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I once experienced a miracle at a visit to the phlebotomist. The story goes like this … 

I went to what felt like the busiest lab in New York City for a blood draw. Half an hour went by in the waiting room. Then an hour. At the 90-minute mark, my blood was boiling. “What is going on here?” I asked, a little too forcefully, after storming up to the desk. The woman behind the desk looked annoyed but assured me I’d be seen soon.

They called my name within minutes. And as I sat down in the chair, I realized I’d just been snippy with the woman who wielded the needle. I needed an energy shift for my safety and sanity—and for hers, too!

“I’m sorry I snapped,” I told her. “You guys are crazy busy. It seems like you could really use some help.”

In that moment, I could feel the energy shift between us.

The phlebotomist looked at me and said, “Thank you for noticing. It IS hard to do this on my own. I DO need help.” And as she drew vials of my blood, we had this sweet interaction that helped us move past what wasn’t the best scenario and into something that felt more connected and peaceful. This kind of energy shift is a miracle. And in this Dear Gabby bonus episode, I share my tried-and-true secrets for easily shifting the energy in any situation.

Dear Gabby podcast: 
How To Shift the Energy in Any Situation FAST
in this episode, I share…
  • The tools I personally use to tune back in to my inner guidance when I’ve strayed
  • Why resentments keep us hooked into old, fear-based beliefs
  • How to release the blocks you’ve created to the presence of love within you
  • How the stories we tell ourselves are really just projections that create our reality, plus how to change the reel 
  • The secret to choosing Spirit as your teacher to align with the voice of your inner guidance system

That day in the bloodwork lab, I was reminded that when I can shift my energy from judgment to compassion, I become a miracle worker. (Even when I initially added negative energy to the situation.)

a simple prayer to create big energy shifts

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There is a prayer in my book Judgment Detox that I turn to when I want to replace judgment with love. It’s quite simple: Today I will judge nothing that occurs. 

Try saying this prayer every day this week, the moment after you open your eyes in the morning—before you even get out of bed. Today I will judge nothing that occurs. 

Then, tune in to how your day goes. I’m willing to bet that this simple prayer will help you catch yourself if you start having a judgmental thought. It might even stop you from saying something that feels judgy to a friend. (Or, you know, a phlebotomist in a busy lab who’s about to take your blood!)

Saying this prayer will help you consciously choose to align your thoughts with love. And when you do that, you’ll effortlessly be able to shift your energy from a place of frustration, anger and judgment to one of understanding, compassion and kindness.

You will become the miracle worker you were meant to be.

ok, but what do I do if I’m the one who feels judged?

I hear you! Sadly, to be human is to be on the receiving end of judgment. It’s inevitable—and it feels awful. In fact, it feels so awful that many of us are often inspired to defend ourselves, fight back or even judge back. 

But the moment we feel judged and attacked is another chance to be a miracle worker! 

Here’s the secret: When you feel judged, make someone else feel loved.


That’s right. When someone comes at you with judgment, respond with love.

Buy a latte for the person standing in line behind you at the coffee shop. Compliment your coworker on her fabulous outfit. Send a text to a friend to tell her how much you love her. Post an inspirational note on Instagram.

Making someone else feel loved when you feel judged is a surefire way to stop the momentum of negativity and shift the energy immediately.

remember, you are a miracle worker!

Really take that in for a moment. Your loving energy is powerful, and it is possible to shift the energy in any situation—fast.

This is great news, because the truth is that we’re all suffering in some way. 

That day in the crowded lab, it was easy for me to think, Hey, I’m the victim here! I’ve been sitting in this crowded waiting room for an hour and a half! But when you see through a lens of compassion, you get a different view. If you can shift the energy, everything changes—for you and everyone around you.The personal stories I share in this bonus episode are a great reminder of how all of us can reorganize in any moment and return to the power of our presence. It’s proof that no matter what you’re going through or what’s happening around you, you always have a choice—and you can always choose again.

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