What I Learned in Berlin

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Spirit Junkies!!!

This week I’m psyched to share with you what I learned in Berlin. Wherever I go I welcome opportunities for spiritual growth. In Berlin I received a beautiful lesson from my European friends. If you tend to overdo it with food, love, money … then this vlog is for you!!!

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  1. The feeling of needing more is something that I have been working with lately and this definitely brought some needed guidance. Thank you!

  2. What a valuable vlog! While taking in your message today, I really felt a huge weight lift off me as I focused on honoring what I have in this moment. I will really enjoy honoring this week’s assignment. Thanks so much, Gabby for all you do! Enjoy Pairs, girl!

  3. Gabby! I love that I’ve caught the spiritual wave with you. Like so many others, am blessed to have your vlogs tell me exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. Thank you!

  4. Awesome blog and thanks for the loving reminder. I had a similar moment when planning for my future trip to Miami for all the new dresses I need to get and new shoes. I don’t need anymore I have great pieces in my wardrobe already fro fun in the sun 🙂 I’m grateful for what I have and gonna strut my stuff on the Miami beaches. Have a great time in Paris!

  5. So, yes! this is EXACTLY what has been coming up with me lately! I have equated it to a really feeling of a loss of innocence that I am fearful will not return. So, I overeat, over shop, etc etc because I feel afraid that since I do not have innocence (which of course is just a lie the ego tells me) I’d better fill myself up with these other things so I feel safe. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone…xo, Emily Love

  6. Thanks Gabby! I’d love to hear more about how you overcame/overcome the desire to overeat. I think it’s something a lot of us can relate to.

  7. Thanks Gabby… great topic.
    All the things you mentioned seems to be where we “lose ourselves” in consciousness. I love your message here and it reminds me of the concept of “sufficiency”. So often the mind noise seeks to persuade us “more.. more”… but when we get still and listen deeper I find true bliss in having just the amount to be sufficient. Now I’m going to go have a piece of tart. LOL

    Hugs hugs,


  8. Gabby, really appreciated hearing this. I have been feeling a low level fear of not having enough or not being satisfied enough. Loved this message. I will be more mindful and appreciative of what I have now. It is, in fact, enough. Definitely testing my mind constructed limitations. The richness in life is definitely in the experiences, not the foods, earnings, and amassing of material goods.

    Thank you for this message. Enjoy Paris!

  9. I have a Japanese friend who is often astounded at the amount of food/goods/materials/energy that North Americans use. She has a good point there. When I go to my Japanese friend’s house for dining, I am always so pleased with the gorgeous arrangement of food and small portions. Her philosophy that ‘Less can be More’ is similar to yours Gabby. Thank you very much for reinforcing this vital idea in the Vlog from Berlin. As always, I treasure your words of wisdom.

  10. I love your book and your vlog! What you said today is something that I’ve been working on since reading your book and going back and re reading the course. Thank you Gabby for keeping it and me real.

  11. Very grateful for this 1, Gabby! Lately, I have been scaling back in my life, and being a minimalist already, it wasn’t the easiest task in the world but well worth it. I thought that I had really cut back on new purchases and the like, but I found that I could do even more and dare I say it enjoy myself even more by freeing up more money, space and time to smell the roses already there. Less is more! What a great mantra for the week!

  12. Timing is everything, and this message is coming to me when I need it most. Everything seems to be breaking and costing a lot of money to fix. Watching this message made me feel grateful that I have the means by with to fix all that is broken without breaking us. I never miss any of your Vlogs and just love the message of Love that you spread throughout this world. Thank you!

  13. Fantastic message and a good reminder for us all! Loving what I have today is going to be my mantra <3 Thank you and enjoy Eourpoe and our gorgeous weather!

  14. Yay for Berlin!
    Thank you for this vlog! It is wonderful to enjoy what we have! When we do, the full pleasure and essence of something can fully blossom.
    It also brings up feelings that “all is as it is meant to be and that all is taken care of”. I certainly pray and meditate on this topic a few times a week to keep the ego thoughts at bay.
    Sending hip circles your way to Europe and to al the spirit junkies here!!!

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