What It Means to Be a Spirit Junkie Mom

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I’m not yet a mother, but as I embark on the journey of contemplating motherhood, I’ve been reflecting about how grateful I am for my own mother.

My mom is a true Spirit Junkie. If you’ve read my books you know my mother is the reason I am a spiritual teacher today. When I was a child my mom taught me to meditate, had me named by gurus and she brought me to all the grooviest ashrams and spiritual centers. By planting the spiritual seed in me at a young age she gave me the ability to navigate through tough times when I got older. My mother taught me how to establish a spiritual relationship of my own understanding. For this I am forever grateful.

In honor of my mother, your mother and all future mothers, I decided to explore what it means to be a Spirit Junkie mom. I interviewed three of my dear friends who have fearlessly guided their children down their own Spirit Junkie paths.

I hope their guidance serves you as much as it has helped me. Enjoy the interview.

G: My dear sisters, what does it meant to be a Spirit Junkie mom?

Macha (life coach and mentor): “Being a Spirit Junkie mom means staying connected to the inner light that helps me to show up and be the mom I intend to be. Wholehearted, authentic, calm, joyful and energetically present.”

Sarah, the producer of the film Happy Healthy Child: “One of my favorite quotes from an expert in the Happy Healthy Child series is, ‘Our children don’t learn from us being perfect. Our children learn from us striving to be aware and conscious and holding an ideal which we are reaching for.’ That’s what being a Spirit Junkie mom is all about … striving to be our best self.”

Latham, author of Mama Glow: Being a Spirit Junkie Mom is all about tapping into your innate power. It’s using that wisdom you were born with, the glow power within to help guide and inform you parental choices. Everyone has advice to share- but only you know your child inside and out because you were once “one” whole sharing the sacred space of your womb with that being. So your child is so much of you. My son is a reflection of all that’s good within me and shines a light on areas where I need to grow. As a Spirit Junkie mom you are always looking to grow into your best self.

G: What’s one tip you can share to be a more mindful mom?

Macha: My favorite tip is that I take the time to connect with Max and Remy energetically a few times each day. I’ll sit in my car at a red light and mentally send them love and light. I do this so that our energy is aligned and I check in on a soul level. My interaction with them is very involved, running around and doing things with them and for them physically. This soul check-in helps me to be connected to them in a more profound way. It changes everything.

Sarah: I think the best practical tip for being a mindful mom is to wake up every day before your family and center yourself, even if it is only three minutes before your kids get up. As a mother, it is your responsibility and your greatest opportunity to hold the space for the entire family. If you don’t feel good, your children won’t, either. They are deeply attuned and connected to you on every level. So the best way to take care of them is to take a moment in the morning to take care of you. Meditate, stretch, do some yoga, connect with your higher self, your guides, a higher power. Focus on everything you have to be grateful for in your life. If you take this time — whether an hour or a minute — I promise you will notice that the sailing is much smoother and even when the seas are rough, you won’t be as easily thrown overboard!

 Stop multitasking and start uni-tasking. When with our children it’s important that they feel recognized in their potency; that they feel heard. When we are texting and emailing, or on social media while spending time with them we miss out on creating memories. Focus on the moment- if your child is reading you a book, sit there and marvel at his or her ability. Build in a period of phone fasting, where you shut off all devices, so you can be present with them.

G: How has teaching meditation to your kids served them?

Macha: As a result of meditation and prayer my children are compassionate, loving and awake. They care for others and they are confident and good-natured with a healthy sense of gratitude. They adapt well, they play well and they are tolerant and kind. They have an understanding that I can’t quite put into words but brings tears to my eyes. People say my children are angels. I agree and know that it’s a result of co-parenting with the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary and Kuan Yin are totally my super nannies and Jesus is my manny.

Sarah: Most of the time when I meditate my kids just hang out around me. They can feel the energy and they like to be close. They’ll lie in front of me. They’ll lie in the bed next to me. They’ll lie across my lap. But often they will join in, and when they do they blow me away. The level of discipline and presence and power that I witness in them humbles me as their mom. I feel blessed to know that someday my children will be out in the world on their own and they will have this tool to help them always find their center, their inner wisdom, their truth.

Latham: My son uses meditation and tapping before his gigs. He is a DJ and before spinning at Madison Square Garden for 30k people I once found him sitting on a chair with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths and tapping after his meditation. Meditation has taught my son a lot about patience and how to listen to what’s happening within. It helps him to better understand his emotions and I believe it’s the key to life transitions- as kids grow older- they need meditation- it brings them back to their core. It anchors them like when they were in the womb.

In honor of Mother’s Day bring these tips into your own life. Whether you’re a parent or not, make the commitment to bring more spirit into the lives of children.

I bow to all the Spirit Junkie moms out there and I truly honor your commitment to teaching children to live in the light. I welcome you all to share your own Spirit Junkie mom tips in the comments below.

Resources for Spirit Junkie Moms

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