4 Writing Tips from My Interview on the Beautiful Writers Podcast

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Beautiful Writers podcast with Gabby Bernstein and Dani Shapiro | Writing tipsI had the great pleasure of being interviewed alongside my dear friend Dani Shapiro on Linda Sivertsen’s podcast, Beautiful Writers.

You might know Dani for her memoirs and novels. Her latest book is called Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love.

We’ve wanted to share a stage for the longest time but haven’t been able to do it yet, so it was truly amazing to be interviewed with Dani! I read Inheritance right after I had my son. I read it when I was up feeding in the middle of the night, and it was so deeply moving that it inspired me to strengthen my own writing skills.

I love this conversation with Dani and Linda so much that I had to share it here, along with some of the writing tips that I offer up over the course of the conversation. This interview and these writing tips are for you if…

  • You feel called to write a book (or you’re writing one now)
  • You want to take on any kind of creative project
  • Great podcast conversations light you up

Writing tips from Gabby Bernstein and Dani Shapiro on Beautiful Writers Podcast

Let’s jump in!! You can listen to the podcast episode below or download it on any podcast app. Keep reading to discover some of my top writing tips, which I share in this interview.

4 writing tips for current and aspiring authors

I hope that sharing my own proven methods and techniques inspires you to pick them up or adapt them for yourself! These are a few of the principles I’ve followed to write seven bestselling books, and I swear by them.

Writing tip #1: Commit to your spiritual practice

Gabby Bernstein meditating | How to be more confidentWhen you want to do something big like write a book, it’s tempting to tell yourself that you just don’t have time for meditation and other spiritual practices.

In fact… the opposite is true. Your spiritual practice actually expands time and magnifies your creativity. It’s what allows you to do less and attract more.

We’ve grown accustomed to the belief that our will is what makes things happen. But the secret to feeling good and manifesting our desires without struggling and suffering is to stop relying on our own strength.

We do this by welcoming spirit to lead our thoughts and actions. Think of it as a collaboration between you and the Universe. You no longer have to feel solely responsible for figuring out life, making all major decisions and taking action on your dreams. There is a force of love within you and around you supporting your every move. The way to access this force is to simply get out of the way.

So whether you’re writing a book or starting any kind of project, or just want to feel more supported and “in the flow” in your daily life, make your spiritual practices a priority and let the Universe support you.

Call on the archangels

I can do less and attract more | Super Attractor card deckAs I share in Super Attractor, there are many angels and spiritual guides eager to help you. I’m going to go deep on the topic of angels in an upcoming blog post, but in this post I want to talk about two of them who come up in this podcast episode.

We all have the creative capacity within us, but when we call on a guide aligned with creativity, we amplify that ability within us.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel for communications. He helps artists, writers and teachers to carry their messages in authentic and meaningful ways. Gabriel will come to your aid when you’re procrastinating or having trouble communicating. I call on Gabriel before I go onstage and when I sit down to write.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel who supports artists. She helps bring calm into our lives, and she’ll help you shift your perception and guide your thoughts back to love. If you’re doubting your abilities, stuck in negativity or just need a fresh start, call on Jophiel.

Calling on an archangel or any spirit guide is simply a matter of setting an intention. You can just say, “Thank you, spirit, for writing through me,” or “Thank you, [name the angel or guide], for writing through me.”

Writing tip #2: Create a clear outline and then let it go

I know I can tell stories in my voice, but I’ve never identified as a writer. Early in my career it was a block, because I thought I just couldn’t write a book. But I’ve come to see it as a gift. All the pressure’s off — I just have to tell the story. And the stories are always begging to be told.

My vision for myself is to be an untethered force of light. It’s how I want to feel on the stage and in my books. In order to feel that freedom (and not write myself into circles), I need a very clear outline. Whether I’m writing a book or preparing a talk, the first thing I do is create a clear outline.

My outlines are flexible and can change. I’ll add stories, move lessons around, combine chapters or break them apart. I have no problem going back and reworking my outline as I get further along in the process. My outlines give me so much freedom!

During my Bestseller Masterclass I teach my method for creating outlines and guide students to create their own outlines. This is always a really fun and enlightening process. Because once you have an outline all of a sudden that book feels so real and so doable, and your confidence soars.

Writing tip #3: You don’t have to be a literary genius to write a great book

The only writing guide I bought when I decided to write my first book was one about how to write book proposals.

I purposely avoided being told how to write, because what was most important to me was to write in my own voice, as I speak. Whenever I tried to be anything but that, I lost what made my books good.

My books are not literary masterpieces, but they are transmissions of what I know to be true. For me, it’s so important that I don’t try to be anyone but myself when I sit down to write. As Dani says in the podcast, “Authenticity is what makes books electric.”

I can’t stress how important this is. So many people have said things to me like:

  • “I want to write a book, but something is just holding me back from doing it.”
  • “I feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing and publishing a book, not to mention marketing it.”
  • “I’m not a professional writer. Who am I to write a BOOK?”
  • “I’m creatively stuck and don’t know how to organize my ideas.”

I’ve been there. When I wrote my first book, I had no idea what I was doing, no email list and no literary background. But I knew there was a story I had to tell, so I created a plan and let my inspiration guide me through.

I used to be a C student in English… and today I’m a #1 New York Times bestselling author. So take it from me: If you feel the call, and you’re willing to make the commitment, you can and will write a book that carries your message far and wide.

Writing tip #4: Devote yourself to writing daily

Gabby Bernstein at home writing on her laptopHere’s a writing tip I can’t live without! When I’m writing a book, I work on it every day. Some days I can spend a couple of hours writing, whereas other days I have a lot less time. But no matter what, I sit down at my desk every day and write. It’s how I stay connected to the work, and it’s key to actually finishing a book and getting it out there!

Most of us can’t spend all day, every day writing. We have jobs, families and other obligations. The great news is that you don’t have to spend every minute writing (and you shouldn’t).

In the podcast Dani says, “If you have an hour, make it a sacred hour. If you can do that every day at the same time, it’s amazing what can happen.” When she wrote her first couple of books, she committed to writing three pages a day, five days a week.

Sticking to this kind of method will give you a complete manuscript in about six months.

Learn how to write, publish and market your bestselling book in the Bestseller Masterclass

You don’t need to have a big following, an established business or a writing degree to share your story through books. People in every stage of life, from every background, and in every profession hear this call.

Over the past several years I’ve met and worked with many people with important stories to tell and lessons to share. They’ve been first-time writers, experienced authors and everything in between.

As a spiritual teacher, it’s my sacred responsibility to help you share your powerful stories and lessons with the world. I’m committed to helping you spread your message on a big scale and create a movement using the exact methods I’ve used to publish all my books.

That’s why I created the Bestseller Masterclass: to take the guesswork out of writing, publishing and marketing your bestselling book!

And for the first time, the Bestseller Masterclass is entirely online! Click here to learn more!

Let the Universe catch up with your dreams

This isn’t exactly a writing tip, but it’s probably the most important lesson of all.

When you feel called to embark on something big like writing a book, it’s easy to get frustrated and impatient. There’s so much stretching out before you and you just want it to be done. But we must practice letting the Universe catch up with our dreams.

When we enjoy what we’re creating and let ourselves have fun, we wake up one day and realize that our visions have become our reality. This is precisely because we haven’t been trying to make them happen or forcing them. Inspired energy is receptive energy.

Make joy and inspiration your highest priority and you can ALWAYS trust that the Universe will catch up with your dreams.

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  1. Writing a spiritual book requires you to have an ultimate goal. Having a goal essentially improves the consistency and increases the accuracy of your book.

  2. Gabby, thank you for your work. Earlier this year I had a dream that I wrote a book. Not thinking too much of it since I have 0 writing background nor would I know the first steps to take to write a book I didn’t pay too much attention to it. This week, six months later the calling is happening again. I’m feeling drawn to it so much so I ended up on this blog post and am now on your waiting list for the masterclass. This morning the falling was so strong that I wrote about it in my journal asking Spirit to send me a sign of a red ladybug if this was truly something I needed to peruse and at 5:15pm this evening my red ladybug appeared. I can’t even remember the last time I have seen one.

    Thank you for your guidance in becoming in tune with my guides. You are my inspiration and I have never been more excited for the future. I know my story could potentially help millions of Young women, but even if it only reached the heart of one person to helped them find healing and faith in the Universe, I’d say that’s a job well done.

    1. Beautiful Ali. Continue to tap into your inner guidance on this journey. Know that your authentic story has the power to inspire and uplift others! <3

  3. Hi Gabby, having my first book published this October with your help after tuning in to this advice! So excited, and very grateful for the light you have provided from start to finish on this journey. I hope everyone else keeps on shooting for their dreams, too. From my heart to yours x

  4. I see this course has already started beginning of Dec.

    Could you please tell me when the next course will be offered?

  5. Well, I’m NOT writing a book, but, just want to say “Thank You” for coming into my life in the last month. I posted elsewhere on this site how I literally stumbled upon “Super Attractor” at a local bookstore.

    Since then, I’ve read it twice, use it for reference, and, have read Miracles Now in the past week. Today, I picked up “Universe has your Back”, and, will begin shortly.

    Yeah…..I’m going through a tough time with my business, and, am extremely burned out and stressed. (Investment Brokerage). Our once 11 man office is now me.

    I just want to say, again, that I appreciate your insight. I will refer to these books often. As the Holiday Season approaches, I want to say “Thank You” for the help you provide me.


      1. I just want to wish you and your entire family a sincere Happy Thanksgiving! I just finished up a brutal 36th fiscal year in the business, and, it was my hardest yet.

        Thank you again for your helpful books and tools……I’m simply gonna sit in quiet for a few minutes and reflect.

        Be safe, and have a fun day tomorrow with the family. I intend to (try) to do the same.


  6. I love synchronicity. Some day when you and I sit down to dinner, I will tell you about our parallel time stretch here. But to this post specifically. On October 22, I released my first official memoir-book. It’s a niche market. I did my first book tour. Had lots of fun and success. But arrived home and felt the dark side of things. My website needed this. My such and such needed this. I suddenly felt overwhelmed. You know, “that tiny mad idea”. So I threw in the towel for a night.

    The next morning I selected a breathing only meditation. My goal was to appreciate what I had. That’s it. During the meditation an entire screen play of direction, images, etc came spilling out. I even tried to squelch it. “Just breathe” I kept repeating. But it was on a roll. I finished the meditation. Grabbed 2 white boards from the closet and pens and just started madly mapping out what I’d seen. I left them in the kitchen so I could pass them during the day.

    I opened my email to get the day going and you were here, with this. On this topic. On this day. I am taking this message and running with it. White boards and all- Thank you.

  7. Gabby –

    I have been following you and your story for some time now and you truly are an inspiration to many, myself included. I have thought of writing a book on my journey through life regarding “Living the LIFE through the lens of being Bi-Polar”. I want to share my story in hopes of helping others. Thanks for your AMAZINGNESS!

    Wil K

  8. Gabby,
    I’m so glad that I followed my guidance to listen to the Beautiful Writers podcast that you recommended. There are many nuggets of wisdom from you, Dani, and Linda that resonate with me, as I am writing my story. Particularly inspiring are your closing remarks about having fun with what we are creating — just what I needed to hear. A blessing, indeed.

    1. So grateful you tuned in Kathleen. Know that your authentic story has the power to inspire and uplift others!

  9. Great articole! You’ve been such a inspiration!
    I’ve felt the urge to write a book for so long, but always procratinated. And finally last year I finished it. I also called Archangel Gabriel before every session of writing.

    But….no publishing house accepted it. Not yet anyway.. It’s a hard process, keeping your faith and to keep trying. I’m thinking to translate the book into english and sent it abroad, but it’s very difficult because my time is limited and my english is not that good. I’m doing the nursing school and i have a gorgeous 3 months old baby girl.

    It can help if you speak and write about the struggle of bring published.
    How can you publish a book in Unite States? Do you need an agent?

  10. Wow, this is so awesome and perfect timing as I have been really thinking about finally sitting down to write. I’ve written other silly stories, but I want to write about going through change, but in a fictional story. I truly believe that when you stay present in the here and how, you can actually hear/see the answers.

  11. Gabby,
    Beautifully written. I have at least 5 books in my head that I have been kicking around for years. I have scattered notes. I am a self development junkie and am currently working on tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi’s course KBB and am in the middle of reading Marie Forleo’s new book. I did sign up for the replay of your book launch, so trying to catch up with myself right now and all the knowledge. Making room in my day to get it all done 🙂 Peace & Love
    Lori Jolin

  12. Gabby,
    The synchronicity is happening! Thank you for this, I was lying in bed last night thinking of what to call my book and how to tell my story. This comes at the perfect time!

  13. Namaste Gabrielle
    Thank you for your supporting words.

    I am in the creation of my first book, my intention with my book is to touch the hearts of millions souls, I believe my story will resonate with the majority of people.
    I know who I am… But I still have viruses that makes me procrastinate, and some days I can´t get any focus at all. I know that the solution is to meditate. I also considered fasting for a longer period of time to gain increased mental clarity.

    Do you have any links or advice of who one should listen to when it comes to building the book, from start to end product? How did you publish it? firm or self publish?

    Thanks one´s again for your support!
    // Fredrik Schelin (Sweden)

  14. You lead the way beautifully, Gabby.
    Since your first videos I follow your Spiritual Awakening.
    As you, Wayne W. Dyer is our Mentor. That’s why I feel so connected with you , your work, your Spirituality.
    Thank You for sharing your way to writing. Much Love, & Blessings,

  15. After finishing my first book “How to Live to be 100 years old” a 7 year journey up my personal Mt Everest.
    Currently have an outline for my second book during my holidays in December & Jan my wife & I will be relaxed close to nature for a week at least.
    This is when I experience “flow” & get closer to source energy.
    Really thankful for your guidance & wisdom.
    Please pray for my wife last night her blood pressure was 180/100 in the danger zone. She has other major health problems.
    Hope to see you in Sydney for your seminar .
    Kind Regards

  16. Thank you Gabby for inspiring others to be true to ourselves and allow spirit to be our guides in life. Blessings.x

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