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If you’ve been following me on instagram you know that I just got home from Brazil after visiting the famous medium John of God. (For more information about John of God you can watch this video.) I set off to Brazil seeking a blessing for my new book, Miracles Now. As I expected, I also received many additional blessings and lessons.

On my spiritual quest I received a lot of beautiful guidance. To my surprise, I learned one of my greatest lessons before I even arrived in Brazil. Watch this video to hear the message I received and learn how to apply it in your own life.

If you want to visit John of God in Brazil check out these two great guides:

Brazil Healing

John of God Brazil

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  1. What a beautiful message, and you look beautiful and light-hearted too Gabby! It’s amazing how effervescent we feel when we get out of our own way and let go of controlling. This is just the message I needed to hear. Thank you.

    1. Yes! I needed to hear this! I get so angry, frustrated when things don’t go the way I want them to. I start fuming and become , welll…difficult to be around with. I just did it this morning. Then I was contemplating my attitude on my drive to work, and this is pretty much what I concluded as well, using your mantra of inner guide, please help me recycle these throughts . This is the throught that came through me as well, that I need to get over myslef and let it go!

  2. Gabby, I love you! Thank you for being such an inspiration. You’re helping me to more fully step into my role as a lightworker and I cannot wait to meet you in September at the Spirit Junkie Masterclass!!! xoxo

  3. Hey Gabby,
    Thanks for the message. I am going through a break up and the relationship was 2 and a half years. I am finding that getting out of my own way is tricky! My ego wants to attack but I am finding that giving this to my ING is what is needed.


  4. This is my absolute favourite vlog so far Gabby.
    The message is simple but solid, and to see you in your element just makes me smile! Looking forward to Miracles Now and all that it has to offer.
    Keep shining! xo

  5. OBRIGADA! Thank you for delivering this gold nugget advice straight from Brazil – this speaks perfectly to a stuck moment I was just having in trying to make a project come together perfectly – it makes sense now – time to get out of the way!

  6. Great Divine insight.It is reassuring that spiritual teachers also struggle in real life situations, too.Way to redeem the time!
    Thanks XOXO

  7. Gabby, you LOOK SO different. There is peace all around you in this video. you look so relaxed and happy and sort of hard to describe but it all falls under the guise of GOOD! well done…makes me want to go to John of God…i may have to look into how to make this happen. Thanks for sharing. love ya.

  8. Beautiful message, as always Gabby. This lesson is one we can all use some fine tuning on — a work in progress for myself as well, for sure! 🙂

    Sending you lots of love & good vibes for a most amazing book launch. (How could it be anything less?) May it be of benefit to many!! xo

  9. What a beautiful message and how extraordinary to remember that the greatest lessons may happen en route to our “destination”….thank you for continuing to share your insights so generously. Much love and gratitude- tara

  10. Hi Gaby,

    Thank you so much again. Greetings from St Lucia. I have literally gobbled up your books since your visit here and have just finished the May cause miracles, 40 day guidebook. I am nervous to continue my days without this wonderful guide. I am re reading and making more notes in a deeper way, 2nd time around. A got miracles galore. It has been life changing for me and many others…..thank you for the message. i needed it today and all days. Come back to St Lucia. lot’s of love Marie P.

  11. I love this Gabby, and it was exactly the message I needed to hear today. I am looking for my beloved/soulmate, and so often I get tripped up by how I think things SHOULD be — when I think I should find him, etc — and it’s a real challenge to just let it unfold naturally. I’m so used to taking action to make my dreams come true, that I admit I (erroneously) feel like I have to take action to make my soulmate appear. Letting go and getting out of my own way and just letting it unfold naturally and letting the Universe bring him to me in perfect timing is SUCH a challenge, but I really want to make that my intention moving forward. Thank you. (my clock hit 11:11 when I first watched your vlog…thank you angels 🙂 )

  12. You always turn your experience into wisdom. Get out of my way, so f.. good, and i would add: Get my divine soul into my body, my one with God. Love all your way , amy Brazil shower you with love and miracles .

  13. gabby, how did you visit John of God? i started looking into it and it seems there are a lot of companies that lead groups…did you go as part of a group? or can you visit independently and make reservations with john of god directly? can you maybe tell us/me how it works to get there? thanks so much for the guidance in this and all other things you bring forth. much love

  14. was just thinking this this morning !! get over yourself and the “i want I want I want” it’s not about what I want it’s about what the universe wants. sat nam!

  15. Hey Gabby! I feel like I’m always guided to you, because your always sharing wisdom I need to hear at that precious time. I’ve been struggling with patience to watch my own brand grow and just a reminder to stop trying so hard to MAKE it happen. “Get out of your way” -So simple, yet profound. Love you Gabby!


  16. Good one! Love your monday posts, they are always spot on 🙂

    Know what? Today, I started to meditate. I just stopped thinking about doing it, and did it. 3 minutes to start with. This will be my experiment from now on. And inspired by you, I will try to write about it at myzenden.blogspot.com Excited!

    Thank you for being you. Your are amazing – namasté.

  17. Gabby thanks for this message. I’ve been wanting to travel to Brazil and meet John of God for some time now. Your such an inspiration and I’m so grateful for you. I’ve read all your books and cant wait for your newest one! xoxo Michelle

  18. thank you for the video. I also got stuck en route to Brazil and had to spend a night in Houston and met someone who I would never have met! I would love to hear your insights on John of God too. Always curious.

  19. Gaby, I work for a company called Own the Room and that is our #1 speaking tip. “Get over yourself!” It always works when you get out of your way and let your message come through. It’s a beautiful tip. I used to be so afraid to speak and once I internalized that message, it changed everything for me.

    Can’t wait to hear more from your trip. Thank you!

  20. Interesting vid!!

    Gabby, this may be the wrong place to post this but I would LOVE to see you do a video/Skype call with Teal Scott- the Spiritual Catalyst. She is my new Shero!
    Check her out at askteal.com or Teal Scott on youtube.
    I promise I’m not employed on her behalf!
    Monika X

  21. Love this! I am listening to Spirit Junkie on audiobook right now, and this message fits in so well with what I am learning from the chapters I have just read. I have been sharing my reading with my mom who struggles with judgement and resentment of others and I feel that this resonates perfectly with the amazing discussions we have been having! Thank you! Peace and Love! xx

  22. This happened to me when I was on my way to your conference in Krapalu, we missed our connection in Phily. My friend and I decided to drive, we met an older Professor and a young pilot who wanted to drive with us, so the 4 of us piled into a car and drove to Albany. I have to say it beat sitting in the airport, amazing conversations when you throw 4 ppl from diff backgrounds on a 4hr road trip! So I agree I need to remember to get out of my own way! Thanks!

  23. I definitely needed to hear this today. Thank you Gabby, and I hope you had an amazing experience with John of God. I hope to see you when you come to Chicago!

  24. Beautiful! Wow…just what I am working on right now! And it is hard…(!!)it is like the way we thing it should be, we somehow start to believe is the only way to go…When really there are thousands of ways to get to a destination we desire.

    Thank you for sharing!

  25. Your natural beauty shines so brightly from within in this video! Thank you for the wonderful message as it applies to everyone of us in one way or another. With love and light!

  26. HI Gabby. Thank you for these words. I find them to be so healing and powerful to where I am right now. I am graduating in November with my Master’s degree in counseling and am struggling with the stress of finding a job. Ultimately I want to have my own practice, but I first need the hours to get licensed. My stress comes from there not being any jobs available when I graduate. My question for you is how does this message work with manifestation? I am torn between putting my desires out there and meditating on what I want and allowing what will happen to happen. Any thoughts or advice on this subject? Thank you!

    1. Hey Alex,
      I am currently having the same issue, only I am learning it the hard way. I have graduated this December, and still looking for a job. The main issue is to let go and trust the universe, and most importantly ask for help. I focused so much energy on fears of not founding a job or blocking the natural flow of energy of things… that I found myself alone and unemployed for a month now. If I would have asked and then let go of it, I would have been open to invitations or help to get the best job for me… but I was so resilient on founding my job the way I wanted to find it that I could not even see when opportunities where there. So keep looking, keep moving and meeting people …. but let go and ask for the best !

      1. Thank you so much for those words and inspiration. Your experiences are powerful and I am going to put them into practice! I hope to try to find a balance between manifesting and letting go (which Gabby’s new video jsut talked about and I am beginning to find clarity on the subject). Thank you for your connection and divine words. Have a great day!

  27. Hi gabby, could you do a vlog about what you should do if you dont know what you want in specific. Do i have to know exactly or can i just try to think positive thoughts and trust that universe has got a great plan for me coming my way? Thanks!

  28. This is a great message! Sometimes, we think we know exactly what is best for our lives, but spirit is all-knowing is never leads us astray. Remembering to “get out of your way” is sooo important when you want to live your best life. When we release the things that we have been holding on to that block our way, we can let spirit in to guide us to ways that can be better than we ever imagined!

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of the trip!


  29. Hi Gabby!

    I met you at FAU.. and squealed. I know you met so many but it was amazing to meet you, thanks!

    I was hoping this would get answered on your Hay House show yesterday…

    I recently was led to seek out assistance from John of God and the Entities and my life has seemingly fallen apart…. or hopefully is course correcting itself now. On January 11, my long time friendship/romantic relationship ended (badly) which led me to decide I would send my photo and order the herbs from John of God. I am getting the herbs through sacredlightours.com a site of Heather Cummings, I believe. Then one month later on February 11 (this week) I was let go from my job (one week after sending my photo) It is not a huge surprise as I have been unhappy there and feel I manifested this outcome. The breakup sent me down a deep spiral but I feel very content and relieved about the job loss. My photo is being presented to John of God on Feb 26. I’ve heard that the minute I welcome the guidance of the entities the work can begin, is this what is happening? My life has fallen apart in the span of a month both happening on the 11th and I am hopeful it is a good sign.
    Do the entities work on external factors of our lives? I am now completely open to the guidance, I keep expecting it and waiting. I use the prayer from the course “what would you have me do?” all I mean ALL the time and the guidance has been trickling in. I want the flood gates to open and am need of serious direction and guidance. Thank you!

  30. This is a beautiful message, thank you Gabby! I have a John of God question: It is not possible for me to travel to Brasil at the moment and I was wondering if anybody has experience of the John of God distance healing (by sending a photo and taking herbs as explained on the website) and if it is worth doing?


  31. I am so glad I found you Gabby. A friend of mine told me about you as I was telling her about JB Glossinger “morning coach” who I’ve listened to and followed for years, but yours was the message I was missing. Thanks for the meditation guidance and reinforcement of the ing in each of us.

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