Vlog Five: The F Word

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Note: Updated in December 2018  for clarity and additional resources.

This week’s topic is the F Word. This is a big, hefty, hefty topic.

The F Word

I want you to understand that forgiveness is not something that we can really grapple overnight. We can’t necessarily say, “Okay, I’m done. I forgive.” But it’s absolutely the most important principle in a Course in Miracles, and consequently, the most important spiritual principle in general for setting ourselves free and reconditioning our thoughts back to love.

Forgiveness is a constant releasing of resistance | Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinAnytime we carry a grievance or some kind of resentment towards someone, we are literally lowering our energy, we are activating a fearful illusion in our mind, and we are recreating that story over and over.

This isn’t just about letting others off the hook, it’s also about letting ourselves off the hook and transforming the experiences that we have in all areas of our life by releasing these angry resentments that we hold onto.

In this blog and the video below, I share 3 steps to get you started on your journey to forgiveness.

3 Steps To Forgive

Step 1: Be A Witness

The first step is to witness the people, situations, or institutions that you need to forgive. It may be a person, family member, former employer, maybe even an ex-lover.  The key is becoming conscious of those relationships that are resentful, uncomfortable and in fear.

Step 2: Time to Forgive.

After you’ve made a clear inventory of who it is and what it is that you need to forgive, the next step is to become willing to forgive those people. I always suggest that you spend 30 days directed towards the willingness to forgive. Say a daily affirmation or prayer in the morning like, “I choose to forgive this person. I am willing to release this. I choose to forgive this situation. I am willing to release this.”

When we say a prayer, we allow our consciousness to receive intuitive guidance | Judgment Detox | Gabby Bernstein Throughout the day, as that situations begin to ignite in your life, you can continue that mantra, “I choose to forgive this. I choose to release this.” That willingness will give you everything. It will guide you towards many, many miraculous opportunities.

Step 3: Practice Patience

Forgiveness isn’t something that happens overnight. Sometimes it can be a quantum shift, and you’re thrilled because it’s over, but often times it’s a process. It takes a moment for everything to marinate and transform inside of us.

I’ve had the most miraculous experiences of forgiving people when I’ve been willing to forgive, set an intention daily, prayed for guidance and asked for help.

When I think I surrendered, I surrender More | Universe Has Your Back Card deck by Gabby BernsteinMore importantly, by practicing patience, I was allowed to experience a transformation that I would never have been able to create on my own. There’s something that comes over you when you are ready to forgive. I know I’ve released it and have a huge weight lifted. I can say, “Yes. I can breathe again. This is over. I can let this go, and I can move forward.”

Return to love

Be patient and allow your Ing to do her thing. Allow that inner guided system to lead the way. Remember to identify who and what it is you need to forgive, be willing to forgive them and be patient.

There’s a lot more involved in this topic. I’ve nearly scratched the surface for you today, but I’m hopefully jump starting a whole journey for you to begin to forgive and release all of those who you have carried a resentment towards.

Add More ~ing To Your Life by Gabby Bernstein Join us on the Add More Ing Power Posse to further this conversation of forgiveness, and start engaging in chapter two of Add More ~ing To Your Life, which is forgiving.  I really hope this has sparked something in you to say, “I’m willing to try something different.”

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