How to Love Valentine’s Day Whether You’re Single or in a Relationship

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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can bring up some funky stuff. I can recall countless Valentine’s Days past that I spent feeling bad about being single and comparing myself to friends who were married or engaged.

I can also remember many Valentine’s Days when I ended the night feeling totally disappointed because the guy I was dating didn’t show up for the holiday the way I expected him to. Valentine’s Day can leave us feeling anything but full of love, but I’m here to offer some ways to totally change your experience.

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To kick off your Valentine’s Day in style I’ve got three awesome videos for you. I teamed up with CNE and to produce a series called Dear Gabby. I’m giving you awesome Valentine’s Day ideas so you can enjoy the holiday with love and grace.

How to love Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? If so, these two videos offer up guidance that will rock your world!

The first video is on how to handle Valentine’s Day when you’re single. These are tools I applied in my own life all throughout my single years! Learn how to stop comparing yourself to people in relationships get my special ritual. Watch now:

My 3 favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

To take the guidance even further I’ve got another video for all the single folks! Here are my 3 favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single:

How to love Valentine’s Day when you’re in a relationship

Now for the couples! Whether you’re married, dating or in a new relationship, don’t worry. I’ve got tips for you, too.

Valentine’s Day can come with a lot of expectations. When we have a list of how we think things should go on Valentine’s Day, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.

In this next video I offer tools for how to chill out, release your expectations and clear space for your partner to show up in their own authentic way.

My favorite Valentine’s Day story

Now for the grand finale! In this awesome and heartfelt video I share my favorite Valentine’s Day story. It’s been 15 years, yet this memory still brings me to tears. Watch now for my most amazing Valentine’s Day story…

How to embrace fearless romance!

To help you along your relationship path I have an awesome resource for you: my MediDating meditation album for fearless romance!

In this 11-track guided meditation album, I’ll help you release romantic illusions, overcome fears and insecurities, activate your attracting power and manifest love into your life.

Through simple breathing exercises, visualizations and mental reconditioning, you’ll simplify and enhance your dating experiences, all the while using your inner guidance to find the perfect partner.

Start MediDATING today!

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  1. Hi Gabby. That is cool tips. I don’t do more on that special day but I have serious thinking about what mean to me, what make my relationship up and what I can do fit with my situation. I also have good time and peace in my soul.

  2. I have never been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. But this is the first year I have ever done anything deliberately special for myself and it was amazing. I really felt loved and I didn’t worry about the money or being single or anything. I even started to feel like I might meet someone soon.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I love these videos, Gabby! I especially love the idea that Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating all the relationships and love in your life! 🙂

  4. Hey, Gabby! Thanks for posting! I have been struggling a bit this year being single. All of my friends have plans and I’ve been a little stressed about be alone that day. I like your idea of self pampering!

  5. No plans yet, but maybe will go watch a movie, like Wild. Could also go to the gym (i don’t go often) or swimming. Some form of self-care like exercise, shopping for a spring scarf, or spending time creating a new dream board. Thx Gabby for the inspiration, very uplifting!

  6. Hi Gabby!
    I first want to thank you for your amazing work and the inspiration you give me daily. I have been following you for years and every time I have read May Cause Miracles I have experienced the best memories in my life. I started my own business, got engaged, and most recently just got married. I am reading May Cause Miracles again praying for a miracle of a healthy baby with my husband! I am wishing you much success and love. I pray everyday to be able to meet you and attend one of your amazing talks and live workshops! Keep up the amazing work you are truly serving your purpose!


  7. Hi Gabby!
    I have a sister who I really love but she got engaged to her boyfriend who I don’t like. I don’t like the way he treats her and I had hard time forgoing him. It’s definitely affecting our relationship and I feel distance from her. We used to be really close so I’m resentful for her fiancé too. I told her I don’t want to hear anything about him. I do want to understand her situation and be supportive. How can I like her fiancé?

    Thank you!!

  8. Gabby,

    I’m 32, turning 33 next month. I’m a successful attorney, have amazing friends and family and am content thus far. I feel blessed with everything I have and have gone through the fire and the flood to get here. Since being constantly in school and then trying to find a job, my late 20s and early 30s have been spent on dating…serial dating. I’ve had some great experiences and have really learned a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want. I’ve also spiritually grown as I’m always on the quest to find my inner guide to get those signs. I realized that I lived in fear for many years. I’m on your 3rd book now. I’ve read many other books as well and am really proud of myself as to how I’ve grown. Here’s the bottom line. I like to be in control. And while I’ve had an opportunity to control certain aspects in my life, I have finally accepted (after multiple failed relationships) that I have absolutely no control over that. And I am always seeking my inner guide for signs and help. And I pray. But that damn ego just makes its way back just when I get to that happy place.

    I honestly get sad sometimes because I know my worth. I know I’m a great catch. I love myself so much. And it saddens me that I’m ready for that commitment and to have a family with that special someone and it is just not happening. I fear that it’s not in my cards although I’m manifesting it constantly and have vision boards with my intent and desires on them.

    Is this normal for me to feel or am I basket case?

    And I’m so HAPPY I stumbled on you on facebook. You are amazing and have really shed light on my life. I look at you as a mentor. I’m so thankful I found you. 🙂

  9. Looking for a sign… I’ve been in the work and surrendering to a power much more powerful than mine… I’ve made a decision to leave my corporate job but know I need a plan before I resign. I’m so in my own way and can’t see the next step but know staying is systematically breaking me one day at a time. I’m surrendering and humbling asking for a sign. Xoxo Bec p.s and yes I’m hitting the meditation pillow.

  10. Hi Gabby, I would love your help. I was lucky enough to see you in both Brisbane and Sydney recently, and the events were amazing. I was on such a high for days after wards. I was going to ask at the event, what to do when the person you live with constantly pushes your buttons EVERY DAY. My relationship problem lies with my 12 year old son. Of course I love him dearly, however he is soooo difficult, will not do anything that is asked, without an argument (even simple requests, like ‘can you please eat your breakfast’. I yearn to live a nice peaceful loving life (and one day hope to have a partner again) however our home is like a battle ground. He absolutely hates anything to do with my spiritual, meditation practice. He mocks and makes fun of this (with his father, my ex-husband). My son has no respect for me, which I feel and know comes from his dad (we broke up when he was 2years old). His dad has always put me down in front of my son, and there fore my son has never had respect for me. My son can be so loving and sweet, but I am not seeing much of this at the moment. In the last two weeks, I have been so down about my home life, I am struggling to find the light again. I read your books, affirmations, watch your youtube clips, listen to your meditations, follow your social media, and sometimes I can just pull myself out of the slump. I feel that my son drains all of my happy high vibes, with his negative ones (a horrible thing to say about your own child) and I end up vibrating low. I would love some suggestions to help – I have been practicing forgiveness, I ask my angels for guidance, and every now and then I feel a lift, and feel light and happy again (This is usually when my son is at his dads for the weekend, then he returns and we start all over again. Kind regards, Bec

  11. HI Gabby,
    Thank you for your radient light !! You are beaming! I Love it! I love you!

    I’ve been on my spiritual path for some time now (8 years) and find myself very much whole and in line with my higher self. I can honestly say that I love ME. Meeting guys never aded to this, because the level of friendship and partnership was never equal or ….. (I can’t find the English word). I would very much like to share my love, attention and life with a significant other. But I don’t want it to be ordinary or just because. I would like to invite the relationship that Spirit has in store for me, that instantly feels like home. (like your mountainhouse) Can I ask for an owl, when I meet him? Or doesn’t it work this way?
    Love Nanda

  12. i’m in the midst of a fling that started over my winter break. i saw the guy a bunch of times before i went back to college, and i was just with him this past weekend when i was back home. when i asked what we are, the guy said it’s “casual.” i’m not sure if i should keep texting him/seeing him if he’s not looking for a relationship right now. however, i’m scared to let him go because i’m not sure the next time i’m going to have something like this again will be! help!

  13. Hi Gabby,

    Your spirit junkie book fell off the shelf at me when I was in a lot of pain surrounding relationship after sobering up. Your words and wisdom has changed my life! Very grateful. Do you have advice on being a sober person and dating someone who drinks? I was dating a great guy, but got drunk texts from him two nights in a row and ended it that weekend. I was fearful and I’m looking at my part, but what’s your take on being sober and being with someone who drinks?

  14. my anxiety over conforming to what’s ‘normal’ in society in regards to my relationship experiences (and lack there of) has created a huge block in it of itself, as it makes me feel like there’s someting ‘wrong’ with me. I am very shy and am working on accepting all of ME and loving ME, so that I’m in a better place to then allow someone else to love me and vice versa. The thought of even just being asked out is so terrifying that I actually had a panic attack the last time someone did! Help!

  15. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve got the tools on deck. Get more Gabby, all the books, my own morning yoga practice. You’ll often find me in the bath listening to one of your lectures on a Saturday night- not the norm for a 24 year old. However, I’m working at an urban elementary school which exposes me to a lot of violence, poverty, abuse, stress. I try so hard with these other practices to stay present and be light in the space but often times it is not enough. I have already had a huge panic attack at work and my anxiety is often triggered by some of the traumatic events I see no matter how much I try to stay present and willing to see love. Do you have any tips for how I can show up without letting my environment drain my energy? I want to be strong for this job, I think it is the job for me, but I am scared I can’t do it. I’m riddled in student debt and couldn’t even dream of walking away right now. Any advice you can give would be wonderful.

    1. hi mama,
      you rock. have you tried EFT Tapping? this will be great for you
      can you clear your energy when you leave work? take a salt bath, say a prayer… also protect your energy when you’re there. envision a white bubble around you. set the intention to not lose your energy or pick up negative energy. check out my free training in april this will help too!

      1. Yes I’ve done tapping but I did hear you tell someone at Crazy Sexy Miracles that they should try it for forty days. I am going to do that.

        Lots of love to you.

    2. I have a similar job….. and it is tough!!!! I teach in a high school on the edge of the inner city….. High stress load. I feel ya sister!

  16. Hi Gabby
    I want a raise but I’m too scared to ask for it. I’ve been manifesting my desire and I even dream about it. But I don’t know when I’m ready to ask for it. How can I feel more confident and go talk to my boss?

      1. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll ask my inner guide tonight..
        BTW, I asked Alissa to give my card to you at the crazy sexy miracles event. Did you get it??

  17. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for being such a beautiful positive healing force in my life that has truly helped me connect to my inner guide and build a relationship that serves me and those around me.

    My question is- I’ve been single my whole life, I’m 27. As a full time spirit junkie I’ve been witnessing, forgiving surrendering and believing and working on myself. I want to know what could it be that I am overlooking that is blocking me from being in a relationship, why has it taken me this long?

    Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you xxx

    1. your joy is what’s most attractive about you…
      be in joy and the partner of the highest good will find you:)

      lean towards joy

      1. Thank you soooo much! I choose to lean towards joy-that feels good!

        Btw I’m in awe at your amazing responses to so many questions! Thank you again and hope to see you in London soon xxx

  18. Hi Gabby-

    You’re amazing! I wanted to ask you about owning your own power. I’m a coach, and I’m really confident in my practice and my ability to transform lives. I get super anxious when I’m talking to people of power (CEO’s, etc.) in a one-on-one situation… I mean sweaty and it’s embarassing. The same thing happens when I am about to speak at a conference or workshop, but I can ease myself into it. Any suggestions on how to ease that nervousness?

    You ROCK my Socks! 🙂

  19. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for being such a massive inspiration in my life – I do Get More Gabby and am going to soon start Finally Full.

    Please can ou help me though – I’m a very anxious person and constantly worry. What can I do to ease my fear? My mum says I was born worrying! I try so hard to be more spiritual and am making progress but this is a big stumbling block for me.

    Thank you for reading this and hopefully giving me a solution. Sat nam from Yorkshire, England! Catherine x

  20. I’ve realized that perhaps I have been caught up in repetitive patterns in both life and love. How do I go about implementing change and preventing those patterns from happening over and over again?

  21. Gabby–I live in the Bible Belt where you are weird if you are spiritual but not Christian. How do you describe your religious beliefs? Do you believe in God but not Jesus? Or do you just say you are spiritual? How do you explain your beliefs to hard-core Christians? Thanks!!!

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