Enjoy your Positive Energy Meditation. Press play to lift your spirit during difficult times. Listening to these affirmations will activate your miracle mindset to support you and the world.

Meditations to Calm an Anxious Mind Album

My new album for relieving anxiety and finding peace during difficult times.

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I’ve handpicked some of my favorite meditations, along with two brand-new tracks, to support you. Through these 10 meditations, you’ll release anxiety, strengthen your spiritual connection and feel uplifted.

Here’s what you can expect:

Meditation for Riding the Waves of Emotion

This visualization meditation allows you to feel your emotions without resistance so you can experience relief and relaxation.

The Meditation to Reconnect to Your Breath

Our breath is what brings us back to the present. Learn how to return to your breath and realign in any moment, no matter what.

A Meditation to Feel Truly Supported

We can often feel very alone in our anxiety. This meditation helps you feel supported by the ever-present flow of love and trust you’re always guided.

Appreciation Meditation

Open up your heart center and cultivate appreciation in all areas of your life. Worry and anxiety melt away as you elevate your energy.

Unwavering Faith in the Universe

Tap into a feeling of total trust as you repeat empowering affirmations and embrace that you’re truly taken care of.

Turn Over Your Obstacles Meditation

This short practice helps you let go of an area of your life you’ve been controlling and surrender it to the care of the Universe.

Honoring Yourself Meditation

It’s safe to honor how you feel right now. Be present with your emotions and allow them without judgment as you breathe calmly.

Spark of Light Meditation

In this deeply relaxing meditation, you envision golden light spreading throughout your body as you lie down comfortably.

New: Body Scan Meditation

Cultivate a mindful sense of presence as you bring gentle awareness to different parts of your body, softening your muscles and regulating your breath.

New: Positive Energy Meditation

Listening to these uplifting affirmations activates your miracle mindset to support you and the world in the midst of uncertainty.

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