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Join me on a journey of new perceptions. Expand your inner awareness, melt away stress and anxiety, strengthen your intuition, and become a magnet for miracles with my guided meditations.

Super Attractor Meditation Album

This 10-track meditation album contains powerful guided practices that will help you connect to your Super Attractor power and co-create the life you want. Meditation track list: Morning Mantras; Affirmation; Lifting the Veil; Invoking Your Guardian Angel; Spiritual Guidance; Vision Making; Appreciation; Super Attractor Affirmations; Unwavering Faith in the Universe and Cord Cutting. $11.11

Meditations to Calm an Anxious Mind

This 10-track album will help you let go of anxiety and stress so you can feel calm and grounded. You’ll release anxiety, strengthen your spiritual connection and feel uplifted. Meditation track list: Riding The Waves of Emotion; Reconnect to Your Breath; Feel Truly Supported; Appreciation; Unwavering Faith In The Universe; Turn Over Your Obstacles; Honoring Yourself; Spark of Light; Body Scan Meditation and Positive Energy Meditation. $11.11

May Cause Miracles Meditation Album

This 13-track meditation album is designed for you to experience subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. Track List: Witness Your Fear; Willing to See Love; Inner Guidance; Self-Gratitude; Self-Forgiveness; Body Love; Spark of Light; Oneness; Holy Instant; Receiving Abundance; Loving Kindness; Service Meditation and Celebration Mediation. $14.97

Miracles Now Meditation Videos

In this 11-track video album I break down the meditations in my book Miracles Now so you can do each one with confidence — even if you’re totally new to yogic meditation. Track list: Be The Lighthouse; Bust Through Blocks; Memory; Heal Addiction; Prevent Freaking Out; Release Childhood Anger; Release Irrationality; Mala Meditation; Resolve Inner Conflict; Backpack Meditation and Boost Your Immune System. $18.00

MediDating: Meditations for Fearless Romance

In this 10-track guided meditation album, I'll help you release romantic illusions, overcome fears and insecurities, activate your attracting power, and manifest love into your life. Meditation track list: Fearless and Free; Releasing Romantic Illusions; Letting Go; Keep Your Cool; Releasing Idols; Pre-Date; Visualization; Manifesting Love; Image Making and In the Meantime. $14.97

Inner Guidance Meditation Album

This 13-track album includes visualization meditations, mantras, affirmations and daily practices that will amplify your life! Meditation track list: Feeling; Forgiving; Balancing; Listening; Releasing; Climbing; Stretching beyond Your Limiting Beliefs; Vision; Focusing; White Light; Morning; Evening and Seeing the World in Light. $11.11

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