review that you found because it’s not just my review. It’s your review too. I want you to come on on with me now and read the review that you guys pulled for me to read today because we’re going to read every single week. We’re going to do Spirit Junkie of the week. And this week we’re pulling one from the review sections. If you want to be shouted out on our show, leave a review.

You can just let me know what’s up. You might even be able to leave a question as a review, like leave a little review and then say, Hey Gabby, I have another question. Maybe we’ll answer some questions through the Apple system. That would be so dope. Oh my God. If you left a review and a question and then I could find it and Dear Gabby you; that would be amazing.

So Linds, come on whenever you’re ready. Come join me. And read that review because it’s your review too.

LINDSEY: Thank you for the kind words. Oh my gosh. Well, I have to stop crying now to read the review. Guys, Gabby is the real deal. She is an amazing boss and leaving this company was definitely bittersweet.

And, um, and I cried. She cried and, but to have somebody be so proud of you and to be able to learn from Gabby is truly a gift. And so, um, I will read this review now. It’s gonna make me cry. This is from Kiko who left us a review. I am a new student just discovering you your powerful gift and impact you bring to this world.

Listen to all the episodes of your podcast. And I’m about to start reading your books. I couldn’t agree more with your mantras.

Everything you believe in, and I’m just in awe of your God-given gift, your work, your compassion. If every single soul on this earth listens to you, our planet will absolutely be a better place.

Please continue to be the light in the darkness, healing one soul at a time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gosh, I couldn’t agree more Gabby. This, this is exactly how everybody you touch feels. I couldn’t agree more.

GABBY: Kiko. Lindsey listen to Kiko. That is stunning. So beautiful. First of all, thank you for reading it.

Thank you for helping me bring this work out into the world in this way. If you’re listening. Thank Lindsey. Send her love. Give her a big, big, heartfelt, energetic shout out. And, um, I love you Linds. Thank you. So sad that you’re gone, but we are proud. And that’s the thing, you know, when good people attract greatness, you want to celebrate it.

You want to celebrate it. You want to celebrate it because when you see right now Lindsey’s celebration of manifesting something so major, it should be like driftwood for you. You can see it as, oh well that person’s doing the work. They’re manifesting. They are super attracting. I can do that too. And so let the manifestations and the major moments for other people be a reminder of your capacity to attract everything that you desire into your life as well.

So, and even when you least expect it, she wasn’t looking for a job and then boom, the universe directed her. So here we are. Oh, and I should probably say that Sam who has been co-producing with Lindsey this whole time is stepping it up to be the Dear Gabby producer, our little Sammy, Sam. She’s not, you know, she’s a woman, but I like, like to think of her as my little sister.

So Sammy is stepping up and she is producing this show and she’s already been kicking ass, so expect nothing but the best from Sam. I am so psyched for today’s show. I’m so happy to be with you. I cannot wait to meet my guests. I am so in awe of the miracles that are occurring on this show, the beautiful testimonials that come through, the beautiful messages.

We’re doing a new thing on the show where if you leave a review, you can also post a question alongside the review. Leave a review. Just let us know what you think of your Gabby. And then below it say, and Gabby, if you get this, I have a question for you. And then my team are going to pick the questions and I’m going to answer them on this show.

So go ahead and leave a review on Apple and then below your review, just ask me anything, ask me anything. AMA it up on Apple, and I’m going to, uh, have my team get me those questions, and we’re going to answer them on future shows. So leave your review, leave your question. I got your back. Whew. Okay. So many orbs in the room right now.

I’m looking at myself in a zoom camera and I just keep seeing these orbs just like flying through the air. It’s unreal. Okay. Wildness. Okay. I’m going to pick a card for you guys today. Let’s pick a card. Let’s pick a card. Let’s pick a card. Here we go. Yep. One of my favorites, the universe is always conspiring to support me, guide me and lead me compassionately to the highest good.

I’m going to read that again. The universe is always conspiring to support me, guide me and lead me compassionately toward the highest good. I love this card. It has a cardinal on it and lots of stars and the cardinal’s just sitting on a branch. And this is a card from Super Attractor. And in the book, I talk about how the cardinal was a sign for me when I was giving birth to my son, Oliver.

And I love this card because it reminds me that the universe is indeed always supporting me, always guiding me, always leading me compassionately toward the highest good. And my intention for this show is to let this card be a gentle reminder that in any situation, no matter how hard it may seem, no matter how difficult it may be, no matter what we’re going through. We can have faith that the universe is always conspiring to support us, guide us and compassionately lead us towards the highest good.

And when we tap into that connection to the universe, when we tap into that voice of love that’s within us and around us and supporting us and guiding us, that is when we can start to really strengthen our faith. Know we’re being guided, trust in the good stuff, and trust in the tough stuff. Trust that the difficult moments in our life are revealing to us the next right action towards the highest good for all. To trust that if things aren’t working out that that can be guidance, it can be guidance to turn inward.

It can be guidance to grow more. It can be guidance to move in a direction that is beyond our wildest dreams. So staying present in this truth. That the universe is always conspiring to support you, guide you and lead you compassionately toward the highest good is probably one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself in this lifetime. Because dwelling in this faith, in this level of certainty, in this level of faith, lets you live a life of freedom and inner peace and live with a sense of joy.

So I want this card to come through today. Let’s let this card be a through line throughout the show to open us up to creative possibilities, to help support us, align us, connect us. I’ve seen so much deep spiritual work go down lately as I witness all these people begin to read my book Happy Days. And I see these stories of people saying the book fell off the shelf for, this is the exact book I needed right now, or I didn’t know how to recover from my trauma, but this book told me the exact steps I needed. And what’s such a brilliant thing about this book is that I know it’s one of those books that will only be read by those who need it.

And that it’s literally going to be flying off shelves. And it’s a book that will be led to someone who may not otherwise have considered themselves spiritual or in the self-help space. But this book will be their guide. And so I trust that the spirit is in all of it. Spirit is in the books, spirit in this podcast, spirit in these cards, spirit is in our subconscious and in our conscious mind.

And we’re always being guided every single step of the way. Always, always being guided to what is of the highest good for all. Trust in what’s being planted in front of you. Trust what’s being planted in front of you. Trust what’s what’s the next right action is being set for you. Let go and allow.

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Let’s begin today’s show on that note. Let’s surrender and surrender some more and let’s see what comes through today. Let’s bring on our first guest, Linds. Brian.

CALLER: Hello. So nice to see you.

GABBY: Nice to see you, y love. Where are you in the world?

CALLER: I am in Toronto. So we’ve met twice. You remember? And last year you sent me, I think I was the last one on your show for 2020.

And you sent me these Universe Has Your Back cards, I keep here on my desk that when I’m zooming with my clients, et cetera, I use them all the time. And I just can’t thank you enough. And you are such a gift. I am always recommending your books for clients. And I just, uh, I just, I can’t say enough. You’re just such a beautiful person in my life and I just, it just means so, so much.

GABBY: Thanks, Brian. I’m so happy that I’m sitting next to you at your desk in my deck.

CALLER: Exactly. And before we go, before I ask my question, I just also want you to know, um, of my United prayers and energy have been sent for you, your husband and your son. Uh, over the past few weeks. And so just know it’s been very close to my heart.

GABBY: Well, thank you, Brian. I appreciate that. And I feel you guys so deeply, it’s actually one of the weirder things was having to show up and say, oh, this is going on for me. You know? So thank you for being there. Energetically. You’re very welcome. You’re very welcome.

CALLER: So my question and it’s interesting, I’m American, but I live in Toronto and starting last March, my partner and I are really considering making a move, maybe, you know, back to the States and, and how to do that and different things.

And I have to tell you, it’s, it’s taking a while. There’s just the sense within me. It’s of what is the next step? You know, doesn’t mean maybe, you know, my company moving in a different direction? How does that go forward? And I’m all about releasing the control, being open, you know, being there, but there’s also the sense of a little anxiousness of how to move there.

What is next? And so maybe my question would just be about trying to stay in the peace of the moment as things keep trying to look for. And for some reason, for this particular moment of my life, it’s just taking longer than normal, uh, for it to manifest. And just being attentive to that.

GABBY: Definitely be attentive to that. I think that’s actually the, the real point here. And that would be actually the lesson I would give you is to pay attention to the holdups. We are often like, well, I want this. Shouldn’t just be working out exactly when I think it should be working out?

No, there are holdups for a reason. When something’s held up it’s because something better is coming. When something’s held up, it’s because we’re not necessarily ready to receive it. We’re not ready to hold it. I’m not saying this for you specifically, but I’m giving examples of why things get held up.

When something is held up, it’s often maybe because there’s a greater lesson that’s on the way. So trust the holdup. What happens often is when we don’t get things, the way that we want, when we want it, we start to interfere.

We start to think, oh, it shouldn’t be this way. There’s something wrong. But what if we looked at the things that don’t work out as something good. And I’m not suggesting this isn’t going to work out. I’m just saying it’s not working out the way you thought it would. Or it’s slower than you thought it may be because the right home hasn’t opened up yet, or let’s say it’s a relationship and you haven’t found that partner yet.

Well, because the partner maybe is in a different relationship and needs to get out of it first. You know, we don’t know, but the holdup is for a reason. And if we push past that and we try to force our will onto our circumstances then we miss the miracles. We miss the miracles. We can look at the holdups and say, thank you, thank you for revealing to me what I need to know.

And if we’re being held up because of something that we’re doing, right? Like it’s like, oh, I’m, you know, dragging my feet or I’m stuck in fear. Then we have the power to change that. But if we’re doing everything from a place of an energy of grace and energy of ease and faith, but it’s still not working out. Okay. I’m just a little held up. The universe is the universe is guiding me in a new direction.

You know, I say it all the time, obstacles are detours in the right direction. So if I say that to you, Brian, how would you interpret that in this situation for yourself?

CALLER: Yeah, I, that resonates about, you know, there’s a reason, there’s a reason why there’s a holdup.

And most importantly, for me, it really comes back to faith. You know, I’ve been, I, one of the practices I do at the end of every year is I read my journals from starting from January 1st. And just seeing what’s coming out. And one of the things that came out is that I keep seeing come out is about faith.

You know, believing, feeling in that belief that you’re exactly where you need to be. And I think that’s what keeps coming back to me. Just keep believing and feeling in the faith of where I am now. Even while things are uncertain. And so I think that’s really the message. It’s just about trusting. Like you’re here for a reason and things haven’t clicked yet for a reason.

And to appreciate that, but the one piece, so you said it brings it a little more light is about recognizing the miracles. And I think that’s the one thing I haven’t been doing as as much.

GABBY: And that’s where faith comes in. Your answer is beautiful and perfect because this may simply just be a lesson for you to strengthen your faith.

Now, let me ask you to do something. I’d like you to pick up your Universe Has Your Back deck. Universe has your back transform your fear into faith. And I want you to put your hand on top of the deck and open it up and shuffle it a little bit. And then when you’re ready, I want you to put your hand on top of it.

When you feel like the shuffling is, is ready to go. And we’re going to just say, thank you, universe, for revealing to us what we need to hear today. I want you to pull a card for yourself.

CALLER: I’m going to pull it, I get this one all the time. It’s so fun. It’s. The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, the more fearless and free I am.

GABBY: Okay. Forget the fact that you get it all the time, but you’ve literally, sorry. I have to stop screaming into the microphone. We might have to cut my screaming, but my goodness, Brian, the fact that you get that all the time and then you pulled it and then let me tell you something. This is how I channel. Before the show started, I heard have him pull a card.

That’s what I said. That’s what I was going to have you do. And I was at first thinking, maybe he’s going to pull a card for me or whatever. I was like, have him pull a card and then I didn’t say anything and we just carried on and then we closed the, showed him like pull your card, dude, man, I think you got your message. Can you read that card again?

CALLER: I will with great joy. The more energy and intention I bring to my faith, the more fearless and free I am.

GABBY: I don’t think there’s a better message for you than that.

CALLER: Thank you so much. It really…

GABBY: You know, the universe is beautiful and works, works tirelessly to give us the message and I’m proud of you for having the receptivity and the openness to receive the message.

Now that you’ve received it again and again, and again, it sounds like you continue to get this card. It’s time for you to act on that faith. Right? So what, what can you do to strengthen your faith today? You know, you don’t have to answer that. You just go ask yourself every single morning. What can I do to strengthen my faith?

CALLER: I love that.

GABBY: Brian, I have a vision that I want you to bring into form. I see this visual of that card blown up and framed in your new home. So I’d like you to do that. When you, when you move there, it will be clear to you when that, when that happens, maybe, maybe do it sooner, actually, you know, just to have it in your face. Oh my goodness. Brian.

CALLER: Wow. Beautiful. What a gift.

GABBY: So good to see you.

CALLER: It’s a real pleasure. All the best to you, and I’ll send you a picture when this is framed.

GABBY: Make it a frame. Yep. Go, go, go.

CALLER: Thank you so much. Bye-bye.

GABBY: You guys, you can’t make this up. Brian. Beautiful. So cool. And I knew I was like. There’s a card there that’s gotta be pulled.

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GABBY: Who’s next. Hey, Gabriella.

CALLER: I just took a shower.

GABBY: [laughs] I love when you guys are like coming out of the shower, doing your thing. So funny, how you doing? How can I help you?

CALLER: Thank you for having me. I was just last year. Exactly around this, this time, last year I had lost my job and you gave me the manifesting challenge and I really, really appreciate it. I didn’t manifest anything that I wanted. And listening to Brian, you said something that made perfect sense to me, you know, I done everything.

I have to put my faith, my emotion, my life, and nothing is still working. I feel this whole year I’ve done everything and I feel I’m worse. So I, I don’t know. I don’t know what I am not doing right, because I know I’m not doing anything wrong. I just, I just feel like there’s something else I can do to make it right.

GABBY: Surrender.

CALLER: And I don’t know what it is.

GABBY: When you think you’ve surrendered, surrender more. The doing is beautiful. I honor you for all you’re doing, I honor you for all your, all the ways that you’re showing up for doing the practices. For working to strengthen your faith. Now I’m going to recommend that you stop doing and just start allowing. Because often when we are in that presence of trying, trying, trying, trying, trying, even when it’s spiritual practice, even when it’s trying with our spiritual practice, you know, reading the books, doing yoga, doing class, doing the meditation, listening to Dear Gabby, doing this, doing this.

There’s a lot of energy of it’s a, it’s a forceful. It’s a doing energy. And when we want to really create change, we can be in a presence of doing, but we also have to be in the presence of allowing. And so, what does allowing look like, literally throwing your hands in the air and saying, show me what to do. Show me where to go. Show me what to say. Show me how to show up.

There’s a lot of doing that goes on in this world, but not a lot. So how different would we be? If every action we took, we took an equal step back to just relax and allow. How different would our lives be if we just spent more time listening and less time doing? How different would we be if we spent more time in stillness, more time in connection to that intuitive force?

Because the action of listening to Dear Gabby or doing a meditation or reading a spiritual self-help book or doing the manifesting challenge or doing, doing, doing, doing is excellent because it’s putting a new pattern into place, but the biggest and most important pattern of all is stillness. And so I, I can sense Gabriela that the answers you’re looking for, the life solutions you’re seeking are not going to come from all the doing.

But are going to come from more listening, more surrender, more receptivity. And that’s not an action. That’s a passive experience. So I’d like you to, as we go into the holidays, when everything starts to slow down a little bit, and I’ll just, I’d like you to just go into this period of your life right now and just give yourself some time to show up for what you have to show up for.

And then to take some breaks, just take your hands off the wheel. Let’s take your hands off the wheel through a prayer right now. Okay. Close your eyes with me. I want you to hold the vision in your mind’s eye of you holding onto this wheel really tightly. You’ve been driving your life. You’ve been driving your life and I want you to park the car.

I want you to turn the, put the car in park and turn the car off. I want you to very, very slowly, slowly, slowly. I want you to do this physically with me too. Holding your hands as if you’re holding on tightly to the wheel. I want you to slowly, slowly, slowly, let go of the wheel. Slowly let your hands just release their grip.

So slowly, almost as if it’s just slow motion. And then as you release the grip, I want you to feel what it feels like in your hands to just be open. Palms up and feel all that energy that’s around you. The energy that literally comes off your hands when you let go. And I want you to visualize anything that you’ve been holding onto really tightly.

Oh, you see it right now as it lifts off of your hands and it just starts to dissolve. And becomes released, you can thank all of the guidance of the highest truth and compassion for taking this desire from you now, for taking care of it, for taking care of it fully and completely. Take a deep breath, Gabriela, and I want you to surrender it more.

And take another deep breath and let it go. And I’m hearing, we’ve got this, we’ve got this, we’ve got this, we’ve got this, we’ve got this. Almost like they’re like kind of like hitting you on the back, slapping on the back, being like chill. And they put their hands on your shoulders, relaxing your shoulders down.

Close your eyes. Be at ease, relax, listen to our inner wisdom. Okay, here I am. Channeling your people. They’re saying you aren’t doing anything wrong. You’re just energetically in the way. They’re saying they’re laughing. They’re laughing because they’re saying, listen to her voice, listen and let go. Trust in the intuitive nature rather than the forceful nature.

I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but trust in your intuitive nature rather than your forceful nature. Your controlling is the only problem you have no other problems and listen to the wisdom within you. Allow yourself to be guided, allow yourself to be led, allow yourself to intuitively listen to the voice of wisdom within you.

To the voice of truth, you touch into it, but then you push it down, let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out. And it’s almost like there’s like fireworks. Like let it out, let it out, let it out, let it out. Let that voice of intuition be the voice that you hear. The only ways that you hear that voice of intuition, be your guide.

Let that voice of intuition be what leads your life. You say that your life isn’t working. Your life is being led by the wrong director.

Let go, let spirit direct, let spirit guide, let spirit open your heart and your mind to what is possible. Give it up, give it over.

Let go. Totally let go. It’s like full release and let go. So that image of, of, of taking your hands off the wheel and opening your palms and holding and letting go. I want you to do that. Physically do that in your meditation. Begin your meditation and just open your hands slowly and let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

And take that in completely, and we can think your guides of the highest truth and compassion for coming to me today. I’m going to set them free. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, guys. And they’re loud and proud to say that it is time to let go. They brought you back out of the shower onto Dear Gabby to surrender and surrender more.

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CALLER: That’s what I’ve been listening, you know, that let go of control, but whenever you have to pay for things.

GABBY: I’m not saying that you don’t show up. I’m not saying you don’t go to work or you don’t get, you know, you don’t take action, but you take spiritually-aligned action. Gabriela, remind me of your story.

Did you have a child or…?

CALLER: I do have a daughter. Um, uh, I think it’s about job. I am in Mexico city. I lost my job. My company closed well, the company I worked for closed due to the pandemic and I have been searching for new, for a new job. And last year I was actually excited because I thought I lost my job, but I know something better is coming and it is difficult to surrender when a year has passed.

And I don’t feel like anything magical, not even a job, even if it’s a boring job that I don’t want. Um…

GABBY: Well maybe that’s it. Okay. So maybe this is about being open to employment until the right, you know, cause the thing is, is sometimes we limit our opportunities when we hold so closely to what we think it should be.

So surrender is about letting go of what we think it should be and allowing what the universe has in store for us. And so maybe a boring job actually would be the perfect job right now.


GABBY: So I want you to open up your possibilities. And that’s what surrender offers us. It offers us more possibility. Let go of what you think you need and let the universe show you what to do.

CALLER: Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I hope I’ll be in next year. And then I tell you that everything is different.

GABBY: How about next month, girl? How about next month? Next month? Gabriela. Okay. Okay. But yeah, no, no. How about next month? How about next month?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking me out of the shower, telling me.

GABBY: Thank your guides.They’re loud. They work loud.

CALLER: Thank you.

GABBY: Uh, want a beautiful one, Gabriela. Thank you, sweetheart. Wow. Okay. So the show today to me is about faith and surrender and really strengthening that bond with the wisdom within ourselves. The wisdom of love within us, the wisdom of peace within us letting go of what we think we need and allowing the universe to show us where to go and what to do.

Often our plans get in the way of God’s plans. Really let go, and let God, let go and let the universe show you what to do. You don’t have to force your life to be the way you think it should be. You have to show up and allow all of the infinite possibilities to settle into what they are meant to be. The more we trust in the faith of that, the more we can let go.

Take your hands off the wheel through prayer, ground yourself through breath, align yourself through meditation. And listen. We do a lot of asking. We don’t do enough listening. We’re constantly asking the universe for this and asking for that and asking for more and asking for this and asking and asking, but we’re not listening. We’ve got to slow down and listen, slow down and listen, listen to the wisdom within you.

Listen to the truth within you. Listen to the voice of love within you. Listen to the peace within you. Listen to the guidance that’s within you at all times. Listen to the voice of your higher self with a capital S.

I’m gonna pick a card for you today. Here it is. Wow. Wow. Wow. This was actually a card that was at the top of the deck. And it called my name and said, let’s go, this is our card. And it’s perfect. In any moment, I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation, and stillness.

This is a show about stillness, friends. This is show about surrendering to the power of love, the presence of love through prayer, contemplation and stillness.

If we don’t still our minds and our body, we can’t hear, we can’t receive. We can’t allow, let this message be a reminder to slow down, to listen and to trust the wisdom that is within you. If you don’t slow down, you won’t be able to hear it. Take your hands off the wheel and let go.

Thank you for joining me today on Dear Gabby.

If you made it to the end of this episode, that means you’re truly committed to miracles. I’m really proud of you. If you want to get more Gabby, tune in every Monday for a new episode. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the guidance or special bonus episodes.

Your experience at this show means a lot to me. So I really want to welcome you to leave an honest review. And you can follow me on social media at @GabbyBernstein. And if you want to get in on the action, sign up for a chance to be Dear Gabby’d live deargabby.com. See you next week.

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