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Super Attractor Meditations for manifesting a life beyond your
wildest dreams

This meditation album contains 9 powerful guided practices that will help you connect to your Super Attractor power and co-create the life you want.

Here’s what you can expect:

Morning Mantras: Start your day with empowering mantras backed by inspirational music! I suggest moving in some way while reciting them, whether that’s jumping on a rebounder, skipping rope, dancing or walking.

Affirmation Meditation: In this meditation I guide you to cultivate the energy of how you want to feel, beginning by writing down an affirmation that makes you feel great.

Meditation for Lifting the Veil: This is a beautiful and moving practice of stepping into the world of light so you can be restored to the truth of who you are.

Meditation for Invoking Your Guardian Angel: We all have guardian angels whose guidance is always available to us. In this meditation I guide you to begin or deepen your relationship to your own guardian angel.

Meditation for Spiritual Guidance: By slowing down your breath and shifting into a peaceful, connected state, you will be able to receive spiritual guidance and free-write the messages you receive in your journal.

Vision Making Meditation: In this meditation I guide you to visualize your desire in detail and feel deeply inspired by it so you can bring it into form.

Appreciation Meditation: Meditating on the feeling of appreciation can make you a magnet for your desires within minutes. Enjoy this simple and profound practice.

Bonus! Super Attractor Affirmations: This bonus track is a compilation of uplifting affirmations will align you with your Super Attractor power.

Bonus! Unwavering Faith in the Universe: In this bonus meditation, I’ll guide you to tap into a feeling total trust and faith. If you practice this meditation regularly you’ll live a happy life!

Bonus! Cord Cutting Meditaiton: Feel relief and freedom when you cut the negative energetic cord tying you to someone from your past. In this meditation I guide you to honor your feelings and then release the attachment with a simple and powerful visualization.