I meet one at every book signing. They shoot up their hands as SOON as the Q&A starts at my talks. And holy guacamole, do these people love sliding into my DMs! 

Gabby Ep 27 Dear Gabby The moment, serve

I’m referring, my friend, to the Manic Manifestors (I know some of you are cracking a smile right now).

I love to joke around with my Manic Manifestors. But the truth is, I’ve got tons of respect for these deeply committed souls. They’ve got some serious spiritual hustle! 

The Manic Manifestors read alllllll the books. They listen to Dear Gabby every single week. Their vision boards belong in the Louvre. And yet …. 

Their goal … Still. Hasn’t. Manifested. 

Sound familiar? If you’re nodding your head as you read this, you’re NOT alone! It’s only natural to feel a little impatient while you wait for your desire to manifest. 

It’s okay. Sigh it out. 

You’re taking all the spiritual steps, you’re doing all the practical work, and yet that dream job, that soul mate, that farmhouse-style house with the two-car garage …. just …. isn’t coming. It’s frustrating.

Help is on the way, my friend. 

In today’s episode of Dear Gabby, I’m going to tell you exactly what’s holding up those manifestations. You might not like the answer. But as you’ll hear, I’m feeling a little feisty today.

Ready for me to give it to you straight? There’s just one thing you need to do to see your desires manifest: 

>>> Sit the F down and listen. 

Yep, I said it! 

You might not be convinced that stillness is the best path to progress. That’s cool. We’ll talk it out. 

Each guest on today’s show wanted to manifest something new. They were all deeply passionate about their desires, and I could feel their inspiration. But I could also sense that these beautiful people were resisting stillness. I knew I had to lay down the law …

Being in permanent go-go-go mode is a major way to block miracles

On this episode, we’ll dive deep into: 

  • The 5 blocks that are standing between you and your spiritual calling—and how to bust through them 
  • How to bring your light and spiritual alignment to any environment you’re in (even if it’s a workplace you’re not jiving with)
  • How to shift your perception to find peace in your current circumstances
  • A beautiful technique for connecting with your adult-resourced self to help guide you through moments of doubt 
  • How to welcome uncomfortable situations as opportunities for growth 

Annnnd, I’m breaking down every step in my Universal Abundance Method. This REALLY works. You can practice it now by following these 5 steps.

Abundance Method-Ep 27 Dear Gabby

The Universal Abundance Method 

Step 1: Protect Your Desires and Stay in Alignment 

Step 2: Focus on Giving Rather Than Getting 

Step 3: Want More for Others 

Step 4: Do Something—ANYTHING!—That Brings You Joy 

Step 5: Turn on the Faucet 

^^Press play now to learn more about this amazing method for attracting more abundance. It’s from my book Super Attractor, and I’ve seen it transform so many lives. 

Spirit Junkie Masterclass SJM Training

Free Training Alert! 

There’s also an invitation for you on today’s Dear Gabby. I’ll tell you all about an epic training I designed just for you. Drumroll please … It’s Your 5-Step Guide to Unlock Purpose and Abundance! 

Here’s what you’ll learn in my training. 

  • My method for thriving in financially insecure times 
  • The #1 reason you’re blocking your dreams, and how to fix it 
  • The only thing you need to prioritize to fulfill your purpose 
  • How to turn obstacles into opportunities

^^You do NOT want to miss this new training. I am so stoked to share it with you! 

And in the meantime, I can’t wait to give you a spiritual pep talk in today’s Dear Gabby. Miracles really do occur naturally when you slow down, tune in, and strengthen your faith in the Universe. 

Want to see something cool? This is the card I pulled at the top of today’s episode. 

in stillness I receive Dear Gabby Gabby Bernstein

Be still, my friend. 

The Universe is working hard to catch up with your dreams. 

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The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode: 

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Super Attractor 

The Universe Has Your Back 


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