Today’s episode of the Dear Gabby podcast is a BIG one! The topic is radical honesty. 

As a sober woman, truth is a high priority for me. Telling the truth is a huge commitment that I made 16 years ago when I got clean.

Cleaning up my behavior didn’t just mean quitting drugs and alcohol…it also meant being a clean person

When I got clean, I made the commitment to myself and others to be radically honest and not to hide. I also became curious: What is behind the need to hide? 

That inquiry was a driving force behind the greatest healing journey of my life, which I write about in my latest book, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace

My commitment to the truth shows up on every page of that book. Because before I could get happy, I had to get radically honest. 

We’re often afraid to tell the truth. But when we become honest, that’s when we become free! 

When we are honest and truthful, we feel a greater sense of safety in our relationships. Honesty opens the door to a deeper level of vulnerability, connection and trust. 

When we bravely tell the truth, we claim our voice, our boundaries and our needs. And I want to show you how. 

A Deep Dive Into Radical Honesty

Today’s episode of the Dear Gabby podcast will serve you greatly. Press play to learn: 

  • How to be radically honest with someone you’re upset with, without making the other person feel judged or attacked 
  • A simple prayer you can use to clean up your energy before a tough conversation (this prayer will instantly ground you in an energy of compassion)
  • Why telling the truth is a powerful form of self-care—and all the life-changing benefits you’ll reap from being honest!
  • A spiritual method for repairing broken bonds in a relationship (this works miracuously) 

These practices will shift your relationships with everyone in your life. 

By being honest, you can step into the most authentic, powerful and SEXY version of yourself!

The Body Love Challenge

Telling the truth offers profound relief in your mind and in your body. In my own healing journey, I’ve developed powerful methods to feel peaceful, safe and free in my body. And now I want to share those methods with you! 


My brand new Body Love Challenge offers 21 days of powerful exercises, meditations and guidance to help you develop a deeper spiritual relationship with your body. It starts July 1st and is exclusively available to Miracle Members. You don’t want to miss this!

Inside the challenge, I’ll lead you through: 

  • 21 transformative exercises to reframe your relationship with your body
  • Spiritual practices to cultivate a full-body sense of peace
  • Gentle techniques to help you appreciate ALL of who you are
  • Nourishing meditations to calm your nervous system

Take a look at what Miracle Members have in store with this challenge?!

PLUS, in the Miracle Membership you get: 

  • Weekly coaching lessons: New spiritual lessons delivered to your inbox each week! 
  • 4 quarterly 21-day challenges: Manifesting (January), Meditation (April), Body Love (July), Relationship (October)
  • Guided meditations to calm, soothe and inspire you (I send a new one each week!) 
  • Community connection in our Facebook group with thousands of like-minded miracle workers
  • An all-access pass to our content library full of dozens of meditations, workshops and live talks about manifesting, relationships, abundance and more! 

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Radical Honesty & Compassion

The tools I offer in the Miracle Membership and each of my challenges are designed to shift your life in miraculous ways. I hope that today’s episode of the Dear Gabby podcast is life-changing for you, too! 

Before you press play, read this prayer and take in the energy of its words: 

Thank you, Universe, for speaking through me and helping me land in a place of compassion. 

Then sit back, listen to this podcast, and get ready to tell the truth with ease! 

Get More Gabby

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If you feel you need additional support, please refer to this list of safety, recovery and mental health resources. I’m proud of you for being here. 

On this episode of the Dear Gabby Podcast, I referenced the Spirit Junkie Masterclass. This is the ultimate 8-week training on how to confidently pursue your passion. I’ll teach you how to get crystal clear on your purpose and infuse spirituality into whatever kind of work you do in the world. (I’ve trained everyone from lawyers to health coaches and spiritual teachers!) Register now

On today’s episode of Dear Gabby, I mentioned two of my books. The Universe Has Your Back shares my methods for tapping into spiritual guidance. And in Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace, I offer support to help you feel safe as you tap into your truth. 

This podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey toward inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.


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