Words Can Change Your Life

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

In this video I talk about the energetic power of words. Learn how to use words to amplify your life.

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  1. Hey Gabby,
    So, I have a serious problem with this- I use self-deprecating humor almost as a reflex. I will be aware of how and when I do this and get back to you- it’s a hard habit I’ve cultivated.
    Thanks for your vlog. 🙂

  2. Gabby, this topic is so important to me! I always share the line “Worry is a prayer for chaos.” with my peeps and encourage them to only use positive words and affirmations. I love Doreen too!
    Thank you for sharing this!

      1. Love Doreen! and love you!!

        Great message, thank you for sharing this – i’m so passionate about words and their power …and needed this reminder. 😉

  3. Yes words do have power, some of us have experienced a lot of negative talk from childhood .
    The school, teachers our peers and sometimes the church the way some sermons were delivered
    it does not seem to stop but once I realized this power of words I have consciously tried my best to be conscious.Some family members have the art of berating others as if it is okay I will be sure to pass this email on

    1. so very true. and in the list I sadly must add my parents and my grandmother who, with the only intention of protecting me and my brothers, created the perfect formula for failure, which then resulted in years wasted going to the wrong direction and then spent to surface from the fall.
      It’s i all for the good and very inspiring.
      Thank you.

  4. This is so true – and not something we speak about nearly enough. I’d learned this years ago and had forgotten about it. I definitely need to become more conscious of this. And it’s not just the words we say out loud – it’s the words we say in our heads as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. So true, Gabby! As much as I can, I try to watch my language and be mindful of it so that I can attract the best energy into my life. I also love that you mention Doreen Virtue. She is one of my favorite spiritual teachers! I had the wonderful opportunity to see her speak last year at the “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Chicago, and it was spectacular!

  6. So guilty of this! I’m always joking about myself and the “Oh you know me” things I dislike about myself… and I notice myself doing it too. Must stop and take a beat to recognize my actions and their reactions!
    Thanks for the reminder, love!

  7. As a consummate worrier, I needed this! You never realize until you have it laid out for you so simply. Thanks so much. I will be working on this daily. Thanks, Gabby!

  8. I have spent my whole life recovering from a “joke ” my father said to me when I was about six years old… I came down the stairs in my pretty party dress and shiny party shoes (feeling like a million bucks!) My father said “Leesah you look pretty! …then added “pretty ugly”… I felt my heart sink. Years of bullemia and self-hatred and bad choices in life partners….lots of therapy and I now forgive him and love myself and my form unconditionally ..but man! wish so much he never said it to me .. I carried that in my heart for so many years…words are powerful!

  9. Great message Gabby. It is true that this message requires repeating bc the unconscious nature of our speaking habits comes from a life time of conditioning.

    I love Masaru Emoto’s work on the vibration of a word’s influence on water crystals. Doreen’s word experiment sounds fantastic. I love evidence of what we have known intuitively all along.


  10. Thank you for this great post! Worry surfaced in my meditation this morning, it felt like a big knot in my belly. I affirm ‘I am lovingly being taken care of’ and pray for it to be removed and replaced by TRUST and JOY!
    Much love xo

  11. Hi Gabby,
    What a great video! Thank you for reminding me (and all of us) to stay positive and not worry. I once read that at best, worry is an alarm bell, but no alarm bell has ever put out a fire. We need to remember that we are not our thoughts, to let ourselves feel our feelings and that everything is happening for us in a perfect way.
    Thank you again for the beautiful reminder and articulation!

  12. I use your more swear-tastic version worry is a prayer for shit. 😉 I use it often, just this last week I started to realize things get done whether or I worry or chill. So , I chill :). Love you,xox Kiki

  13. Love this Gabby! I’ve been really interested in the power of words from reading a part in Power VS Force and of course Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystals. One thing to mention though – don’t make worrying about worry your new worry when you start becoming mindful and aware! Just observe, don’t judge 🙂 That’s my own little thing I kept having to work through

  14. Hi Gabby,

    I have just signed up to your weekly Vlogs & love them. I discovered your work through TDL & am so glad I did. I worry about everything & always have done, so this weeks lesson is very apt for me & I will focus on it this week & become more aware of it & be more positive in my thinking. Thank You so much. Love Trace x

  15. I’m feeling tons of pressure to go into a speech pathology program.. by the same person who pressured me to go away from therapist/ counseling education and into science, which I had no passion for…years later, I am trying to get back to what I love and have a year’s worth of experience in- preschool assistant teaching/ teaching. With one semester in school (completely paid off at a junior college), I could go into this field. But, the concern is being able to live on my own…The alternative? 3-4 decades of school debt that will give me that career in a field with low unemployment- a career which I don’t really want, all to make sure my car insurance is paid and I have needed/ extra? money in my pocket. My real dream is something entirely different from both of these, but money and the need to live on my own is my driving force right now. I feel like I have little air and aside from like a two hour mediation (and, who knows if that will work or just leave me disappointed?), I don’t know what to do to figure this thing called life out. I’m beyond worry. I’m tripping. And, worst yet, I feel like I;m losing momentum in the goals I’ve been working towards, which maybe I need to…because they won’t work out anyway…just venting.

  16. Dear Gabby,
    Another perfectly timed piece of advice. This is exactly what I needed to hear today, big life changes are in the midst.. its often hard not to worry.
    Every week I look forward to your vlog. Thanks Gabby!! xox

  17. Wonderful message. Love your Vlog!!!
    I saw a church billboard that said “worry is interest paid on unearned debt!”
    Love & light, Angela

  18. sheila: don’t ‘work at it’ PLAY with it.!. lighten up…. have fun with this.. don’t even use the ‘w’ word!!!! smile remember this is all illusion..
    as my guru, swami beyondanda says:
    “if you do not embrace the path of levity, gravity will get you down..!”
    and to quote a right on oldie:
    ‘you’ve got to accentuate the positive,
    eliminate the negative
    latch on to the affirmative
    and watch out for mr. inbetween..!”
    lol xo kriya
    you rock, gabrielle, thank you!
    doreen rocks
    louise hay rocks
    smiles, hugs, happy happy thoughts xo

  19. Any suggestions for what to do when you’re around others who joke about their negative self images? You can tell them they’re beautiful but it seems like if they don’t believe it about themselves there’s no convincing! It’s like you’re expected to participate, like that scene in Mean Girls when they’re all criticizing themselves in the mirror.

    1. Don’t participate, educate. Tell them what you’ve noticed about self-deprecating humor. See if they’ll join you in turning it around ~ for every self-defeating comment you must come up with at least 3 positive statements about yourself. I’ve used this with my son and it’s magical! Good luck!

      Thanks for this great post Gabby. Worrying is my nemesis . . . my biggest worry is my son (he’s 16). I realize that I can create negativity in his life by my worrying . . . I will check in with myself on this and turn things around to positive action. Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE LONDON!!

  20. Wow, this spoke directly to me! I’ve gotten caught up in a “worry cycle” recently and this reminded me how detrimental that is. Thanks Gabby for this message! xo =)

  21. Gabby this is great, so simple and so true. I feel like I have a really good grasp on this concept myself, but do you have any suggestions on how to help other people to understand this and try to just be positive, even in the midst of worrying times? I’d love to know the answer to this.
    K x

  22. the English word “worry” is derived from the German word “wergan,” meaning literally “to choke.”

    i’ve shared this with people whenever possible, and remind myself of this. was amazed to learn this about 11 years ago.

    thank you so much gabby, for your wonderful work. you inspire me so much & i look forward to reading your books & continuing working with you!!!!! xoxo, amy

  23. It is ‘allowing’ the worry to be breathed through my body, as you suggest, Gabby, and really turning TOWARDS it instead of AWAY FROM that has allowed me to face the worries and get straight with them instead of fishing around for days in worry at a sub-conscious level. I write them down plain, “I’m worried that….” and then asking Spirit to speak wisdom on the matter.


  24. For many years the adage “worry is prayer for what you don’t want”” spoke to me. In my spiritual practice the Hindi word for the power of the spoken word iis “Matrica Shakti”.

  25. Orange is my favorite color. Where did you get the orange couch or who is the manufacturer? Thank you very much.

  26. Thanks Gabby! Wonderful blog and definitely added to what I’ve been feeling coming up this week. I need to be speaking the truth, the truth from the True Self, and speak of myself more positively instead of putting myself down through jokes. The jokes ultimately are used by the ego another way to put myself down in front of others to a point. No thank you and my ego will not put Amanda or Baby in a corner 🙂

    Hope you are having a wonderful trip! Safe Travels!

  27. thank you for the reminder that “worry is a prayer for chaos in our lives” !!! SO TRUE + unfortunately i (like most of us, i’m sure?) have experienced it first hand. also thanks for the guidance on breathing through the feelings of worry and the strong image of worry as low level energy as a sound wave! YOU ROCK!

  28. Hi Gabby!
    I guess that was at the hotel where we met up?! I loved this vlog and it’s a great reminder to be mindful of what I say. I often joke about my ‘terrible’ love life and how dramatic it is, where I really ought to focus on how calm and positive it is. Same in other areas of my life where I limit myself so much by worrying I can’t do something or thinking ‘how will that ever happen?’ thereby not believing in it. I’ll take on your advice today :-)”

  29. Thank you! I was just freaking out about something that may happen in the future and this came at the perfect time!

  30. Thank you Gabby! This message came at a perfect time for me. As a I search for a new job, so many negative thoughts and words are coming up. This affirmation is really what I needed right now.

  31. Thank you Gabby ……I have been looking for an inspirational teacher my daughter could relate to and you are the one !

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