Introducing The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck!

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I’m so psyched to share my brand-new card deck with the Spirit Junkie community! It is my hope and my intention that this beautiful deck will offer you inspiration, guidance and support whenever you need it.

This 52-card deck includes affirmations, prayers and statements from The Universe Has Your Back paired with amazing watercolors by my best friend, Micaela Ezra. I was seriously blown away by what she created and I’m so grateful for her vision. This collaboration has been a long time coming.

Micaela and I first met more than a decade ago. We were both at the start of our journeys and we’ve been supporting each other through everything since we met. I was just starting to transition from my PR business into spirituality and self-help. She had just arrived in NYC from Sydney to start a career in fashion and design. We had instant friendship chemistry and I declared the night we met that we’d become best friends.

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Two days after we met, Micaela went back to Australia to wait for her visa. In the midst of moving she lost the business card I’d given her, so all she knew about me was my first name. But shortly after she came back to New York, the Universe reunited us on a West Village sidewalk, when I went running up to her asking why she hadn’t called me!

The rest is history. 🙂

I sat down with Micaela and picked out a few cards from the deck to ask her about what inspired her designs! Her responses rocked my world.

If you want to see Micaela and me talking about the deck on video, you can check out a Facebook Live we did together!

*The player is automatically muted. To turn the sound on, click play and then unmute the sound controls.

I want to know your thoughts about the cards! Leave a comment and let me know what you’re excited about and what you think of the designs. And if you haven’t yet ordered your deck, grab it here!

What was your overarching inspiration for the designs?

Watercolors as a medium are great in terms of art therapy and the connection with the ethos of The Universe Has Your Back, because you can only control so much. Their beauty comes out in the moments when you mix them with the water and they puddle on the paper. You have to let go a little bit. The beauty that comes up is often so much more than what you’d anticipated. You put it down with intention and the color comes up in a way you hadn’t expected.

I wanted to convey the vastness of the Universe. On the one hand, the shapes can look like the edge of a continent, something huge. But at the same time, if you look with a different perspective, it could also be something cellular, really up-close.

The designs include a lot of totems and different people’s signs that were really potent, like the blue butterfly, the dragonfly, rainbows, the owl, the big eye. Astrological elements. Trees falling, regenerating. Rebirth, movement, cycles.

“When I think I’ve surrendered, I surrender more.”

It’s a dandelion. There is a Jewish teaching that you should be like a reed in the water. A reed in the Nile is very firm and strong but it’s also got malleability and elasticity — you can move with the times and adapt to the situation. You are grounded in your beliefs but flexible, not rigid. That’s what happens in surrender: the ability to let go.

You blow away the dandelion and release those pieces into the air and hope your wish will be carried on. The pieces that blow away with the wind, it’s an active metaphor for surrender, and it’s continual. It’s so simple and graceful and vulnerable on the page. The pieces of the dandelion are so delicate. We kind of have to be like that in order to surrender. You have to be willing to let parts of you be carried away with the wind and see where they’ll be taken.

 “Happiness is my birthright.”

So bright and vivid. Yellow is such a joyful color, so this phrase had to be bold and bright and completely uplifting. Proclaiming that happiness is our birthright is really owning the sense that we should all make it our mission to find meaning and joy. It’s deep-rooted joy that comes through purpose and meaning and a sense of belonging. Every human being should find that place within themselves and access it unapologetically. That is the essence of that statement to me. The color yellow also to me conveys that. The planets and the moon: Within the universe, the totality of everything, that is our purpose.


“Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all.”

There’s a theme in the cards of a horizon. The pink moon indicates the presence of love, the sense of feeling dwarfed by the beauty of the world. In that moment, honoring and acknowledging the ultimate creator of the world, who gave us this beauty to hold and take care of. The highest good for all requires you to move out of your day-to-day existence and acknowledge your small part in a much bigger network.

It’s really beautiful and grand. The world is small and black-and-white. The pink moon is the overpowering sense of love, oneness, God, beyond what we’re experiencing here. What would normally seem tall are the trees, but the moon looms larger, representing more than what we have here. Visually, it plays with proportion and scale to reflect the juxtaposition of smallness and greatness.

 “There is a stream of love supporting my dreams.”

This was such a playful exercise! There is an experimental quality to watercolors. This was a beautiful, accidental evolution. I knew I wanted to convey a sense of water, but I added the pink strip on the right side later, to soften it visually. This design was subconscious for me. Now, reading the message again, I see that it’s about dreams, and that’s how it was meant to come together. With some cards I had a very striking vision of how I wanted it to look. With others it involved just being in the moment.

“When I lean toward love I am led.”

This was a bit of an experimentation as well, that led to the background red part. There’s also the story that the cards tell as a whole. The geometric network came about first in the card “Obstacles are detours in the right direction.” The triangle is a bit harsher, a contrast to the free-flowing form of the watercolor. The triangles created a channel — you hit an obstacle and it leads you in one way, then another, and then a channel opens. This coral color looks like clouds, or like a continent next to water. It could be on Earth or in the sky.

I wanted the cards to all work together. I wanted to tell that story of coming from something a little more challenging into the mindset of love. Moving from a place of difficulty into a mindset of loving-kindness. That peach-coral color is an embracing, warm and loving color, with a blue moon.

Grab your own deck here and leave a comment below letting me know what you think! 🙂

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  1. just got the cards today. There is not any real directions on how to use… how to work with these cards.
    No booklet. No directions on clearing the deck ….
    This type of deck is new to me
    vs tarot and oracles.

    1. Hi there. Here is a blog post that includes 3 ways to use the cards: /super-attractor-card-deck/. Hope this helps. xoxo

    1. The Universe Has Your Back Deck is designed so that you can pull a card for yourself anytime you need spiritual guidance. I suggest shuffling/mixing up the cards as you say a prayer such as, “Guidance of the highest truth and compassion, please show me what I need to know.” Then flip your card for your message.
      You can use the cards in any way you are called, for example you could pull one for your theme of the day or week or month. This post may also serve you:
      I hope this helps! Enjoy this beautiful card deck!

  2. Your cards are the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen and so spiritual and the colors are to die for! Your amazing at what you do keep up the wonderful and amazing work you have done when I get on my feet after my divorce I’m definitely going to orders these immediately! You are a true inspiration ❤️

    1. Hi Stephanie! There isn’t a specific guidebook for the deck. You can use the cards in any way you are called, such as pulling one for your theme of the day or week or month. Gabby did a reading that you can also try: The good news is, there is no right or wrong way to use the deck! Ask a question and pull a card for guidance or you could research more elaborate reading layouts. ENJOY <3

  3. Hey gabby! I absolutely LOVE your deck!! I just wanted to know if the meanings of the cards change if we pull them upside down? Love from India!! ♥️

  4. I have just bought these cards from a Bookstore and i am already in love with them. I feel these would also be fabulous to incorporate with other cards to make a more intimate and detailed reading. Lovely words and beautiful illustrations

  5. I just got this beautiful deck but it seems to be missing a card and I have no way of knowing which one! Is there any way to get a replacement card (and to see a list of the affirmations so I can figure out which card is missing?) from the publisher? Love this so much but I wanna know what I’m missing! Lol

    1. Oh bummer, Elisha! I’m sorry to hear that. Definitely reach out to Amazon (or whichever seller you purchased from) and let them know so they can help get you a replacement card or deck! xoxo

  6. DO you have a guide book for understanding these cards?
    I am loving them so far just needing some help understanding some of the cards

  7. my friend got me this card deck because she was instantly reminded of me. it is my third deck (the first two being the osho zen tarot and the earthbound oracle) and i feel like it has brought a lot of positivity to my life right now that i really need. i am so grateful and so excited t start working with it.

  8. Thank you so much Gabby for making these beautiful cards! I picked up a deck at your workshop in Stockholm last week and I read one every morning. Magical and well needed in my life right now.

  9. I just saw that mine were delivered and can’t wait to open them! I have only learned of you and your books this year, and I ended up enduring a terrible past few months- my beloved grandfather’s sudden illness and decline that led to his death over the course of a month; a breakup the following week, with no explanation and no further contact since, with someone I loved; and a move that didn’t work out, had me living out of family’s home, and just this week being able to move into a place of my own. I have had so much pain, fear, depression, hopelessness, and I’m struggling to even find balance or calm. I know this will bring me comfort and help guide me on my path that I currently feel so directionless on- and still so scared! The words and the artwork complement each other in such a lovely way. Thank you both for this work!

    1. This deck will help give you guidance and wisdom in this challenging time. Sending you love + light on your journey. The Universe has your back. <3

  10. I was so excited when I stopped at Barnes and Noble on Friday the 1st.. There was one box on the shelf and I knew I had to purchase them! They had been in my amazon cart but weren’t available to purchase yet so seeing them was such a surprise!! I keep them in my car so I can grab them anytime! I love sharing them as well on my instagram so others can see the beautiful messages! Love them!!!

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