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happy days

I honor you for committing to your healing practice by reading Happy Days. On this page you’ll find the spiritual and therapeutic tools that helped me heal from trauma – along with three free meditations to support you.

happy days by gabby bernstein

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happy days

free resources

free resources

chapter 4 | positive affirmation meditation

This 5-minute guided meditation is a quick fix for your mood. I was so inspired as I recorded this track, and I infused every word of it with light and positive vibes. You’ll feel that energy pouring through the audio!


free resources

chapter 4 | bilateral music

In Chapter 4, I guide you through an exercise called Rage on the Page. Listening to bilateral music as you do this will stimulate both sides of your brain, helping you fully process your thoughts. I made this bilateral music playlist for you on Spotify.

free resources

chapter 6 | tapping on shame EFT meditation

EFT (or tapping) combines the cognitive benefits of therapy with the physical benefits of acupuncture. I designed this tapping exercise to help you feel safer in your body and more at peace with your past. If you’re new to tapping, rest assured that I’ll lead you through all the tapping points. Just press play.


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chapter 6 | dear gabby | stop the stigma and shift the shame

For additional support as you read Chapter 6, listen to this episode of my Dear Gabby podcast. You’ll hear me coach callers in real time, guiding them to voice unspoken shame around trauma, sexual abuse and mental illness.


free resources

bonus | honoring feelings meditations

This guided meditation is a bonus for Happy Days readers, and I designed it to complement your healing journey. This track will calm your anxiety, settle your nervous system, and help you feel safe honoring all your feelings.


free resources

bonus | therapist directory

For additional support, please click the link below. I’ve included information on how to find:

  • Healing
  • IFS therapists
  • EMDR practitioners
  • EFT practitioners
  • Somatic Experiencing practitioners
  • Postpartum mental health support
  • Trauma-informed therapist

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