What It Means to Be a Spirit Junkie Mom

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I’m not yet a mother, but as I embark on the journey of contemplating motherhood, I’ve been reflecting about how grateful I am for my own mother.

My mom is a true Spirit Junkie. If you’ve read my books you know my mother is the reason I am a spiritual teacher today. When I was a child my mom taught me to meditate, had me named by gurus and she brought me to all the grooviest ashrams and spiritual centers. By planting the spiritual seed in me at a young age she gave me the ability to navigate through tough times when I got older. My mother taught me how to establish a spiritual relationship of my own understanding. For this I am forever grateful.

In honor of my mother, your mother and all future mothers, I decided to explore what it means to be a Spirit Junkie mom. I interviewed three of my dear friends who have fearlessly guided their children down their own Spirit Junkie paths.

I hope their guidance serves you as much as it has helped me. Enjoy the interview.

G: My dear sisters, what does it meant to be a Spirit Junkie mom?

Macha (life coach and mentor): “Being a Spirit Junkie mom means staying connected to the inner light that helps me to show up and be the mom I intend to be. Wholehearted, authentic, calm, joyful and energetically present.”

Sarah, the producer of the film Happy Healthy Child: “One of my favorite quotes from an expert in the Happy Healthy Child series is, ‘Our children don’t learn from us being perfect. Our children learn from us striving to be aware and conscious and holding an ideal which we are reaching for.’ That’s what being a Spirit Junkie mom is all about … striving to be our best self.”

Latham, author of Mama Glow: Being a Spirit Junkie Mom is all about tapping into your innate power. It’s using that wisdom you were born with, the glow power within to help guide and inform you parental choices. Everyone has advice to share- but only you know your child inside and out because you were once “one” whole sharing the sacred space of your womb with that being. So your child is so much of you. My son is a reflection of all that’s good within me and shines a light on areas where I need to grow. As a Spirit Junkie mom you are always looking to grow into your best self.

G: What’s one tip you can share to be a more mindful mom?

Macha: My favorite tip is that I take the time to connect with Max and Remy energetically a few times each day. I’ll sit in my car at a red light and mentally send them love and light. I do this so that our energy is aligned and I check in on a soul level. My interaction with them is very involved, running around and doing things with them and for them physically. This soul check-in helps me to be connected to them in a more profound way. It changes everything.

Sarah: I think the best practical tip for being a mindful mom is to wake up every day before your family and center yourself, even if it is only three minutes before your kids get up. As a mother, it is your responsibility and your greatest opportunity to hold the space for the entire family. If you don’t feel good, your children won’t, either. They are deeply attuned and connected to you on every level. So the best way to take care of them is to take a moment in the morning to take care of you. Meditate, stretch, do some yoga, connect with your higher self, your guides, a higher power. Focus on everything you have to be grateful for in your life. If you take this time — whether an hour or a minute — I promise you will notice that the sailing is much smoother and even when the seas are rough, you won’t be as easily thrown overboard!

 Stop multitasking and start uni-tasking. When with our children it’s important that they feel recognized in their potency; that they feel heard. When we are texting and emailing, or on social media while spending time with them we miss out on creating memories. Focus on the moment- if your child is reading you a book, sit there and marvel at his or her ability. Build in a period of phone fasting, where you shut off all devices, so you can be present with them.

G: How has teaching meditation to your kids served them?

Macha: As a result of meditation and prayer my children are compassionate, loving and awake. They care for others and they are confident and good-natured with a healthy sense of gratitude. They adapt well, they play well and they are tolerant and kind. They have an understanding that I can’t quite put into words but brings tears to my eyes. People say my children are angels. I agree and know that it’s a result of co-parenting with the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary and Kuan Yin are totally my super nannies and Jesus is my manny.

Sarah: Most of the time when I meditate my kids just hang out around me. They can feel the energy and they like to be close. They’ll lie in front of me. They’ll lie in the bed next to me. They’ll lie across my lap. But often they will join in, and when they do they blow me away. The level of discipline and presence and power that I witness in them humbles me as their mom. I feel blessed to know that someday my children will be out in the world on their own and they will have this tool to help them always find their center, their inner wisdom, their truth.

Latham: My son uses meditation and tapping before his gigs. He is a DJ and before spinning at Madison Square Garden for 30k people I once found him sitting on a chair with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths and tapping after his meditation. Meditation has taught my son a lot about patience and how to listen to what’s happening within. It helps him to better understand his emotions and I believe it’s the key to life transitions- as kids grow older- they need meditation- it brings them back to their core. It anchors them like when they were in the womb.

In honor of Mother’s Day bring these tips into your own life. Whether you’re a parent or not, make the commitment to bring more spirit into the lives of children.

I bow to all the Spirit Junkie moms out there and I truly honor your commitment to teaching children to live in the light. I welcome you all to share your own Spirit Junkie mom tips in the comments below.

Resources for Spirit Junkie Moms

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  1. Hi, Gabby:

    I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl and I have found that this has introduced a whole new level of anxiety and fear. I think about all the things that could go wrong now and in the future. I think about what it means for her to be growing up in a world/country that increasingly has an agenda against women. I’m afraid that I will one day be the topic of her therapy sessions where she outlines all of the things I did wrong as a mom that has left her traumatized.

    I know that I am disconnecting from love in a major way. I know that she is my guru and she is here to teach me to really trust and surrender the outcome to God. It’s just so friggin’ hard.

    I’d love to hear more about your mom’s experience as your mom. You’ve had so many challenges in your life and overcome/are overcoming them all. How did she handle that? That’s got to be the craziest experience — watching your child stumble, fall, and ultimately get back up and rise/thrive. I find myself wanting to shield her from every harm in the world, but I know that she is here to learn her own spiritual lessons.

    Thank you for your time!

    All my love.

    1. Tish, congratulations on being a new mama! I recommend 2 things to you: 1) amp up your practice of spiritual surrender and 2) find a spiritual life coach for moms or a supportive community of spiritual moms (online or in person). (If you’d like to check out my network of coaches, you can do that here.)

      When it comes to surrendering, these videos will bring you relief and provide guidance:

      The 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender
      How to Talk to Your Spirit Guides
      A Meditation to Calm the Eff Down (use this when your mind is filled with thoughts)
      A Meditation to Prevent Freaking Out (use this when you feel a meltdown looming)

      Finally, if you feel your anxiety is very strong and you need to speak with a professional, don’t hesitate to seek out help from a therapist. An awesome therapist is one of many tools in our toolbox!

  2. This is a great article! and I’m glad to have gotten tips from these remarkable mommies… I’m from a small Caribbean island and my spirit junkie role model mommies are extremely limited. I’m an engineer that has decided to become a stay at home mom! And very much lacking the support from family and friends, I just followed my intuition to be at home with my daughter. I have always struggled with my mood during the course of the day.. energy levels and just being in the moment with her… This article just hits the spot for me and I have been searching for various sources since she was born (17months) I am so happy and appreciative for this article! Thank you Gabby. Finally reassurance 🙂 May all of you be blessed for your great work x0x0

  3. Just the mommy check I needed. Reminded me to stay true to who I am to bring more happiness to myself and my little Meadow. Thank you.

  4. Gabby,
    With or without kids you are a blessing.

    I have four kids and my gratitude for this blog post is INFINITE! (*Tears*)

    I realize, I thought my clock was ticking and it was time to have kids. Once they were here, I felt like I needed to escape to a cave in the mountains to meditate because it was so hard. Now I know they are my cave.

    I look forward to checking out more from the authors in this interview.


  5. Would LOVE to read a book on being a spirit junkie mama from you in the future!!! Until then, I can and will use your Miracles Now book to help me in stressful, noisy moments where I just feel like yelling at my twin three year old boys. The “Peace Begins With Me” finger touch helps right now 🙂 Thank you

  6. One of my favorite blogs Gab! I have been feeling that mama clock clicking too and have totally become that person as well- hahah asking people to hold their babies. They are too yummy. Such an honor and a special gift holding space for you and me and all the women who desire to be a momma <3

    happy mother's day to all! You are the biggest miracle workers in my opinion!

  7. I am a huge fan and single mother, and hope you have a little one soon so we can hear your insight and perspective on this amazing thing called motherhood <3
    My daughter has seen me meditate and do kundalini (she loves lion pose!) and I let her watch/participate as she likes. Sometimes she is into it and other times she isn't. I let her choose her involvement as she is only 4 and sometimes when you're four you would rather make a big loud creative mess than sit and meditate 🙂 She is quick to tell me when taking a deep breath could be a good idea for mom 😛
    I found it very helpful to tell her that her responsibility is to think of others, and do her best from her heart. That if something makes herself or others feel bad now or in the future, then there is a better way that won't make people feel bad. To make that tangible, we say that we all have an imaginary bucket in our heart, that gets a little more full or a little more empty, and that we need to fill our own bucket so that we can help fill other people's buckets. She comes up with great ideas to fill other people's buckets 🙂
    I always get down to her level when I talk to her so that she can look at me eye to eye (who likes being talked down to?).
    Lastly, we have a book that I write down ways that she helps out around the house. It's called "I contribute" and we write in it most days. As a result she has learned how good it can feel to help without it being expected or having to be rewarded.
    Sat nam <3

  8. Hi Gabby,
    Such amazing tips were shared in this post- I love it!
    I am a believer in mindful parenting. My older such is at an age that he can start to apply it.- he is 3 years old. When he gets very upset we practice deep breathing- (the kind I do in my yoga practice ) and he starts to become more centered and calm again. We now incorporate counting in it.
    It works like a charm ;)!
    Thanks again!!

  9. Loved this post so much Gabby!
    Thank you thank you! I too am being called to mommyhood and feel utilizing the support of Mother Mary and so many that are here to assist us is so incredibly wise. Love everything Macha, Sarah and Latham shared. Just brilliant and inspiring for when the time is aligned for me to be a mother.

    Much love!

  10. Thank you for this post Gabby. Becoming a mother has been a journey of love, discovery and wonders. My two children (Luka and Emma) taught me so much about resilience and courage and thanks to them I am a better person every day. They bring tears of happiness to my eyes every single day.
    My tips would be to recognize their uniqueness and not try to compare them. I watch myself go sometimes like “Luka is like this but Emma doesn’t do that” or vice versa. But in the end why use “But”. They are two different light workers and they don’t deserve comparison.

  11. Having my daughter was the best moment in my life. It was truly powerful and beautiful. She will soon be five and has made me smile every single day since she arrived – for that I am forever thankful!

  12. Being a mom has led to my calling in life. At first, I resented being a mom because it took so much time being away from my own growth and personal exploration. But, as time went on, my boys became my greatest teachers and I continue to know the importance of committing to my own growth FOR them. At 6 and 8, they meditate, pray and remind me everyday of patience, compassion and the true meaning of a mother’s love.

  13. Gabby –
    I would love to teach my almost 16 year old daughter how to meditate, but how do I get her interested? Your suggestions are very much appreciated.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I had thought about writing you recently about this very same topic. Could you explore this topic more in depth in one of your lectures or with a panel of Spirit Junkie Moms? I know it would be greatly appreciated.
    You are wonderful.

  15. Bookmarked this page because I am ALWAYS asking, How do I stop, in that moment of chaos, temper tantrums, yelling and screaming, and not yell back? How do I stay calm and centered? I am trying to break the chain, as I come from a family where we didn’t show much emotion or affection; religion (not spirituality) was forced on us up through high school basically; and there was a lot of yelling going on.

    I think an over-arching tip I can add is to always remember what you value. In what you feed your kids, in who their friends are (as much as you can control that, I mean!), where they spend their time and how — including when they’re with you, of course. And don’t hide who you are — I used to think I had to find alone time to do yoga, but now that my kids watch me doing it, my 4-year-old asked me for his own yoga mat yesterday and my one-year-old immediately starts breathing deeply and goes into downward dog when someone says “yoga.” I think it’s important to eat healthy foods, and as I share that they see it and ask whether something is healthy or has “artificial colors,” for example.

    It’s easy to think this stuff is just for grown-ups. The real work is in sharing your authentic self with your kids.

  16. And I love this prayer by Marianne Williamson… <3

    Dear God,
    There are no words for the depth of my love for this child.
    I pray for her care and her protection.
    I surrender her into Your hands.
    Please, dear God, send Your angels to bless and surround her always.
    May she be protected from the darkness of our times.
    May she always see You at the center of her life.
    May her heart grow strong.
    To love you and serve You.
    I surrender, dear God, my parenthood to You.
    Make me the parent You want me to be.
    Show me how to love most patiently, to be there for her most fully.
    To understand profoundly who she is and what she needs.
    May this family be a blessing unto her now and forever.
    May she learn here values and principles of love and righteousness.
    May she learn from me kindness.
    May she learn from me strength.
    May she learn from me the lessons of power:
    That she has it and
    Must surrender it to You, to be used for Your
    purposes throughout her life.
    For thus shall You be gladdened,
    And thus shall she be free,
    To live most fully and love most deeply.
    That is my wish.
    That is my prayer for her and for me forever.

    (from: Marianne Williamson, Illuminata, A Return to Prayer)

  17. This is such a great interview. I have been longing for an article like this that combines spirituality and motherhood! Thank you so much for this!

    Being a mom to me is the best thing in the world.
    I am so grateful and humbled by my baby.
    Birth was an unfotgettable experience and I connected with my daughter straight away through eye-contact. She blew me away.
    From day one, I’ve just felt blessed and I am so thankful that The Course has come into my life just before I got pregnant. That way, I could read in The Course every day during pregnancy and was able to meditate through birth. Now I am doing the lessons every day and they really help me to stay connected. From day one, I would ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance. As I am experiencing it, motherhood is a field of many many rights and wrongs and connecting to the Holy Spirit clearly has helped me to stay focused and turn down the noise. And this is really hard sometimes… Of course, every woman and every man thinks that they are doing or have done what’s right and best for their child. Subsequently, I have never ever experienced so much opinion-forcing from outside.
    Asking someone who really knows 😉 for help has led me into a relaxed start into motherhood in which I can enjoy every single moment. Pregancy and birth and also being a mom have been by far my most truthful and holy experiences.

    Would definitely do it again! 😉

  18. Just thought you might like to know Gabby that the number 111 came up as the link to this article in my browser 🙂 beautiful article. Can’t wait to be a mum some day too 🙂 x x

  19. Gabby, I just love this post and the women that you have featured here. I really awoke in the moment that I saw my son and you were one of my first teachers on my journey. Now that he is 4 (and I have since had a daughter, 18months) they witness my spiritual journey daily. I have taught him meditation, yoga and also gratitude. I believe that as mothers we can serve at our highest purpose through modelling and ‘being’ in that space vs just teaching them through words. Being a mother has had the most beautiful impact on my life and brought me to a place of complete peace. I now mentor other mothers to do the same in their life. You have raised the vibration of motherhood just by bringing these beautiful souls together – deep thanks xoxox

  20. Sat Nam. CHildren are our greatest teachers. I am a single mum to a 13 year old girl. She presses my buttons…. of course she does! And sometimes its hard to stay patient and understanding.No-one mentioned , in any of your comments the challenges that rise up as they bring to the surface our darkness that needs healing. Its all very well saying how lovely it all is, and yes it mostly is, but be prepared for nothing going as you plan it ! Kids rock us and it is the most amazing learning experience but often stormy, especially these hormonal years which are so different from the early years of them being totally dependent on us. Our Mother’s Journey is enriched and supported by other women who share and give their time and love. Blessings of truth and patience to you all. xx

  21. Thank you for this post about including children in your spiritual practices. I do this some but would like to do it more. I’ve never thought of tapping with my child and think it is such a great tool for anyone to learn. I have a 4 year old and 3 month old (both girls) and want to include them in meditation time. Any tips for working with an energetic 4 year old with regards to meditation? I will still be taking my own time for it as well but think modeling it for the girls would be very valuable. Thank you again- sat nam.

  22. Love this post and I’d like to start doing more to include my children (4 year old, 3 month old girls) in my spiritual practice. Any tips for meditating with an energetic 4 year old? And I’ve never thought of tapping with my child- what a great idea and tool for them in the future. Thank you again for including this post! Sat Nam.

  23. Being a Mom is the best and most profound journey I’ve been on in life…and I’ve done alot!! And I guess I would be considered a “Spirit Junkie” Mom too….and it’s wonderful to see how independent, compassionate and caring my young adult children are. I was a single Mom for much of the time as well, so am very proud of me and them 🙂 The most important thing I would offer is to make sure as a Mom one allows receiving and Self-Care often enough.

  24. This post oddly means a lot to me despite the fact that I am only 19 (and quite obviously not ready to start a family yet). I have always known that I would want to be a mother, and while working with children as I am trying to get my teaching degree, it is something that has become even more apparent to me. I find this interview sooooo refreshing and I will hopefully use these tools not only as a future mother but also in my future classroom as well 🙂

  25. My son is ten now & from the moment he was born, he’s projected my inner feelings & conflicts. It amazes me how he responds almost instantly when I feel positive or negative, he’s a perfect reflection of my light & shadow. He reminds me to love & care for myself & rather than trying to change a behaviour in him, I change it in myself & he naturally adapts. He leaves me nowhere to hide & is my greatest mentor…he speaks my truth & helps me to spiritually grow.

  26. Thank you for this ! Perfect time for me to read this. My son is the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with. It is necessary to slow down and remember what a gift and blessing I have everyday. This was a beautiful reminder.
    P.S. I was 36 when I had my nugget ????

  27. Gabby, thank you for honoring your mama and these 3 wonderful mamas! As The mamas are the spiritual heart of the family – my life has been enriched and powered up by being a mom to my powerful 13-year old daughter. As you know, I take her with me everywhere I go. She was invited in through prayer at Agape when I was visioning being a mama and she was conceived under the vibration of Agape’s Revelation festival in 2000. She is the light and love of my life. I am in awe of her magnificence on a daily basis. She is the inspiration for my walk as a woman, a mama-activist, my work as a mom’s coach and the Million Mamas Movement. She is my spiritual teacher, I simply mentor her. What strikes me daily is that all the children are our children – we are the ones who are blessed by them. May we always seek to be stewards of a better world for them, for ourselves, and for the next 7 generations through our choices and actions individually and collectively

  28. Seeing my girls grow has been so awe-inspiring (on a near-daily basis). I am so grateful to be on this path, which goes hand in hand with the wondrous opportunity to be an example to them. It is a relationship like no other, each is unique, each requires time and love and reflection, and best of all- learning and inner growth. There is a lot to juggle (sometimes clumsily) and the difference between being ‘on your own’ and a mom is mind-boggling, at times overwhelming, and then simultaneously so very complete. I love what Latham said about having been “one” whole sharing sacred space. No one knows her baby (& later, child) like a tuned-in mama!

      1. My beautiful son put me on a path to my spiritual awakening I believe that our children are our greatest teachers. My lil angel was born with special needs his bright light taught me so much about myself and the world around us, before him I was a self centered egotistical party girl, that all changed when he entered my life and although we face challenges I wouldn’t trade being his mom for anything! We meditate together we pray together and he even does angel card readings he’s only 8! One thing I would suggest all moms do is teach them to protect themselves with the white light of divinity surrounding them before sending them off to school I find this very affective in protecting them from picking up on others negative energys. Children are so in tune and sensitive.I find being a spirit junkie mom really benefits the family as a whole! Thanks Gabby

  29. This article is so wonderful Gabby! I myself am not a mother yet. I am 35yo & post divorce. But I am so grateful that you have been one of my spiritual teachers because when I do have children, they will have a completely different upbringing because of this spiritual path I have been led on! I am now in Kundalini teacher training that is exploding my life into complete order & bringing me back to my true essence! Bless you and all that you do!! 🙂

    Much love,
    Prem Amrit Kaur

  30. I love the idea of connecting in with my kids when they’re not with me (ie at school). What a beautiful and loving idea. My heart is full, thanks for putting this together Gabby. If you do choose to have a babe, I know you’ll be an amazing Momma!

  31. I’m so glad I had my daughter after embarking on my current spiritual path. I am so much more focused on the present moment. I believe my daughter IS an extension of myself in that she is very similar to me and I know how her mind is thinking because I thought (think) the same way. I am glad I have some tools to help her through the things my mother did not ‘see’ or understand in me. My big thing is communication. I express to her exactly what I am thinking (within appropriate limits) so that she sees and hears what I am feeling and how I am dealing with issues in my life. Although I think most people would say that they know their parents love them and they might say ‘I love you’ all the time, but I go beyond that simple statement and explain why I think she’s awesome and why I love her so much and how important she is to me and my husband.

  32. This is an amazing post and something I have been thinking a lot about. I work with children on a therapeutic level and many of them would so greatly benefit from being able to self soothe through meditation. Anyone know of good guided meditations for kids?

    1. the peace begins with me meditation from my new book Miracles now is great. And the peace is in your pulse meditation from the book .

  33. You’re going to be the best mama ever gab! I’m holding space for you! I can see it.

    Your mama’s hand cuffs got me through the winter and I’m having her on my Podcast, I’m psyched! Can’t wait to learn from her too. I loved some of the wisdom she shared during one of your early “vintage” lectures! Love you mama.

    & Latham is my girl- mad Taurus love.

    1. I absolutely agree morning moments of gratitude and shared expression harness what’s to come out the day. It’s been a journey to say the least since having my second son and toddler running around. They keep the energy alive… and finding this read has been ever so uplifting. Building on my inner guidance and being a mom is woven so close its almost scary. They are the light inside quadrupled into present day.

  34. A big tip for me is to see my children as individuals not as an extension of myself. A lot of times people will tell me what a great parent I am because of the way my children behave but I know it is truly because they are wonderful little beings. I feel blessed and grateful to be their mother. I thank God every day.

  35. Wow. This was exactly what I needed this morning. Inspiring to say the least. I tend to over think everything and beat myself up when things aren’t going well. I need to remember to breath through the tough moments and hold space for my children to come back around from the tantrums and poor attitudes. Thanks for this. Xoxo

  36. Probably one my favorite blogs that you did! I’m a children’s yoga teacher, I have started to teach Kundalini meditations to both my kids and parents. Its my mission to see kids and parents come to together as a family everyday for 10 minutes. To hear these powerful moms talk about bringing mindfulness, keeping their own identity and grow with their children is exactly what moms need to know. I’ll certainly be sharing this with all my kids yoga parents. Thank you for this beautiful post. XOXO

      1. hello Gabrielle,like join master junkie class ?
        live in England,mother of six children ,work part time,love do be a speaker,and coach like you so great.I have all books c d s and dvd,
        warm blessings
        chantel x

  37. Becoming a mom truly changed me. My son has taught me how to love myself. I have become a better person because of him. I struggled with addiction for many years before he came along and am so grateful he has never seen me drink or use. One of my biggest blessings. He is 2 now and I have another boy on the way. U will be an awesome mom! Btw saw u yesterday at the expo. First time in person n got so much out of it. Thank u!

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