Learn How to Effortlessly Manifest and Become a Magnet for What You Desire in 21 Days

Join me and start the new year by learning how to turn what you want into the life you live! You’ll discover how to act in alignment with the energy of the Universe, allowing good things to flow to you easily and naturally.

Join the Challenge

You’re about to...

Fear less, trust more

When you’re able to access the energy of abundance & have faith that the Universe always provides, you’ll begin to feel your desire come into form.

Release the need to control

Gain the confidence to trust your intuition, let go of outcomes and release the resistance that prevents you from achieving your dreams.

Feel inspired and guided

Learn how to call on spiritual guidance when you need it, and discover how to recognize and interpret signs when they occur in your life.

Effortlessly manifest

When you learn how to take spiritually aligned action backed with inspiration and service, you’ll naturally attract good things.

Settle into a sense of ease

Resolutions rarely stick… but when you start feeling good and seeing yourself manifest, you’ll discover how easy it can be to commit to your new practice.

Do you ever feel like you’re working really hard to get what you want?

It can seem like nothing worth having comes without struggle. Like we have to make things happen. Feeling good becomes an afterthought.

Or maybe you’ve been taught to think you must suffer and struggle in order to be worthy of happiness; and if you let yourself be happy, it’ll be taken away from you.

I remember those feelings so clearly.

Fourteen years ago, in November 2005, I was 1 month sober.

I had no money. No friends. I’d just hit rock bottom.

I was sitting in my mom’s basement watching a DVD about manifesting confidence, peace and joy. I was hearing these words deep down in my bones.

So I went on a mission to uncover these abilities within myself and harness them to clear away all the doubt and disbelief that stood in my way.

I found the method to manifesting… and some hard truths along the way.

Manifesting isn’t about having complete control or satisfying our short-term desires. It isn’t even about getting what we think we want (stay with me here). It’s about receiving what is of the highest good for all.

As I share in my newest book, Super Attractor, learning that, accepting it, and staying true to it hasn’t been a straight line of perfection.

I’ve tried to control. I’ve been far out of alignment. I’ve leaned into fear. (Sound familiar?)

And through it all, I’ve learned that it’s not about how I deviate from the methods I know and trust – it’s about how quickly I return to them.

My ability to return to a place of trusting the Universe has been my greatest strength and I want that for you, too.

If these sound familiar,
you’re in the right place...

You’re unclear what manifesting really is and how it’s done.

Have you heard of manifesting before, and wanted to add it to your life… but you’re not sure exactly what it is or if you’re doing it right?

You struggle to “let go” and trust in the Universe.

When you have trouble releasing control, you end up constantly getting in your own way. We can have all the spiritual tools in the world, but if we don’t change our intention from “getting” and “making,” and instead relax into being, we can’t receive.

You subconsciously invest in your own limitations.

Maybe it shows up as anxiety. Maybe it shows up as judgment or gossip. Or maybe you recognize it as a vague sense that things shouldn’t be this hard.

You’ve invested in a spiritual journey, but you still feel stuck.

Despite the daily affirmations, vision boards, and guided meditations, things still aren’t feeling any easier or intuitive. It’s getting difficult to show up for your practice daily because you’re still not feeling good.

You’re a manic manifester.

Manic manifesting happens when you try to control or manipulate your manifestations. When this happens, your energy becomes frantic and needy. You therefore become a magnet for more low-vibe situations and experiences.

It’s Good to Feel Good

When you learn to cultivate the energy of what it is you want to experience, you’ll discover how effortlessly you can manifest what you want.

You can practice manifesting to attract whatever you want, whether that be a successful business, good health, a relationship or even a material object.

Sometimes we manifest things far beyond our wildest dreams.

It all starts with feeling good.

The Manifesting Challenge is designed to get you feeling good fast so you can tap into your power to trust that the Universe is working on your behalf and that everything is working out for you.

When you join the Manifesting Challenge, you’ll get my personal instruction and guidance for 21 days! I share the methods I’ve used for years that are guaranteed to get you feeling good, into alignment, and co-creating a life of confidence and fulfillment.

You’ll get the support you need to begin a brand new decade with methods that will serve you for a lifetime. To ensure that, you’ll get lifetime access, which means you can come back whenever you want to feel good, when things get tough or when you need a refresher.

The lessons will speak to you in different ways at different points in your life.

Are you ready?

Ready to let go of the fear, the anxiety and the need to control...

Ready to learn to trust that the Universe has a plan far better than yours...

Ready to live a life that’s better than anything you could have imagined?

How It Works

21 Daily Lessons

Starting January 1st, 2020, you’ll get a new lesson on manifesting from me every day. Each lesson builds on the last to help you master the skill — one simple step at a time.

Structured Action Steps

This is the “challenge” part of the Manifestation Challenge! Along with each lesson, a short homework assignment will help each day’s lesson to fully sink in (and show you the Universe in action).

Exclusive Member Platform

Inside your portal you’ll find all the lessons, training videos and daily homework assignments, along with a Challenge Calendar and printable worksheets.

Prep Lessons

In the weeks prior to the challenge, I’ll send you prep lessons via email. They’ll give you the inspiration & foundation to hit the ground running when the challenge starts.

Lifetime Access

With lifetime access, you’ll be free to return and review the material whenever you want. Each time you reread the lessons, your understanding of manifestation will grow deeper and more profound.

Community Support

Join an exclusive Facebook group of people who are committed to mastering manifestation. Together, each and every member of the community will help motivate and build one another up to achieve your highest good.

A Community of High Vibrations

When you sign up for the Manifesting Challenge, you won’t have to figure it all out yourself. That’s because you’ll be joining an exclusive and supportive Facebook group of spiritual people like you. A group of people all working toward the same goal, who are excited to build each other up by answering questions and providing support and motivation. You might even make a few lifelong friends along the way!

The Manifesting Challenge Is Perfect For You
if You’re Ready to…

Find a Spiritual Practice You Can Stick With

With the help of my structured teachings and the support of the Manifesting Challenge community, you’ll finally succeed at making your spiritual practice part of your daily life.

Learn How to Manifest The Life You Desire

Discover the secret to effortlessly attracting your deepest desires. By aligning your energy with the Universe, you’ll allow the greatest good to come naturally into your life.

Take Spiritually Aligned Action

Learn how to take spiritually aligned action that is in perfect harmony with the positive energy of the Universe. When you do this, it becomes easy to make your desires a reality.

Trust That The Universe Has Big Plans For You

Strengthen your faith and see firsthand how the Universe often delivers even more than you thought possible.

Stop Resisting & Trying to Control Outcomes

Open your heart and let go of your attachment to specific outcomes… thereby clearing internal resistance and allowing the natural flow of the Universe to bring you exactly what you need.

Feel GOOD!

You’ll be amazed at how good it feels when your thoughts, actions and energy are all in alignment with the Universe. When you feel good, you attract solutions, come up with inspired ideas and much, much more!

Tap into joy, well-being and unwavering faith with

  • January 1-21, 2020, starting the new year with high energy and an open heart
  • My personal manifesting methods delivered daily to your inbox and new member platform
  • See the Universe in action with companion exercises for each lesson
  • Exclusive prep lessons to set you up for the best start to the challenge
  • Master manifesting with support in the members-only Manifesting Challenge Facebook Group
  • Return to these methods whenever life calls you to them with lifetime access to the lessons and exercises



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