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This summer I led a company offsite workshop. 

Sixteen of my team members came to NYC to brainstorm, learn one another’s Enneagram (personality type) and connect in person after years of Zoom meetings. 

My heart was so full. I kept looking around the room, thinking about one of the principles I taught 10 years ago in a talk about doing more meaningful work in the world: 

focus on the we, rather than on the me

Our team mission is to help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun. 

And that’s the topic for today’s Dear Gabby: Meaning Is the New Money. 

Here’s a pic of the team after dinner one night:

photo of team Gabby

^^ No matter what you do for a living, I want you to feel this same passion for your work — and for everyone you work with. 

Here’s the good news: You can! 

Listen to my live talk on Dear Gabby, and I’ll teach you my 4 steps to turn your passion into your purpose—and make it your profession.

If this method could transform me from a nightclub publicist to a spiritual thought leader, then trust me … these 4 steps can help you find meaningful work you love too. 

believe you can receive more

Money is an uncomfortable topic for some. But being unapologetic about what you need is a key step to manifesting a career that supports you, so that you can support others. 

I want you to get honest with yourself right now.

Have you ever said something like this? I’m doing meaningful work. I’m making a difference in the world. I’ll take what I can get! 

Here’s the thing: If you say, I’ll take what I can get, you’ll only get what’s given to you. You’ll put an energetic cap on your earning potential. You’re basically telling the Universe, I don’t need much. So guess what you’ll receive? 

Not much! 

Try this instead. Shift your internal dialogue to say: 

I want to receive more. I believe I can receive more.

You’ll be amazed at what happens. Doors will open wide, business partners will show up, and money will appear.

I want to give you that faith. That’s where this live talk comes in.

listen to this episode to learn:

  • How to vibrate with a frequency of abundance, so that it flows to you naturally
  • A high-vibe way to create more purpose in your current position—whether you’re unemployed, work for a company or are an entrepreneur
  • How to create a sense of interconnectedness with everyone you work with
  • The questions you MUST ask yourself if you want to attract a career that inspires you

manifest meaningful work

This Dear Gabby isn’t just a pep talk. It’s a crystal-clear, four-step guide to manifesting meaningful work. 

I want you to take these steps to heart. Here’s a visual you can print out, tack on your vision board or revisit on this blog. It’s the Gabby-patented roadmap to manifesting a career that’s abundant on every level. 

steps to manifesting an abundant career

Have faith that if you practice these 4 steps consistently, miracles will happen. You will ignite more passion in your life and in your career, and you’ll feel more abundant than ever.

Believe you will receive … and stick around for the miracles. 

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