It’s time for us to think about the new year and all that it means. In the space of wellness and personal growth, we spend a lot of time focusing on our New Year’s manifesting.

We put significant energy into making resolutions. We want to make sure we start the year off right so that we can manifest more in our lives. Does this resonate with you? If so, let me tell you why setting New Year’s resolutions is a bad idea …. and what to do instead.

Learn 3 ways to effortlessly manifest your goals in the new year now.

Statistics show that most people forget about their resolutions by the second week of the new year. On today’s Dear Gabby, I’ll help you turn your resolution upside-down so that you can stick to your goals and take your New Year’s manifesting to the next level. 

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Reframe Your Resolution

What if, instead of creating a New Year’s resolution, you set a New Year intention. This subtle change will have a massive impact. 

When you set a resolution, you’re implying that there is some kind of lack in your life. On an energetic level, making a resolution broadcasts this message: There is something wrong and I want to fix it. 

Whereas, when you set an intention—for example, “I intend to feel free” or “I intend to feel abundant”— that intention is backed with a lot of power. Creating a clear intention is key to New Year’s manifesting.

The Path to New Year’s Manifesting

Let me give you an example. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is “I want to lose 20 pounds.”

What if you reframed that resolution and turned it into an intention: “I intend to exercise more and eat well, with the hope of feeling my greatest.”

The shift will magnify your ability to see your intention all the way through to the end. Your intention will lay the foundation for powerful New Year’s manifesting. 

Setting an intention gives you power. It gives you energy. It gives you enthusiasm and excitement to say yes to your desire! 

But when you’re in a storyline that says I have to fix something, you’re backing your resolution with low vibes. You’re not setting yourself up to win. 

Do you see the difference? Do you feel it? 

Powerful Intentions

On this episode of Dear Gabby, I workshop callers’ New Year’s resolutions in real time. Check out the beautiful intentions that came through. Let these inspire your own New Year’s manifesting. 

  • I intend to trust my intuition and my feelings. 
  • I intend to serve the world with my great work. 
  • I intend to let inspiration show me where to go and what to do.
  • I intend to get grounded in the clarity of what I want. 

If any of the above intentions resonate with you, pick one and make it your mantra as you work on your New Year’s manifesting.

A Resolution Exercise

Try an exercise with me. Right here and right now, think about whatever your New Year’s resolution was. 

Then, follow these steps to give your resolution more power. 

Step 1: Focus on what you want to create.

Instead of saying, “I have a New Year’s resolution to change this habit,” or “I have a New Year’s resolution to get this thing,” create an intention for how you want to feel. Focus on what you want to experience in your life. 

Focus on what can be, rather than what has to be fixed.

Step 2: Bring positive energy to your desire.

The next step is to claim your desire. Start by clearing up any judgment you have toward your desire, such as, “Oh, that’s impossible.” Don’t let old belief systems of lack, inadequacy or fear get in your way. 

Whenever you think about your intention, check in with yourself. Make sure you are seeing your intention through the lens of creativity, possibility and connection—rather than the lens of doubt.

Step 3: Take action toward your desire.

We can do all the believing, affirming and claiming we want. But if we don’t actually take action toward our desires, then it’s all a bunch of B.S. 

This doesn’t mean you have to hustle and go hard in the first two months of the year! Instead, simply set the intention to do one small thing every day to guide you toward your desire and get into the energy of what your new life can be. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say your intention is to feel your healthiest, to feel strong in your  body and to care for yourself. Today, your small right action could be to eat quinoa and vegetables for lunch instead of a slice of pizza. Tomorrow, you could set yourself up to win at the gym. The next day, you could go for a longer walk than you normally would. 

As you add up these small right actions, you will be guided to the outcome you desire. 

These subtle shifts we make help us assume the energy of what we want to manifest. They let us take aligned action toward our desire, so that it becomes our reality. 

As we take aligned action, we let the Universe catch up with our dreams.

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