How to Wake Up Psyched Every Day!

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Note: This post was updated in July 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

For the past decade I’ve been a speaker and book author. I wake up every day thrilled to run to my computer and get to work!

I am so psyched about my career because I let joy and purpose become my life’s work. We all have the power to turn our passion into our paycheck and wake up psyched every day!

How to wake up psyched every day

Watch the video below to learn my three tips to turn what you love into your career. You can also keep reading for a breakdown of the three steps.

Honor your effortless actions and what you do by choice

The first step is to identify your effortless actions. What are the things that you do because you love them? Maybe you love being of service and on the weekends you volunteer in a soup kitchen.

Or maybe you love throwing parties and you’re awesome at it. You’re the girl that throws the best parties in town and this is your favorite thing on the planet to do. Maybe you love styling your best friends. Maybe you write short stories because you have so many to tell and love creating characters!

Those effortless actions, if you practice them enough, can become your career.

Be willing to work for free — for a little while

This step is crucial. Be willing to do what you love for free for a period of time. I want to emphasize this last part of the sentence: for a period of time. You don’t want to get stuck in doing what you love for free forever, because that’s not going to fly. That’s not a career. You want to be paid for your good work. But there is a period of time where it’s crucial to just give and be of service and get really good at what you do.

When I was running my PR business, I was speaking publicly at the Learning Annex, women’s organizations and seminars. I would talk about how I was running a business at 21 and what I was doing to transform my life. I did this for five years for free. When I started giving motivational talks, I just showed up to my community center and library and spoke for free to learn how to speak in this new way.

It didn’t actually feel like I was doing anything for free because I got so much joy out of it. It was so fun for me. Doing this public speaking for free prepared me for the time when I was ready to start to charge for my trade. I had worked out all the kinks. I felt confident in this new skill, and I felt like I really earned my way.

When I started to sell tickets to my live events and people would ask me to speak I would say, “My fee is this.” It was very natural for me to begin to ask for money because I’d put my time in and I’d nurtured my craft. Today, it is my primary profession.

The time where you are working for free is crucial because it gives you an opportunity to hone your craft and get the word out about your skills. Don’t be afraid to work for free. But only for a period of time. You will know when you’re ready to start charging.

Energy flows where intention goes

Wherever we focus our energy, we send fuel. We send fire. We send inspiration and excitement. Whatever you’re focusing on, you’re creating. So focus on what you love, and have fun while you do it!

If you’re out there doing your work for free for a while, you’re focusing on it. If you’re staying up late at night and on weekends practicing your craft and your work, you’re focusing on it.

Find the time to bring energy to that work that inspires you that you feel passionate about. In a short period of time, that passion will soon become your paycheck. Infusing that passion with your energy will bring forth all that you need to make it your career.

How I followed my passion!

I have one more short video for you! Check this out to learn how I went from color-war captain to New York Times bestselling author.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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  1. Thanks Gabby!

    You’re such an inspiration.
    I like your clarity and your way of expression. You transmit me vitality, passion and love for everything you do. It’s so exiting to think and be able to see that there’s people like you who started building their own career and is actually living the life of their dreams or even a life better than they ever imagined. It gives me hope and example. In my case I’m still finding out what I really want to do in life. I’d like to feel magic in uncertainty but it actually piss me off sometimes. Any way I’ll try to think that the universe has my bag and sooner than later I’ll find my purpose. Once I got face to face with my true desires I wanna jump to them without fear!

  2. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you very much for this video, your wisdom, and your straightforward approach to this topic. You are right that this IS a very important and tough issue for many people, myself included. Having spent too many years waking up with little to look forward to, I am now exhausted and desperate to create a career that I love–one that is guided by spirit. My problem is that my interests are all over the place. Knowing where to focus my energy has always been a struggle as my attention quickly flutters from one flower to the next. This also means that I don’t have a reasonable amount of experience in any one field, so I constantly feel like I’m starting from scratch. I’m 30 now, and I’m ready to get serious. Please help! You’re an angel. Thank you for the great work that you do.


    1. Lean towards joy and you will be led… Keep leaning into what brings you happiness and joy and more will unfold.

  3. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for spreading your love & light! You came to me & daughter this last Christmas: Miracles Now (book & CD), May Cause Miracles (CD). Have enjoyed your spirit.
    At 49 I have finally awaken the light within. This has come after many years of struggling with being physically/mentally abused as a child, Type I Diabetes, other immune problems & last year when a car lost control & physically hit me. The car pinned my leg under the engine while dragging me underneath the car down a snow/ice covered hill. This has left many physical/mental scars that I had just released from childhood. Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful for things I can do again like walk & drive. I was so excited going to Macy’s the other day to find some clothes after 17 months, only to be faced with how I looked in a full length mirror.
    My question is How do I overcome the physical look/movement of my body? So want to attend your “Amplify Your Intuition” Program at Kripalu but with hall bathrooms feel very uncomfortable others seeing any part of my body.
    Thank you! Again, much love and light upon you & your team. 😀

    1. Dear Joan,
      I resonate a lot with you.
      I actually can understand so much your fear of let others see a part of your body in hall bathrooms. I had the same feeling a long time ago. My leg is full of scars due to a cancer I had when I was 9 years old. I’m very conceited. So the time I needed to show my damaged leg to someone was so frightening. Now I’m starting to see my leg like a beautiful map of the world. The map of my story that is different to anybody else. Scars with different colors, textures, lengths… sometimes I like to feel myself like an adventurer of life and these are the marks that show that I have lived so many things already. Watching and seeing it with humor has helped me a lot. Hope it may also be helpful for you Send you love and light!! xoxoxo

  4. Hi Gabby

    My spiritual path startet only in Nov 2014 and now Iam starting to get overwelmed with all my thoughts, creative ideas and signs. Yesterday I met you at your speaking event in Berlin and Iam blown away by you and everything that had happened and that I felt throughout the day.
    But it is so much to process. Would you please send me a prayer, that can help me to overcome the “Wildness” in my brain and the exhaustion?

  5. I’m currently in Marketing and I want to change careers and focus on College career counseling. I know I have to go back to school and get a masters, but I also want to gain some experience. What do you suggest I start doing? When it comes to counseling, it seems like I can’t get in the door unless I have some experience even if it’s working for free.

  6. Dear Gabby,
    I have been drawn to your work, love and light radiates through everything that you do. Thank you for positively impacting the world with your spirit. The topic of this vlog is so important. Our world needs more people to awaken to their passion and actively pursue that which excites the soul.

    For the last 7 years I have been working to make my passion my paycheck. I know that what I am doing is my life’s work, why I was placed on this planet at this time. I have not made a ton of money however, the impact has been huge. My goal is to wipe out global malnutrition which kills a child every 6 seconds. So far we have given 80 million servings of nutrition to 250,000 kids in 89 countries. We have a long way to go, each day we move closer to the goal. Giving children a foundation through education on nutrition, sustainability and loving them where they are has been a huge blessing. I know that we are changing the trajectory of the world and empowering the people in it to pay it forward.

    I listened to one of your talks a year ago and was inspired to take action. I began writing a book and diving deeper into my own blog and spreading this message of love. I honor the work you do and the way it ignites the passions in others to do what they are meant to while here. I just love you and send heart felt gratitute to you. I hope one day our paths cross.


  7. #deargabby
    thank you for your inspirational video on how to make your passions your paycheck.
    i am creating a movement for women to discover their inner voice. so many of us women not only have lost our voices but we were never taught to have one.
    i feel it deeply in my heart that this world needs the beauty of our feminine hearts. i need direction on how to go about creating this movement. trying to write a mission statement. the universe IS sending me the right people such as your video this morning. many blessings gabby for sharing you with us!
    sat nam

  8. Rebecca,
    First off, YOU ROCK! You’re 19 and already on this journey. OMG sister… You are my hero… Keep working your miracles and trust that the Universe is guiding you. There is magic in uncertainty… own it.
    sending you deep love. i hope you join me on the free training on april 6 xoox

  9. Hey Gabby!

    Im stuck! I am 19 years old, and trying to get myself on a fulfilling life path and I keep finding that whatever path I start to travel on I quickly stumble off to something completely different because I find my energy through it and my passion for it is so short lived. I am all over the page. My greatest and most present fear is my future being so unknown.

    I can’t seem to pin point any effortful actions that I can act on, or find of anything Im “good at”. But I have this intense burning feeling that I KNOW that I want to run my own business, and I know that something really great is going to come and Im going to have this beautiful fulfilling life, ( I can just feel it ) I just cant seem to pin point what it is I DO and have enough passion to follow through with it. I have a really hard time committing myself to one path because I just feel as if I wont be making the right move or that I am not as passionate as I thought about it, and let others talk it down.

    I am currently going through May Cause Miracles for like the fourth time, and just bought your newest book Miracles Now, and both are my bibles, I worship them! I keep hoping that something in there will help me find my way but I am having a hard time picking out what really addresses my situation.

    I really hope, and I pray that you see this and can help me kickstart my career and life! You are SUCH an inspiration to me, and have done wonders for myself and many others out there. Keep doin what ya do!

    Much love,


  10. This video made me cry but in a good way! I’m going though this exact thing right now. I started a business Notice Your Soul (check out my site!) and it’s what I love! I have built a solid career in finance but I have felt “off” for a long time – just as you felt. Thank you for the support. The timing of this video is perfect. Rianna

  11. Thank you so much dear sister!
    As always ding dings my heart 🙂
    Any feedback on what I can do to make my kids holistic program generation gratitude go to the next level.
    I would be so so grateful.
    Shine on sister!

    With love and gratitude,
    elena sheehy

  12. Great video Gabby! I need to re-focus on what it is I do that I love naturally. In fact, I’ve been doing something all year that I love, for free, for others and didn’t even realize it. Your video called my attention to it. Thanks chica, that’s a start… What if a person just likes being a part of their family? Cooking for them, arranging travel to see one another and talking with them? How could that be a job?

  13. Hi Gabby,

    What a fabulous video, thank you for sharing! I’m at the beginning of that journey, the unmarked road as I call it – making my own path!

    My passion is writing and helping people with mental health issues. I took the very step you mention in your video! I’ve started a blog,, and am giving help and support for free, whilst writing my first book. I love what I do, but am not yet ready to make it my career. Not earning money is scary!

    I am very lucky that when I lost my job in December, my fiancé agreed to let me do this full time. To really make a go of it. To break free from the chains that society likes to place us in.

    I would be truly honoured if you drop by my site and tell me what you think. I know you must have thousands of requests like this, but you have been such a driving force in me having the courage to make my passion my career; it really would be an amazing thing to me! Be gentle, it’s only been live for two months. 🙂

    Hope you’re having an amazing day.
    Dani xx

  14. What if you don’t have any passions or energy at all? At least it feels like that. At the moment, I can’t get myself to do anything. I have no energy, and even though I’m finding my my area of studies (I’m a first year undergraduate student) interesting, I have to struggle just to get me to do the weekly readings or whatever. How do I find my motivation? How do I know what I’m passionate about? I liked what you were saying about ‘effortless actions’, but it seems to me that everything in my life just sucks the energy out of me instead of provides me with some. Need all the help I can get, as you can probably guess. And I adore you for your wisdom, love and light!

  15. Gabby-
    I know with every breath I take that I am destined to be a lightworker. Through loads of personal development and energy work I released trauma from my childhood (as many of us have 😉 ) and 20+ years of depression and anxiety naturally. I believe I went through lots of fire to come out on the “other side” the happiest, healthiest person I know, however I have never been able to get my thoughts or ideas together to create the “Delicious life” program that’s been in my head for 5 years. It is extremely disheartening but I truly do not want to give up because far too many women who need my message are waiting for me to get it together. Any ideas????

  16. Gabby,

    I try to randomly open miracles now once a day to see what message I need to hear that day.

    Thank you for this video. Your new home looks great. I definitely needed to hear this today. I could use some help: I currently work in IT full time and work with dogs/cats part time. I want to be thankful for what I do have.

    Working with animals is my true passion. It’s when I can be of service to others. My dream is to open up a doggie day care one day. How can I continue to be thankful for what I do have and yet plan for the future ?

    Thanks so much,

  17. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this!! It’s exactly what I needed to shed some light on things. I’m hoping you can help me.

    I’m currently teaching kundalini yoga workshops, I’m writing my first book & contribute inspirational articles here & there. These are my passions.

    I’m blessed to have a nursing career that has afforded me the money needed for all of my training. But I’m so ready to move away from that career that takes up so much of my time & energy & I don’t exactly feel fulfilled as I do it. I know it’s serving financially at this point in time, but how do I begin to transition away from the safety net of that income to pursue more fully all of my passions of purpose?

    Much love,

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