You Are a Lightworker: The Decision That Changed My Life Forever

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The great Sufi poet Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” I believe that our wounds guide us to crack open to our highest truth and purpose. If you’re reading my blog (even for the first time), it’s likely that you’ve experienced a cracking open of sorts.

Maybe you hit bottom with an addiction and today you’re on a path of sober recovery. Or maybe a series of anxiety attacks led you to a life-changing meditation practice. Or maybe you felt lost until you found a spiritual book that changed your life forever. However you got here doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here.

gabby bernstein speaking on stageWhen we embark on our own transformational journey we begin to hear an inner whisper that calls us to share our insights with others. Over time the whisper becomes a loud roar. The call to share is undeniable — because the path to healing the world begins with the individual. As we heal our own perceptions we elevate the people around us. This begins a ripple effect of one person lighting up another and another and another. This is how we will light up the world.

As a spiritual student I believe that we sign an invisible oath that in some way, we’ll be a teacher. As we expand our inner awareness and bare witness to our life blossom we likely sense the desire to spread the love. When we share our spiritual gifts they grow. A Course in Miracles says, “To teach is to learn.”

Becoming a teacher is the decision that changed my life forever

As a student of the Course, I can testify to this truth. I have witnessed my spiritual awareness and faith grow immensely from my commitment to being a teacher. Becoming a teacher is the decision that changed my life forever.

Early in my Course studies I read about how when the teacher is ready the students will show up. This was the case for me. As soon as I made the commitment to share the information I was learning, then my students began to show up. They showed up as mentees, family members and in my case audience members as I began to share the messages through lectures and videos.

When you’re on a spiritual path becoming a teacher comes naturally. You don’t need to figure out who to teach or where to go. Rather, you remain a humble student with the willingness to share the beautiful gifts you’ve been given.

gabby bernstein kundalini yoga miracles nowAt points in my spiritual journey when I decided to learn more I was guided to teach more. For instance, before I found Kundalini yoga and meditation I felt a strong call to heighten my own practice.

Though I’d been a spiritual teacher for seven years I was seeking a more visceral experience of spirit. I prayed to know more. Quickly my prayers were answered when I was invited to a private Kundalini class hosted by a dear friend. I didn’t even like yoga but there was a voice within me saying, “Get your ass into that class.” From the moment I met my teacher Gurmukh and experienced the technology of Kundalini I knew I was not only meant to be a dedicated student but I was meant to be a teacher.

With one month of Kundalini classes under my belt I started saying out loud, to everyone, including my lecture audiences, that I was going to become a Kundalini teacher. I had no idea where this proclamation was coming from. Spirit was speaking through me, holding me accountable as I stated my commitment to thousands of people in lecture halls and online. I was being called to teach.

Then one afternoon in Kundalini class I kept hearing my inner voice say, “It’s time to teach, it’s time to teach.” Immediately following the class I thanked the teacher. She looked at me and said, “Gabrielle, I’m familiar with your work. I think you should teach Kundalini.” I smiled and accepted the Universal memo. Twenty-four hours later I signed up for 270 hours of Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher training.

Becoming a spiritual teacher isn’t our choice. It’s an unconscious commitment we make with the Universe. @gabbybernstein

We can all teach in our own unique ways

It’s not something that we do, it’s something that happens to us. We can all teach in our own unique ways. You don’t need to be a self-help book author and motivational speaker to be a spiritual teacher. You just need to be a spiritual student with a desire to serve.

The Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan said, “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

step into your power now is your time gabby bernstein quoteYou’ve made it this far and it’s likely you’re hearing your own call to teach in your own unique way. Don’t deny that inner voice. Don’t push it away with limiting beliefs like, “I’m not ready for that teacher training” or “Who am I to share these tools?” That’s all a bunch of crap! When you make the decision to share your gifts, spirit will give you all that you need to facilitate the process.

The world desperately needs more light. When you are called to share the spiritual awareness you now have don’t hesitate to speak up.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that, “A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another. It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbor’s worth simultaneously.” We need more miracle workers to balance the energy of these times. We need you.

Accept that you are a leader and a lightworker

It’s time for you to fully own this leadership role and surrender whatever is standing in your way from stepping into your power. In this video message I share guidance on how you can own this power and embrace the true reason for why you’re here, why you struggled and what you can do with it now.

Follow my guidance, take my lead and accept that you are a lightworker.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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If you feel called to share your great work with the world, then this is your time and I’m here to help. Enroll in my transformational Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course.

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  1. Hello Gabby, there are a few issues I’m dealing with and I need your advice on. One is the father of my unborn child, I found to be irresponsible, unalign with my values, unhealthy mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I decided recently for the hundredth time to cut him off my and my unborn daughter’s life but, I’m trying to find a way to truly forgive with boundaries and from a distance without him being in my life. How would I go about that? My next issues is procrastinating and not being motivated or active to move forward personally, professionally and spiritually and its something I need to work on especially now that I’m bringing my daughter in this life. My next issue is being down or feeling depress and not being negative of something that hasn’t happened yet and dealing with uncertainty from getting a new job, finding a bigger apartment for my growing family, being able to finish school and pursuing my passion. How do I get my mind out of the rut and be a more loving, kind healthy person for myself, my unborn daughter and everyone around me? Thank you gabby and I would like to say you helped me in the worst times of my life with your books and videos. Namaste xoxo

  2. About more then a year ago I became a Yoga teacher my passion in life…….and I defenitely have learned a lot because of my students, they are my teachers. I love spirituality……….I have also took the miracle course have the book and everything …………everything is connected my yoga teacher training and my miracle course appeared at the same time and I took both. Sometimes my ego wants me to come back to my old lifestyle before this everything was expensive trips, working as an executive in the corporate world, but then I realice that I have never felt experience so much peace in my life since I become a yoga teacher. Thanks for your messages Gabby.

  3. amanda I’m sooo glad you’ve been guided here! sending you deep love sister. congrats on embarking on your spiritual deep dive…

  4. sweet Gabby & everyone here!
    reading this post & comments are so inspiring, it really speaks to something calling me. I keep getting the strong pull from the Universe and this desire of mine to join all of you this June!

    Your quote ‘Becoming a spiritual teacher isn’t our choice. It’s an unconscious commitment we make with the Universe.’ This gives me goosebumps. A few months ago in the fall I was deeply asking the Universe for guidance, I said something like ‘Universe, if there is something greater to my purpose, greater than my love of acting, please bring this to me… I just want to be happy and bring happiness to others, and what ever way I can do both, please guide me.’

    Soon after, I was led to your blog & videos, and other great positive mentors and spiritual leaders. Resonating a lot with your words and journey. I didn’t know why at the time, I knew it help uplift my sense of well-being at the time, but I had no clue it would lead to the natural flow of writing my 1st book.

    Which in itself has been an incredible ride, and made sense in a weird way since I’ve been connecting to my inner being/higher self/Universe for most of my life, like you have shared with all your whispers and guidance that you’ve always received:)

    I absolutely love that your weekend Master Class offers insight on building a speaking platform and leading large groups~ 2 things that I keep getting a positive pull to do…in addition to all the other valuable tools and insights you offer.

    What is the Universe telling me? I mean, I know the answer deep in my heart, but does this mean I’m being guided away from my passion in acting? I know you mentioned at your talk in January to allow the ebb and flow of each of my passions, but I’m feeling a greater pull towards this new journey of sharing the light. Maybe because it speaks to a greater energy level of something that was within me from before acting…

    Either way, I asked the Universe to guide me (and assist me with the funds $ (like Amanda in the first post:) so I may easily and effortlessly join your class:)

    hugs to you and everyone here:) xo

  5. Gabby,

    You put tears in my eyes.. Like you say, I have that INNER knowing that I am a teacher, than i am here to learn and to teach and that I am here to be the light and shine that light. So many people told this to me already and I do know it but I am scared of owning it… I guess slowly does it.. But I can’t just ignore it. I need to own it.

    Thank you Gabby xxx

  6. Yogi Bhajan said, “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

    You are a master teacher – I feel your light do strongly……such a kindred spirit with you. Between Kundalini, Golden Bridge, Owls and Gandhi……

  7. This really spoke to where I am today. In the last year I graduated with a Master’s in holistic nutrition and started my own business in health and wellness as a food coach. I truly never thought that this would be my path. I started to become interested in nutrition when my mother got cancer after a lifetime of watching her live a not so healthy lifestyle. I started my studies to help her with her disease, but I’m now passionate about helping people so they never have to go through anything like what I saw her go through.

    As I’m somewhat new in my business, I often become overwhelmed by feeling like I’m not enough, I’m not doing enough and I’m not reaching enough people. I love how you say that all you need is the desire to serve. And while I’m not a spiritual leader in a conventional sense, health and wellness really starts in the mind and the soul.

    Everything you said is truly inspiring. I know I wake up every morning very excited to ignite the belief in others that they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives. I will trust in this moment that is enough.

  8. Hi Gabby,

    Your message today felt like you were speaking to me directly.
    I’ve just offered my services for leading a meditation workshop for my WI in England. My ego has been present that I’m not ready and who do I think I am to teach or lead anyone. But you have just confirmed that is what I should do. I am here to serve and be the light worker with you.
    Thanks for the very important message and I know I have the universe and you with me!
    Sending you lots of love and light Sat Nam xx

  9. Gabby,

    How do you do this? I found a poem last week from Rumi. I just received yesterday the essential Rumi. Sometimes I argue with things I don’t understand. Maybe I think it releases me from the responsibility of doing something positive. It only leaves me stuck. Sometimes I argue with positive people only to stay stuck. Light worker and spiritual teacher you are. How do I become one for real? Where do I start? Spirit junkie and the miracles book is helping. I received the cards the weekend. I love the positive messages. How do I change my life for real? Thank you. Ria

  10. Gabby! First of all I am truly inspired by you. I took some time away from my job as nurse a few months ago because I know that sharing my journey with the world is what I am called to do. Granted, of course, I have no idea how I should proceed. Lol. Isn’t that the beauty in all of this? Letting go and letting the universe guide us, listening to your intuition and allow? For the past couple of weeks I’ve been heavy into my practice. After listening to your 90-min how to be an authentic leader last week I realized this is what I want to do. So many little signs from the universe have shown me that yes, yes this is your calling Tameka! It’s so exhilarating that I’m just dizzy with joy and anticipation. I know I belong here and as long as I keep seeing these signs I know I will be at your master class in June! Thank you!

  11. Thank you for this share. As I have commented before, I am a young student of A Course of Miracles and I am in the process of altering my career in order to spread messages of light and love to the world.

    That Rumi quote has always been my favorite. I’ve seen darkness before and I whole heartily believe that the crack is where the light comes through. Now I share that quote with people that I meet who are suffering; it’s a Godsend.

    I am so grateful for the hard times and darkness that I went through. It changed my life and my perspective about living; your article pretty much put everything that I’ve felt into words. The hardest part for me now is how to get started.

    Thank you for putting everything I’ve been feeling into words!

  12. I’ve signed up for SJM!! I’m SO excited!! I have already felt major shifts since I signed up last Monday. I feel so much lighter and clearer. I can now surrender all of those ego-based desires, knowing that as I commit to be a teacher, I will be guided to whatever the universe would have me do and in that way, success in inevitable.

    For so long I was trying to build my business and blog from the outside, but now I have been lead back to ACIM and my spiritual practice. I’m ready to lead from the inside out and I can’t wait to share! I feel so much inner peace, connection and joy and I want others to be able to feel the same.

    Even just signing up has made me step into the shoes of a teacher and leader. I’m no longer afraid to shine (ok, sometimes still a little – I surrender that fear 🙂 and I’m planning on organizing a MCM book club/yoga/meditation 6 week series leading up to SJM in June. Thank you Gabby for your work!! xx

    1. It’s interesting that you say that… when you sign up for a training or experience that will take you to the next level, the work begins the moment you enroll… this has been the experience for me. congrats!

  13. I do not even know where to begin. I have been supporting myself as a life-coach for a little over four years. Shortly before the master class in September I decided that I was ready for abundance and greater influence and the next level for me and my business. I asked God for the funds for the masterclass and was divinely led to launch my first course called Become a Life Coach. Funds came in. Clients paid extra. My course sold. People were asking to pay me thousands of dollars to do retreats with me (I didn’t even offer retreats at the time). I was clearly supposed to attend. Through the masterclass I was empowered to continue to share my message and go bigger and bigger. I don’t know exactly what happened in that class… but things have sped up for me. The time since the class has been like the Happy-Dream. One step at a time growing my income, expanding my influence and doing things I could barely have imaged half a year ago. I am about to launch the third course, A Course About Courses — where I get to teach others the skills I have been crafting since the masterclass. Expanding my brand has felt so natural and even easy. Going back to level one to see my SJ brothers and sisters is such a no-brainer. The SJ fb community has been my life line so many times in the past several months. It’s like a group of best friends and business partners who have your back. The weekend will SO have lasting effects. I highly highly recommend it! 🙂 If anyone wants to chat with someone who has attended, i am available! — Love you, Gabby!

    1. amanda i’m so glad you had this experience. I did too. A power greater than us took over… woah… I’m still feeling the ripple effect.

      Sat Nam fellow SJM sister

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