How to Heal Trauma and Accept Yourself

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One year ago I embarked on a healing process as a result of unexpectedly uncovering a traumatic memory from childhood.

Honoring my feelings and healing this trauma has been essential to fully loving and accepting myself.

I have experienced many miracles in the past year thanks to my spiritual practice. And in the video I’m sharing today, I go deep on one of the most essential spiritual tools we have: prayer.

Iโ€™ve spent many moments throughout each day turning to prayer and allowing myself to surrender to the guidance that was presented to me.

Knowing the Universe has your back means you trust that when you pray, you will be led to guidance. Spirit delivers guidance in many ways, and through prayer we open an invisible door to allow that guidance to come in.

This clip is a sneak peek of a talk I gave at an awesome online event called the Self-Acceptance Summit.

Check out the video for a massive hit of inspiration and a simple, powerful prayer you can use daily. Then keep reading for details on this amazing digital summit and how you can join it.

Watch now:

Join Me for the Self-Acceptance Summit!

In my full presentation for the Self-Acceptance Summit, I share the steps I followed to reclaim my sense of safety, heal my wounds and accept myself fully. Today I am a whole, healthy and happy woman because I followed them faithfully!

Whether you are healing from trauma or simply struggling to love and accept yourself, the Self-Acceptance Summit will help you quiet the ego voice of fear and cultivate compassion toward yourself to improve every area of your life.

I joined 30 world-renowned teachers for the Self-Acceptance Summit to give you the tools and knowledge to transform the way you treat yourself every day!

At the end of my talk I lead you through the Emotional Freedom Technique, one of my essential tools for instant relief and long-lasting healing.

Register here!

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  1. Dear Gabby,
    How do I let you know
    That I love you so
    I feel connected to almost each word you utter
    It so resonates with my soul and sorrow
    You’ve been such an inspiration
    I keep hoping our paths meet one day
    For the life force within you is just so inspiring n the way you’ve tumbled your life around n own your power
    More than ath dear gabby
    It’s truly
    That’s electrifying
    My inners
    Wakes me up from a deep slumber
    You’ve stepped right into ur calling
    N I admire u tremendously
    N I feel your love n flow
    N I hope u receive mine
    For I wish u continuous flow n success
    In every area of ur being….!!!
    May your dreams continue coming forth n may you continuously see that which u keep desiring.
    Wishing u all the best,

  2. Sat Nam Gabby…..Mahalo to you as I know triggers that were there after 20 years plus of yogic and music healing paths and licensing. Im greatly learning to take my experiences to empower others in all communities of diversity. Popularity of brands has a place nut teamwork is the ultimate surrender and I pray to be on your team one day soon as I study my mentors loke Marianne….I have surrendered every ounce of Govt misconduct to many reaching out to me to other traumas but the supportive open hesrt is the strong heart. I like wimning past every obstacle with God leading the way. I am a believer….my bday is one day b4 Marianne Williamson so I know I am strong….thank u for your opem hearted inspiration

  3. Dear Gabby, I missed your talk and from what I see it would be so beneficial to me and my post traumatic healing process. Is there a way to listen to it now, or just purchase your talk without the whole summit? Thank you.

    1. Hi my love. Since I recorded this talk for an event I didn’t host, I’m not sure if you will be able to do that. But you can contact the Sounds True team to ask whether it might be a possibility. If you are in the U.S., the number is 800-333-9185. If you’re outside the U.S., call +1 303-665-3151. Or you can email

      If there are other resources I can share with you, just let me know. Two I can recommend are EFT (aka tapping) and EMDR treatment. For Tapping, you can check out Nick Ortner’s Facebook page, where he posts a lot of guided tapping videos. You can also check out the website he and his sister, Jessica, run, called The Tapping Solution.

      Sending you love. xx

  4. Yes! I LOVE this message. My family is full of victims (as is the world it seems), and despite my best intentions, I find victimhood coming out of my own mouth at times. Ugh. But I’ve observed that it never serves me in a higher vibration sort of way; it just begets more of itself. No thank you! Starting this video with “Honor the wound without being the victim,” was exactly what I needed to hear today and will likely be something I repeat to myself daily in the future. Family issues, gender issues, religious issues, race issues, moving through trauma, etc… can all be helped by this. We can presently be strong…not strong as in “I’ll push through this painful thing” (where we in reality feel small and weak) but truly strong in our presence and aura…calm and at peace in life. I prayed for something like this the other day. I sat on this email a few days, not ready to watch it. Today it fit me perfectly. When we allow it to be so, life can be crazy cool.


  6. Thank you. I needed and wanted this more than I realized. Tears streamed down my face as I watched your brilliant words. Lots to pray on today.

  7. HI gorgeous Gabby,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and vulnerability. Thank you fir spreading the light. It is a blessing to hear that people walk a similar path to yours and that there is hope at the end of the tunnel of suffering. I have a quick question for you, is your natal moon in Piscis or in Aries? 1/11/79 can be either of them (depends on time of birth). I am asking you this because right now I am healing my own moon (=mom, inner child) in Aries, which means healing my inner child who is angry because she felt so invaded so many times by her inner circle, specially by mom, never being asked what she needed but rather being imposed. Did you have that during childhood? I don’t like to stick to the past but somehow I feel sometimes I haven’t forgiven my mother, I saw her a few days ago and started yelling at her as usual, for almost nothing, so unconscious, I feel so tyrant with her as I am with my closest partners, and I end up hurting those whom I love the most -precisely because of that unconscious association between love and aggression that I made during childhood. How to go from understanding it mentally to integrating and transforming it? I feel so guilty while impotent for not being able to control that at times… love, M.

    1. We all have childhood wounds we need to heal. You are not alone. Here are some blogs that may help you with your relationships:

      Accepting People Where They Are
      How to Forgive Someone

      I also recommend practicing the Meditation to Release Childhood Anger, which you can find in my book Miracles Now. Practicing this for 40 days will change you. You can practice it in the morning and the evening. Yogi Bhajan said that if you practice the meditation in the evening, when you wake up your whole energy will have changed. For more guidance, you can watch guided videos for this and other Miracles Now meditations.


  8. Fab video Gabby! I haven’t really tried praying as such as I’m not religious and therefore feel as if it is ‘wrong’ for me to pray, or I don’t really know what praying looks like without using the term ‘God’. I guess there’s part of me that feels like praying without being religious might be just asking for things which would seem greedy…? What are your thoughts on this please? … Kate xxx

    1. Kate, all that is required to pray is the slightest faith that there is a power greater than your conscious self who can guide you back to love. We all develop spiritual relationships of our own understanding, and terms such as God/Universe/Spirit/Higher Power have different meanings to each person. You can pray to your Inner Guide (for more guidance on this topic check out my first book, Add More ~ing to Your Life). Over time your understanding of a higher power might shift and evolve, and you can change as well. Being on a spiritual path is just that: a path. It’s a journey. You have every right to pray. xx

    1. Jean, I’m not sure. You can ask Sounds True; here is some info from their website:

      Reach us by phone, Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm MT. US customers – 1-800-333-9185. Outside the US – 303-665-3151 and select option 3. Our email address is

      Hope this helps. xx

  9. Wonderful, again. I feel the nudge from my heart to pray silently every night, and every morning. Asking for help, surrendering and using my “universe box” always brings me into alignment with an answer, and I can be at ease. It helps my writing so much, so deeply. It’s like that ACIM quote that you (and I, too) love so much… there is a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be. I’m excited for the summit! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you for sharing sweet Gabby. I agree, you are an answer to a prayer. Most of the time our trauma speaks for us, whether we realize it or not, and when we heal the trauma we reclaim our voice.

  11. I was having such a bad day yesterday, I’m so close to finishing my course and was feeling such overwhelm and fear. I sat in my summerhouse and said a prayer and asked for guidance and accepted the fear. After sitting for a while and doing a meditation, I released with a few tears, then did my Angel / Tarot cards and the results were outstanding. I know that I am supported and have been in a much better mood today. In fact I did Module 1 of the Master class again and realised even though there are many others doing the same treatment I offer. Mine will be a totally unique treatment, A shining light treatment that takes the client on a sensory journey of health and wellness. Thank you so much beautiful star. xx

  12. I’m a month into a complete break from all social media (i.e. Instagram), so I especially look forward to your blog posts in my inbox. Through lots of hard work, I moved through the “victim” role and, after a break of a few years, I’m now working through the guilt/shame/trauma of the disconnect from Source that I experienced at age 5. There is a picture of me age 7 that I came across recently that moves me in the most beautiful way (I keep it on my alter)….I look into my eyes and feel the deepest sense of compassion for my loss of innocence. I also feel the strongest, almost bizarre sense of “separateness” from the little girl in the photo. It’s like I’m looking into the eyes of my soul incarnated in another life. I feel indebted to her for all she endured and her unwavering belief in Love. Her life allowed for my awakening now and I feel it’s my responsibility to live our Truth now. Anyway, prob TMI but wanted to share it bc your post this morning really resonated with me. Thank you xox

    1. Not TMI at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing your truth. That is really powerful and I’m so happy this has served you. xx

    2. Scarlett,

      Your response brought tears to my eyes…such a mirror for me. I’m a Complex PTSD survivor & thriver. A few years back, I put a pic of 3 year old Allison on my alter. I too couldn’t / wouldn’t connect to her or her innocence at the time. It was my birthday and I had such hope and pureness in my eyes. Thinking about her now brings compassion to my heart. Thank you for reminding me of her and her ever perfect presence and all she endured. <3 <3


  13. Exactly what I needed today! Xoxo Gabby! You are my angel Always delivering the messages I need to hear. You help me get out of my own head and I thank you for all your offerings.

  14. Having a past with domestic and sexual violence, I’ve been craving to find something that will help me push past all the guilt I hold on to!! Thank you so much for this insight!!

  15. Just last night I was reminded of an old wound and here you are today with this video! Thank you for your guidance Gabby!

  16. This was a perfect message and reminder this morning as I woke up asking for universal guidance. I’m in the middle of the digital master class. It’s fabulous. Love the universe and so appreciate you, your gifts of teaching and your powerful energy and beautiful spirit.

    Much love.

  17. dear gabby and team
    i have been feeling so overwhelmed with my old anxious thought patterns and this morning finally broke down and said i have to give it up to something bigger than me and the only way i know how to do that is through prayer. an hour later, i read your words:

    In the video I’m sharing today, I go deep on one of the most essential spiritual tools we have: prayer. Check out the video for a massive hit of inspiration and a simple, powerful prayer you can use daily.

    i will choose to interpret this as my miracle for the morning…thank you for your light!

  18. I LOVE this conversation! I knew I dissociated or depersonalized the first 40 years living in a dream-like state as a result of early childhood trauma. However, I never connected dissociation and my Higher Power. Thank you for this re-connection! I can’t wait to meditate more upon it and teach it to those who seek it. In my mind, it’s all about re-connection, not only to the Universe, but most importantly, my body. As a person, who lived outside of it for so long, I needed to start there.

    Many blessings to you & your good work Gabby!
    Allison McDanel

  19. Thank you for being an answer to a prayer! I was thinking today about ridding my tendency to “find comfort” in being the victim and have been praying for release. I’m looking forward to the summit!

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