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Throughout the day we have different stress triggers. We can be triggered by all kinds of circumstances, people, noises, even the weather. Yogi Bhajan said that 85% of our behavior is automatic and determined by our environment. If we let our environment dictate our mood then our life will feel like an emotional roller-coaster. The only way off the roller-coaster is through our breath.

In today’s vlog I share a powerful and practical meditation that you can use to reduce stress anywhere, anytime. This Kundalini practice is often referred to as the “backpack meditation” because you can bust it out of your spiritual backpack whenever you’re in need of some serenity. We can’t control the stress in our life but we can control how we handle them. Use this practice to change your reaction to stress.

Test-drive this meditation and share your experience with me in the comments below. If you need future guidance check out the breakdown underneath the video.

Meditation to Alleviate Your stress (AKA Backpack Meditation) breakdown as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

Here’s how it works:

The posture: Sit cross-legged in easy pose.

The hands: Place your hands in Giyan mudra with your thumb pressing against your pointer finger. The pointer finger, otherwise known as Jupiter. When you press your thumb against this finger you ignite your knowledge.

The breathe: This Kundalini meditation suggests that you breathe in eight strokes through your nose and out for one stroke through your nose. If yogic breathe is new to you and it’s hard to breathe in that much air then breathe in for four strokes instead of eight. Breathe in four strokes through the nose and one breath out.

Time: You can do this meditation for one minute and experience miraculous results. Put this meditation in your back pocket and use it whenever stress arises. The Kundalini yogis suggest that you do this meditation for eleven minutes for 40 days.

Pay close attention to how your environment triggers your stress patterns. Whenever possible turn to this meditation to release you from stress and restore your vitality.

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  1. Gabby, you posted this just for me didn’t you? LOL. This morning has been stressful. One of my kids wanting lots of attention while I was getting my brekkie ready (he had already eaten) . There was the constant “Mum…..mum….come and look at this.” He was also being noisy and I like a quiet, peaceful home. I’m now going to check this meditation out. Also….today is day 1 for me in your book ‘May Cause Miracles’. Love your work Gabby. Much love to you. xxoo

  2. I really needed this…my 6 kids are a lot of brain work and a little quiet even if it’s for 2 mins is all I needed. Thanks for all your awesome work and for your beautiful interview last week in the hay house world summit. I really learned a lot from you and your message was what I had prayed to God to allowe to hear. I finally bought the book ” A Course in Miracles” last night from eBay for 5euros OMG I was so excited…it totally made my day. Many blessings to you and keep rocking!

  3. Gabby, I love the backpack meditation.What a fantastic Meditation exercise!!! I feel less stress and relaxed before my conference call. Thank you! You Rock! Love & Blessings Elliesha

  4. Gabby, you are such a great teacher. I love how clear and direct you are. I also love how you break things down so that they are so easy to follow and manageable. Thank you!

  5. OMG I am in love with this meditation. It’s so perfect. I can see myself doing it several times a day, stealth in a coffee shop or on the train when I feel anxious. Thanks Gabby!

  6. Thank you Gabby! I so love the name of this meditation and have been hoping for something like this to do when I feel like my time is being “wasted” (i.e., bored at work, waiting in line, sitting in traffic). Quick Q: Do you have any tips for what to do/look at when we’re unable to close our eyes? (driving, at work…)

  7. I was mentally making a plan about how to start good, stress reducing habits over summer break that I can continue when the stress of the school year begins again. This was perfect to get me going! Thank you for imparting such easy yet deeply life changing ideas.

  8. Thank you! I am retiring in a month and a half from 25 years of being a Cop, pending surgery on a wrist injury that I did during training and just two days ago… I sadly asked my hubby for a divorce! I really needed to see this today to keep me breathing!

  9. How fabulous to see you share this mediation, I was teaching it last week on a kundalini yoga/raw food retreat that I run and it went down really well.

  10. How fabulous to see you share this meditation, I was teaching it last week on a kundalini yoga/raw food retreat that I run and it went down really well.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this Gabby! Kundalini has changed my life in ways I don’t know if words can express. I was practicing it and other types of yoga for about a year but would notice a vast difference in how I felt after Kundalini. I never knew the technology behind it until I was introduced to you through Spirit Junkie and your lectures and you have opened the doors even further for me. This is an everyday practice for me now. Thank you for sharing with the world this life changing practice!!

    With Love,

  12. Thank you, Gabby. Your work means the world to me and, even though I’m struggling, I have faith because of you and the messages you send out each day. I can’t tell you how much it means to get a message of positivity and break through every day. I appreciate you. Love and light <3

  13. I am in love with all kundalini meditations! They are so easy and clears your head in an instant! Thanks for bringing this all to us Gab, much love! 🙂

  14. And so I tried it! It was my second time around and it went well. I’m really looking foward to try it again! But I have a question. I have these visions while I meditate. For example, last night I saw this really really hot guy and a book like the one I’m studying right now and I also saw a connection between them. Is this normal Gabby :)? Where do these visions come from?

  15. Gabby,
    Thanks! During the school year-I am a teacher-I wake up anxiety with my day and things I need to complete-this mediation will be very easy for me to when I wake up.

    Thank you,

  16. Thank You dear Gabby! I had very anxious morning but after this meditation feel great relief. And thanks a lot for Your MCM – it`s such an amazing journey! I passed 20 days in 2 months:)) It seems quite simple but involves very profound inner work. Many blessing for Your work!

  17. Hello , Gaby, this was a great video. I am going to take this meditation with me every morning when i wake up. i am looking to change the course of my life and circumstances. i am a member of her future to be inspired and to create the life i want.
    thank you , hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you.
    love and light.

  18. Hi Gabby,
    I’ve been studying and practicing breathing exercises very regularly for well over 13 years. Somehow, I’ve never heard or read of this exercise. It’s great. Super easy to do and like you say, can be done anywhere without looking rather odd when you do it. Unlike some practice I’ve learned!
    Your instruction is very clear too. Well done.

  19. My biggest fear is to be different from the others and ending up alone. I especially fear not being able to create loving relationships w/ the girl I love because of my feeling a bit “different” and shy sometimes (esp. with her:.()..

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