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how to tell the universe exactly what you want 

The Universe responds to what we are a clear YES for. After listening to this episode of Dear Gabby, you’ll fully understand how having a strong connection to our desires allows a force greater than us to swiftly respond to bring that dream to life.

clarify your desires 

Manifesting doesn’t need to be so serious—you can creatively clarify your dreams. By writing and visualizing what you desire, you pinpoint what you want to attract. Another great manifesting boost: Ground your intentions by bringing them into your meditation practice.

embrace positive expectations

While it’s important to hold onto your clear visions, sometimes the Universe has a plan better than your own. Loosen your grip and embrace the energy of allowing what is of the highest good for all. 

As I told my call-in guests, by welcoming an empowered decision that feels safe, we create space for opportunities and synchronicities to unfold.

In this episode, I share:

  • How to let go of the past without fear
  • Ways to use creative writing and visualization to manifest
  • The need to release our attachments to outcomes
  • How to create the most powerful manifesting affirmation
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