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dear gabby #128 mar 31, 2023 spiritual connection

how to manifest through visualization

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When I was writing my first book, a profound vision came through in my meditation. It was a vision of a young girl on the subway. She was 20-something in skinny jeans and sneakers. I saw her very clearly—she was reading my book with tears rolling down her face.

My heart would just explode with love and appreciation for the opportunity to help her. I felt deeply connected to her—the vision felt so real. 

By the time the book was published, that visualization became my reality.

In this episode of Dear Gabby, I’m sharing one of my most powerful lessons: how to manifest through visualization

I returned to this technique at a recent Live Talk in London, where I guided our guests through my methods for clearing obstacles and fully realizing their dreams.

Join us on Dear Gabby.

don’t give up on your dreams

What limiting beliefs are stopping you from living your dreams?

The guests who shared the stage with me in London were working through the same kinds of obstacles that so many of us face. 

One woman was days away from finishing her book but feeling suddenly uncertain and vulnerable. Another had a vision for the life and the home she wanted for herself and her daughter, but she was holding herself back. They were hesitant to allow the opportunities—their deepest desires—to become reality. 


We took a step back and got grounded. Together, we walked through how those big dreams feel when we imagine them. What does it look like? Who are you serving by fulfilling your dreams?

I’m inviting you to do the same:

clear the obstacles standing between you and your heart’s desire

Surrender your own plans and allow.

Here’s how.

find strength in surrender

Ready to surrender and clear the way to your desires?

in this episode, you’ll learn how to: 
  • Use the visualization tools that helped me write my first book
  • Allow your own vision to move you—and others
  • Invite new perspectives and opportunities
  • Release your attachment to your plans and open your heart to what’s possible
  • Clear obstacles that are keeping you from your deepest desires

We experienced so many special moments at the Live Talk in London, with messages that can help all of us pursue our wildest dreams, simply by letting a power that is greater than us lead the way. You can tap into that same power today.

Join me here on Dear Gabby.

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