When you fall off your spiritual path

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When you’re on a spiritual path it’s easy revert back to old patterns and destructive behavior. This video will offer you guidance on what to do when you fall off your spiritual path.

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  1. Thank you Gabby & Brittany for this question.. I often choose a book, like you say but I do not devote myself to one aspect for 40 days.. that is what I intend to do, today! Namaste

  2. I love the advice to start out by forgiving yourself. Sometimes I’ll get down on myself because, since I AM on the spiritual and self-awareness path, and I feel like I should feel good all the time because I have all the tools (although that’s obviously not true). So starting out with self-forgiveness is essential. Thanks, Gabby!

  3. I love your tip of waving your hand on the spiritual bookshelf, allowing a lesson to come forth from a book and to practice for 40 days.

    It does take a least 21 days to create a new habit (or to create new neuro pathways in the brain) and committing to 40 days can be challenging but it’s so worth it in the end.

  4. Gabby-
    I love the idea and image of running my hand across my spiritual bookshelf and seeing what calls out to be read. Thank you also for the reminder to start with forgiveness and to limit it to one tool for 40 days. Brilliant and uncannily timely…as usual.
    xo Tara

  5. Gabby
    Once again another fab video that helps me along my spiritual path. Thanks very much and keep up the good work you are such an inspiritation lady.

  6. Gabby
    This couldn’t have come at a better time. Have you ever fallen off the wagon but didn’t realize you did. You just noticed things were not going right for you or that it seemed “harder” than usual. That’s where I have been. Starting my 40 day challenge today! Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the “bookshelf” tip Gabby! I’m feeling the calling to go back and read the Alchemist again so I remember that the universe is always sending signs and how to read them. Thank you! love, R

  8. Gabby,

    You always awaken something inside of me. I love grabbing a book off the bookshelf and dong bibliomancy with it. I simply let spirit guide me to a page on the book, and I just read it and take the information in. It always gives me something that is pertinent to what I am going through at the moment.

    You are such a blessing!


  9. Yup. Props to Brittany for bringing this up. I fell off the wagon myself it feels like 2 months ago & I actually feel ashamed of myself. Self-forgiveness is my key tool. I want to feel free. Gratitude for this message on a lovely MoonDay~ time to start forgiving. 🙂

  10. This is great! Something that helps me when I am having an off day or week or month is get back to an attitude of gratitude and be grateful for all the good in my life and all the growth and awarenesses that have come to fruition in my life and bask in that glow for a while until I feel better which doesn’t take long. Love you Gabby!!! Some days it seems like you are speaking directly to me.

  11. Oh man, this is so for me today.

    I was all in a tizzy because I’m overtired, thus I’ve become a web-zombie to distract myself and now of course am beating myself up for violating my own ‘no-web zone’ during my most productive creative hours of the day. Doh!

    Okay, forgiving myself now… and running to my bookshelf for some divine inspiration.

    Thanks, girl

  12. I have been doing this for years! When I am feeling ‘dis-jointed’ I wander a bookstore after asking the universe to put the book I need into my hands – it always works 🙂

  13. Totally! I “fell off” not too long ago and that experience was a difficult two years, which I made even harder for myself because I didn’t forgive myself and beat myself up more since I “knew better.”

    But with small steps everyday – forgiveness and giving yourself ways to connect through your passions and non-negotiables – you’ll soon remember how awesome you are, how beautiful and precious life is, and how we’re exactly where we need to be. 🙂

  14. Thanks Gabby! I’ve mentioned before the importance of learning how to use the tools “off the mat” and in our daily lives. Thank you for sharing and helping us develop the tools! You have talked before about how important it is for our practice to be less in our head and more our hearts. I still find that as I walk my path I have times of struggling with these points and it brings me peace to hear your reminder of using forgiveness of self as a guide. ???? Sat Nam

  15. Thank you Gabby, I come out to my deck on the creek and get energized and spiritualized, then I go into the “everyday ” world it feels different. So thank you for the insight. Love and peace Marsha

  16. Gabby,
    Thanks this vlog was so useful! I often find myself stumbling off the spiritual path- forgetting to meditate, struggling to forgive myself for little things, not taking time to check in with myself.

    This advice is simple, practical, and oh so useful. I will be sure to incorporate it into my life

  17. What an awesome topic! I had developed the “perfect” spiritual practice for myself for every morning and night. I would do affirmations, seal my aura, say some prayers, tap, meditate, and do visualizations. And I can’t keep it up. It’s too much. So I gave up having to do it all at once. I can’t start my mornings with so much pressure on me and I need to get to bed on time so my adrenals aren’t screaming. So, I did something else. I just let myself awaken into my body when I get out of bed, without any expectations to do or think something in particular. I listen to a positive perceptions music list (Gabby I got that from your ~ing book) while I get ready and on my walk out, I say some prayers and stay present in the moment during my commute. Overall, I keep my connection to my intuition and the divine throughout the day by being self-aware and mindful. I check in with myself (emotions, thoughs, body). I say little prayers when I need help (i.e. having someting re-interpreted). I stay open and try to notice signs of guidance. The simple act of being open helps you notice them. I don’t meditate every day and I’m not reading as much as I used (which I really miss). But, I stay connected. I think that my next step is to assign a tool/practice (one thing only) for every day of the week.

  18. Namste all
    It is so beautiful how each time I ask for guidance on a particular subject I find it. For the last couple of weeks I was in Canada/U.S for vacation and visiting family.
    As much as I tried to keep my daily practices including diet, exercise etc as well as doing holiday stuff I kind of got off balance but at the same time I knew my inner spirit is always there.
    I saw Gabby’s blog and also kept open for guidance. Now I believe rather than coming off the path sometimes we just take a little detour because our ego likes to still be the driver.
    The book that I am re reading is the Celestine prophecy as a friend recommended that I do so. Now I know why, 12 years ago when I first read it I did so with limited soul wisdom, now it makes perfect sense.
    The same happened with Gabby’s book spirit junkie, I began it last year but was not in a great place. I was actually invited by a friend to go see Gabby in London in March, I did not feel the vibe at the time although I knew inside that I would have liked to have gone.
    Fast forward to June when I managed to complete spirit junkie and I specifically remember wishing that Gabby would come over to the UK again this year and as I logged onto the website I saw that she is back in December. I guess when you’re connected manifestation can be that easy 🙂 I look forward to seeing you in December.
    For everyone else reading this, please please please please never ever give up on your TRUE authentic self. No matter how dark it may seem as the smiths once sang ‘There is a light that never goes out’
    Satnam god bless everyone reading and may the path be smooth x

  19. Thanks Gabby! That was great advice. The one thing that rocks me off my spiritual path is why bad things happen to good people. I want to trust the universe to help guide me but then I always wonder why things have gone wrong for others. How do you put all your faith in the energy of the universe to guide you?

  20. Gabby, I couldn’t agree more with the importance of just implementing one new nurturing action/ habit to get you back on track. The obsessive need to be & do it all now is ego driven and we need to be mindful of not slipping back into it’s cunning grip!
    Lots of love from London UK xx

  21. I loved this one! Quick question: I agree and understand this. Off late I feel my life shift positively, and yet there are times when i feel weak and let myself get pulled down by people am close to because of them choosing to live their lives through negativity. How do i deal with this? i often feel the need to disconnect with them. Some of them including my own family as i recognise i still beed to become stronger before I can be the lighthouse. any thoughts?

      1. You are awesome. And truly an angel. Your videos and books have been the biggest miracles in my life thus far. I have moved from a place of self hurt and substance abuse and self destructive relationships to find some sort of peace within me. Working to make that shift stronger every day, consciously.

        p.s.I did watch the vlog and will employ those techniques and let you know how it works.
        Unlimited love

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