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shift into a manifestation mindset 

What if I told you that asking yourself one question could boost your powers of manifestation? 

Yep—it’s possible to shift your mindset in any given moment (even when you feel stuck) by asking, “How may I serve?” Those words instantly change your perspective because they form a connection with the world around you, shifting your headspace from negativity to contribution.

the surprising impact of self-talk 

In this episode of Dear Gabby, I get into how our internal dialogue affects our mental state and energy. Positive self-talk shapes our beliefs, which ultimately influence our energy and the outcome of our manifesting efforts.

Your energy is what you bring with you into a room. Your energy is what you bring with you into a date or a meeting or whatever it might be. So if your energy is carrying a belief system that is not serving your soul, not serving your higher purpose, it’s going to start to manifest more of what you don’t want.

how to redirect your energy 

The truth is, you have the same power to create abundance in your life as you do to create chaos and confusion. It’s all a matter of where you direct that power—which is really just your energy. 

When you get into the habit of reaching for a better, more positive thought, you reprogram and reorganize your mind to go from holding fear-based thoughts to holding thoughts with a higher and more productive vibration.

in this episode, I’ll share:

  • How your thoughts influence your ability to manifest—or not
  • The one-second technique I use to snap out of negative thoughts
  • Why meditation is such a powerful manifesting tool 
  • How to harness joy to attract more greatness into your life

Celebrating what’s abundant in our lives puts momentum behind it and in turn, creates more of what we want. 

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