When Someone Doesn’t Support Your Spiritual Path

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Note: Updated in 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

When we embark on a spiritual journey, so many awesome shifts begin to happen. It’s easy to become overly enthusiastic about them and want to share every detail with your loved ones. But the new developments in your life may not be easy for people to understand, especially if they’re not on a spiritual path of their own.

How to Deal With People Who Don’t Support Your Spiritual Path

It can be very traumatic when you’re excited about the amazing changes happening in your life, but those around you aren’t supporting that change. This has happened to me many times, and I’m sure you can relate.

In the video and post below, I’ll show you 3 tips you can start using today to ease the resistance in those relationships while continuing to nurture your journey.

Be the lighthouse

Just mind your own business and be the light | Gabby Bernstein | Judgment DetoxThe first thing I learned came from my great spiritual teacher and Kundalini mentor, Gurmukh. She is the woman who really inspired me to become a teacher and a student of Kundalini yoga.

I was so blown away by what I was learning in the midst of my teacher training, I would go home and want to tell my then-fiancé every detail of the story. But every detail wasn’t as interesting to him as it was to me.

I started to get really upset he didn’t want to hear everything I had to tell him. But Gurmukh pulled me aside and said, “Don’t tell him anything.”

I looked at her and said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “Don’t tell him anything. Just be the lighthouse. Just be the light when you go home, and he will feel that light reflected back onto him, and he will reap the benefits without having to know why.”

Talk gently to yourself

Let people be who they are and honor their path | Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinEver since that conversation, I just let it go. I stopped trying to tell him every detail, and it’s become more of a genuine conversation.

When you practice this, you’ll begin to notice that when you don’t talk about it and people begin to experience your light, they’ll start to ask you, “What is it that you’re doing? How have you changed so much?”

When they ask, that’s your opportunity to share. But remember, it’s attraction, not promotion. Be gentle. Talk about it loosely and make suggestions, and say what your experience is.

Everyone has a journey

It’s important to remember that people are on their own path. They’re going to come to spirituality or personal growth in a way that’s authentic to them. They might find it through physical activity or through a book. Maybe they’ll find it through a coach or therapist.

Other people might not find their spirituality or personal growth the same way you did. Trust in their process, and let go. Allow them to have their own experience, and try not to interfere.

Remember to be the lighthouse. Let these tools guide you so you can honor and nurture your spiritual path and bring all the energy you need to grow and learn more.

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Gabby Bernstein with the Judgment Detox paperback editionIf these tips helped you and you want more guidance on this topic, check out my book Judgment Detox. In it I offer a 6-step method for healing old wounds, releasing resentments, clearing judgment and feeling free!

The book includes spiritual tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), guided meditations, prayers and much more.

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