Kirtan Kriya: A Kundalini Meditation for Mental Balance

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I want to share one of my favorite Kundalini meditations with you. It’s called Kirtan Kriya.

This meditation is awesome for a few reasons. First, it’s really easy to do! If you’re a beginner when it comes to Kundalini yoga, this is a great introduction. And if you’re a longtime Kundalini practitioner, you know this simple practice is very powerful.

The benefits of Kirtan Kriya

miracles now gabby bernsteinIf you’ve read my book Miracles Now, you may be familiar with Kirtan Kriya. In the book I talk about how many Kundalini meditations strengthen your brain.

And in fact, many brain tests and scans have proven that Kirtan Kriya has incredible effects on the brain. In one study, participants who meditated 12 minutes a day for eight weeks experienced improved mental clarity and up to 50% better memory!

Kirtan Kriya is also a powerful practice for mental balance. If you experience mood swings, practicing this meditation regularly can even out your moods.

As a final benefit, Kirtan Kriya is awesome for pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive!

How Kirtan Kriya works

This Kriya is like a singing meditation. (In Sanskrit, Kirtan means “song,” and in Kundalini yoga, a kriya is a specific set of movements.) But don’t worry if you don’t have a great singing voice. I don’t, either. And I sing it loud, even in group classes!

Kirtan Kriya involves repeating four primal sounds: Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa. This is the mantra for the meditation and it’s very uplifting.

Saa means birth or infinity

Taa means life

Naa means death or completion

Maa means rebirth

Watch the video below for guidance on how to do Kirtan Kriya and my own experience with it! Then keep reading for written guidance, as well as a Spotify playlist of my favorite music for this meditation.

Kirtan Kriya video guidance

How to practice Kirtan Kriya

Sit in Easy Pose on the floor or on a chair/couch. Easy Pose is a simple cross-legged position. But if you’re new to yoga you might want to start on a chair or couch, because Easy Pose can be deceptively difficult at first. Sit however is most comfortable for you.

With this posture there’s a bit of a neck lock. The back of your neck is straight and your chin is down. You almost feel like you’re being pulled up by a cord. Sit up straight and allow yourself to be in alignment.

Rest your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward.

While chanting the sounds Saa Taa Naa Maa, you touch your thumb to your index finger (saying Saa), thumb to middle finger (saying Taa), thumb to the ring finger (saying Naa) and thumb to the pinky finger (saying Maa).

For an 11-minute practice, here is the sequence:

gabby bernstein kundalini meditation|kirtan kriyaChant out loud for 2 minutes

Chant in a whisper for 2 minutes

Chant in silence for 3 minutes

Chant in a whisper for 2 more minutes

Chant out loud for 2 more minutes

You can practice using music, or you can do it on your own. If you do it on your own I suggest using an app like Insight Timer. This free app lets you set intervals with gentle sounds that indicate it’s time to transition your chanting.

Kirtan Kriya music

If you want to practice Kirtan Kriya to music, here’s my favorite music to use:

What to do after your meditation

At the end of your meditation, stretch your hands up in the air. Open your hands wide and shake your arms over your head as you breathe in and out. Shaking it out like this is a great release.

You can practice Kirtan Kriya for up to 30 minutes. But I like to practice for 11 minutes a day. This makes it very doable. We can all easily find a spare 11 minutes in the day!

For maximum effect, I recommend practicing Kirtan Kriya every day for 40 days. You’ll deepen your spiritual connection and you’ll improve your mental cognition.

Tweet: Kirtan Kriya is a powerful, easy Kundalini meditation that deepens your spiritual connection and strengthens your brain! @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie

As I said earlier, Kirtan Kriya is a beautiful practice for a new meditator. Often when you’re new to meditation, you have a hard time quieting your mind. What’s gorgeous about this meditation is that you forget about your own thoughts! If your mind wanders, just come back to the mantra. Lose yourself in it and let it be your guide.

If you practice another form of meditation, you can simply add Kirtan Kriya to your daily practice. I practice Transcendental Meditation, so I just added Kirtan Kriya every day during my 40-day practice. But I kept my TM practice as well.

Get a new guided meditation every month

gabby bernstein miracle membership

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Kundalini meditation! If you want to practice Kirtan Kriya with me, there is a beautiful guided meditation available in my Miracle Membership.

Every month I share a brand-new guided meditation to help you stay consistent and tune in. If you want to amp up your meditation practice, check out the Miracle Membership.

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  1. Yesterday I was getting into a funk and asked for guidance to shift- I knew i was coming from a place of ego and needed to get into alignment quick- i was spiraling badly and surrendered to Spirit because I hated feeling lost and confused- spirit responded by giving me a flash of memory about this meditation that you shared, Gabby that I read about maybe a year ago- and I sat my ass down on my bed, found the song on Spotify and did 2 full rounds of 30 minutes. I did another full version today. And have decided to take it up as a daily practice for 40 days. The just after my morning meditation I wanted to find the blog post I remembered- and found it 🙂 Thank you gabby for sharing this practice- I had no idea I needed it when I first read it all those months ago, and Spirit found a way to lead me to the exact thing I needed <3 I expect Miracles <3

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