How to Heal Trauma and Accept Yourself

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In 2016 I embarked on a healing process as a result of unexpectedly uncovering a traumatic memory from childhood.

Honoring my feelings and healing this trauma has been essential to fully loving and accepting myself.

I have experienced many miracles in the past year thanks to my spiritual practice. And in the video I’m sharing today, I go deep on one of the most essential spiritual tools we have: prayer.

I’ve spent many moments throughout each day turning to prayer and allowing myself to surrender to the guidance that was presented to me.

Knowing the Universe has your back means you trust that when you pray, you will be led to guidance. Spirit delivers guidance in many ways, and through prayer we open an invisible door to allow that guidance to come in.

This clip is a sneak peek of a talk I gave at an awesome online event called the Self-Acceptance Summit.

Check out the video for a massive hit of inspiration and a simple, powerful prayer you can use daily.

Watch now:

Understand Your Attachment Style to Heal Childhood Wounds 

We develop our attachment styles in early childhood. If we don’t have a secure bond with our primary caregivers, we can develop anxious or avoidant attachment styles that affect every aspect of our adult life. Our attachment styles can hold us back in work relationships, romantic relationships, and even the relationships we have with ourselves.

When I came to understand my own attachment style, I developed a much greater sense of self-compassion. And, I could start doing the work that it took to break free from old patterns and childhood wounds that were holding me back.

I designed the free, 2-minute “What’s Your Attachment Style?” quiz to help you develop a greater understanding of your own attachment style. Take the quiz now, and then check your inbox! I’ll send you personalized methods for healing your attachment wounds.

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