You’re awesome. Own it!

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When you focus on your greatness you elevate everyone around you. Tweet it!

Our culture puts enormous emphasis on pushing harder and achieving more — in work, in relationships, in almost every aspect of life. We’ve been taught that pain has purpose and that if we’re not struggling we’re not succeeding. But there’s a different way to live. What would life be like if we emphasized how great we already are?

Today’s vlog is dedicated to focusing on just that. In this video I help you explore your greatest gifts and celebrate them. It’s undeniably fun, but it’s also important.

In the comments below I welcome you to share your gifts with us! Get into the habit of celebrating yourself.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    This vlog could not have come to me at a better time! (I just saw it on Twitter) I’ve been feeling really down on myself today because I can’t drive; my boyfriend broke his foot playing football and I couldn’t take him to the hospital. This has bothered me all day and I kept thinking that I was useless. But actually, I do lots of other things for my boyfriend to show him I care.

    You’ve also made me think of all the other things I’m good at! I’m training to be a teacher, and everyone says I’m good at it. I play piano quite well! And other things…..

    Thanks Gabby,

    Love, Nuala xx

  2. beautiful! thanks gabby! a poem in appreciation of beautiful woman like you!
    have a beautiful day!

    generous dimensions
    beautiful sashay
    gift of her beauty

    ‘Haikus that make Beautiful Women Dance’

  3. Gabby,
    I recently came upon this site and it has changed not only my perspective on my life but the beautiful existence that surrounds me. A few months back I was struggling painfully in life. I kept thinking, “if this is life, I don’t want to be a part of it.” I knew that my thinking was wrong and incorrectly directed. I mustered up what I call my last and tiniest flame of hope and checked into a crisis center. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder and have been seeking outpatient treatment. Over the beginning course of my treatment something happened. I started to care. To care about myself; to feel worthy of this life. By doing so I have become abundantly grateful for everything life has to offer. In releasing myself from my own bounded chains, I have noticed the other patients begin to free themselves of their chains and lighten their own world. From this I have learned that my greatest talent and gift is my unwavering love for life. To want to spread my energy and love to everyone I come in contact with, because we ALL are worthy of what it has to offer. I now spend my days in treatment shining my light so bright with the courage and hope that the darkness of the other patients mental sufferings will dim. And each day I see that happening and my light shines brighter for me and for all of them.
    **I share some tips I learn on this site with the group and they love it
    Thank you. Stay beautiful.

    1. WOW! Jenna what you shared here was vulnerable & courageous, not to mention that you brought tears to my eyes! 🙂
      Gabby has brightened my life as well, I first learned of her & was inspired by her while watch her (along with Mastin Kipp & Maria Forleo – I hope I got their names properly) on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday episode featuring the new generation of spiritual seekers/leaders. I want to strongly encourage you to check that out if you haven’t done so yet. I’m pretty sure there’s a link here on Gabby’s site.

      Thank you for being so brave & courageous to share your journey, Jenna! I will thinking of you & sending lotsa positive energy your way! 😀


  4. This is such a beautiful VLog Gabby, thank you very much.
    I’m really good at making people smile and bring a light, positive and uplifting energy into the room. I’m good at inspiring and empowering people to step into their own light and create a life you love. I have been very intuitive since being a little girl which is a real blessing.

    I have to say, I found this a little difficult to write, as part of me thought “oh they will think you show off”. But I so agree with your message Gabby and therefore I kept on writing and will post this. I am awesome and am owning it. And so are you and everyone else on this page.

    I love you and I hope to see you again in London soon! xoxo

  5. Yes. So wonderful for us to acknowledge all of the things we love, do, and enjoy.,.We must do this more!

    I love to make people feel good. I am a hairstylist, and honestly I love hanging out with fascinating people and connecting with them. Im great at it, and I have so much fun while working and getting to share my energy and skills.

    I feel my work goes deeper, as my relationships with clients strengthens and trust is built. I do create beautiful looks on your hair, but I also provide space for you to feel what you need to about things that have been overwhelming, sit in quiet and calm when you need to relax…To just show up and be who you are.

    Its all about love, only love is real. My main purpose is spreading that love. Im lucky I found my medium 🙂

    Thanks Gabby, Excited to meet you on the book tour in SF!

  6. ~I AM…an eternal optimist at heart, forever; see the GOOD in others, while loving and accepting them for who they are: the light & dark sides; “one of the best things in life are the moments of uncontrollable laughter”; TRULY have NO CLUE what it feels like to ‘stay’ upset w/ anyone…forgiveness ALWAYS prevails whether I want it to or not; I’ve ALWAYS understood there is something special about me (a heart filled w/ love and compassion) where I have yet to, fully, find the right balance of boundaries w/ others..I WILL.
    **THIS IS A GREAT EXERCISE!! Simple, yet, may be challenging or uncomfortable at times, feelings of “I’m so great!” or “better than” written in plain sight..BUT I embraced it, and allowed myself to love ME even more when, so often, ‘we’ hide out of fear of what others may think or what we feel, negatively about ourselves. THANKS Ms.GabbyB 🙂

    OneLuv, Colleen

  7. You are an awesome inspiration Gabby, shining your light and uplifting people. My gift is making people feel good about themselves and helping them know that they are worthy, loveable and the power is within them always. I can empathise with people so they never feel alone with a struggle and I love feeling the ecstasy when people are in joy. Sine on!! XX

  8. This is such a relevant topic for this day and age. Thank you for starting this awareness. My gift is my talent when it comes to being a makeup artist. I myself have struggled with my self esteem my whole life, & still do. I understand what it feels like to look in the mirror and feel ugly. I am so blessed to have the ability to help women find their confidence, feel beautiful, & ready to step out in the world with their best face fwd. That is why I do makeup and love it so. Sure I contour, & make a master piece of art with makeup, transform you- but that is not my objective. It’s not what I can do to your face, its about how I can make you feel inside and out with the gift of makeup. A few simple little techniques to show you the beauty is you, its always there- some times just needs a little polishing up. It took me a long to realize how deep my gift really ran. But with each women I touch I feel grateful that I was able to put a smile on their face and a stride in their walk!

  9. As a teenager much of the conversation around me is about comparison and how we can do better to get to some place in the future. There is no talk of how well we are doing now.
    I believe one of my gifts is giving myself the power of a healthy body and mind at an early age. I have the gift of comforting others, either through words or just a smile. My gift is the gift of love!!!

  10. I am incredibly empathetic. With that said, I am able to truly and whole heartedly listen when people are talking and can try to give an outside perspective with being attune to their feelings and needs. I find they listen to my advise with an open mind knowing I have their best interest at heart.

  11. As a stylist & makeup artist I share with people on a daily basis not only by creating looks that make them feel good but giving them the courage to try something new, inspiring them to be the best, sharing knowledge of good healthy cruelty free products. Most importantly I love when they know how beautiful they are on the inside..that in turn inspires me ?

  12. Beneath all my blocks, I’m a phenomenal musician.

    I care deeply about the most severely emotionally distressed people in society with mental health problems & addiction.

    I am nice to people in customer service positions and I make their working day better if only for a few moments!

  13. This post describes EXACTLY why I just changed the emphasis of my twitter account (@kaliannagrace), and started updating the reasons why every single one of us is so awesome each day. When you think about it, even the simplest things about us are undeniable awesome and do deserve to be celebrated. Feeling so much gratitude and synchronicity and gratitude right not – thanks Gabby!

  14. Wow this has really completely summed up the reason I started adding reasons you are awesome to my twitter account each day (@kaliannagrace) – it is a way to reflect on the Sonoma but undeniable things every single one of us possesses that are completely and undeniably awesome. Feeling connection with this blog and synchronicity right now! Thank you Gaby!

  15. Thanks Gabby for this truly inspiring message in today’s vlog.
    I really want to share my creative talents on a larger scale to touch many more lives . I am really looking forward to B-school to shine my light in a much brighter way :)!!

  16. I try to stay focused on the positive and share that with everyone I encounter…I greet everyone with a smile and hello!

  17. A few of my deeper gifts: I help people smile. I support people in honoring themselves first. I cry – it’s a gift because it allows others the space to express their feelings more authentically and it’s a gift to me as a beautiful release. Yum.

  18. YES, YES, YES Dear Gabby!!! If we could only, for one moment, see the infinite, loving light that beams through us every single moment, we would realize that there has never been anything to earn, prove or achieve, we are ALL THAT IS!!!
    Love you!

  19. I’m right in that moment of figuring out my gifts to create a career that involves serving others and living my passion. I’m joining B-School and with your video reminded myself that a gift of mine is the passion to learn. I plan on launching a business with this gift of mine! It is sometimes the subtle gifts we have that are the doors to entering bliss and joy! Much love Gabby!

  20. Love this, especially because I am organizing a try-out tonight that is all About Being awesome. Thank you universe I know you are talking to me And thank you Gabby X

  21. I saw your videoblog today for the first time.
    It’s so true, celebrate your power.
    I’m unamploited at the moment and use that time to find out what my real passion is. Xxxx Lisette

  22. LOVE THIS TOPIC! I agree, so much more is possible for us, and will be possible for the world, when we focus on our strengths and gifts.

    I have a variety of gifts from writing, to singing, to coaching and leading others.

    Digging deeper, I feel that one of my greatest gifts is seeing brilliance in others and helping magnify it.

  23. I am just now rediscovering my gifts.. and now after reading and viewing your Vlog today, I’m thinking more in terms of what I can bring to my ‘rediscovered gifts’.

    I think they all tie in with each other. I’ll be studying to be a teacher of English to overseas students soon. I am rejoicing in my aptitude for teaching (I volunteered for special needs students years ago.. so there is the ‘revisit’).

    That, and my interactions with friends and loved ones reminds me: I am a lover, I am patient, I am a listener, I am a passer-of-knowledge.. and of fun and laughter and games.. I am artistic and my love of art and poetry and writing crosses boundaries within myself, and between myself and others.

    I am reminded that the love between myself and others is encompassed in the ‘grand plan’? for my life. I am reminded that I can work hard; long hours of focus and concentration. Wow! All this feels good. It seems just starting this list brought up so much more. 🙂 I am truly thankful.

  24. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate our good points! I am a great mentor, friend, and leader. I help inspire positive change in others!

  25. Gabby, thank you!! I truly needed this reminder. Since following you, I have made a conscious decision to be my truest self and practice authenticity. My closest relationships have improved immensely! On the other hand, I have been received as coming across ‘strongly’ to some just meeting me. In the past, I would have been met with the challenge of blending in so much that I would be forgettable. I have come full circle in the realization and the willingness to accept that I love sharing my joy in the smallest of aspects to the greatest, I felt ashamed of being too happy in the past worried that I would come across as not having ‘problems’ or having a perfect life, which is not the case at all. I simply enjoy celebrating life, and people and love. I truly do and I dont worry about acceptance anymore. I feel as though Im cultivating joy in the lives of others too and manifesting the relationship I always dreamed of having. Thank you for being fearless and leading the way!

  26. I completely agree! We should recognize and focus on our innate gifts and strengths and learn how to utilize them more often in our lives. I’m tired of the focus always being on weaknesses and “fixing what’s broken”. And that approach is sooo prevalent in our culture.

    In my experience, trying to eliminate our weaknesses is the shortest road to failure. Usually it’s draining and a struggle, and in the end we waste time and energy on becoming merely an average version of someone else.

    My gifts are love of learning, creativity, perseverance, and seeing connections in everything.

    Thank you Gabby for reminding us that celebrating our gifts is the way to go! It’s the only way really.

  27. gabby mate you are awesome.
    HA I believe in celebrating EVERY FLAW AND TRAIT!!! WE spend too much time trying to perfect things that DONT need to be perfected. We must always celebrate everything about ourselves. If we don’t we spend time on the negative aspects. Our thoughts lead to negativity and not LOVE.

    Ps i am coming to NEW york from Australia (my first time in the big city) and am doing your workshop on the 22nd I am totally excited and ready to meet you because you are super duper awesome and just an overall cool human.
    love ya x

  28. Thank you Gabby for today’s video blog! I think my gifts are: making people laugh, I have a natural curiosity for life, I’m a good student, I’m very affectionate, and I’m able to have a conversations with anyone. I have no idea where all my gifts will take me, but I trust the universe and my fate. I’ll be seeing you in Los Angeles in April. I can’t wait! You’ve helped me so much! Thank you again!

  29. Awesome topic Gabby! Thank you for the boost in energy and self-love.
    I am still in the process of exploring and unveiling my gifts. But right now I’d say that my gifts are.. creating beauty, offering full presence to another, and singing. It’s so exciting to be discovering my purpose and how I am to serve. Lotsa love and totally psyched to come see you this June in Austin!

  30. It’s so true what you say Gabby! I was never proud to be an introvert, I always wanted to be outgoing and outspoken. Until I (after so many years) realized that actually being a great listener and not being talkative is a fantastic gift too. I started to pay more attention to the things I am good at I’m totally embracing it, realizing that I can do great things with the talents I was born with. And with that came self-acceptance. Much love xx

  31. HI Gabby,

    I loved listening to your positive topic today. I believe a few gifts that I have are patience, listening and motivating others through my actions. I love seeing other people succeed in something they never thought they could.

    I’m working through your book ‘May cause miracles’ I simply love it. So amazing, thanks for being such an amazing inspiration.

    Love Abby

  32. Hello! How are you?

    Thank you always for your inspiration Gabrielle.
    I am from Tokyo, Japan. Through your words, I am learning a lot about true happiness and day by day I feel I am able to except who I really am. As I was hoping to spread your inspiration more, I was wondering if you are interested to have subtitle for your blog and so on in my language.

    Just yesterday through my email from Khan academy seeking volunteer to translate their teaching for the subtitle. On the course I joined the site community name AMERA. I just joined so not too familiar but seems it allows the volunteers from all over the world to translate youtube program of own choice.

    As I see valuable teachings are becoming more and more available everyday for everyone, I hope yours will reach as many people who are in needs.

    Thank you always.

  33. Hi Gabby! Great topic!
    I’m on a path of self discovery and I’m realizing how much I enjoy to cook. I feel real blessed with how easy different ideas and recipes come to me. I I focus on gluten free, clean and/or sugar free recipes. Recently I’ve been inspired to start a blog for women and highlighting my recipes is one of the things that will be on the blog.

    I don’t know how to start a blog, but will be discovering how to do that too. 🙂

    Thanks Gabby!

  34. So I was on my walk home yesterday from taking a yoga class. I was having a moment of how great things have going for me. . .life has just been falling into place nicely for me lately. Then my ego reared it’s ugly head. . .insisting that it will all come to an end soon. I had a miracle moment of watching my ego and telling that was not going to happen. I choose to believe that things will continue to work out for the best and even though my ego is trying to me otherwise (even as I type this) i choose to listen to my ing. Watching this video only reinforced that belief that things will continue to go well for me. I choose to believe in the fact that I am awesome and the world will show up for me! I am a caring person who tries to put the needs of others first. I love to work with children and see them as our future. I am a great horseback rider, yogi and friend. xoxo

  35. Thanks Gabby for being so positive, uplifting and inspiring.
    I think my gifts lie in my ability to create beauty in art and gardening as well as creating incredible experiences for my family and friends through music and food. I love to photograph and capture moments and celebrate everything! I too believe gratitude for our gifts and how we use them in our lives and how we share them with others creates joy and a feeling of abundance.



  36. Gifts? I always imagined that as we formed in our mother’s womb, God dropped big droplets of teardrop looking beads into our being – our gifts!
    One of my gifts is to see pictures in my spirit and to sing a little tune to go with it. Also to sing and dance and jump up and down. J.

  37. Thanks for the vlog Gabby! I’m currently in between jobs and am struggling with believing that I have skills to offer a new employer.

    But I am great at my job, I have skills & experience which will benefit a new employer, I’m loyal, hard working & passionate.

    On a personal level, I’m a good friend who listens & offers advice. I’m positive and work very hard at understanding myself & working through any negative things blocking my life.


  38. I am a good healer, I aim to help people to live their best/healthiest lives. I am a very positive person, that’s in my genes! And I do work on it a lot being a #spiritjunkie
    Sat nam

  39. My gift is that I make an effort to compliment people – sometimes it is as simple as complimenting something they are wearing and other times, I want to maybe point out something I just really appreciate about them. At one time, I was afraid to do this in case it seemed insincere or weird, but now I don’t care:-) I think it is important to express positive messages especially in a world where people often focus on the negative. And who knows? That little compliment may mean the world to that person.

  40. I’m a great listener and friend. My yearbook comment for follow up career ( I’m a physiotherapist) was advice columnist lol. But it’s my sense of humor , when I remember to use it 😉 ) that brigs the biggest smiles and positive energy 🙂

  41. Great, thoughtful responses. I am proud of being a poet and receiving feedback by those who were touched, moved, or inspired through experiencing it.

  42. I am thoughtful and show love through art and symbolic gestures. I am creative and good at making things more dreamy, beautiful. I have a vivid imagination. I am able to feel for others and bring comfort through empathy and understanding. I am a good communicator. I am good at expressing feelings through words and songs. I am a dreamer and ignite magic in people.

  43. Is it really bad that…
    a) I appear to be the only dude here?
    b) I honestly have no clue what to answer to this question…?

    I get this question many times, pretty much each time when I am unemployed and not sure what to apply for… “what do you like?”, “Where are your passions?”, “What are your talents?”

    I haven’t got a clue… :s

  44. What a great exercise to get mojo flowing. I’m currently creating an opening for a career in my life and being a 31 year old who has NEVER wanted to work this is a big shift for me. I am excellent at manifesting financial security for myself but now want to be of service to the world and I haven’t figured out how,…Yet. So, things I consider my “gifts”….I love and enjoy home decorating (having so much fun making my beautiful altar at your suggestion!) and am really good at it, especially with refinishing and repurposing old items. I love cooking because it is creative and has an immediate physical affirmation of success when it turns out amazing and my taste buds are thrilled. I also get to show my creativity and love to others when I make a meal into something special. I am also good at making people feel happy 🙂 by remembering to look at the bright side of things! I’m going to meditate on these gifts and ask for a career path be easy reveled using these talents! Thank you for your words and insight 🙂 today my mantra will be : Keep calm and Gabby on 😉

  45. I just have to share this with you.
    I was taking a picture of a snowy mermaid statue on my walk today and I looked at the time. it was 11:11 🙂
    I went to post the snowy owl I saw on my walk yesterday and I looked at the time. It was 1:11.
    Then I went to post the mermaid photo and my phone said it had 1111 pictures on it.
    Ha Ha!
    That’s pretty awesome!

  46. Wow Gabrielle, this is a great thing for me to start focusing on even more. I’m sure if I focus on this I can think of other things, but I know I bring encouragement and laughter to others and myself. This brings JOY to me. Thank you so much for bringing thoughtfulness to me. Make it a GREAT day!

  47. My deepest, greatest traits include:
    *feeling blessed, finding blessings in difficult situations;
    *knowing, believing, & understanding that all understandings of a HIgher Power(s), no matter what religion, sect, or belief system, all come from the same source (that awareness is one that I am most grateful for);
    *learning how to listen without the need to respond;
    *knowing and being aware that I am a work-in-progress, and my purpose is “Progress, not perfection;”
    *being genuinely grateful for what I have & not longing (so much anymore) for what I don’t have or cannot get for myself & my son;
    *being positive, having a positive energy that others feel & pick up on;
    *tuning in & being able to sense energy – which also goes with learning to live “in-the-moment.”
    *I love to cook;
    *I’m great at organizing things;
    *I love my cat, I’m a loving & devoted pet-owner;
    *My son is the love of my life, I’m loving, understanding, & devoted to him, & I’m also working on being a more consistent & better-listening parent.
    That’s what has come to mind while responding – I actually had a couple more I came up with while deciding whether or not to respond.
    I feel so grateful to have this outlet that has encouraged me to look inward and remind myself of my awesomeness that most people I casually run into may never even know about me. It reminds me, once again, that what others think of me, for whatever reason (my junky, messy, old car; my off-trend, old clothes, or shoes, or whatever), is NONE OF MY BUSINESS, and thus NONE OF MY CONCERN.
    I’m kind of just blathering on now, spilling my guts, but I’m SO SO SO grateful for these awarenesses, especially at my age (29, mother of one, a 5-y.o.).

    Thanks, Gabby, for this topic and for all you do. You’re an amazing woman! 😀 I am so grateful that I’m a loyal “Super Soul Sunday” watcher so that I was able to meet you in such a wonderfully positive & spiritual way!
    Marci 😀

  48. Isabelle- tapping has helped my anxiety a lot. I noticed my blushing and anxiety has really improved since I started meditating, tapping and doing yoga. Try a kundalini class. Also I notice when I eat healthier I feel so much better. Try and cut down caffeine and sugar too. And try not to worry if u blush…it will pass and it’s ok! Best of luck with your job search !

  49. I’m truly grateful for all the inspirational Forse you give to all of us, Gabrielle!

    We usually tend to focus on lack rather than love,so it’s good constantly to remind ourselves to see it differently, see the love.

    I’m shouting out loud to my inner guide to know that I finally witness good thibgs about myself and I’m proud of all that process! Of all of the top gifts I have, those like being creative all my life, feeling love and spreading the support and inspiration to more and more people, I am great on singing, I adore cooking, creating healthy life, I have loads of patience, willingness to grow and change all the time, relese the bloks, care about beauty in various levels and about clearing the energy inside and arround… I used to be afraid to say it out loud so finally I’m singing these words – I love me! And I love my life and all the tasks given! To grow. Thank you from all my heart Gabrielle, your lessons let me reach the shifting point!

    Have endless miraculous life all of you miracle workers! And Marie Forleo too!


  50. So true! I was going to post this exact thing on Facebook this weekend – Celebrate Yourself!
    I’ve been focussing on the crap for some time but when I look back at all that I have overcome and grown in the last few years – overcoming addiction, healing my body, honouring and making decisions from my highest Self – I have a lot to celebrate!
    I celebrate my lightness, my ability to surrender, my desire to help others, my evolution, and my BIG HEART!
    Love you, Gab! xo.

  51. I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote, “I am not a human doing. I am a human being.” In line with the message of your vlog, I am learning to let go of the “ Must.get.more” muscle-your-way-to-the-top mentality. This is helping me to witness my core strengths- encouraging others, listening, and learning with an open mind. Thank you for helping me to feel empowered!

  52. Thank you for this exercise today. Last week was a crazy one of getting caught up in the “I should’s” and feeling so lost and frustrated. This week I promised myself I would be quiet and listen. You just helped with perfect exercise. One of my greatest gifts is to see purpose and gratitude in challenges of all sizes. I love to help guide people to see that positive side of life. Kim xoxox

  53. Hi Gabby,

    You certainly uplift a lot of people which is a true gift.

    As for me, I’m really good at making children laugh with my stories. My aim is to write a children’s book and spread the giggles and laughter across the world! 🙂

  54. Hi Gabby(or anyone who would like to chime in),
    I know this can be a taboo topic but I need some help. I found out a few years ago that my husband was looking at pornography and it is very bothersome for me. Since it has been an issue, he has let me lock his phone and agreed not to use the internet when I am not around. However; I don’t enjoy policing him and wasting all that time and energy trying to control his behaviors, yet I just don’t feel I can trust him. Any advice on how to handle this from a ‘spirit junkie’ perspective. This is a tough topic to talk to people about. Thank you!

    1. For me, when someone else’s actions are bothering me I have to take a moment and see what it is in me that the issue is shining a light on. Maybe you can practice an affirmation like ,” I release the need to let my husband’s actions bother me.” Once you are able to stop making him the center of your thoughts you create an open space for something better 🙂 I have a “Handing over to the Universe” box too. I write down things that bother me on a piece of paper and drop it in a sealed box. A while ago I wrote,” I release the need to ever worry about how and who my husband spends time with.” and dropped it in the universe box. Now when I start to feel those thoughts come up I remind myself that I gave that up to the universe and I don’t need to worry about it! Works for me 🙂 I honestly don’t care anymore! Worry and tension come from not feeling safe. You can’t control what others think and do, it’s a never ending losing battle and it’s an ego’s intention. You can, however, pick how your thoughts make you feel ! Good luck, I totally understand how you feel hurt, be strong and don’t let it make you crazy!

    2. Hi Mary,

      First of all, I would like to salute your courage for posting this message. It is very hard to put yourself out there with a topic that most people consider a taboo indeed.

      As Elissa noted, I also believe that inward reflection is necessary when something is bothering you. Maybe a (dark) part of you that you have denied comes up, maybe a sense of powerlessness arises, maybe your personal boundary gets crossed. Do you feel a lack of respect, a lack of love, a sense of betrayel, less attractive, or…. (fill in the blank)? That is why I would suggest to you to ask yourself (fe in your meditation) WHY you find it bothersome.

      Then I would suggest you ask yourself HOW does love look like in a committed relationship for you? What values are important for you? What behaviour do both parties show? Thereafter, I would suggest you talk with your partner and ask him what needs he get met when watching pornography (if he is willing). Everybody does things because they get a need met, whether they are aware of it or not…

      Then I believe it is time for some reflection: is this something you are willing to accept? If you sincerely feel that a boundary is crossed, then I believe action is warranted. You cannot change your partner, this has to come from his own willingness. You CAN change yourself, whether it is your perception about the matter, or maybe you come to see that the relationship in this form no longer fullfills you. Then the question arises: what are you willing to do about it? Please remember always that you have a right to be happy! And if this situation makes you miserable, I would not advise to not take action.

      Hope this helps, XoXo

  55. My true gifts? Digging deep. Gratitude. Learning to find and step into my core, my essence and true being. Encouraging others.

  56. I am a wonderful mother. I have instinctively taught my boys about authentic connection and being vulnerable even while I struggle with the same. They have been my greatest teachers and I am proud to have been open to their lessons.
    I have the ability to be fully invested in each season of my life and dive-in head first. But I have the ability to believe passionately about something but remain empathetic to others’ journeys. For example,while breast feeding, I became a passionate “lactivist” among my friends but remained supportive an non-critical of others’ nursing journeys.
    More simply, I am a blossoming visual artist, and I have a good singing voice which I share with my kids. We also share the gifts of dancing in the kitchen and joy-tears.
    Xo thanks for the assignment.

  57. My true gifts are using my psychic gifts to connect with children in my childrens yoga classes. I teach my kids the tools of mindfulness and yoga to help them better deal with their emotions and challenges in life. We connect how our feelings are associated to our breath and I think that simple act can change the course of a childs life. My mission is to bridge the gap between adults and children to help adults recognize the sensitivities and higher consciousness of these new children being born. I’m really a paradigm shifter. Sometimes I get deflated by the criticism and judgment from family who don’t understand my spiritual mission. I left a practical profession of being an attorney to follow my passion of being an inspirational writer, speaker and childrens yoga teacher which isn’t understood by many. Your blog spoke to me because I recently just had people in my family question and criticize but you inspired me to remember that we need people to step up to their gifts to do empowering work. I live from that space but its nice to have that reminder when there is negativity being said to you. THank you Gabby!

  58. Awesome topic 🙂

    Some of my talents and gifts I know I give/can give to the world are:
    My gift of voice and passion for singing
    My writing and poetry, where my highest self flows through naturally
    My high sense of empathy, where I can really resonate with what someone is feeling and my ability to cheer them up 🙂
    My love for homemaking/organizing and baking
    oh and I want to learn how to knit and make cute homemade things!

    that feels nice!
    Might print this list and keep it where I can see it.
    Thanks Gabby <3

  59. I am finishing up my masters in counseling. My love is to bring people hope and positivity. There is no better feeling then to uplifting someone’s spirit and help them see the world differently.

  60. I am a creative designer. (interior + graphics)
    I am a talented copywriter and storyteller.
    I am a positive teacher for how to take care of your body, mind and spirit to thrive as well as how to live in harmony with eating a more mindful diet for you.
    I can fully feel a sense of style, purpose + energy in people that I pull into my design work for them. I notice the subtle aspects that make them truly unique.
    I am a great listener and really genuinely like to help people make a thriving lifestyle so much easier and approachable with simple methods.
    I am organized and a calm, effective leader that allows getting work done fun and easy.


  61. I am very conflicted by this and I am trying to use the vlog on “Is it Ego or Inner Guidance” to assist. I am clear that my interests lie in words, people, and being creative. I love to listen to people share their experience of being and I love to reflect back to people that they are special and “good enough.” I would like people to leave my company feeling accepted, heard, and appreciated as significant. I have felt this desire my whole life and I entered a career in counseling. I work with individuals who are homeless, substance dependent, and/or have severe mental illness and I used to participate in writing publications on academic research in the areas of the psychological effects of racism and ethnic discrimination. Unfortunately, I have come to a point recently in my life where I am physically drained, despondent, and emotionally depleted. I fear that I am unable to do work to be of service to others because it has taken such a toll on me that I have to re-focus my energies onto myself. Clearly, I am not one who has achieved “balance” in my life and my concern is that what seems to “call” me is out of the realm of possibility because I cannot manage it. Thank you for allowing me to put my thoughts down. I hope to be more vigilant in finding a way to connect with my ~ing!

  62. When I think about my gifts I think about what truly makes me happy. Bringing yoga into people’s lives makes me happy. I am a nurse and although the job is hard, bringing a smile to my patient’s face makes me happy. I feel that in nursing I have the gift to treat my patients like human beings, not just another sick body needing care. And I can tell that they are grateful for that. Sat nam!

  63. My best gift is that tween and teen girls instantly connect to me and open up to me. They see that I am here for them, that I am their avocet. This gift has lead me to my purpose, which is founder and director of a special youth program called Miracle Girls. This brings more joy to my life than I could ever say. Thank you Gabby for inspiriting me every day to shine bright. I love you.

  64. Thanks! This is tough for me – I think I’m like Ann (above) in that I tend to not want to talk about “gifts” because (a) in my neck of the woods we learned early that you should never talk about your good qualities lest someone think you meant you were better in some way, and (b) sometime during the 90s parents and educators (not all, but many) started telling kids so often how great and awesome they are that these terms have become meaningless somehow.
    I prefer talking about my uniqueness (as Caroline writes above): I can sit still for a long time and just think about things. I see art in almost everything I look at (at least outdoors). I can learn how to do lots of things fairly quickly and especially like learning languages or methods of expression.
    The more I write, the more I realize that for me, this conversation is not really about greatness, awesomeness or uniqueness, but what we like to do or feel or experience. And acting on those “likes” is what makes us who we are. Thanks for helping me think about this!

  65. First time I am participating on something like this but I do think it’s time that I start celebrating everything that I am because I always used to think that If I had to think of something that I was good at, it had to be related to my career and it would always take a good while to come up with something because I would compare myself to others. Thank God that is changing and I am enjoying who I am and embracing my unique habilities and strenghts.

    I LOVE helping others feel better about themselves, helping my friends and coworkers see their strengths. I am very intuitive, positive and great dancing/acting !

    Thank you, Gabby!

  66. I am an amazing listener, and I am really good at giving advice! I’m good at teaching people things that I’m good at. I am finally good at being with just myself, and I know that is a difficult thing to do.

    Gabby, I could not have gotten your blog email at a better time. I was standing up to go give a speech, and your email popped up on my phone and just says, “You’re awesome. Own it!” And I did! I was AWESOME and I OWNED it!

  67. Hi Gabby, Wow 🙂 Talk about divine timing with this message. Thank you so much for this lovely. I was just moments ago having a conversation with someone trying to explain that there is a better way to living; more being, less doing, in other words, less pushing and more grace & ease. Satnam, Abby xo

  68. Building community, loving life and always being able to find the silver lining, no matter what the challenge, are probably the gifts that serve others and myself the most. Thanks for the reminder to go to our strengths, and not weaknesses. I need this focus and reminder now at a time of shift. Blessings to you all.

  69. OMG… lolz… sometimes having to centre on your gifts can also be part of truly appreciating oneself. as a Gemini i have too many ambitions and perceived talents syndrome…lol… we love to do it all..
    Its a great place to go when you ask.. when what brings me the most Joy… whats the least resistant… what is the MOST enjoyable
    it kind of prioritizes things for me…
    what are my best natural talents… Charming with words… and sharing my energy and excitement for life… those are my two favs

    Sat NAM gabby! Thanks for posting this… reminded me on how to prioritize again

  70. I do think most times I focus on the negatives about myself. So seeing this today reminds me to focus on the positives. I am a good person who loves her family and friends. 🙂

  71. My first thought was that it would be inappropriate (tacky, prideful, boastful etc…) to list all the things about myself that are great. Even that statement makes me feel uncomfortable, implying that there might be something about me that is ‘great’. Why do we do this to ourselves? To think we are lesser and not important and have the ‘who am I to think I am great?’ mentality.
    I think I am great and have a lot of talents, but I am embarrassed to say it or even type it here to complete strangers. But here goes:
    I am extremely creative in both art and business.
    I am a critical thinker that can solve almost any problem
    I am positive and spiritual and am always looking for opportunities to share and teach goodness and love to my daughter.

  72. Gabby, I am so glad I get your video updates in my email – they always remind me to see how infinite and amazing our journeys actually are! I would say my special qualities are that I’m really good at noticing the details of an experience and appreciating them in the moment, and also that I have a spunky playful attitude that I love sharing with myself & others!

    Thanks for this video!!!!

  73. I love inspiring people to be creative and do what they LOVE! Some of my happiest times were making $3 a day selling jewellery on the streets of Montreal. It’s not about the money, it’s about the experience and about all the unique and wonderful people that you meet. Looking forward to meeting you at I Can Do It in Toronto. Have a fantastic day!

  74. Thank you, Gabby. I needed this! Today I will celebrate me and celebrate everyone that I come in contact with. I will smile and let my light shine <3

  75. My gift is my musical ability. i wish there was a way i could spread my music out to more of the world. i learned so much from “Spirit Junkie”. thank you so much <3

  76. Great topic! Focusing on your own unique gifts is also the only way to STOP imitating others. You’ll only be successful when you’re truly yourself.

    I love this Oscar Wilde quote: “Be yourself, everybody else is taken.”

    My gifts?

    Teaching women entrepreneurs how to tap into the wisdom of their OWN inner CEO to create a thriving business and extraordinary life.

    Sat Nam

  77. This is wonderful thank you. I believe I am really good at finding beauty in things, very simply things. It gives me such joy to simply look at an ordinary object and see the beauty in it. Today I will focus on that. Thank you

  78. Hi Gabby, i really need your help! Are there any meditations/exercises for social anxiety? I’ve been suffering from this the past 2 years and now im looking for a job and it makes me soo nervous. I usually blush and it makes me feel very uncomfortable!

  79. I think my gift getting into my “Tiki time” and being so happy I shine happiness out of my face. When I’m on walks I smile at everyone I see and send them light. I love spreading light to and trying what I can to give everyone I meet a sliver of of the happiness I have.

    And connecting people comes pretty natural to me. Creating community by bringing my friends together into one big friend group or Wellness Wonderland! 🙂

    1. “I shine happiness out of my face” – lol I LOVE this line! That’s exactly what it’s like when you run into someone who is just so happy with life in that moment…they shine happiness right out of their face. 😉 Awesome.

  80. That was very uplifted. I am a scientist and writer and I know that I can combine those skills into a meaningful career. I have moved up the career ladder and will continue to do so.

  81. I’ve known for forever that I’ve wanted to be a teacher and a mother because I am very nurturing, but lately I have been questioning it because of several large life changes.Your video eased my anxiety and helped me realize the greatest gifts that I have. Thank you!

  82. A great exercise to know thyself. I really enjoy helping people who want to be helped and inspiring them to live their best life, with better health, deepen their spiritual beliefs and self beliefs. But I also really love animals, I feel that they are very misunderstood in this world. I love speaking up for them, also want to learn to communicate with them on a deeper level.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    1. Hi Gabby
      Loved your vlog this morning really got me thinking about my gifts; I am at this place of major crossroads in my life and I am stuck. I am scared, full of fear that I will make the wrong decision in my next move. I feel that I am NOT living in my highest self. I feel I have so much to give and be and I am not doing half of it! I am terrified of waking up one day and thinking why didn’t I do more? I have alot of gifts and want to give it all! B-School is a dream but currentlu not a reality for me- (if I could borrow the cash I would) but do not have one extra penny currently. I so admire you and your peeps- all the amazing women I have learned about since I started following you!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

      1. Melissa, I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I too am at a pivotal point in my life. Many changes are going on, mainly withing myself. I also feel that I have so much to give and must find the path to do that. I do know for certain that I am moving in the right direction. It’s a wonderful thing to be seeking the best from and for yourself. I wish you the best on your journey! After all, we all only get one giant trip around the sun! Let’s make it count!
        Blessings to you 🙂

        1. Hello!
          I just wanted to say that seeing your comment provided me with much comfort. I am going through huge life changes and it is difficult. It’s nice to hear such a positive perspective.

    2. Hey Charlotte,
      I was flicking through a Doreen Virtue book and she said that animals have angels/fairies- can’t remember which! Just writing it I get all tearful & touched! Thought you may enjoy this info 🙂

    3. I am so thrilled to see and hear this blog today. I spend most of my time teaching inner city youth who have been torn down by circumstance and stereotype threat about the endless gifts they bring to life on a daily basis. We have worked so hard to shift mindset and for students to start celebrating who they are as individuals, as cultural beings who add value to every situation they enter. It’s been a long road, but they are finally adopting this line of thinking and it’s amazing to see the transformation. Anyway, I know we’re supposed to write about our gifts, so maybe one of mine is believing in the endless potential of kids who many others have given up on long ago.

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