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Heal Your Judgment and Feel Great!

Picture it...

The alarm goes off.

You blink open your eyes and turn to your phone.

The news alerts roll in. Fear rises in your chest.

Barely awake, you're bombarded with different emotions.

You start watching Insta stories and the comparison begins. Who are these people who run 5 miles and make smoothies before 6:30 a.m?!

You check your email before getting out of bed, then scroll through your texts only to see drama from a friend (again).

Ugh, there is so much to do today.

You've been awake for just 10 minutes and you have a knot in your stomach.

Now, imagine this...

You wake up feeling light and energized for the day.

You choose not to pick up your phone and judge right away.

Instead, you have a better practice.

The beautiful affirmations you said the night before echo in your mind. You say a prayer and send positive vibes to your friends and family.

You settle into a meditation and feel a sense of peace wash over you.

When you open your eyes after meditating, you're ready for the day.

It feels good to feel good.

This is not a pipe dream.

This kind of peace, freedom and happiness is available to you. It can be your reality every day.

I can testify to it because I discovered how to access this awesome feeling, and it has changed my life.

I Wanted to Stop Struggling and Feel Good

For most of my life, I struggled with judgment on a daily basis.

I judged people for their political views.

I judged friends for their comments on social media.

I judged the way people disciplined their children.

I judged strangers for walking too slowly in front of me on the sidewalk.

I judged my husband for not responding to me exactly how I wanted him to respond.

And of course, I judged myself for just about everything.

I used judgment as a reliable little crutch when I felt hurt, insecure or vulnerable. When I judged someone else I’d feel better than them in some way. I’d feel smarter, savvier, more enlightened, whatever.

But that feeling always faded. My energy would weaken and my thoughts would darken. Time and time again, judgment left me feeling deeply uncomfortable, isolated and guilty.

In short… I felt like crap.

I also felt ashamed. How was I still so judgmental?! I’d been a self-help book author and speaker for more than a decade. I’d written New York Times bestsellers that taught people how to live miraculous lives!

And yet there I was, judging and attacking and feeling completely out of alignment with my true nature.

I knew I had to do something about it.

Something big.

I needed to detox from judgment.

Why we need to detox from judgment

Judgment is the #1 reason we feel blocked, sad and alone.

Our popular culture and media place a huge value on social status, looks, racial and religious separation, and material wealth.

We are made to feel inferior to some people, better than others and separate from everyone.

So we use judgment to protect ourselves from the pain of feeling inadequate, insecure or unworthy.

Judgment becomes our great protector.

It is also our greatest block.

When we judge, we separate from love and see ourselves as different from others.

That separation makes us feel guilty and ashamed. In order not to feel that awful guilt, we judge even more!

Here’s where it gets really nasty, though.

Judging others only makes us feel MORE guilty — because we know this judgment is not who we really are.

You know how gossiping with friends feels like a fun way to bond and vent, but leaves you with an emotional hangover?

This is why.

To make things even worse, the guilt we feel from judging others is then projected right back onto ourselves.

This is the judgment cycle.

To escape the cycle and find freedom, we need to detox from judgment.

The 5 big myths that keep us in judgment




Our judgment keeps us safe. We need it.


We need to discern what feels safe and what doesn’t, and we must honor what feels right to us morally. We can use logic and intuition to discern what feels right for us without being judgmental. The habit of condemning and criticizing is what we must let go of.


When people we care about make bad choices, it’s our job to help them see the light and change.


When we offer someone unsolicited “help,” it’s really just another way of controlling and judging them. When we try to change someone, we’re saying that we know what is best for them.

In truth, when we judge others we’re really judging a part of ourselves that we’ve disowned. Whatever we resent or dislike in another person reflects something we dislike in ourselves, or represents a deep wound that we’re unwilling to heal.


Judging and comparing both keep us from looking stupid or falling behind. We need to know how we stack up.


Comparing ourselves to other people, whether our friends or coworkers or even people we don’t know (like celebrities) blocks us from being able to connect with others on a deep and genuine level.

The idea that we are “better than” or “less than” others reinforces the false, fear-based idea that there’s not enough to go around — not enough success, happiness, money, love or anything else.

Judgment cuts us off from deep connections and true abundance.


Some people deserve judgment. If they’ve hurt us or are doing bad things in the world, screw them.


Holding on to your judgment toward a person who has done terrible things only creates more terror in your mind and perpetuates the judgment cycle. Releasing them from judgment is how you release yourself from the terror they created. It doesn’t mean you’ve pardoned them or won’t fight for what you believe in.


Judging is part of life. It’s so deeply ingrained that it’s impossible to undo and overcome.


As difficult as judgment may be, loosening its grip is not complicated — you simply look at the fear and bring it to the light.

By bringing our judgment to the light we begin to have a new relationship to it. We become aware of how the habit hurts us and we intuitively know how to handle it.

Once we know how to handle judgment, it no longer runs the show. A sense of peace unlike any we’ve ever known settles in. Our bonds with others grow stronger. Forgiveness comes easily. The guilt we carried for so long is gone. We feel light and free and better in every way.

My method will help you break free from judgment to find the happiness & peace you long for

When I became more conscious of my own judgmental nature, I began to feel myself wake up.

I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the judgment cycle. I decided to face it head-on.

So I created a process of personal growth and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal my judgment once and for all.

This unique spiritual approach gets to the root of all judgment: our separation from love.

It heals you on a level where judgment is no longer a struggle. You catch judgmental thoughts quickly and intuitively know how to handle them.

My method gives you clear steps and walks you through them, providing structure and guidance as you do awesome transformational work.

This is a process of undoing the belief system of judgment so that we can stop suffering and return to peace.

Introducing The Judgment Detox Digital Course

With this 8-module online course you will magnify every aspect of your Judgment Detox practice!

This course is a beautiful container in which you can experience the process in a super immersive way, guided by me every step of the way.

The foundation of The Judgment Detox Digital Course is my book Judgment Detox. But it’s so much more! When you take this course, the book comes to life, you’ll take your Judgment Detox practice to a whole new level and you’ll learn brand-new tools that I’ve never shared before.

Take this course and…

  • Enhance your personal growth practice with deep-dive exercises
  • Be part of a private, supportive community
  • Learn brand-new lessons from master teachers
  • Follow along easily with my EFT videos, audio prayers, guided video and audio meditations and much more

Let me support you as you heal your judgment, let go of resentments, reconnect with love and live a better life!

You'll love what this course offers

  • We start with a special module to prepare for the transformational work to come. This module gets you in the right headspace for an awesome detox experience and includes eye-opening exercises!
  • Experience all 6 steps of the Judgment Detox with video guidance from me! There are also audio downloads and transcripts for each lesson, plus gorgeously designed PDF worksheets and downloadable art.
  • Become skilled at the powerful Emotional Freedom Technique. In a series of videos I’ll guide you through the method so you can heal the wounds beneath your judgment. Once you know it, you’ll be able to apply this technique in every other area of your life.
  • Enhance your meditation experience with 6 guided meditation videos and audios so you can follow along easily.
  • Download 4 audio prayers that you can listen to throughout each day to strengthen your relationship to your inner guidance system and stay connected to your practice.
  • Become part of a private community and get support! You’ll have lifetime access to a Facebook group, where you can find spiritual running buddies and share honestly in a safe space.
  • The structure of the course, along with the video and audio guidance, makes it incredibly easy to commit to this beautiful process and stick around for the miracles!

Take a look inside the course

"Gabby Really Understood What I Was Feeling"

I didn’t realize how much judgment was disempowering me and how miserable it was making me feel. I was so used to it. But once you know what peace of mind feels like, you wonder why you let yourself feel so miserable for so long. This is such a beautiful program Gabby created. You can feel the love she put into it. It isn’t a self-improvement course — it’s a life-changing transformational practice.

I had been working on releasing judgment before starting this course, but I was having difficulty dealing with the heavy hitters, like angry and gossipy people. As I did the exercises in this course, I felt Gabby really understood what I was thinking and feeling. I could feel the heavy emotions I was carrying release from me, and with each step I felt lighter, happier, more at peace. I love the beautiful yet simple meditations I can return to again and again.

Karen O.M.

"I Ended the Cycle of Judgment"

Before I took this course I was trying to live in a nonjudgmental way, but I always found myself in a cycle of judgment: I’d have a judgmental thought, then judge myself for having the thought, etc. I didn’t realize that my own judgment was a cry for love from within. When I realized that, I was able to view myself with more compassion and end the cycle of judgment. This course isn’t about viewing your judgment as a bad habit you need to eradicate. It truly inspires compassion and forgiveness as tools for overcoming judgment.

Val White

Module breakdown

See how The Judgment Detox Digital Course brings your Judgment Detox experience to a whole new level!

Here’s a sneak peek at the modules...

Pre-trainingPrepare Energetically

This module will prepare you energetically for the transformational work ahead. I’ll lay out what you can expect and what you need to begin, and I’ll share my method for revealing exactly how judgment keeps you stuck. We’ll wrap up with a powerful visualization meditation.

Module 1Witness Your Judgment Without Judgment

In this module I’ll guide you to honestly witness your judgment without piling on even more. We all have one problem at our core: judgment. But we also share one solution: love.

As with every module in this course, you can learn in your own individual style. Follow along with the video, audio or written transcripts, and download PDF worksheets to support your practice.

Module 2Honor The Wound

In this module we will honor the wounds that we began uncovering in Module 1. I will guide you through the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka Tapping), a practice that is incredibly healing.

This module includes 3 guided EFT videos that make it easy to follow along and master the technique.

Module 3Put Love On The Altar

In Module 3 we will invite in a power greater than ourselves to heal our judgments so we can come back to our right mind. In any given moment we can take our judgments off the altar and put love back on.

This module includes awesome extras. You’ll get an exercise that opens your eyes to what you’ve been putting on your altar instead of love, a guide to creating your own sacred prayer space, and audio downloads of the 4 prayers I share.

Module 4See For The First Time

In this module I’ll show you how to see others through the lens of love, releasing your attachment to judgment and separation. It includes a powerful guided exercise in acceptance. This spiritual practice is so powerful that you not only heal yourself, but you also create an energetic ripple effect that helps heal the world.

Download and print beautiful mantra art to support your practice and stay inspired throughout the day.

Module 5Cut The Cords

This is where I share 6 guided meditations. When you practice these meditations, you invite an invisible force of love to take over, heal your wounds, cut energetic cords and usher in peace.

I created a guided video and audio for each meditation to make it super easy for you to sit back, relax and follow along.

Module 6Bring Your Shadows To The Light

In this step we practice forgiveness and shine light on the darkness. You will finish with a satisfying sense of completion and the feeling of total freedom.

You will complete the course by signing a sacred contract with yourself. I’ll also show you how to bring the practices of the Judgment Detox into your daily life so that clearing and healing judgment becomes intuitive, easy and rewarding.

BonusExpert Interviews

In these audio interviews, master teachers share their wisdom and help guide you toward an even deeper Judgment Detox practice. Enjoy personal, enlightening and in-depth interviews with Marianne Williamson, Robert Holden, David Hoffmeister and Jessica Ortner.

The course at a glance

Bring the book to life & amplify every aspect of your experience with my guidance!

A safe container in which you can get radically honest & deepen your detox.

Guided video & audio EFT exercises, meditations & prayers to enhance your practice.

Learn your way: Watch ultra-crisp HD videos, listen to HD audio or read easy-to-follow transcripts.

Self-paced: Learn anytime, anywhere with video, audio & PDF content available 24/7.

Audio interviews with master teachers who share their wisdom & unique perspectives.

Lifetime access so you can revisit lessons or the whole course whenever you want.

A clear, easy plan to continue the practices in daily life so you feel great every day.

Bonus 1: Lifetime membership in a private Facebook group where you can find support.

Bonus 2: My first-ever Judgment Detox workshop recorded live in NYC!

"I Can Get Back to a Happier Place Much Faster"

I was constantly hurt by others’ judgments. As much as I tried to tell myself I didn’t care, they affected me deeply, especially ones which hit my deepest pains. I would have sleepless nights and stressful days, replaying their words over and over again, and feeling angry and defensive.

I’ve been able to witness my own judgments of myself and my judgments of others, along with other people’s judgments toward me. Rather than getting stuck in an emotion, I’ve been able to witness it, honor it, look into it and let it go without playing the stories over and over again. My emotions are more stable and I can get back to a happier place much faster. I no longer lose any sleep and my self-worth has strengthened.

You will see huge shifts in your life. This course will break down the walls you’ve built around yourself and re-shape the stories you tell yourself. You will see and feel more love and become the person you truly want to be. So grateful for this course!

Kayleen Greagen-Castle

"Life Changing"

I used to judge myself by comparing myself to others. I would either feel like I wasn’t as good as them or I would feel special and superior. This course has helped me realize that we are all the same. We are all connected. I can now witness my own behavior without getting defensive. It was scary to face the judgment with total honesty, but it’s life changing when you do. If you want to open your mind and become a better human being, you should take this course.

Adam Posednik

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This course will change your life

The Judgment Detox Digital Course is an incredible deep dive into the Judgment Detox practice. This course enhances the radical and miraculous experience of clearing judgment, healing wounds, releasing resentments and finding peace. Join me now. You’ll be psyched from the moment you press play.


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