A Meditation for Oneness

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Today I’m going to bring to life a meditation from my book The Universe Has Your Back.

I love it because whenever I feel disconnected from the presence of other people or the love of the Universe, I do this meditation. It’s a Kundalini meditation for oneness.

The music that goes along with this meditation is called “I Am Thine” by Jai Jagdeesh. You can access the music at GabbyBernstein.com/Universe.

Here’s how you do this meditation (watch the video to see me demonstrate):

Posture and mudra: Sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor with a straight spine. Bend your right arm at your side and make a loose fist, and then extend your index finger up. Place your left hand over the heart center.

Mantra: I recommend that you play the song. The mantra is: Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru. I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru.

Tweet: Kundalini is the yoga of awareness: You become aware of the love of the Universe that’s around you. @gabbybernstein

This meditation celebrates the connection we have to others through our shared connection to the Universe.

“Humee Hum” tunes us into our own consciousness.

“Tumee Tum” accepts that we are one with the other person’s consciousness.

“Wahe Guru” means that we are both connected to the Universe.

Then we chant “I am thine, in mine” to project our consciousness of our personal self to the infinite self. Then “the world, myself” confirms that we are one with the Universe. Finally we celebrate this universal connection with “wahe guru.”

You can chant with the music for up to 11 minutes. If that feels like a long time to you, start with just a couple of minutes, staying in the mudra and chanting the mantra.

Chant this mantra to create that connection to the Universe, to establish a greater connection with others and feel that source energy moving through you.

Practice this even if you don’t know what the words mean. There is power in the chanting. That’s why I love Kundalini yoga. It’s the yoga of awareness: You become aware of the love of the Universe that’s around you. And when you chant, you activate that awareness in ways you can’t even imagine.

If you feel like you’ve been out of alignment with the Universe, this is the perfect practice to do for 30 or 40 days.

Either way, try this beautiful practice. Enjoy it. And please let me know your own experiences with this meditation in the comments below!

I hope this serves you.

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