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“Cord Cutting” is a ceremonial ritual based on the premise that when we enter into relationships an energetic cord is activated. These cords can weaken our energy and negatively affect us. Follow my three step process and proactively cut the energetic cord. For my cord cutting meditation CLICK HERE

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  1. Love this. You really give a new hip, REAL spin on what many people are afraid of. Thank you for making the “strange” and odd appear to be so natural and real- because it is! <3

    1. Thanks April! These spiritual principles saved my life and it is my duty to interpret them in a hip relevant way! I’m happy to be of service.
      Have a great day cutting your cords!

  2. Hi Gabby,

    Your video is actually very interesting for me at the moment as I’m going through a particular situation with a friend: I can’t decide whether or not I want to keep an energetic connection to that person. I feel like our relationship has been unstable. Sometimes she’s very positive and we support each other and I really enjoy being with her And at some other times she tells me lots of negative comments and I always end up feeling bad… I practised releasing her when that happens but I’m looking for other tools. What are we supposed to do in this kind of situation? Can you just cut the cord once in a while?


    1. yes you can cut the cord once in a while. if she is a close friend you can also tell her what’s coming up for you. i often remind my friends and family that i’m a loveatarian. I can’t properly digest the negative talk… say this in a gentle way and do your part to keep the relationship clear and light. if you feel the energy go to a nasty place – go home and cut the cord:)

      1. Ahhhhh, “loveatarian!!” I love it!! That kind of lighthearted boundary-setting framework totally speaks to me, as someone who is already very accustomed to explaining the ins and outs of veganism. I can work with this. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the great reminders Gabby. I just recommended this method to a friend of mine and will forward your video to her since it’s more detailed than what I sketched out for her. Your video reminds me to do this more for myself. And I see that I can even do this with some old parts of myself that keep coming back. I really appreciate your emphasis on being positive and proactive. Peace and blessings to you!

  4. Hi Gabby… I just found your website (which ROCKS!) and wanted to say thank you for sharing this information online. I was listening to your vlogs and really found myself digging deep within me for answers… I think the number one thing I realized after listening to two of your vlogs is how much mental clutter I have. I plan on working on that. THANK YOU for being so inspirational, and I look forward to cyber following you!!

    1. YOU ARE SOOO WELCOME:) I’m super psyched that your moved by the work. Stay connected and I hope you join me on HerFuture.com for more awesome spiritual connections.

  5. Gabby, I love your book and have been following your work for a while and wished I lived in NYC to be apart of your groups, but will be joing online. I have to say yesterday when you posted this video it was amazing for me because the night before I began the process of cutting the cord in a relationship that has been draining my energy for so long. I felt so connected when I saw your Vlog, it was exactly what I needed to hear. my particular relationship I am cutting the cord on is my romantic relationship with my daughters father, however I can’t completly cut the cord because of my daughter. I am just cutting the cord of our romantic relationship unless he agrees to counseling. But I can cut all the cords from the negative energy I recieve from him. Is this how I should percieve cutting the cords in this relationship??? Thank you for being such an incredible light & teacher for our generation!!!! Luv, vincenza

    1. Vincenza, remember that the cord you’re cutting is an energetic cord. You may still interact daily with that person but by cutting the energy field between you, clarity and peace can set in.
      Continue to practice these three steps and welcome the miracles.

  6. Hi Gabby,
    Love the new sight!! The timing on this Vlog is impeccable!! Thank you so much for sharing your light!!
    What really resonated with me about cord cutting was the notion that we too are helping to create that cord; that our own displeasure is felt by the other person. It is so powerful to realize that we have a responsibility to an energy greater than our own to be our best self. To make a long story short, I am preparing to transition into another company which is very uptone, but in the mean time I will be cutting a cord or two.
    Do you feel that it is possible to create a positive new cord with an individual after one has been cut?

    1. You can enter into the new company with clean clear energy by cutting the cords from the past. Make a commitment not to hook into anyone elses energy but rather to be a shining light who uplifts the room with her own happiness and inner peace. Your happiness is contagious.

  7. Loving this Gabby! After listening to this I have about 203948203948203948 cords I want to cut. Kidding, but it makes me want to cut a cord with anyone who I have had neg. energy with, even if its years ago, because I think its all connected. My plan is to work on the ones that are truly affecting me now and go back to the old ones in the past. Even if they aren’t important to me now I still think I should do it because they have triggered negative energy in me before, do you think I should?!?

  8. Hi Gabby,

    This is perfectly timed for re-committing to bigger love in the new year. I’m unclear about how this works though – there are people with whom I no longer have or want a relationship, so dissolving the energy ties there make sense. But can you clarify whether/how to do this with people that I still have relationships with or would like to have more positive relationships with? It sounds like in the ritual, you’re cutting all the energetic ties so that you might still interact with them, but you’re not invested. Namely, I’m thinking about an employer for whom I’d like to continue to work, a family member, an old lover whose energy I’d welcome if he can find more self-love. Thanks for all you do!

  9. I do cord cutting meditations for the same person. She is a good friend of mine, but comes to me with the same issue over and over. I’ve offered advice and even energy to her, but I’m at the point now where I need space. I have nothing else to offer. I cut the cord, but I still feel like there is “current” buzzing, like residual energy lingering through me. Any meditations and prayer I can do/say to get rid of the current after I’ve cut the cord?

  10. I would recommend a permanent cord-cutting! With quality control! It’s a 12 step system developed by Rose Rosetree, and she has published a book -handily called ‘Cut Cords of Attachment’, she recommends cutting every minor cord before a major cord. You can otherwise get personal sessions from her or there is Anna Conlon (an oxford graduate) Kate Strong, and Lisa from practically Intuitive. Her system has changed my self-perception and self-esteem (I cut the cords to my mother and father, with Anna Conlon’s help). It was very revealing, as part of the cord of attachment to the mother, a cord item was that ‘I feel weird and different from other people’. After the cord-cutting I don’t believe this anymore, and I can see in how I can easily make friends that this is permanent. I didn’t even consciously ever voice this belief but it was a strong part of my identity before.

  11. Ok Gabby, I did this with one of my friends. I don’t know how much negative energy she was giving or how much energy she was taking, but I do know that she was very self focused and today it came to a head and I made the decision to release the relationship. But, Gabby, I don’t feel better for it. In fact, I feel sad and scared to lose one of the few friends I have….

    (I know I wrote this above, but it seems like you’re more likely to respond on these comments than through the facebook and then I couldn’t figure out how to delete it.)

    1. hi lera,
      it’s set up in a strange way where i can’t respond to the facebook comments.
      i’ll figure that out:) Lera, you can release the relationship energetically first. You don’t have to make any major announcement or tell her it’s over. You can simple choose to release your attachment to the relationship. Why don’t you start there and see what your ~ing guides you to do. You may find that when you energetically detach she will come forward in a more powerful way.

  12. Gabby….I just did a search on your site to find a vlog that would help me cut cords with some co-workers (on a personal level). This is very hard to do being that I see these people 5 days a week and have to interact with each of them. I am taking these steps and starting them today. I am now in a leadership position and while I am maturing in life, these 2 women are not. I am tired of the negative energy they each project and am taking back my power today to focus on myself and my well being. I will continue to be kind to them as I always have been and hope that my positive energy (and lack of interaction when they start speaking negatively) will therefore reflect onto them. Thanks for all you do!


  13. Oh, Gabby! You are absolutely beautiful… and you rock!!! Thank you for this vlog. I want to be like you someday! I have all these excuses though to actually take action toward my dreams… I live in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, English is not my native language, I have three kids, we are poor, I don’t have any experiences or degrees… etc. But it would be so so freakin’ cool to see you in person someday and work with you!!! Much love<3
    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

  14. Hi!
    I wanted to share my amazing and profound experience of the cord cutting meditation. Not so nut shell version of backstory… I have been feeling disconnected for some time, sluggish, I felt stuck is how I described it. Few days ago I went to the acupuncturist for the first time in a loooong time and they (yes, she had to have someone else come in) could not find my pulse! The pulse in acupuncture is like taking a pulse of your chi or energy flow in the body. It was SO faint they could barely feel it. Moment of realization of why I felt so stuck, energy wise I might have well been dead. This was my wake up call! So one thing led to another (many vids of Rebecca Rosen spoke to me and led me to a vid with you two together) and I came across your cord cutting meditation. I had heard of the concept of energy vampires but never cord cutting. I immediately gave it a try! You see I have struggled with depression and “feeling drained” for over 10 years, specifically from a traumatic experience. I was raped by someone I truly trusted. This followed me everywhere and literally drained everything out of me everywhere in my life. So…. I did the cord cutting meditation and the person I called to the cord cutting was non other than the #%£# who raped me all those years ago.
    The meditation experience was so unexpectedly powerful. I saw myself not with just one cord but as the cord reached my stomach it branched off into many, almost like a cocoon surrounding me, encasing my whole body. I saw angels around me, and another took his sword and first cut the smaller cords coming from the main source stretching and attaching to my shoulders and torso. The light started to shine brighter and while I can feel tears streaming down my face (in the physical world) I see the angel take his sword and sever the thick cord! Even though I knew I was alone in my room it was still hard to utter the words… “I command my connection to you to be severed from this point forward, I no longer have any connection to you!”. When I opened my eyes I had a feeling of such relief, and the next few hours finally got energy to do housework! The next morning, I started my day with the mantra “where would you have me go…” Within 2 hours I had 3 friends contact me that I had not spoken to in a loooong time, and ended up seeing all of them that evening! THANK YOU for being you and sharing he cord cutting meditation. I hope you have enjoyed my story as much as I have enjoyed living it. Be blessed- Tink

  15. cordcutinfo.com is a site devoted to cord cutting and if you feel as though anything should be added or disagree with anything leave a comment or contact the admin.

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