Reframe Your Thoughts to Raise Your Vibration and Attract What You Want

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A few years ago I was in Australia, giving a talk in Melbourne.

A young woman raised her hand. She said, “Hi, I’m American. I’m here now in Australia and I’m paving a new path for my life. I’m so excited about all that I’m creating… and I have a question for you.”

And I said, “Okay, cool. What is it?”

She went on to say, “I’m creating this new life and I’m trying to make change and pave a new path in my career. Would you recommend that I just go with the flow, or should I push forward and make things happen?”

Our words have a profound effect on our energy

My Energy Creates My Reality. What I Focus On Is What I Manifest | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckThe second that she said the words “push forward and make things happen,” I felt my entire energy just drop. I felt my whole presence weaken. And I even felt that energetic drop ripple throughout the entire auditorium.

I literally sensed the vibration of those words. We’ve put meaning into concepts like “push” and “make things happen,” and as a result they have an energetic frequency. That frequency was so powerful in that moment that it affected all of us in that room.

So immediately I pointed it out. I said, “Did you see how the energy shifted in the room when you said the words, ‘push and make things happen’?” First, I called out how it was an amazing question because it brought up such an important concept.

And then I started to very gently explain to her that the words she was using around this question, both out loud and in her mind, were very low-vibe.

I asked her, “How does that concept make you feel?”

She said, “Well, it makes me feel really anxious and nauseous.”

Our words affect everyone around us

And then I started to ask the group, the room, “What does that concept bring forth in you? How does it make you feel?”

The people in the room started shouting replies:

  • “I feel nervous.”
  • “I feel uncomfortable.”
  • “It makes me feel anxious.”
  • “It makes me feel scared.”
  • “It makes me feel freaked out.”

This one sentence that this young woman said had the capacity to trigger an energetic shift within 400 people. Everyone in the room felt the same. They all felt this sense that the low-vibe concept of pushing and making things happen was weakening our power and felt scary.

Our thoughts and words can elevate us or weaken us

The words that we use in any given situation have the power to elevate our energy or weaken our vibration.

Our words, and the energy backing up those words, affect how we feel. So it’s important that we become mindful of the words we use. Because as we repeat the words, we create momentum around the energy they carry.

That’s why I asked this woman (who was so brave to raise her hand and ask this question to 400 people), “How does this concept make you feel?” She got real and said that they made her feel anxious and nauseous.

Witness how your words make you feel

Gabby Bernstein standing in the woods | Reframe your thoughtsWe tend to think we don’t have much control over our thoughts unless we’re deliberately very focused.

We have about 70,000 conscious and unconscious thoughts a day, so it’s easy to feel like they’re beyond our control.

But, in fact, we do have the ability to consciously step back, interrupt the stream of thoughts, and ask ourselves, “What am I thinking right now? How do these thoughts and words make me feel?”

This is a habit we can cultivate. In my book Miracles Now, one of the lessons I teach is called W.A.I.T., which stands for “Why Am I Talking?” It’s a tool you can use when you notice that you’re talking (or thinking) mindlessly.

When you notice that you’re using low-vibration words that don’t feel good, whether in a conversation or in your own mind, just ask yourself W.A.I.T. Take a breath and then reframe your words or thoughts. You can even stop yourself mid-sentence and say something like, “You know what, these words are dragging down my energy.” Then reframe or change the subject.

How to reframe your thoughts and words

Let’s go back to our lovely American expat in Australia. When she said she was “pushing and making things happen,” she felt anxious and nauseous.

So I worked with her to reframe her thoughts and words so they made her feel empowered, inspired and joyful.

I said to her, “Let’s find some language that’s going to keep you in the spirit of creating, but also keep you in the receptivity of surrender.”

Tweet: The more we lean toward joy, love and inspiration, the more miracles we experience. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie #superattractor

Together we said that she is going to let go, surrender and open up to taking spiritually aligned actions. For her, that statement meant that she was in the place of peace and surrender. It reinforced her faith in the Universe and simultaneously empowered her to take actions from a place of inspiration.

By no means did that statement say, “I’m just going to sit on my meditation pillow and wait for everything to drop into my lap.”

That statement for her said, “I’m going to take action, but from a place of inspiration, not a place of control and manipulation.”

She experienced a radical vibrational shift simply by reframing the words around what she wanted to create!

Find words and thoughts that fuel joy

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckJoy is the operative word. Joy is the catalyst for all that is good in our life. It’s what brings forth all the synchronicities we’re longing for and the connectedness that we want. Joy is what brings forth the power within us to create, to be inspired, to live the life we want, to attract our deepest desires.

When we vibrate with the frequency of joy, we have a ripple effect on the world. We’re an energized force field. And we send out a vibrational memo that tells the Universe and everyone in it that we’re a loving, amazing, positive person who lifts up the world around us.

Ultimately, our capacity to be joyful is our power. This is why it’s so important to lean toward joyful thoughts that elevate our energy and joyful intentions that elevate our moment-to-moment life. (This is a big theme in my upcoming book Super Attractor, so get psyched to learn even more methods for leaning toward joy!)

Leaning toward joy is a radical act of love.

Examine your own thoughts

Gabby Bernstein writing in her journal on a windowseat in the sun | Reframe your thoughtsNow I’m going to ask you to take a moment and think about the monologue running through your mind each day.

  • What are the words and stories that weaken your energy?
  • What are the intentions that lower your physical, emotional and spiritual experience?

Open your journal and jot down a few of those words, or some of the ways that the energy in your words is creating a negative vibration in your life. You can take this exercise even further by answering these questions, too:

  • How are your words and thoughts affecting the people in your life?
  • How are they blocking you from feeling connected to the Universe?
  • How are they holding you back from stepping out into the world with confidence and inspiration?

Get fearlessly honest with yourself about how your thoughts and words are keeping you from living in a vibration of joy.

Reframe your thoughts and words

I recognize that I have chosen fear, and I choose again. I choose love | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has your back card deckNow think about how you could transform those thoughts, words and energy into a more empowering statement and intention.

Keep in mind: It’s not just about changing the words. It’s about changing the feeling that your words create within you.

When you reframe your thoughts, you might feel an instant energetic shift. But you have to believe in the words that you’re choosing in order to feel the shift and raise your vibration.

So make sure that when you change your words, you change them to something that you believe in. Something that is very energizing for you.

When you interrupt those low-vibe stories and reframe your thoughts, you can bring your new statement with you all throughout your day. Anytime you notice yourself fall back into that low-vibe language, just choose again.

Every time you choose again, that is a miracle.

When you elevate your vibration, you can find a way through every block

This practice is all about reframing your thoughts to shift your energy. So what you want to keep in mind is this question: “What is the energy that I want to bring forth?”

Do you want to elevate or do you want to pollute? It’s a choice we make.

But I can guarantee you that if you work and live and create and intend from a high-vibrational place, you will always find a way through every block. You will always be guided toward what you need to open a door or discover a new way of thinking.

Bring this practice to your most difficult situations

For some people, this may be pretty easy, because you might be fortunate enough that your greatest struggle is that you don’t like your boss, or maybe your most difficult situation is that you just aren’t happy with the way that you’ve been treating yourself.

But then there are folks who may be struggling right now with a painful disease. Or maybe your marriage is ending, or you’re struggling with a fear of financial insecurity that keeps you up at night.

Even in the most dire circumstances, when you feel the weakest, most afraid and most misaligned with love, you have the capacity to reorganize your intentions and reorganize your life. Particularly when you’re in your darkest moment, there’s a beautiful opportunity for spiritual surrender.

Wherever you are on your journey right now, start to pay close attention to your words and intentions, and how they are informing your energy and creating your reality. Reframe your thoughts and your words, and choose again. Choose a higher-vibe perspective.

If you’re really struggling to find a way to reframe, then turn to a mantra that feels good to you. “I surrender and trust that the Universe has my back” is a mantra you can repeat to interrupt those negative thoughts.

This is a moment-to-moment practice

This practice, choosing to reframe your thoughts and choose a higher-vibe perspective, is a moment-to-moment commitment. It requires you to start paying attention to your thoughts, words and energy, and to consciously change them.

Every shift toward love is a miracle.

In time this will become second nature, but right now you have to develop the habit. So be very kind and compassionate with yourself as you make this change, and celebrate each shift along the way, because each shift is a miracle.

Being on a spiritual path is really being on a path of talking yourself out of fear on a moment-to-moment basis. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s not that simple to stay committed to. Most people don’t.

You’ll fall back into fear all the time, so don’t beat yourself up for it. Your goal isn’t to never feel fear. Your goal is to come back to love as soon as possible.

Perfection is not the goal

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears
Reposted from @organicallyjamie on Instagram

We’ve been trained to lean toward fear, so we’re going to do it continuously. It’s automatic. But the more we proactively and consciously lean toward joy, love and inspiration, the more miracles we experience. We create momentum around our joy. We begin to attract all that we need, and we strengthen our faith in the Universe.

As you reframe your thoughts and strengthen your faith, you’ll be able to loosen your grip. Your actions be aligned with love and inspiration, and you’ll begin to trust that you’re always being guided to what you need. It may not be what you thought you wanted. And it may not happen in the timeframe you want. But what you receive, and when you receive it, will be exactly right.

It’s our commitment to the light that will lead us toward more magnitude and greatness. And it’s not so much about how perfect we are in each moment. It’s about how our intentions can shift and how open we are to change. Our receptivity, openness and desire to create change are all we need to continue forward in the journey of unlearning fear and remembering love.

I want to hear from you! If you feel called to share, leave a comment and let me know how you’re going to reframe a thought and change the words you’re using so you can elevate your vibration.

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  1. This is so tricky as even the best and most balanced seem to advocate the hustle. The hustle is very stressful and makes me feel like a (beyond reluctant) warrior. Yet to get work out into the world, not sure there’s many other options…

  2. I am going to see myself healthy and prosper that I have everything I want in my life. Nothing can anymore disturb me or my family. We are going to experience only postive actions and future habits.

  3. I am going to quit saying push through fear. I will reframe it. I will find something new such as “ I will not be afraid to face my fear. I will see it as possible opportunities and lean toward it with excitement and joy.”

  4. The journey has been long and I have gone it step by step.
    I realize I have been in fear so long and was thought to lean to fear I didn’t know anything else.
    So i will stop beating myself up because I didn’t know this before now.
    I am working on my dialog and letting go of everything with yoga and meditation and nature.
    Hoping this year to come will bring much joy Thanks…

  5. Gabby my thoughts have been on my Grandson. He is in second grade. He has been acting out in school. Can you point me to a meditation that would help?

  6. You taught me to witness fear and then ask for help. This morning I followed your compassionate instruction and this blog “fell off the shelf”. I am profoundly grateful to our benevolent universe to have found a teacher who speaks directly to my heart. You have been the conduit to great personal change. Sending you love and light.

  7. I will be printing this blog post to use it as a tool in practicing fear to joy. Thank you for breaking it down. I finally see the connection on how to actually shift into joy!

  8. I am going to pay close attention to my thoughts and words because I want to know I am being guided by the universe. I have had a very difficult week and it has made me feel that I have not gained anything in my spiritual work . If a drama can occur and I spiral so quickly how can I think I have come far at all in this work. And then…..
    I read this blog. Thank you Gabby for I have been so disconnected and couldnt figure out why and how to align back up. It is what I have been saying and thinking….I must pay attention. So glad I had the time to read this!!!
    Love you,
    Laura Johnson.

  9. Living in a space of joy, helps me keep my immune system strong, so that I can be healthy and inspire others to feel joy…. just from being around my joyful energy and vibration. Joy is powerful.
    Great blog message.

  10. wow Gabby this is so powerful and so true…. I’ve worked hard on getting my language right, I still slip up so its work in progress everyday but I can so see the difference in how things show up in my life… thank you for your words… #gratitude

  11. Hi
    I tried to reframe my thoughts and energy with love and peace and I do meditation every day ,but there is something in my life that I have to deal with it and they always make me freak can I make strong my thoughts to overcome this people?
    Thank you

  12. Thank you for your words of inspiration. A very close friend is diagnosed with cancer and has six months to live. She did not want medical treatment and went the holistic route. I am learning to honor her journey. I am also in the process of making changes in my life as I want to build a foundation for female veterans for women by women.

    Your words lift me up when I find my thoughts drift back to fear based. I am now using the technique of W.A.I.T.

  13. The first thing I am going to do when I wake up is to become aware of all my negative thoughts. I will breath into them and have compassion for myself. Normally, I tend to just be the biggest a-hole to myself fist thing in the morning, that will stop now. God help me. I will put on one of your meditations for support with shifting out of the negative thoughts and feelings. I will continue listening to your meditations until that blocked layer has shifted and until I am aligned. I understand it will be a journey because a new fear and emotion will come up for me to work on but this time around I will trust in God to have my back and all the tools that you have provided to all of us.

    Thank you

    1. Continue to trust that inner guidance and be gentle with yourself as you integrate these new practices. Sending you big hugs!

  14. Thank you Gabby. That was an incredible post. I’m definitely going to be reading and feeling it again. It was like waves of wisdom. I got one concept and then whoosh the next topic went next level talking to exactly what had just come up. X

  15. I absolutely loved this!! I needed this right now. It’s been difficult trying to find joy when raising a teenage boy, every day is a struggle. Trying to keep positive and remember all of the things you have taught me. Thank you Gabby!

  16. Thank you so much for this Gabby. This is absolutely the truth, as I know from first hand experience, but I really appreciate the powerful and beautifully written reminder.

  17. It just amazing because at the minute I have a situation that I’m dealing with and it feels like when I’m struggling with thoughts or how to cope spiritly your listening and without fail I recieve your guidance or a technique to deal with the struggle I’m having.
    The Universe sends messages from you I know and I thank you with all my heart for being there X

  18. Dear Gabrielle,

    Thank you for your uplifting and inspiring video’s, meditations and blogs. Ever since I am reframing my thoughts, working with affirmations, visualizing how I am feeling, feeling the way I want to feel, out of joy, love and trust, my business is growing instantly.

    Before this I was acting out of fear. Now I am acting out of a deep love and trust that the universe got my back. And it’s working every day! If I ask for a sign in my meditation, just when I opened my eyes, I got a message from someone who wants a coaching session with me or someone who wants to work with me.

    Thanks for all the love and inspiration.

    With love,

    1. Thanks for this gorgeous share Sarah. Grateful to hear how these tools are inspiring you. Sending lots of love your way. XOX

  19. I made a note about the words that made me feel negative and next to them I replaced them with the positive feelings that make me feel again. Thank you so much Gabby!

  20. Amazing post. As a spirit junkie alumni, I’ve been practicing this constantly and is LIFE changing. Now, I am still trying to understand the difference between pushing something to happen and just busting through a block or fear. Let’s say you have strong messages coming through and you could be sharing it online, so you need to create the video, to be on camera, or speaking to a group of people, or in my case that English is my second language….and that brings the feeling of anxiety, nervousness, and of insecurity that we need to overcome. Any thoughts that could help me see the difference?

    1. Thanks for sharing here Janice! A great way to be in the energy of allowing rather than coming from a place of fear is to make it FUN. When making these videos, what are ways in which you can make it fun? The anxiety may come up, but if you’re having a good time, that fear energy will start to fade and your message will shine through as authentically you. <3

  21. Hi Gabby thank you for your words of inspiration. As you mentioned. I like awake at night wondering how I’m going to keep a roof over my head. If I truly surrender to the guidance of the universe, will I be guided to financial freedom? I realise I also have to work very hard but I have always done this and more. I feel I’m due some kind of pay out! And I don’t say that lightly! … xx

    1. How do I reframe “I feel so tired/sick/exhausted/no energy today” ? This is literally a thought that runs every single day of my life and I realise that is now my reality.

      1. Hi Myra. A great first step is recognizing the pattern which is exactly what you’re doing by sharing here. It’s also a sign that you are ready and open to some big shifts. I encourage you to try the steps in the blog for the next 30 days and see what comes up for you. If you’re feeling a lot of resistance to trusting the process, check out my personal story on spiritual surrender for some extra support and guidance: <3

  22. Hi Gabby,
    This is such a great article! <3 xo

    I love this line you wrote: "Your goal isn’t to never feel fear. Your goal is to come back to love as soon as possible."

    Thanks for being You!

  23. I love this post. And I believe it with all my being! I’ve been learning these same truths the last few years…surrender, flow, trust, joy, and living beyond fear, limiting beliefs and comfort zones!

    Last year I heard the Divine ask, “Do you want to be the Queen of your own kingdom? Or a pawn in someone else’s?”

    The pawn has laid down. The Queen is rising. I am building my own kingdom, one day at a time.

  24. Thanks Gabby, I have read two of your books and I needed this reminder! The Universe does have my back!! I do believe in Miracles now too, after a long time of living in the downward spiral of negativity and self-loathing I really appreciate you and your work. Thank you so so so much.

  25. Hi Gabby, thank you very much for this article!!
    I just had a panic attack because of my strong believe that I have to figure out everything by myself and that I have no support at all. And so, in the end, there is no solution to my problems.
    And then I read your mail and article: surrender to the universe and the universe has my back.
    This just saved me.

  26. I thought I was trusting the universe, but I just realised that I’m pushing and trying to make things happen. I haven’t at all surrendered to the divine. Thanks for opening my eyes! I will try to focus more on joy and my intuition.

  27. Thank you so much for this article!! I’ve been struggling with shifting my thoughts and words and this came at the exact time I needed it to. The busy New Yorker that I am, I usually live by the same question as your ex-pat in Australia, pushing thru and making it happen. But I know I needed to reprogram. Thanks again xoxoxo

  28. I think you read my mind & know exactly what I need, when I need it & I thank you for that! 2 years ago my cousin introduced me to you & your words have been major motivators in my life. Again, thank you for sharing & blessings to you and your family.

  29. I woke up yesterday with those thoughts full of fears. I’m happy I noticed pretty quickly how bad they were making me feel. I said a prayer to the univers telling that I was ready to accept any guidance to help me feel better and this morning I accidentally fall on this blog. It was perfect. All I needed. Thanks Gaby and thank you Universe!

  30. I will hang a paper on the door of my house on the inside that says: “all my thoughts, words and actions are inspired by love. I trust that the universe has my back. I surrender to it and experience the miracles

  31. This is so helpful, Gabby! Now, what is your advice when we live with someone who interrupts our vibration, and it suddenly feels like you describe when the woman in Australia asked that question. It’s often like scaling a mountain and sliding all the way back down!

  32. Since joining the masterclass I’ve been going through a bit of the “dark night of the soul” Thought I had dealt with my fears and blocks but alas…here we are! As with so many things in my life over the past few years, the universe brought me this article just when I needed it the most!
    Thank you for being the light breaking through the darkness not just in my life but in the life of this beautiful planet in need of all the light we can bring her.

  33. OMG! Gabby you did it again. Thank you for such a powerful and important message written with so much love. I am very grateful for your work – it really did change me in the best way. Even though I am still waiting for my breakthrough your messages give me strength and help me to assess myself to be aligned again. Love Julia

  34. Hi Gabby,

    Fear has been in my head now for weeks your messages always come at the right time! I am going to pay more attention to the words I’m choosing so I can implement this at the first opportunity.

    Thank you!

  35. This was so wonderful and such great needed reminder. Being in spiritual path often at testing times we lean on fear anger doubt it is those moments if we choose love and let go solutions come at ease. It is my intention to time and again choose loving thoughts be in alignment with my highest self and feel good and rely on universal power for solutions of highest good.

    Thanks gabby for sharing lots of love

  36. I haven’t been appreciating my shifts and miracles. Thank you for the reminder to recognize the moments when I choose differently. I am choosing to celebrate my miracle moments!

  37. To me, as I first read the sentence, I thought that the answer was that she should push forward (Oups).

    What if « making things happen » feels positive to me? I am crazy?

    When I say that sentence outloud, I feel energetic. I feel confident. Is that crazy? Should I worry I am too much into action?


    1. Thanks for sharing here! There’s a difference between taking action from an aligned place, from a place of love, from a place of surrender vs pushing and trying to force things. From what you shared, it sounds like you are lit up by being in alignment. <3

  38. Going through a very horrible separation in my marriage and finding it hard to move forward. Trusting the universe has my back always helps to comfort me!

  39. Gabby, thank you! Pushing through has been my default for exhaustion so no one could criticize me. I lost myself and my dreams in the journey. Now at 51 I’m finally listening to the universe and taking the spiritually aligned actions you mention. I know this is my journey in my heart. Your words, voice, and spirit continue to guide me. Thank you!

    PS. I’m so excited and humbled to be a part of the Spirit Junkie class.

  40. Thankyou for your love, light and guidance. This is just what I needed. I feel a tangible energy shift and a change in my perspective

  41. Your words are always insightful and encouraging but this was profound and deep while still being simple and inspiring that makes us realize how it important it is to be loving and gentle with ourselves . I will read this many times
    Much appreciated

  42. This has come at just the right time for e Gabby. Thank you so much for sharing this lesson that I always need to come back to.
    Less stress, more joy. Less pushing, more surrender and inspired action.

  43. Love this article! One concept that I’ve struggled with fully grasping is the difference between taking action from a place of inspiration while simultaneously surrendering, since they seem counterintuitive. I know you shouldn’t be manipulating situations or trying to force outcomes, but what does taking action from a place of inspiration look like? Can you give an example?

  44. Hi Gabby,
    I have learned how to write in a more eloquent and higher vibe way, and can often speak that way as well when I am in a professional role.
    But, I have had a lifetime habit and was raised in a culture of lower-vibe speech and slang. And in my personal life, phrases come out that way often. While I am noticing and reorganizing my way of speaking, it feels like a slow go and sometimes 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.
    Do you have any additional suggestions on how to practice and build the skill of higher vibe speaking?

    1. Thanks for this beautiful share Lauren. I notice that when I speaker slower, I am much more in my flow. Take your time, go at a pace that feels good, and you’ll find your groove. Keep showing up for yourself and your work and remember that small steps each day add up to a big impact. XOX

  45. You share such valuable wisdom. We don’t stop and realize we have the option to choose. Thanks, Gabby!

  46. Thank you for this. Fear and I have been dancing a tough tango this year. Divine timing doesn’t even begin to describe how much I needed these words today. Today.

  47. Thank you so much, the universe literally has my back because negative self talk, fear based habitual patterns began to rear their head today. This blog literally stopped me in my tracks and I’ve been bringing myself back to joy. I also looked in my angel book after reading this and number pulled said ‘think about what you are holding onto. Therein lies the root of your problems and pain’ So true and thank you needed this reminder

  48. I recently attended a call for a course I’m taking. I felt the energetic shift within myself like you shared in the blog. I’ve been trying to process it the past week, insecurities I hadn’t had going into the call + hadn’t felt for many months all the sudden at the forefront. Yet they didn’t feel like mine… I could not shake the feeling.

    I am going to be very honest, I actually skimmed the email you sent + put in trash without reading the blog thinking not for me at this time. A few moments ago, again sorting through this ‘Debbie downer’ vibe I was so divinely led to go find that email (of course titled) This Is Blocking You. doesn’t get any more clear! THANK YOU for showing up with direct messaging that supports our alignment so our joy + gifts can pour out.

    1. Thanks for this honest, heartfelt share Rebekah. I love how the tools are always something we can return to.

  49. Gabby, I’ve been stuck for over ten years and I’ve been following Abraham Hicks and decided to choose a better feeling thought as well as detox and OMG! I detoxed my body but also old limiting beliefs around not enoughness that I couldn’t shake as well as childhood trauma. So glad to be more of my true self. Feels incredible now and everyday is the best day ever. For real.

  50. Hi Gabby,

    I always love reading your blog posts. I’m wondering about how to stay aligned with my spiritual path when my partner, who is struggling with health issues, is not feeling very aligned. Occasionally I find myself wanting to say (and I’ll be honest I have said), that if he’d just listen to me and change his attitude and advocate more etc. etc. he might see some changes. I can also admit that this has always been met by resistance by him. Then, I always come back to me and what can I do/say/think that re-aligns me with the universe and knowing the universe has my back…I guess I’m wondering if re-framing and coming back to “the universe has my back” is where my focus is meant to be during these times??

  51. Thank you for this email. I am paying close attention to the words i use when interacting with everyone around me.i am suprised as i realize that my words have had impact on the way my life has turned out. I am not consciously trying to be positive and reprogram my thoughts . Thanks for all the support

  52. I needed to hear this. Thank you for bringing a reminder about my own energy and how I can reframe how I am thinking to bring more joy to my life.

  53. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for this post. I’ve really been struggling lately to come up with a higher vibe perspective I could say to myself when I’m feeling down about dating/my love life. The problem is that I can come up with positive things to say, but I don’t necessarily believe them. Your article reminded me of the one thing I do believe, which is that the universe has my back. I just wanted to thank you for reminding me of this simple phrase that I can use and actually believe in.

    Have a good day and thank you for all your help and inspiration!

      1. Since I am leaving teaching to paint, write as well as make time for my parents, I feel somewhat disconnected.
        Remembering to approach everything from a place of joy, inspiration and loving kindness makes the fear and the chaos dissipate. As well as gives me energy to do what pleases me.
        Thank you always for wonderful you sharing your wisdom to help us all be our greatest selves.

  54. Hi Gabby, once again a perfect reminder at the perfect time. The universe works in its own time, we need to just show up, do what we can with a joyful heart and all will be aligned. It is hard keeping joyful amidst hard times but it’s a forever practice in life, returning back to where we need to be. Appreciate all you do.

  55. I would have said the same thing as the woman!

    Now I’m thinking of how can I be the light and still move forward, direct my kids, train the puppy and be in the light!

    I’d like to start in one place and move outward—I choose myself. I know it will be hard!

    Thanks for the lesson.

  56. Hi Gabby – it is always so good to hear from you and other members in the community. Together we can move mountains with out inspiration, encouragement, wisdom and love. This is what resonated the most with me “So make sure that when you change your words, you change them to something that you believe in. Something that is very energizing for you”. I find myself catching up to the words I write. When I am connected to my HP words I speak but editing and thoughts I have come very naturally like I am being guided. When I am out of sync I shoot up a prayer and ask for guidance. What I am beginning to notice is a quick little shift and all of the sudden I feel happy. I honor how I want to feel is so cool. My prayer is that we will continue to practice these suggestions. Bernie

  57. I am leaving a destructive relationship and it is so hard to reframe the thoughts I have. I do have some fear and I know I want to “move forward so fast” but need to trust the timing…if only I could give myself the time to wait. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for this brave, heartfelt share. Showing up here is a sign that you are open and ready for some big, positive shifts. Continue to trust that inner guidance that led you here, is helping you make healthy decisions, and be gentle and patient with yourself during this process. XOX

  58. I felt a spark of hope in this post. Suffering mightily from depression and engulfed in constant fear that the only way out is to leave this painful world. Your spark lifted me. Thank you. My mantra is going to be “joy is my birthright and is on its way.”

  59. I’m glad you gave that woman credit for asking a question that might have gone against the flow of your presentation. She’s not the only one who has questions like that. I first thought What’s wrong with the question?. I find there’ s so much to do in my business, it gets overwhelming. Going with the flow seems like I would be slacking off. I guess its in how one defines these concepts. Thanks for reminding us that our thoughts and energy(yes I know they are the same) do effect our work flow and the outcome. So I’ll take a deep breath and go with the positive things that are happening in my business.

  60. You have no idea how much I needed this today! Thanks for sharing this inspiring message!
    Thanks Universe and you Gabby.

  61. I feel a general unease and tightness in my chest. I have financial difficulty and my precious pet is sick and the man I’m in love with is unsure if he wants to be with me. I have been doing a lot of spiritual work and open to learning the lesson. Which I believe is trust and surrender. I say affirmations every morning and your prayer “I surrender my plans to the care of the universe…” but the dread creeps in and it feels like I’m just burying my head in the sand if I just trust and don’t take action. How can I tell the difference between fear and love in this case or knowing when I’m trying to “push” or just take spiritually aligned actions towards my goals?

    1. Beautiful question. This is a great, great question and I’m so glad you asked it. I have a long answer for you! First up: Surrender is not always easy. So first and foremost, be very compassionate with yourself. Be proud of yourself for your willingness to surrender to guidance. Surrender all day long. Take a look at my talk at SuperSoul Sessions for the 5 steps to spiritual surrender. They’re also in my book The Universe Has Your Back. Surrender is not passive. As you said, it’s about opening up to guidance and taking spiritually aligned action.

      Your work right now is to cultivate a relationship with the Universe. Have daily, even moment-to-moment, conversations with spirit. Meditate every day, whatever kind of meditation helps you feel connected.

      Here’s how you know the difference between fear and love. Fear, your ego, it has an agenda. It has a set, rigid idea of what the outcome should be and it wants answers now. It’s impatient. The ego wants to force things to happen in a certain way.

      Now, it’s okay to have desires, and it’s good to be clear about your desires. But when you are surrendered and operating from a place of love, you release those desires. You turn over each one to the care of the Universe, knowing that it’s this or something better. When you’re guided by love, you speak up for yourself, but you let go of resentments and anger. You can see difficult situations as spiritual assignments, opportunities for growth.

      Maybe during your pet’s illness you pray for guidance and one day you get the idea to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, and it turns out this friend has been through something similar and has wise advice and comforting words. Maybe you’re led to a great animal hospital, or a vet who uses treatments like acupuncture to help speed healing.

      When it comes to your relationship, I suggest checking out my Judgment Detox Mini Course (it’s free). You can get it at There are some practices in there that will help you begin to shift the energy in that relationship.

      Remember that you are being guided. You are supported. I hope this helps you. I’m holding you in my prayers and I want you to know the Universe always has your back, always. Even in these times when it sometimes doesn’t feel like it. xo”

  62. Hi Gabby, I read the entire article and once I was done, I closed my browser. But my gut kept nagging me to come back. So here I am. Thank you for all the tools you’ve shared here. It really came at the perfect time because my intention this morning was to shift my mindset and live in gratitude.

    I’m going to catch myself next time I start going into a negative state, I will pay attention to the words in my head and apply W.A.I.T. I’ve been telling myself lately that I’m not moving fast enough, that I’m not doing enough. But in my heart I know I am, I know I’m doing everything within my power and I’m ready to surrender and let the universe take over. I will remind myself more frequently to trust the universe because it always has my back.

    Thank you so much Gabby!

    1. Grateful that these tools resonated and that you are sharing here Jen. You’re doing awesome work! <3

  63. Thank you. Wise words. I needed that reminder. As I put faith in your words I lend them a placebo affect and so they become more powerful for me because I hear them from outside myself . Kind of ironic LOL. Everything I have discovered from outside sources such as yourself I have already found within me and yet That is not enough. There is a synergetic affect that takes place in having that energy coming at me from myself and another source such as you. You are probably one of the few people on the planet who even know what I’m talking about hope you have a great day and thanks for letting me rant

  64. At any moment I have discovered you can make a U-turn (mentally, physically, or logistically) and let go of anything that is not serving you, even if at one time it may have been beneficial….our heart condition or health, as I like to say, reveals the overflow of our words and the space we are coming from and vibes we project out to the world!
    Always grateful and asking myself how is my heart doing? A lovely moment to moment mantra is “Keep a soft heart”

  65. I am new to all this. I just finished reading the universe has your back. This post actually has the sign I asked for in it! So I guess im on the right track. I have been loving the tools you give in universe. The God box. Love it. The Spotify playlist has given me mantras that are very helpful. Yesterday I was able to calm myself by just thinking the Mantra and humming it. I would usually have a meltdown. Looking forward to where this journey takes me.

    Thank you so much!

  66. I am going to stop focusing on my fear with a personal situation I have going on and focus on the places things have worked out, and release the need to control the outcome to the universe instead.

  67. Thank you so much for this inspiring blog♥️ My husband and I stop each other on a regular basis, asking each other to reframe a statement carrying negative energy, but your blog takes it to a whole new level!!! Your perspective and questions have given me so much food for thought. I’m excited to get out my journal, which I’ve been neglecting the past week♥️

  68. This was a great and timely article. After hearing individuals speak from a place of narcissism regarding the laws of attraction I have steered clear as soon as I see the words. You have completely changed the message to be one of faith and surrender and delightfully, love and joy. Thank you so very much. On a personal note, before receiving this email, I felt the word “surrender “ deep in my chest. You have so wonderfully explained what “feels” so right about that message. With deepest gratitude and Metta,

  69. Thank you Gabby I recently decided I no longer could practice as a pharmacist. I wasn’t helping people as much as I had previously thought. So now I’ve decided that nutrition is a much more beneficial path to will require me getting out of my comfort zone however deep inside me is a burning desire to help more people this way. I too am in recovery have been for a long time change is good that is my outlook and I love to love

  70. Loved this post today Gabby. It was exactly what I needed as I was reacting to a glitch with my own blog today that won’t be resolved until tomorrow. W.A.I.T is the perfect acronym for me to reframe my thoughts about perfection. I use “The Universe Has My Back” In meditation everyday along with many of your other inspirational quotes. You are right with saying how we can’t just say words, we have to believe them. Thank you again always for a beautiful blog and for your guidance.

  71. This is something that I constantly think about, like should I just push through it, just suck it up. I can see how that makes me feel. It definitely is a constant practice to notice the feeling of our words. If it doesn’t feel good look for a better thought Always thankful you for your words!

    Reframing my thoughts to this

    I will be doing the work that I love to do.. Every step of the way I am supported, remember that… and my financial status will be in alignment with all my needs because I’m always taken care of.

  72. This is beautiful, and I am so thankful for you and your teachings that have been so helpful in my returning to love.

  73. This was so amazing Gabby! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you for the time you’ve spent seeking truth and healing. Thank you for looking to the light, holding onto hope, and for finding peace. Because of your personal journey you have discovered treasures and gifts, and the powerful part is that you are taking the time and energy to share them with others. You’ve impacted me greatly for years and I wanted to say thank you. May you be blessed for being a blessing. You are a source of strength for so many, in a world that can seem dark and void of hope. Thank you for giving honesty, beauty, and light to the masses. Your life is a gift, YOU are a gift. May you be refreshed, revived and filled today with abundance and positive energy, so that you can continue making a massive impact on the world. You are strong and beautiful Gabby! So excited to connect with you soon! Sending you gratitude, and much love. ❤️

  74. Wow! Thanks again ! I always get your inspiration when I need it most! Struggling with finance issues.
    I was thinking the other day, this breathing thing etc isn’t worked . Was getting frustrated .
    It helps so much to have the reminder that fear is going to happen! Though I know this….
    Easing up is so key….
    thank you . Much love

  75. I just happen chanced upon one of your books recently “The Universe has your back”. I do understand the lesson you are teaching here. She was taking over control. I am constantly listening to my thoughts and when the thoughts are fear my gut reminds me and yes I do stop and have found the mantras work best for me. Sometimes I think I’m trying too hard and again surrender and remind myself it’s all taken care and I need to focus on the beauty of now.
    One of the lessons in the book about picking a sign was amazing. My sign was a rose and that evening a lady walked into the place I was in selling roses out of a basket. The next day I was taking my morning walk on the beach and there lay a single rose at the shoreline. That evening I was out at a local pub talking to this man his wife was at her job. I happened to ask what is your wife’s name (the question came out of the blue) he replied “Mary Rose. A week later I was with a lady at a drive up food bank. The volunteers would put the food in your car. The first volunteer approached our car with a bouquet of roses for each of us. I was speechless and very grateful. After that I was tidying up my bedroom and I found a beverage napkin that I must have had from a few weeks ago at our local clubhouse. Written on that napkin was the name Gail Rose with a phone number. It seems I had boldly double underlined the name Rose. I don’t remember writing this. I haven’t called the number yet. Just the other day I found myself annoyed with my significant other on the beach. He was supposed to watch our fishing poles while I carried my things off the beach. Instead he did something else. In my annoyance I put my chair and belongs down on the beach and walked to the water and collected my pole. I walked back to pick up my things and laying next to them were a pile of rose petals. I had to stop and think is this a reminder to change my thoughts? Many years ago I was working a very hectic job in a busy country club. I was assigning the servers stations and had to change things around when the restaurant got busy. I looked down at the servers diagram I had created and it appears I had assigned a section to Rose. There wasn’t a Rose working there. A few of the above things happened before picking the sign. Could they be related? My sister passed many years ago … her name is Rose.
    In your book you wrote that after picking your sign and it appears it’s a message that you are on the right path. I’m not sure what path I’m on? Am I to trust that it will come to me and become known to me when it’s time?

    1. Thank you for this beautiful share. It’s amazing what can happen when we open ourselves up to the signs from the Universe. You are being presented with signs. Trust that there is a plan in store for you even if it feels unclear in this moment. <3

  76. Thank you I’ve been struggling to look forward after fighting cancer last year. Although I am cancer free now I’m dealing with the pain from side effects of chemo and feeling older, weaker, sadder and a little doomed. I’ve gone from an ‘amazon’ to a ‘old lady’ in a year. The mental battle to move forward with my old ways of feeling bullet proof and blessed is so hard and I use words that are negative and sad even while I’m begging for joy and powerful positive vibes. I do believe that I am energy and at the same time the pressure to ‘live’ be well and not have a reoccurrence and also see past the muscle loss & spiky grey hair growth to a healthy powerful future is so hard. I am pushing for it, but it feels like it’s getting further away when I do. I’m going to try to let go of the fear and trust that I am safe and my path is ahead.

    1. Sending you lots of peace and healing energy. Please be gentle and patient with yourself as you continue to move forward and heal. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you open to all the positive change.

  77. Thank you, Gabby. Thank you so much. Your words always instantly shift my energy to a higher level and miraculously change my perspective to a more joyful one. I’m so happy to have your words around (posts, talks, books, audiobooks…) to strengthen and enhance my spiritual journey. 🙂

  78. This was an amazing morning read before starting my day. I have been noticing more and more lately on the vocabulary I use daily. Not just towards myself but to others as well. It has been from a place of control or fear and has caused outwards projection. It is amazing how after reading this and focusing more on the words energy the shift that was created. These words it hard but they were very much needed. Today I will pay attention not only to the vibrations of my words and mindless brain mumbling. Thanks so much for this! 🙂

  79. I have a really hard time figuring out how to “surrender” without it feeling like giving up. That pushing mentality that this article is about is exactly where I am. I feel like if I’m not “pushing” then I’m just going to lose steam and not get things done! My energy is generally very low, and my default mode is just lazy (or chill, or laid back – choose whatever word you like), so I feel like in order to get anything done I have to really push myself. I’d be more than happy to lie in a field all day, and feel absolutely no guilt!

  80. Thank you for sharing this Gabby! This is very useful in my life right now. I’ve been clinging onto some thoughts and stories I tell myself about my person and about my relationship with my father.

  81. Hi Gabby. Thank you so much!! This is like a Pop versión of the Christian Bible. Thanks for reminding me, I just need to use the word God instead of Universe and it all makes loving sense. Than you

      1. Hi Gabby, I understand the concept of what you are saying. I just need baby steps to start with the positive thoughts. I know this is so true, but sometimes I get back into old thoughts. Blessings Janet. P. S. Could you please give me a few small steps to take.

        1. You’re doing great Janet. The old thoughts and patterns may try to show up, and that’s OK. When they do, use your tools in order to get back into alignment and love.

  82. When things stopped moving along at a fast pace I used to panic and think that everything was going to stop. I used to push quite hard. I also was getting rather tired. Now I try to tell myself that the Universe (God) is giving me a well-earned rest from time to time, so I don’t burn out. We need work and rest. I used to just work. This was because I didn’t trust. If I didn’t see actual progress I was scared of going backwards and not succeeeding. Now when I don’t see actual progress, I know that I am resting ready for the next movement forward.

  83. I loved reading this blog, and wow what a revelation when I read about ” pushing forward” and the energy connected to those words!!!!! I have been guilty of using those words as well and now I fully understand WHY when Ive used them it created a feeling of anxiety etc! And now I fully understand why FLOW is so important!!!

    As a ” Back to Love” Coach, Wedding Celebrant, and Inspirational Speaker Im very aware of the power of words and always share that with my bridal couples, clients and audience. We all know the word: Abracadabra, and we all used it when we were kids as we played, but here is the interesting fabulous meaning of this word:its Aramaic and means: I create as I speak!!!! Don’t you just love this!!!

    From now on no longer ‘pushing’ but flowing!!!

    Thank you. Much love from me Theresa.

    1. Gabby,
      This is a great article with many solutions to choose words wisely and be positive. I have been experiencing extreme shifts in consciousness with one negative word or thought it can snow ball into a bad rest of the day. I like how you talked about spiritual shifts being blessings. I’ve noticed I can fall back into those traps of thnking and speaking negatively and my life and spirit starts to reflect that. I’m currently in what I believe could be an amazing spiritual experience/awakening. Your beauty drew me to you but this is the first time I’ve read your work. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to learning and sharing more of my journey.

  84. Thank you so much for the article! It’s truly inspiring. And it’s so interesting, that you are using exact words as they sound in my head) I do feel fear a lot :), and this article appeared to be the answer to my inner question – how to overcome the fear and get what I want most?

  85. Hi Gabby,

    As usual, your posts come at the perfect timing, aka divine timing. This is something that I have been struggling with for a couple of weeks lately. It feels like going into a fight to reframe my thoughts. I love the mantra “I surrender and trust that the Universe has my back”. Thank you so much; you are such an inspiration. Am so glad that I am part of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass family as well.

    Sending light and love,

      1. Thank you Gabby! This comes at the right moment as I have been wanting to make some major changes, including walking away from something that I committed to…which now doesn’t feel aligned. And I have been “pushing through”, increasingly painful. Yikes. Going to release and surrender my feelings of guilt and fear of being judged. So happy to be part of SJMC and MM. They are exactly what my soul has been craving. Much love, high vibes, and peace. xo

  86. Can you help me with a relationship? I am struggling with a friendship, and what i don’t understand is if I should allow this person in my life or not. When we talk about unconditionally loving others, does that mean we allow everyone in our experience, or is it necessary to draw a line somewhere? And if the case is the latter, how do we know where to draw that line?

      1. I just got the news that I won’t be moving forward in next steps after two interviews with a seemingly great company. Although I am feeling disappointed, I am trusting the universe has my back and something else better suited is around the corner. I did my best so I am choosing not to beat myself up about this.

        1. Beautiful. Continue to tap into that inner guidance and trust that the Universe has a plan in store for you.

    1. Thanks gabby, indeed this is a day to day practice. So many thoughts that are still pulling me down, even though I’ve had many great experiences of spiritual guidance. I sometimes loose that trust and start to complain. It’s a habit that seems to be hard to break.
      Thank you for guiding me and so many others on this path.
      Not perfect, but getting back to love as soon as possible, like you said. Love, love…. Singing helps too to break the negative pattern.

    2. It truly is a practice! Especially after so many years of allowing the fear and ego to lead the way. And while it is work, it is so incredibly empowering and feels amazing!!! Thank you Gabby!

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