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stuck in the past? here’s why it happens and how you can change your life for the better!

This podcast should feel extremely relatable because SO many of us live in the repetitive stories of our past. The stories of our history, the stories of our childhood—they repeat, they replay and they become fearful beliefs that we hold onto. And in many ways, we rely on those fears to stay somewhere that feels safe. It can be hard to unlearn unhealthy lessons.

When we have a traumatic experience, our memory can become fossilized around that specific event, making it difficult to look forward. If we numb ourselves or believe in those fears and limitations, we can freeze in the face of our goals and desires.


What would happen if we woke up one morning and decided: Hey, you know what? I’m actually going to change my perspective today. 

Life may have handed me a bad deck, but I can change how I play my hand by changing my mood.

I am not my past and it doesn’t have to crush my happiness

Sure it’s helped shape me, but I get to choose how it shapes me going forward.

You’re the director and you have authority over the script. Once you change the narrative, you can change your life.

This reminds me of a motivating quote from life coach Kelly Rudolph:

You can view your past in one of two ways: as the brakes that stop you from your dream or the jet fuel that launches you into your dream.

If you’ve been in a situation where you’ve felt like things just aren’t working out, or you feel stuck and unhappy with the way things are, this episode will teach you how to use manifesting to turn your life around.

I’ll offer three spiritual solutions for perceiving your life through the lens of love rather than the lens of fear, so you can rewrite your personal narrative. Living with more ease IS possible. Let me show you how to change your life.

in this episode you’ll learn how to use manifesting to change your life in 30 days:

Step 1

ask yourself, “what life do I want to create?”

Open your heart to what’s possible, and then ask yourself what you really want. Don’t think too hard, just answer! Do you see a picture? What does it look like? Say it out loud or write it down in a journal, which will help you create a clearer vision. From this heart-centered place, allow yourself to imagine that vivid picture. Set aside any preconceived notions. This is your time to fantasize!

Step 2

ask and pray for what you want

Take the time to say thank you, Universe, for guiding me toward what I desire. Then state your intention—and be specific! Say it with conviction. Say it with your heart. Say it with your openness. This moment of belief and grace can be a turning point in your life.

Step 3

get rid of limiting beliefs

When we clear away what we don’t believe anymore and open our hearts to what’s possible, we can create a new reality. We have to do whatever it takes to transform and transmute those inner belief systems that hold us back.

Step 4

disrupt your own narrative

Knowing what story we’re telling ourselves helps us learn, little by little, to trust life and build the sense of self-worth that we need to succeed and be fulfilled.

The most important thing to remember when learning how to change your life  is that your past doesn’t define you; it just tells a story of your strength.


In the wonderful book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors emphasize that there’s no such thing as fate directing our lives. We are the co-creators with the source (God or Universal law), and we can shape our lives as we wish.

Open your heart to the grace that is available to you when you truly surrender. Give yourself the chance to choose again. Pray for what you need. Ask and it is given.

I hope this episode of Dear Gabby serves you on your path to building the life you truly deserve.

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