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judgment detox

Let me support you as you read the book! On this page, you’ll find a free meditation, plus the prayer and trauma resources I mention in Judgment Detox.

judgment detox book by gabby bernstein

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judgment detox

free resources

free resources

a prayer for surrender

To help you get into the practice of praying I’ve recorded a prayer for you to listen to. This prayer is a simple and powerful way to begin your practice of communicating with your inner guide. Use this surrender prayer to enter a new energetic state that supports your desire to be free from attack thoughts.


free resources

cord-cutting meditation

This beautiful meditation sends a powerful message to the Universe that you’re ready to let go of the pattern of judgment and improve your psyche.


music for meditation

In Step 5 of the Judgment Detox process I share 6 meditations. For meditation #5, the Meditation for Oneness, I recommend that you play the song “I Am Thine” by Jai Jagdeesh as you meditate.

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free resources

trauma resources

The practices in the book are deeply healing, but some might trigger wounds or uncover memories you didn’t even know were there. If that happens and you need more support, I recommend the EMDR International Association to find a trained therapist.

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judgment detox journal

Judgment Detox journal

Support your journey with the Judgment Detox Journal. This beautiful journal pairs perfectly with the book. It includes worksheets to practice the exercises in the book, space to free-write your thoughts and dedicated sections to celebrate your miracle moments.


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