How to Feel Grounded: 7 Spiritual & Practical Tips

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When I energetically tune in to the world right now, it feels like a pressure cooker that just exploded.

We’ve been quarantined for months, and as restrictions lift we face a lot of uncertainty around whether it’s safe to leave our homes.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, we’re experiencing collective grief, outrage and sadness. Many people are awakening and learning. Many people are working hard for justice and equality. Many people are trying to figure out how they can best serve the world.

In order to truly show up for ourselves and for each other right now, we need to feel grounded. Think of a tree with roots going deep into the earth — when we feel grounded, we can grow and live from a place of stability. We can weather storms with more ease.

Keep reading for 7 spiritual and practical ways you can feel grounded!

7 ways to feel grounded

1. Do a body scan

Throughout the day, consciously notice your body. Take 1 minute to scan your body and become aware of wherever you feel pain, tension, anxiety. Maybe your jaw is clenched, your chest is tight or you feel a little sick to your stomach.

Whatever it is, simply notice it and breathe into it. As you inhale, visualize sending breath into that space in your body. Exhale and let it pass. Just spend a few moments bringing breath to your body.

Guided Body Scan Meditation

You can also listen to my guided Body Scan Meditation. I created it for my Meditation Challenge, and I decided to make it available to everyone to help you to feel grounded right now.

2. Practice lovingkindness meditation

Another beautiful meditation to try is called lovingkindness, also known as metta meditation. It’s from the Buddhist tradition, and it’s very simple to learn and do.

For this practice, you cultivate feelings of love, joy and kindness, and then you energetically send those feelings to yourself and others. It helps you feel more connected to both friends and strangers.

Scientists have shown that practicing lovingkindness can:

  • Increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions
  • Alleviate symptoms of anxiety
  • Increase compassion and social connection
  • Reduce self-criticism

Ground yourself in compassion with this beautiful practice. The instructions are below. Just read through them and get familiar with the structure; it’s a simple process that you can’t do wrong! Then sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and practice lovingkindness.

How to practice lovingkindness meditation

When I lean toward love I am led. | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckSit comfortably in your meditation space.

Turn off all of your phone notifications, and gently close your eyes.

Make any necessary adjustments to your posture so you feel totally comfortable and relaxed.

You’ll begin your lovingkindness meditation by focusing on yourself. When you develop love, kindness, and compassion toward yourself, you cultivate more love for others.

Breathe in gently. Exhale gently. Then silently repeat each of the following intentions. It’s okay if you don’t get it word for word at first – with practice you’ll memorize the phrases. Your intention is what’s most important.

Silently repeat these phrases, directly lovingkindness toward yourself:

May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I feel supported and safe.
May I have love and compassion toward myself.
May I live with ease.

Repeat these words of lovingkindness to yourself.

Next, bring to mind someone you love. Feel your appreciation for them, and then share this offering of lovingkindness to them. You will follow the same format:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now think of someone who’s neutral to you, someone you see regularly but don’t have a close relationship with. It might be a coworker you don’t often interact with, a cashier at your local store or someone you follow on social media.

Bring this person into your mind and direct lovingkindness toward them. Follow the same format:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now bring to mind someone you have a more difficult relationship with. Choose a person who doesn’t trigger you or bring too much negative emotion. Maybe it’s an acquaintance who made you feel uncomfortable or somebody who pushes your buttons.

Remember that, no matter how much this person has hurt you, they suffer too. Acknowledge their sadness, acknowledge their anxieties and their fears, and do your best to extend words of lovingkindness to this person:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now, open up your awareness to all beings everywhere, including yourself. All humans and animals from all over the globe. Repeat silently:

May all beings be filled with lovingkindness.
May all beings feel supported and safe.
May all beings have love and compassion towards themselves.
May all beings live with ease.

Finally, bring the practice back to yourself. Silently, repeat each phrase:

May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I feel supported and safe.
May I have love and compassion toward myself.
May I live with ease.

Afterward, relax in stillness and enjoy the energy of lovingkindness as it permeates your being. Feel the connection to all beings. Recognize the relief that comes with expressing lovingkindness.

Allow yourself to be still until you’re ready to open your eyes and come out of your meditation at your own pace.

3. Sit on the ground and drink tea

Herbal tea | Feel groundedThis is exactly what it sounds like. It’s something I really like to do when I want to feel rooted. I make myself a hot cup of tea and then I literally sit on the floor in my house (or on the ground outside) and slowly drink it.

Leave your phone behind to avoid scrolling. Just spend some time sitting still.

This simple activity always helps me feel calm, reminding me that I am supported at all times by the earth beneath me. It’s also a proactive way to get out of doing and into being.

4. Do something routine

One of my favorite ways to get out of the swirl in my head and feel grounded is to do some kind of very normal chore or activity.

In the midst of tumultuous times, it’s easy to feel unmoored. An everyday, productive activity can anchor you in the present.

Some ideas:

  • Fold laundry
  • Weed the garden
  • Play with your kids
  • Knit, sew, etc.

5. Set aside time to check the news and social media

I find it really helpful to set aside a few times a day where I check in on the news. Right now we’re bombarded with news and updates.

Given the seriousness of all that’s going on, it’s important to stay close to the media. But we have to make sure it’s not an additive pattern or disturbing our well-being.

(If staying connected to all of it throughout the day works for you, and you have your own system for managing it, then that’s fine! This is different for all of us.)

But if you feel overwhelmed by it all, here’s what I do: I schedule news and social media time into my day. During these times, I read the articles, watch the videos and check my feeds. And then I stop. I also make sure to stop at least one hour before I go to sleep.

If this idea appeals to you, then you can schedule 1 to 3 times per day devoted to news and social media. You can even set a timer if you want!

I also suggest doing something grounding afterward if you feel emotionally activated. Practice one of the techniques in this post, go for a walk, have a snack, or dance it out to a song that makes you feel good.

6. If you’re over-spiritualizing, take my mentor’s advice

Gabby Bernstein and Rha Goddess onstageSeveral years ago I remember going to Rha Goddess, who was my coach at the time (and is still my dear friend).

I wanted her advice. I was doing all the spiritual stuff. I was manifesting, I was meditating, I was praying.

“What do I do next?” I asked Rha.

I expected her to tell me the next spiritual thing to do.

Instead, she told me to go get ice cream.

Rha knew I needed to get grounded. I had all the tools, but what I needed in that moment wasn’t another breathing technique or meditation or affirmation. I needed to chill out with some ice cream!

This is truly some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and now I want to give it to you.

If you feel like you’re doing all the spiritual things and want to know what’s next, here’s what’s next:

Go eat some ice cream. And let me know how it goes. 🙂

7. Watch uplifting content to feel grounded in joy

There is joy to be found even in difficult times. You might just need to actively seek it out! Thankfully, this isn’t hard. Search comedy clips on YouTube. Watch inspiring talks. Press play on the videos of people coming together in expressions of peace and solidarity.

Here are some #DearGabby episodes to get you started. This is my new live IGTV show that I do every Wednesday at 12:30 ET. I can guarantee any of these will leave you feeling good!

Tuning in

Wisdom from Kay Richae

You can check out the rest on my IGTV channel.

What helps you feel grounded?

Spirit Junkies, I want to hear from you. What’s your favorite way to feel grounded? Share a comment below if you feel called — you can trust that your words will help someone who needs them.

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  1. >Thank you Gabbi for this amazing support… and it s so true that you come up to read it when you most need it
    I feel really grounded when i stop and just be still with myself, lay on the grass, with all my body and watch the clouds pass by. do a slow motion dance, noticing every small part of my body moving and doing conscious walk. Eat earth food, any fresh vegetable
    Singing a grounding song

    1. What a gorgeous practice, Sofia!!
      Thank you for sharing that with us.
      We love that this work resonates with you.

  2. I never took into account that simply sitting still and drinking tea in my free time can help me feel grounded. Reading some online books about spirituality made me too curious about how I can practice this way of living at all times. Maybe I can find a teacher who can help me through the spiritual awakening process I’ve always wanted to do.

  3. Going outside and watching the birds watch the sunset every evening. They are connecting with life, meditating, and enjoying some sun. It reminds me to enjoy the moment and meditate w/ them.

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and practical techniques . I love body scan and loving kindness meditations. I also love ice cream . I enjoy ‘earthing’ to get grounded and spending time in nature with bare feet feeling Mother Earth supporting me. Placing my left hand on a tree’s bark (after asking this permission) also seems to be very beneficial for me. I can literally feel fizzing and electricity. It’s like l am plugged into source and feel recharged but also very rooted plus grounded quickly .

  5. I’m sitting on the ground alone in the front yard looking at the sky and thanking god for what I have and what i well receive in the future

  6. I have struggled with grounding myself for years, panic attacks were daily now fewer and farther between but I use a tip one of my counselors at an inpatient facility (I was so scared of everything so I checked myself in, best experience of my life) keep oranges in the freezer, when you feel you are not grounded grab one. Use all your senses, feel the coldness, texture, smell it, roll it, toss it, see the orange, any deformities or what not, and if you like oranges the simple act of opening the orange and getting a more powerful smell and eating it is a nice special treat! I thought this sounded so bizarre, until it snapped me out of a panic attack. Now I always keep an orange on hand! I hope this helps someone like it did me. Sat Nam

  7. I love the drinking tea on the floor idea! I posted the meditation in #2 to my page so I could go back to it.. it was very helpful. I’ve been struggling with people in my life who have wronged me and how to try and neutralize their negativity. I’ve sent Reiki, but this meditation helped. Because I’m an empath I absorb people’s energies and while I have been getting better at it – the world’s events have certainly thrown me out of kilter as far as feeling protected. Thanks Gabby for, as always, shining your light.

  8. What a lovely and wonderful show!!
    I feel most grounded through prayer and meditation with God, my higher self and my spirit guides.
    Aligned and connection with them is the highest source of developing more of an intimate relationship. In this deep connection I am clothed with the deepest love and calmness.
    I am guided in every aspect which concerns me.
    I am given direction, advice and akways assrred that experiences always have a purpose.
    In this place I am filled with the highest forms of protection love spirit is renewed I feel revitalzed refreshed and it literally prepares me for the days events .
    This form of grounding has worked for me for several years. Along with practicing many different kinds of meditations yours being ones that work wonders for me!
    Thank you Gabby for your wonderful inspiration love and dedication to healing the world through your many facets of awakening and awareness knowledge. Thank you for being an ” beacon of light” …

    1. Gorgeous, Deanna! Thanks so much for sharing the practices that help you feel grounded. Sat Nam, sister! xo

  9. I feel grounded by getting my bare feet on grass or in the sand at the ocean. Taking a bath with salts and also just by taking a few breaths closing my eyes and connecting to myself by becoming aware of my body in in time and space.
    Thanks for your amazing advice x

  10. Taking my shoes and socks off and walking or laying in my backyard. Or a barefoot beach walk. Anything where I can connect directly to the earth. Even if it’s a small batch of grass it doesn’t matter!

    1. When I go for a walk in the woods (I do this almost every day), I find a strong looking tall tree and ask if I can give it a hug….Then I give it a long huge hug which really helps me to feel grounded. Then I say thank you tree and carry on

  11. This is so very helpful – thank you Gabby! Two additional activities I like to do to feel grounded is walk outside on the grass barefoot and take salt baths.

  12. Gabby
    I feel depressed today
    I counldnt stop crying
    I’m scared
    I haven’t been able to paint or be inspired to paint through this whole pandemic
    I am super scared
    I feel empty
    I haven’t felt like this in a long time
    And it scares me

  13. I love this blog, Gabby thank you.
    I feel good just reading it. Simple things can have massive impact. I notice this when I lean in and listen to what my body needs and the information is relected back to me in what I need and your blogs help guide me at times to having my needs met. So thank you. X

  14. I am so grateful I can go to the beach, let my bare feet sink in to the sand, close my eyes, listen to the waves and feel the connection to Gaia.

  15. Love the floor!!! And the ice cream..I am reading your new book and find your words very much what I need right now. Thank you.

  16. When I’m out of balance I watch my cat …how he in every moment acts out of self care , joy and curiosity! No shade of blame, guilt or judgment. And all this with perfect grace …Not because he does not care: he does, cats are so much more sensitive then human , in seeing, hearing and feeling with all their bodies and souls (Yes!). It’s a wisdom of nature to don’t match This sensitivity with human attitude of would have , should have, could have …this would be deadly. I watch, admire , enjoy and learn:)

  17. Love these ideas, for me it’s being at the beach if I can. Taking bath and just being in that moment.

  18. So so many ways to stay grounded! Walk barefoot thru the grass, dance to music, any fitness or exercise, write in a journal, read a good book, be silly, or any activity you enjoy. I am a huge summer girl so I love the outdoors with swimming, bike rides, and nature. Thanks Gabby for your tips to stay grounded. Who can forget ice cream!! ?

  19. Practicing mindfulness and being very attentive to the present moment. Focusing on that helps me feel great.

  20. My dog and watch bird fly keep me grounded. I discover they are butterflies at my garden and they are so beautiful to watch .

  21. Thank you Gabby. You are always so useful with your technics to me. Now I am making some destructive questions to myself and I dont know why. That made me feel really not good with myself but sometimes the only way for feeling well and joy is just hugging and kissing my kids.

  22. Dear Gabby,
    I want to say thank you for coming back into my life at exactly the point where I most needed your light and spiritual support. I have followed your work for a long time now but, in the last couple of years, while I always read your blog and dipped into your books from time to time, I felt a little disconnected at times from my spiritual practice… as though I were paying lip-service to it, perhaps feeling that as life was ‘okay’ then I didn’t need it so much as I had previously. Then the pandemic occurred and, as my fear and anxiety rose, there you were again in my inbox with exactly the message I needed to hear and the tools I needed to use. It’s made a big difference to me over the last few months of lockdown… I feel re-connected to my spiritual practice and, as a result, am calmer and more accepting during the current circumstances than I might otherwise have been.
    Thank you.

  23. Thank you Gabby for sharing these powerful tips. In these trying times we can all do with knowledge that will helps us to grow as individuals. I truly love the way you are using your platforms >3

  24. Oh definitely sit on the floor. I get an urge to do that and it helps so much. Sitting on grass is glorious!

      1. Great post Gabby!
        What I love is going back to my childhood hobbies or reading a book. Dancing out or playing the piano really calme me down and bring joy. Though The most effortless and direct tip is going for a walk however the weather is outside !!
        But I’ll definitely try what you wrote in your post 🙂

      2. Hello Gabby, I woke up this morning with so much dread I decided to go to your site and do your anxiety techniques.
        They saved me today

    1. Thank you Gabby for the wonderful tips.
      I do deep breathing with visualization. I picture walking on a trail that leads to a rocky overlook where I sit and meditate, drum, speak with nature, sing, or just be.

    2. When I need to get grounded I go for a walk and practice my breathing and say my mantras , I look around and see what there is to be grateful for

  25. I love all of these! Just a few of my favorite ways to get grounded are:
    – Drink tea slowly, especially focusing on my breath while doing so
    – Practicing inversions (headstands, forearm stands, handstands)
    – Pulling weeds from my flower garden while barefoot
    – EFT Tapping

      1. Thank you, Gabby, for shining your Light so brightly and giving us Inspiration to do the same! 🙂 Lately the most powerful way to ground myself is to get eye level with my garden plants and really look at them…the little fuzz on the stems of my tomato babies, the dew drops standing on the kale leaves in the early morning. I take photos and feel so present and at peace. It’s such a gift!

        1. Love it, Maria! So glad this post resonates with you and thank you for sharing the practices that you enjoy! xo

  26. Hi lovely people, hi dearest lovely Gabby!

    Your blog inspires me to share something of my own way that helps me feel grounded…. I take a deep breath and say hello to myself or my heart and from that place I say hello to the heart of the earth . It helps me a lot to breath deeper again and feel grounded and the earth always answers ❤️
    I love your icecream tip!!!!
    Love, Breg

  27. Thank you for these tips, Gabby. I really enjoy doing the body scan mediation as a way to bring myself back to myself. I also find that a walk in nature and time spent in my garden is really helpful in relieving anxiety and being in the present. Nature is our gift for feeling grounded – there’s nothing quite like putting my hands deep into the soil and feeling its goodness fill my soul.

  28. Wow! So on point! Thank you Gabby! I was thinking over the weekend, “How can I feel more grounded? What can I do to be more grounded in my own life?” I always love your practical advice! As usual, right on time, Gabby!
    Think I will get ice cream today too! ❤️

  29. Hug a tree or to not look so weird to passers by lean up against one like I’m taking a rest and I envision myself part of it and our roots going deep into the ground xxx

  30. Thank you, Gabby! These are such amazing AND practical examples! I def. need to breathe in more content that brings me joy. Thank you for the reminder! I also LOVE drinking hot tea and sitting on the ground. I love feeling the warmth on my hands. Almost immediately, I feel calm and grounded. My favorite way lately is taking afternoon naps which is so strange because I do not, ever take naps! But with all the sadness of recent events, I have been feeling extra tired. Since it’s been hard to quiet my mind, I would turn on nature music (usually sound of water), and picture myself walking on the beach, hearing the waves. This allows my mind to create an image of what brings me calm and joy, and before you know it, I have fallen asleep! I set my alarm beforehand for 30 minutes.

    1. So glad this post resonates with you, Kyunghee. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite practices! xo

      1. I love this post. I needed some tips again to come back to myself. Feeling a bit ‘blegh’ at the moment. What I also do sometimes to get grounded is to take a deep breath in, stretch my arms up while standing and then exhale and shake everything off. Get all the tension out and just let go of all the energy that doesn’t suit me in that moment.

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