How to Love Valentine’s Day Whether You’re Single or in a Relationship

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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can bring up some funky stuff. I can recall countless Valentine’s Days past that I spent feeling bad about being single and comparing myself to friends who were married or engaged.

I can also remember many Valentine’s Days when I ended the night feeling totally disappointed because the guy I was dating didn’t show up for the holiday the way I expected him to. Valentine’s Day can leave us feeling anything but full of love, but I’m here to offer some ways to totally change your experience.

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To kick off your Valentine’s Day in style I’ve got three awesome videos for you. I teamed up with CNE and to produce a series called Dear Gabby. I’m giving you awesome Valentine’s Day ideas so you can enjoy the holiday with love and grace.

How to love Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? If so, these two videos offer up guidance that will rock your world!

The first video is on how to handle Valentine’s Day when you’re single. These are tools I applied in my own life all throughout my single years! Learn how to stop comparing yourself to people in relationships get my special ritual. Watch now:

My 3 favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

To take the guidance even further I’ve got another video for all the single folks! Here are my 3 favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single:

How to love Valentine’s Day when you’re in a relationship

Now for the couples! Whether you’re married, dating or in a new relationship, don’t worry. I’ve got tips for you, too.

Valentine’s Day can come with a lot of expectations. When we have a list of how we think things should go on Valentine’s Day, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment.

In this next video I offer tools for how to chill out, release your expectations and clear space for your partner to show up in their own authentic way.

My favorite Valentine’s Day story

Now for the grand finale! In this awesome and heartfelt video I share my favorite Valentine’s Day story. It’s been 15 years, yet this memory still brings me to tears. Watch now for my most amazing Valentine’s Day story…

How to embrace fearless romance!

To help you along your relationship path I have an awesome resource for you: my MediDating meditation album for fearless romance!

In this 11-track guided meditation album, I’ll help you release romantic illusions, overcome fears and insecurities, activate your attracting power and manifest love into your life.

Through simple breathing exercises, visualizations and mental reconditioning, you’ll simplify and enhance your dating experiences, all the while using your inner guidance to find the perfect partner.

Start MediDATING today!

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  1. Hi Gabby. That is cool tips. I don’t do more on that special day but I have serious thinking about what mean to me, what make my relationship up and what I can do fit with my situation. I also have good time and peace in my soul.

  2. I have never been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. But this is the first year I have ever done anything deliberately special for myself and it was amazing. I really felt loved and I didn’t worry about the money or being single or anything. I even started to feel like I might meet someone soon.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I love these videos, Gabby! I especially love the idea that Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating all the relationships and love in your life! 🙂

  4. Hey, Gabby! Thanks for posting! I have been struggling a bit this year being single. All of my friends have plans and I’ve been a little stressed about be alone that day. I like your idea of self pampering!

  5. No plans yet, but maybe will go watch a movie, like Wild. Could also go to the gym (i don’t go often) or swimming. Some form of self-care like exercise, shopping for a spring scarf, or spending time creating a new dream board. Thx Gabby for the inspiration, very uplifting!

  6. Hi Gabby!
    I first want to thank you for your amazing work and the inspiration you give me daily. I have been following you for years and every time I have read May Cause Miracles I have experienced the best memories in my life. I started my own business, got engaged, and most recently just got married. I am reading May Cause Miracles again praying for a miracle of a healthy baby with my husband! I am wishing you much success and love. I pray everyday to be able to meet you and attend one of your amazing talks and live workshops! Keep up the amazing work you are truly serving your purpose!


  7. Hi Gabby!
    I have a sister who I really love but she got engaged to her boyfriend who I don’t like. I don’t like the way he treats her and I had hard time forgoing him. It’s definitely affecting our relationship and I feel distance from her. We used to be really close so I’m resentful for her fiancé too. I told her I don’t want to hear anything about him. I do want to understand her situation and be supportive. How can I like her fiancé?

    Thank you!!

  8. Gabby,

    I’m 32, turning 33 next month. I’m a successful attorney, have amazing friends and family and am content thus far. I feel blessed with everything I have and have gone through the fire and the flood to get here. Since being constantly in school and then trying to find a job, my late 20s and early 30s have been spent on dating…serial dating. I’ve had some great experiences and have really learned a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want. I’ve also spiritually grown as I’m always on the quest to find my inner guide to get those signs. I realized that I lived in fear for many years. I’m on your 3rd book now. I’ve read many other books as well and am really proud of myself as to how I’ve grown. Here’s the bottom line. I like to be in control. And while I’ve had an opportunity to control certain aspects in my life, I have finally accepted (after multiple failed relationships) that I have absolutely no control over that. And I am always seeking my inner guide for signs and help. And I pray. But that damn ego just makes its way back just when I get to that happy place.

    I honestly get sad sometimes because I know my worth. I know I’m a great catch. I love myself so much. And it saddens me that I’m ready for that commitment and to have a family with that special someone and it is just not happening. I fear that it’s not in my cards although I’m manifesting it constantly and have vision boards with my intent and desires on them.

    Is this normal for me to feel or am I basket case?

    And I’m so HAPPY I stumbled on you on facebook. You are amazing and have really shed light on my life. I look at you as a mentor. I’m so thankful I found you. 🙂

  9. Looking for a sign… I’ve been in the work and surrendering to a power much more powerful than mine… I’ve made a decision to leave my corporate job but know I need a plan before I resign. I’m so in my own way and can’t see the next step but know staying is systematically breaking me one day at a time. I’m surrendering and humbling asking for a sign. Xoxo Bec p.s and yes I’m hitting the meditation pillow.

  10. Hi Gabby, I would love your help. I was lucky enough to see you in both Brisbane and Sydney recently, and the events were amazing. I was on such a high for days after wards. I was going to ask at the event, what to do when the person you live with constantly pushes your buttons EVERY DAY. My relationship problem lies with my 12 year old son. Of course I love him dearly, however he is soooo difficult, will not do anything that is asked, without an argument (even simple requests, like ‘can you please eat your breakfast’. I yearn to live a nice peaceful loving life (and one day hope to have a partner again) however our home is like a battle ground. He absolutely hates anything to do with my spiritual, meditation practice. He mocks and makes fun of this (with his father, my ex-husband). My son has no respect for me, which I feel and know comes from his dad (we broke up when he was 2years old). His dad has always put me down in front of my son, and there fore my son has never had respect for me. My son can be so loving and sweet, but I am not seeing much of this at the moment. In the last two weeks, I have been so down about my home life, I am struggling to find the light again. I read your books, affirmations, watch your youtube clips, listen to your meditations, follow your social media, and sometimes I can just pull myself out of the slump. I feel that my son drains all of my happy high vibes, with his negative ones (a horrible thing to say about your own child) and I end up vibrating low. I would love some suggestions to help – I have been practicing forgiveness, I ask my angels for guidance, and every now and then I feel a lift, and feel light and happy again (This is usually when my son is at his dads for the weekend, then he returns and we start all over again. Kind regards, Bec

  11. HI Gabby,
    Thank you for your radient light !! You are beaming! I Love it! I love you!

    I’ve been on my spiritual path for some time now (8 years) and find myself very much whole and in line with my higher self. I can honestly say that I love ME. Meeting guys never aded to this, because the level of friendship and partnership was never equal or ….. (I can’t find the English word). I would very much like to share my love, attention and life with a significant other. But I don’t want it to be ordinary or just because. I would like to invite the relationship that Spirit has in store for me, that instantly feels like home. (like your mountainhouse) Can I ask for an owl, when I meet him? Or doesn’t it work this way?
    Love Nanda

  12. i’m in the midst of a fling that started over my winter break. i saw the guy a bunch of times before i went back to college, and i was just with him this past weekend when i was back home. when i asked what we are, the guy said it’s “casual.” i’m not sure if i should keep texting him/seeing him if he’s not looking for a relationship right now. however, i’m scared to let him go because i’m not sure the next time i’m going to have something like this again will be! help!

  13. Hi Gabby,

    Your spirit junkie book fell off the shelf at me when I was in a lot of pain surrounding relationship after sobering up. Your words and wisdom has changed my life! Very grateful. Do you have advice on being a sober person and dating someone who drinks? I was dating a great guy, but got drunk texts from him two nights in a row and ended it that weekend. I was fearful and I’m looking at my part, but what’s your take on being sober and being with someone who drinks?

  14. my anxiety over conforming to what’s ‘normal’ in society in regards to my relationship experiences (and lack there of) has created a huge block in it of itself, as it makes me feel like there’s someting ‘wrong’ with me. I am very shy and am working on accepting all of ME and loving ME, so that I’m in a better place to then allow someone else to love me and vice versa. The thought of even just being asked out is so terrifying that I actually had a panic attack the last time someone did! Help!

  15. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve got the tools on deck. Get more Gabby, all the books, my own morning yoga practice. You’ll often find me in the bath listening to one of your lectures on a Saturday night- not the norm for a 24 year old. However, I’m working at an urban elementary school which exposes me to a lot of violence, poverty, abuse, stress. I try so hard with these other practices to stay present and be light in the space but often times it is not enough. I have already had a huge panic attack at work and my anxiety is often triggered by some of the traumatic events I see no matter how much I try to stay present and willing to see love. Do you have any tips for how I can show up without letting my environment drain my energy? I want to be strong for this job, I think it is the job for me, but I am scared I can’t do it. I’m riddled in student debt and couldn’t even dream of walking away right now. Any advice you can give would be wonderful.

    1. hi mama,
      you rock. have you tried EFT Tapping? this will be great for you
      can you clear your energy when you leave work? take a salt bath, say a prayer… also protect your energy when you’re there. envision a white bubble around you. set the intention to not lose your energy or pick up negative energy. check out my free training in april this will help too!

      1. Yes I’ve done tapping but I did hear you tell someone at Crazy Sexy Miracles that they should try it for forty days. I am going to do that.

        Lots of love to you.

    2. I have a similar job….. and it is tough!!!! I teach in a high school on the edge of the inner city….. High stress load. I feel ya sister!

  16. Hi Gabby
    I want a raise but I’m too scared to ask for it. I’ve been manifesting my desire and I even dream about it. But I don’t know when I’m ready to ask for it. How can I feel more confident and go talk to my boss?

      1. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll ask my inner guide tonight..
        BTW, I asked Alissa to give my card to you at the crazy sexy miracles event. Did you get it??

  17. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for being such a beautiful positive healing force in my life that has truly helped me connect to my inner guide and build a relationship that serves me and those around me.

    My question is- I’ve been single my whole life, I’m 27. As a full time spirit junkie I’ve been witnessing, forgiving surrendering and believing and working on myself. I want to know what could it be that I am overlooking that is blocking me from being in a relationship, why has it taken me this long?

    Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you xxx

    1. your joy is what’s most attractive about you…
      be in joy and the partner of the highest good will find you:)

      lean towards joy

      1. Thank you soooo much! I choose to lean towards joy-that feels good!

        Btw I’m in awe at your amazing responses to so many questions! Thank you again and hope to see you in London soon xxx

  18. Hi Gabby-

    You’re amazing! I wanted to ask you about owning your own power. I’m a coach, and I’m really confident in my practice and my ability to transform lives. I get super anxious when I’m talking to people of power (CEO’s, etc.) in a one-on-one situation… I mean sweaty and it’s embarassing. The same thing happens when I am about to speak at a conference or workshop, but I can ease myself into it. Any suggestions on how to ease that nervousness?

    You ROCK my Socks! 🙂

  19. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for being such a massive inspiration in my life – I do Get More Gabby and am going to soon start Finally Full.

    Please can ou help me though – I’m a very anxious person and constantly worry. What can I do to ease my fear? My mum says I was born worrying! I try so hard to be more spiritual and am making progress but this is a big stumbling block for me.

    Thank you for reading this and hopefully giving me a solution. Sat nam from Yorkshire, England! Catherine x

  20. I’ve realized that perhaps I have been caught up in repetitive patterns in both life and love. How do I go about implementing change and preventing those patterns from happening over and over again?

  21. Gabby–I live in the Bible Belt where you are weird if you are spiritual but not Christian. How do you describe your religious beliefs? Do you believe in God but not Jesus? Or do you just say you are spiritual? How do you explain your beliefs to hard-core Christians? Thanks!!!

  22. Hi Gabby,
    I’m so desperate to find a man that I scare them and write them too many mails, call them too much.. I loose my mind each time I really like a man.
    Please help me. It makes me sad when in the other areas of my life everything is going well. I don’t know what to do with myself as regards as my sentimental life. I dream of the white dress and all that and though I try to push that away and be cool.. I totally loose it each time.

  23. Hi Gabby, you are a wonderful teacher and inspiration to me. Thankyou for bringing light to the world. I was wondering what your tips are on healing? I have a chronic illness (inflammatory bowel disease) and struggle with anxiety and stress that come along with that. Would love some meditations to help heal the body and mind.

    Thankyou, much love x

  24. HI GABBY,

    First off let me THANK YOU for all of the energy you are putting out there right now. You are taking your time and your precious, valuable energy to help others right now. I am praying the angels send all of that good energy right back to you right now!! Abundance and love!! You are amazing for doing this and I value your time and the energy you are sending. Thank you!!

    I am wanting to get pregnant soon and/or adopt. My parents divorced when I was young and I never got to see a health parent/child relationship. Before I become a mom I want to make sure I am healthy spiritually and emotionally and ready to guide a young heart. I want to be at a good place before I begin the journey of motherhood. Any suggestions?

    Again, THANK YOU! You are an angel sent from above!! 🙂
    I asked for some guidance today and saw your instagram post!

  25. Hello Gabby,
    Wishing you well! I was just wondering HOW we can know what our ‘signs’ are? I asked for something specific (unicorn) and instead got bombarded by owls?? Thank you! <3

  26. Hello Gabby,
    First of all thank you for being there for all of us!
    I wake up every day and the first thing I do is open Miracles Now on a random page and it usually hits the spot. It’s my go to book for sure.
    Since you are here with us and I’m able to ask.. here it goes…
    I’m an over-thinker… Think, think, think is all I do. In a situation when I have to make a choice I feel like I’m listening to my head more than my heart. I tried and keep on trying meditating and do see the signs however don’t FEEL the energy coming from my heart… and the decision making always comes down to what I THINK is right…
    Will the time come that I will just know/feel it’s coming from the heart? Should I meditate more often? Any other advice to get my heart going? 😉
    Thank you so much!
    All the best to you, always!
    Lots of love from a cold Canada,

  27. Hi gabby. I recently started TM and it’s going great. Do you still do other forms of meditation during the day besides TM? Also do you pray before ? Curious what the spririt junkie way is ?? I’m feeling like something is missing in my practice right now. Thank u;)

  28. Hey Gabby!

    So I just got engaged a little more than a month ago! Eeek! Super exciting. Completely thrilling. Both my fiance and I are in the throws of growing small businesses (his business is in it’s second year and I just passed the 7th month mark), so getting married asap isn’t really a worry for us, and we are both super low key, and honestly the wedding/engagement isn’t stressful at all.

    But this weird thing has happened. I’m getting really angry. I’ve been getting super angry, super frequently, ever since we got engaged. What the heck is going on? I see that I’m angry, I see that I’m acting out at times from anger, but I can’t figure out where it comes from. I just keep getting angry and it baffles me because I don’t want to be angry! I keep choosing love over fear, holding space for possibilities, meditating, praying for creative solutions, and I’m still getting angry at everything–my clients, students, fiance, mom, sister, me, everything. Any ideas?

  29. Hey Gabby!
    Thanks so much for posting and all that you do…your posts always align with something relevant to my life and for that I will be forever blessed! Your last blog talks about signs from the universe so combining that post with this one, how would you recommend dealing with universal signs as they pertain to a romantic partner? Basically, I’m receiving signs from the universe and little whispers from spirit guides directed toward my boyfriend and ways for him to be more “present” in our relationship and let go of the ego’s limiting thoughts as they are causing him to bring his past in to our present and future. I’ve been trying to make those changes in myself to help him through…what is your advice?

    P.S. Cya in Denver on Friday 🙂

  30. Hello, Gabby!

    I have a full time plus job that I like but my dream is start my own health coaching/nutrition business. Any insight on how to make a smooth(ish) transition?
    Rock on, sweet soul!

  31. Hey Gabby,

    I am 15 and have a really bad relationship with food. I overeat or I under eat and find it really hard to find a middle. I am always having a battle in my own brain about whether I ate enough or not enough and it stresses me out. How can I surrender to this obsession with eating perfectly? xx

  32. Dear gabby,
    After a painful divorce 4 years ago i have become a total avoider . I have done lots of spiritual work, but no guy i meet feels right. Before my marriage i was going from one relationship to the next, but now i am single for four years…. avoiding any type of connection, not because i don’t want to be in love but basically because i don’t seem to find a man that feels right…. Do you have any suggestions?

    Love from Germany

  33. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve been in the Army and I’ve had a lot to work through. My wife and I have had a lot of issues in our marriage. My dad was in the Army and my parents had a horrible, explosive marriage. I don’t want that for my wife and I. I want a good marriage of love like the one you and your husband seem to have, but we can’t seem to get there. I would really love your help. Thank you so much for all of that you do.


  34. You have been sober for years now. I was curious if your husband is sober as well? If not, has your sobriety ever effected the dynamic of your relationship with your husband?
    I’ve been sober now for two months and am committed to my decision to quit. The only problem I’ve been having is my boyfriend drinks. He isn’t a crazy partier and he isn’t a mean drunk. But for some reason whenever he grabs a beer to drink when I’m around it bugs me. I’ve been trying really hard to let it go because when I look at the big picture I know it shouldn’t phase me. What I think may be the issue is that we both agreed I should quit drinking and in his support he said he doesn’t want to drink as much either. That he would like to cut back himself, but there is always a reason to why theres a drink around… his friend is in town, its the holidays, his friend is moving, the game is on, we are fishing…
    He is an amazing guy who I know really cares about me and is proud of the progress I’ve made with my sobriety, but I just can’t shake feeling whenever he cracks open a new beer. Any suggestions on how I could let it go?

    1. I’ve been sober nine and a half years and I’ve been with my husband for seven and a half years. So he’s never seen me use. He is like your boyfriend in that he is a casual drinker. It doesn’t bother me now but early in my recovery it was hard to be around folks who were drinking. Are you in treatment? Going to meetings? This blog will help you: and finding a community is crucial… so you can let him off the hook

      1. I am not in treatment or recovery. It was a personal decision I made and I just quit cold turkey. We communicate very well so whenever we are out at a social gathering and I’m feeling overwhelmed I’ll talk it out with him or contact a friend who usually help me back to reality.
        Thank you for sharing the link to your blog I’ll check it out. I’m glad to know that it is something that I can “let him off the hook” for because I really didn’t want my sobriety to be an issue in a wonderful relationship.
        Did you and your husband have a discussion about how you feelw hen he drinks? How do you feel when he does drink? I guess I should ask has there ever been a moment when he did drink that you felt uncomfortable? Or were you already strong enough by the time you two started dating? Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

  35. Dear Gabby;
    I am working on manifesting my online business where I teach people how to believe in themselves. It is the most rewarding and challenging thing I’d ever done but I am resolved that this is what I’m here to do. I just wanted to thank you for being an example for me. I believe that you are who you say you are and this goes such a long way in this business when so much can be hidden behind the walls of our cell phones, tablets and computers…thank u!

  36. Hi. Gabby. You inspire so muc to be more mindful. I am currently in a dilemma . I jus started to teach yoga finally I am a new teacher I like it, but now I got another opportunity a different job obviously more money. I have 3 kids and I have to think so much factors. I am scared of not taking the right decision taking this new job and maybe regret it later And have lost my yoga part time job that I prayed for so long. I mediatate to have guidance, but I am overwhelmed, stress, and nervous. I just want to have time for my kids and be sane ,but also have financial independency. Thanks

    1. get clear about what you need to feel financially supported and abundant. own that. your clarity and faith will lead you to establish the balance between work and family.

  37. Hi Gabby,

    I’m at a point in my life where I just feel so stuck, I have all these wonderful visions of all the wonderful things I could do in my life, but I just feel so torn between so many things. I really want to make a difference to this world, a huge difference to so many people, I know I’m meant to be doing that but I’m just 21 and It’s extremely overwhelming, I feel this huge surge of energy within me but don’t know how and where to channel it. Any help would be appreciated!

    Love from my heart to yours Sophie.

  38. I adore you.! I have been a follower of your message for a few years now and I Just want you to know that when I am having one of those days. I always can close my eyes and hear your voice of powerful wisdom. Or my Inner Guide sounds just like you. 🙂 I just wanted to say Thank you for all that you do.


  39. Gabby,
    My husband and I recently had a child and are disconnected. We both have resentments. I am doing 108 miracles but need him to work at it. Any advice?

    1. do your work. release him. when you shift your own energy he will shift too. you said, “i need him to work at it…” i say, release him to do what he is willing to do when he is ready. FOCUS ON YOU… your energy has the power to create change.

  40. HI Gabby! You are changing my life in so many amazing ways. As I am newly single for the first time in 7 years, I am struggling with who I am alone. I feel insecure and exhausted. I know only I can complete myself. But I am wondering how you got to the point of meditating and manifesting your ideal life. How can I be confident in myself again?

    Looking forward to seeing you in Denver Friday! 🙂

    1. It probably doesn’t help that my seven year relationship was not the most amazing. I have worked on forgiving him, and understanding his way of loving was different then mine. But i am tired of being scared and insecure as i find new friendships and relationships. Thank you again for all you do!

        1. Thank you for the help/ I am so ready and willing to learn. I just don’t know what is with this mental block that I can’t get past.

    2. one day at a time sister. lots of little right actions. my talk on friday will give you all that you need. i cannot wait to see you!

  41. Hi Gabby,
    At the moment I’m struggling with my connection to love and guidance. when I first embarked on my spiritual path, some extraordinary things happened to me and at times I was overwhelmed with love, and I was loving it! After suffering so much I now approach my feel so differently about my self and my life than I used to, however: the last few months I’m so afraid as some of my old negative patterns have got a hold on me! Everyday I try so hard but I wish I could feel the way I used to! And now one of my big new fears seems to be loss of my new loving perspective, my loss of kindness and non judgement to others. I loose my patience, I become more stressed out, and I wish I was back where I was when I first felt the awesomeness and became a full on spirit junkie! Help!

  42. Dearest Gabby. I have surrendered to the call of being a life and spiritual coach. I even have had clients that have paid for services ( Thank you Universe). I have been invited to speak at a college tomorrow and know I have lots to offer outside the lecture. How do I let that be known and gain new clients without seeming like a sales pitch? Yes I want to help because I believe it’s my gift and purpose, and Yes I’d like to make a living doing it. Ho can I loving and honestly express this?

  43. I’m going through a time of “waking up” in my life and have realized that I have never given myself time to relax, love, and explore my inner thoughts. I am starting to understand what it means to be a miracle worker -and I want to be one! I am currently working a job that I know isn’t for me but am too scared to quit because of the steady income. How can I find my way and make decisions that I know are guiding me in the right direction?

  44. I have been a huge fan of your work and have read all four of your books. Between the stuff you push out as well as Mastin Kipp I have made a lot of positive awesome changes, and I know there is more to come! I have been married for almost 8 years (got married pretty young), and it’s been tough but things have been getting better. He doesn’t “get” the spiritual stuff, and I am wondering how to engage him in that area?

  45. Hi Gabby!
    Thank you so much for sharing your insight and tips and tricks; it is so greatly appreciated. I had a question about my intuition. I trust my intuition and it is right in nearly every aspect of my life with the exception of dating. The men I have a good intuitive feeling about turn out to be jerks or rather learning experiences, and the guys that I have a poor intuitive reaction to turn out to be guys that are good for me. I’m not sure what the disconnect is and if it is common and what I can learn from it.
    Thank you!! <3

    1. what do you think it is in you that is attracting this type of person? how do these people mirror any insecurities or limiting beliefs in you?
      you may want to check out I’m giving 30% off this week with code GabbyLove – the work is on healing our past fear-based beliefs so we can change our relationship patterns.

  46. When I listen to your dating meditations it says to bring up your fears, but i feel like if I don’t have any fears for love. I definitely want a significant other in my life right now, but I know deep inside we will meet eventually so I’m just leaving it up to the gods timing and I have deep trust that this will happen for me. Since all I ever read or hear about is fear and how that blocks love, I don’t know if I’m numbing those fears or what I’m supposed to feel. If i were to feel anything it would be the wanting to be thinner, but in the end I feel comfortable with my body and I love my shape and I don’t think that hinders me from attracting people. I’m just confused as to why I do feel a strong connection and love for myself, but it hasnt manifested for me yet.

      1. My living situation isn’t ideal, but that should change in May when the apartment I’m moving into is finished being renovated. I do have a fear of perhaps not being able to live on my own. I have a solid career and make good money, but since I’ve never been on my own I am nervous about how I will handle the new financial situation. That is by far the biggest fear I have in my life right now. I am in my early 30s and I know this is a step I need to make in my life. It’s not cute to invite boys over to my parents house anymore.

  47. Gabby,

    First off, LOVE your books, videos, all that is you! Whenever I’m in a ‘meh’ mood I re-read highlighted passages from your books. You always pull me out!

    Today I saw that you were doing the Q+A (WOOO!) and figured what the hell why not write a comment? While many others are feeling down and out because of Valentine’s Day, I’m not. Instead this past month and this week specifically I’m just so down! The issue that I’m having is that my job is a soul sucker. Do I like the marketing that I do, yes! Do I like my job, no. I wake up daily dreading going to my office, which puts me in a funk. Physically I’m feeling the exhaustion, which is not me. I’ve never been someone who is sleepy, exhausted or not wanting to do. I’m a mover by nature. So, it’s really starting to get to me!

    I’m having a lot of trouble focusing in my job currently because I don’t feel like it’s what I’m meant to do. I don’t feel fulfilled when I leave at the end of the day – I mostly feel like I wish I could get in my car faster. Half the time I’m here I spend day dreaming about doing something (really anything) else. I can’t help but feel that I’m stuck. It’s becoming hard to think of a creative resolution. Everyone has made suggestions, my favorite of which is “look for a new job.” Wow, thanks I didn’t think of that – although they do mean well, so I’ll let it slide. Haha, but all laughing aside something has got to give! I mean I’m lucky at this point my boyfriend still loves me; I genuinely feel bad about laying all this shit on him all the time.

    Any suggestions on how to navigate going forward? How to find that purpose?

    All the best,

    1. focus on the good stuff… i have a new video coming out about career soon! yay:)

      by focusing on what you do find joyful in your job you’ll shift your energy. as your energy shifts you’ll magnetize new opportunities either in the current job or with a new one. your energy shift is mandatory to create change. also, stop talking about it… your talk is bringing you down and others… just be silent for a bit.

    2. Maggie,
      Thank you so much for posting this question- I feel the EXACT same way. I could’ve written it word for word, I even have a marketing job!
      I am a high energy person who is close to falling asleep at her desk dreaming of 5 o’clock.
      Not only was it great seeing Gabby’s advice but I received comfort knowing that I’m not alone in this feeling. I hope you will too! Looks like we have some energy shifting to do 🙂
      Sending good vibes your way, good luck with your search!

  48. Hi Gabby,

    With all the valentine’s day talk and people posting how to be happy being single, I can’t help but think about a past relationship that was dear to me. It never seemed to work but I think that was more to do with the fact that the relationship was more authentic than romantic. We weren’t romantic people at our cores. So my question is, when it comes to intimate relationships, how do you stay confident that your connection or love for each other, even though it’s not an epic love, is enough? I have had so many people judge the situation of the relationship but I don’t see anything wrong with it as long as we’re honest with each other. Why do we need epic romance (some people like the drama) if it just screws things up and ends up disappointing both of us (and everyone else who involve themselves in our so called “bad relationship”)?

    I really appreciate all that you do. You’ve opened my eyes so much since I came across one of your meditations on Youtube. Thank you so much for fearlessly following your path and living what you preach.

    Lots of love,

    1. drama does not equal love. drama is hot and sexy but it can also be fucking annoying…

      a little healthy drama is cool. but true love is based on two people growing, healing and learning together.

  49. Hi Gabby, your such an inspiration! I have a question about coaching. I just decided to become one a transformational one cause’ it has helped me a lot and I want to help other women to feel that. I know I’m good at helping others but I feel so stuck into the thought that I don’t have a official certification (it starts on September). I literally can’t breathe when I think about others not wanting my services for that. Did you have any of these blocks when you started? What can help me to overcome this? Thank you SO MUCH and God bless you and everyone.

  50. My boyfriend has three kids with his ex wife and I have one with my ex husband. Together we have a great relationship with eachother and the children as one unit, but his ex wife seems to always be in the picture. She still asks for help financially, she’ll call him when she is sick, she discusses her relationships with him, and whenever she is stressed out -which seems to be all the time- she calls him. An example would be on her son’s birthday this year. We had invited her to join us for the celebration but she decided to work instead. But then ended up texting my boyfriend about how stressed out she is all the time which put him in a funky mood. I’m just not sure how to help him with this while also trying to handel it myself. I’m just worried about the stress enduced on him, the children, myself, and us as a unit. What would you suggest? Thank you.

  51. Hi Gabby,

    Let me first say that I really have been inspired by your words. Whether I am watching you on OWN or reading your books, you never fail to make me stop and think about how I am choosing to live my life. Thank you. My question is… I am an art teacher, and currently single, on Valentine’s Day I will be teaching couples how to paint and connect with one another. How do I bravely face this challenge as a single woman? What are some ways I can feel grounded in who I am without feeling as if I am an outsider because I don’t have a husband/boyfriend?

    1. celebrate their love. watch the first two videos here and the #1 tools is to celebrate the love around you. when you celebrate it you are no longer separate…

  52. I’m doing “the work” & seeing the signs from the universe (b/c I’ve asked if I will ever get past dark days) but I need more specifics… How do I get THERE?? To the manifestation … Of an amazing loving man, a life of abundance and great health!!

    1. you are there. be in the practice of healing yourself, awakening your spiritual faith and finding joy in all areas of life. That is what manifests… joy… be in joy

  53. #DearGabby
    This issue is about the relationship with myself.
    I learned to protect myself by not being fully me. And I have been hiding in the story of a little girl victim. I project this image and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
    I don’t know why I hide so much in this personality. How can I forgive myself for hurting me in that way? How can I allow myself to be the grown up woman and keep a balance with my inner child?
    How can I project my truth instead of my insecurity and fear?

    Thank you.

  54. Hello Gabby,
    Wishing you well! I was just wondering HOW we can know what our ‘signs’ are? I asked for something specific (unicorn) and instead got bombarded by owls?? Thank you! <3

  55. I had a breakdown 2 weeks ago and am now just trying to put the pieces back together. I am bipolar, so for me sometimes when hitting rock bottom it means feeling ashamed and guilty, living in fear. How do I keep trying to live in ‘love’ when my negative thoughts are so strong. Any suggestions? (BTW I’ve been really good, more or less at managing my illness by changing the foods I eat, by exercising, staying on meds etc.)
    Also, I spent alot of money on my last few highs and my husband is having a hard time forgiving me, he seems so angry and frustrated. I am so disappointed that I hurt him so badly, but I’m not quite sure what to do?

    Thanks for any help you can offer! Namaste!

    1. Bless you sister. You sound amazing. I’m so proud of you for taking such great care of yourself. Please forgive yourself for anything you’ve done in the past. Every moment offers you an opportunity to choose again. When you release yourself your husband can release you too. Stay committed to your health and wellness always. Everything else will follow. Do you have a meditation practice?

      1. That is the one thing I have difficulty with. I’m not sure what it is… I have meditated before and taken courses on mindfulness meditation. But it seems to be the biggest “block for me”. How do I take the next step, speaking with you clearly a sign! 😉

  56. Gabby, thanks for all you do. Your spiritual pilgrimage is a breath of fresh for all of us. I spent 16 years as a fulltime pastor, but recently left due to the sectarian spirit and religious dogmatism in the church. I couldn’t continue to serve in an exclusive community that deems everyone else as lost or troubled because they see things differently. I’m a huge fan of ACIM and I’ve read extensively after several of the “new thought” leaders including your book, May Cause Miracles. What are some other books that have helped you in your spiritual journey? Thanks!

    1. wow. congratulations on your move. I love Gary renaurds books on ACIM. Very powerful stuff. Also check out David Hoffmeister. A master ACIM teacher… sending big love

  57. Dear Gabby,
    How does one truely listen to your intuition? I tend to mix my intuition with fear and have a hard time figuring out which is which! Also How would you go about breaking an energy block?

  58. #DearGabby

    Honey, you wouldn’t believe how much my life has changed since I started my spiritual journey.

    And I’m so excited, even though I know there’s so much work ahead of me, I’m actually happy abou this. I think it’s a real gift – being excited all the time. ?

    But I have a bit of a problem with relationships, not necessarily romantic ones. I just keep judging people, everywhere I see their faults and just don’t trust them. It seems like I focused so much on inner work that I forgot about social contacts.

    Do yoy have any tips for me? ?

    much love,

  59. Hey Gabby!
    Thanks so much for posting and all that you do…your posts always align with something relevant to my life and for that I will be forever blessed! Your last blog talks about signs from the universe so combining that post with this one, how would you recommend dealing with universal signs as they pertain to a romantic partner? Basically, I’m receiving signs from the universe and little whispers from spirit guides directed toward my boyfriend and ways for him to be more “present” in our relationship and let go of the ego’s limiting thoughts as they are causing him to bring his past in to our present and future. I’ve been trying to make those changes in myself to help him through…what is your advice?

    P.S. Cya in Denver on Friday 🙂

  60. Hey Gabby,

    I have a friend that has an addictive personality and this is currently manifesting as a love addiction. The person she is with is verbally and emotionally abusive but she feels like she loves him. As a friend, I really don’t know what to do. As of now, I have told her I can’t be there for her until she decides to get help. Is there something you think I should be doing instead?

    Thank you!

    1. there really isn’t anything you can do. visit a alanon meeting to take care of you… but you can’t deprive her of her bottom. let her play this out and pray for her to be guided to surrender the addiction.

  61. #DearGabby

    Thank you! I am sending my gratitude from Colombia, south America.
    I am feeling that I am keeping past resentments from my love life in my ovaries. When I get frustrated I feel pain in my ovaries. My grandmother died from cancer.
    I do a lot of tapping and healing, yet there is something really deep there. How can I heal this deep rooted thing? How can I surrender even more? How can I accept this even more?

    1. the tapping is great. also when you meditate send light to your ovaries. see them held in white light. also, it’s time to get to the root cause of the romantic frustrations.

  62. After watching your VDAY videos on doing something loving or self caring for yourself for the holiday even if you’re single, I decided to send myself beautiful flowers. They will get here on Valentine’s and I can’t wait! After I did that I felt my energy shift away from
    sadness to joy about it, I’m happy to show myself love and appreciation. Thanks for the tips!
    My question would be, how do you know when searching for a partner is right for you and you’re not just doing it because of societal expectations? I find I have conflicting feelings about being with someone right now.

  63. #deargabby
    I graduated from college in May with a little bit of a “useless degree”-art history.
    Right now I am so lost at finding purpose. And I feel so unguided, and of course living at home doesn’t help. Do you have any tools, or meditations to help you find a purpose. I love your work and spirit junkie was the greatest find for me in college! Light and love-
    A little lost grad

  64. My boyfriend has three kids with his ex wife and I have one with my ex husband. Together we have a great relationship with eachother and the children as one unit, but his ex wife seems to always be in the picture. She still asks for help financially, she’ll call him when she is sick, she discusses her relationships with him, and whenever she is stressed out -which seems to be all the time- she calls him. An example would be on her son’s birthday this year. We had invited her to join us for the celebration but she decided to work instead. But then ended up texting my boyfriend about how stressed out she is all the time which put him in a funky mood.

    I’m just not sure how to help him with this while also trying to handel it myself.

    I’m just worried about the stress enduced on him, the children, myself, and us as a unit.

    What would you suggest?

    Thank you.

    1. That is a hard answer to swallow. It makes sense.
      Are there any mantras or prayers you would recommend I use. This will be very difficult for me to do.
      Thank you.

  65. lately it feels like all of my friends are experiencing amazing things! amazing. I still feel like I’m waiting for my things to come. I’ve noticed though that I’m a little jealous and feel feelings of bitterness when they get these amazing things. I know that’s NOT good. That happiness and success has no limits and expands when we are happy for others. Yet, I can’t seem to kick these unwanted feelings to the curb and revel in my happiness for others even though it’s what I want to do.

  66. hi Gabby, I am new to all of this. I live a backwards life I work nights and travel to work. I love listening to your books in the car on my way to work. (Wish add more ing was an audiobook). When you talk about ing writing I am not an analyzer and also not very good at digging deep into why things happen or why I do what I do. Thank you for being the light.

  67. Dear Gabby,

    Can you give me some guidance on how to “forgive” (I feel like that’s not the right word, as I feel like it’s ME that needs to change, not them) people in my life who bring out bad sides of me. For example, people seeking attention, manipulative people (even when I’m only observing others being manipulated, I’m not actively manipulated), or know-it-alls?

    I know these feelings of frustration or reactions I don’t like are coming from insecurity or fear. Fear those manipulating those I love somehow impacts my relationship with the one being manipulated. Or those begging for attention or to take credit when it isn’t due when I’d rather people give me attention I’ve “earned.”

    Should I speak up when others are manipulated? Should I be happy without any type of attention or credit? I feel like I’m TRYING to come from a good place, but end up feeling not-good in the process. So clearly I’m not doing it right!

  68. Is this the live Q and A? I was just wondering… (So not a spiritual question haha!) what advice would you have for building numbers on social media? I have a great following and can sell out workshops and retreats no prob but I’m ready to have some bigger opportunities and need the clout to prove I’m legit. I keep getting advice to buy likes? Have you ever done this? Just doesn’t feel right but I’ve been plugging away happily and on FIRE I may add for 14 years and want to stay competitive in my market as far as speaking opportunities and getting into events like awesomeness fest without totally selling out. Thanks Babe, you are the BOMB! xo

  69. Dear Gabby,
    what do you do on the days when you JUST CAN’T EVEN? How do you pull yourself up when it hurts so bad? Do you have some go to comfort techniques?

    1. Exercise (even 10 minutes) is scientifically proven to boost serotonin levels and lift depression. I know your question is for Gabby just couldn’t help myself haha!

  70. #deargabby
    I met a guy who completely turned my life upside down. Everything I thought I knew and loved was replaced by this pushing feeling for a major life overhaul.
    It hasn’t been that long since my last uprooting and I still haven’t grounded from the brainwaves altered by my last shift. I think my current relationship is based on infatuation though and my feelings want out of of the trap. I still love everything about my boyfriend and this transition is hard to communicate to him. Any suggestions?
    <3 Thank you, Pauline

    1. in order to fully be present in this new relationship you’ll need to release the past one. are you willing to take some time on your own to heal?

      1. Yes. I am focusing more on my career and my business this year. I would like a couple years to get it where I want to be. I desperately need to heal though and that affects my ability to create the lifestyle I want to live. Your work is extremely helpful in building my business. Thank you.

  71. Also… this month we have been trying to be so intentional about fostering an atmosphere of love. We did a forgiveness ceremony and tried to clear out the blocks to love. However, I still don’t have those overwhelming feelings of love in my heart for others and it makes me worried that I’m living at a low vibration in that sense. Just because I’m not feeling the feelings, even while I’m being intentional is that bad?

    1. feel the feelings and then when you’re done… call on love. sit in a meditation focused on the good stuff:) you can release and then return to love.

      1. That’s so good and that makes so much sense. Thank you!! I thought it was bad to feel bad feelings at all and that just meant I didn’t have any good ones within me. However, I now see that’s completely wrong. I can acknowledge the bad feelings and then return to love where my heart longs to be anyway. Thank you so much.

  72. OMG I can’t believe I get to finally ask you a question… You’ve changed my life and my guardian angel’s name is Gabrielle, I think there’s beauty in that ^_^
    I’ll get right to the question…
    How do I when listening to a friend complain or say anything negative, be an authentic friend without bringing my energy down. I have tried to change the topic or telling them to not think about the problem but the solution. I feel like I need to learn how to listen without my vibration being upset.. How do I do that? I’ve prayed for the holy spirit .. something more?

    To end, I love you, You’ve been an important part of my journey. Your writing brought me back on the spiritual bandwagon and you saved my life. Thank you Thank you Thank you. God bless you Gabby. You’re a true light worker. Love and light all the way from India! 🙂

    1. bless you my friend from india:) i’m so glad our paths have crossed! I believe in silence. When someone is acting out in a low vibe way, just be silent. Give them the space to hear their chaos. Let them be in the presence of their madness. Do not respond or react. Just be the Buddha…

      1. Okay… I will not lie… I fangirled and jumped around. Woke up the cat! Thank you so much for replying! You rock! I hope i’ll get to see you live some day. Thank you thank you thank you again! 🙂
        Buddha… (I had thought about being switzerland but Buddha makes more sense! 😀 )

  73. Hey teacher Gabby. Sat Nam
    I am an empath, I am very comfortable with myself, and even look forward to be alone because other people’s energy drains me. How do I meet someone considering this?

  74. hey Gabby, i am trying to forgive my ex, but my ego wants to blame him for everything that happened after we broke up (it’s been a very difficult time for me and still is in every area of my life). when i see him in light, i get even more confused, because for me it equals you better not have any feelings for him, you’ll be screwed. if i don’t blame him, i blame myself. i don’t know how to release this.

  75. I am 27 years old. I graduated college and I still have no IDEA what to do with my life. I don’t feel like I’ve found that one thing that I am so so passionate about to do. I feel like everyone else is finding it, but I’m not. What are some tips for people to find that? I am a naturally passionate person, so really thats just directed at life in general now. I am just passionate about everything! However, I want to be able to be passionate about what I do for a career. I’ve always wanted to have something that I’m passionate about. Help!?!

  76. Hey Gab,

    How do you know if your guy is ‘the one’? Before I met my soon-to-be husband, I felt energy around my wedding ring finger and knew the moment I set eyes upon him that he was ‘it’ for me. Something’s happened over the past few months and I’m starting to question myself. I wonder if there’s better possibilities and I feel I’m not good enough. I’m working on myself and doing affirmations, but I would love your guidance.

    With love,


  77. Hey there Gabby! I wanted to first start off by saying that you are truly inspiring me to be happier and forgiving of myself and those that have hurt me. I was in a very deep relationship with someone who I found out a year later was an addict. I stayed for 2 more years with him to help him and because I loved him, dearly. It’s been years since that relationship is over, I’ve tried to date. I’m single and have heard that he’s still in that lifestyle, married (due to jail time he was facing)and has 2 kids. I’d always wanted marriage and children with him. Since I broke up with him I still think about and kind of miss him and I on valentine’s day. I miss being in a relationship and it makes me sad because I feel unlovable and like I’m too old (36yrs old) can you sprinkle some positive “Gabby dust of strength” to help me feel like a strong warrior again? I love V-day & all things associated with it. I have a great “girls outing” planned for that day, but I know when night time falls, my heart will feel it. Have a blessed day!

    1. focus on your healing, focus on your spiritual growth. When you make your relationship to God #1 then you will be guided to clear all the blocks to the presence of love within you. Cracking open to that inner love will guide you towards a partner of the highest good. Stay committed to your inner life and your outer life will flourish… trust me.

    1. tali, i’m working on it. the issue is that it’s an entirely new build out. android is totally different than ios. i will keep talking to my team about it. sending love. g

      1. Great! We have an app for our business and I definitely understand the intricacies. I’m just happy to hear it is being considered.


  78. Dear Gabby! I love you! Thanks for being a total miracle in my life this past year! I’ll be in Marbella with a girlfriend on valentines day, celebrating the all the love & enjoying being single.
    My question is what is the best way to get rid of doubt? & increase my faith & knowing that the man who is mine my divine right will manifest in my life?

    1. continue to focus on expanding your inner life and opening your heart to receive. your capacity to receive is what allows a partner to find you…

  79. Hi Gabby! I absolutely adore you. My question is, I am separated and soon will be divorced from my husband who became a drug addict during our marriage. During our marriage I never felt appreciated and now I have high expectations for what I deserve. I’m in a relationship for 7 months now and am in love with this man. He’s a single dad with a 15month old and a full time job and his time is limited but any free time he has we spend together. He shows up for me in many ways for he fails to meet my romantic expectations(date nights, gifts, flowers). I’m left feeling disappointed and am worried about valentines day and truly I think he is too. I get tripped up separating what I feel I deserve, and what my egos expectations are. If I work to let him off the hook I’m scared he’ll soon be blissfully unaware that I want to be romanced and spoiled alittle : ) any feedback is appreciated!

      1. I haven’t been to one and maybe that is something I could try. I’ve focused a lot of time, energy, meditation forgiving him. I feel at peace with him. we see each other often as we have a son together and have been able to co-parent and work through any issues like adults. I know that I have ongoing healing to do from that relationship but I don’t want to sabotage my new relationship with these high expectations I have

  80. Hi Gabby – here is my question for the #DearGabby Q&A:

    I so badly want to release a past relationship but am having a very hard time. There was no closure so it is hard for me to move on and he will still randomly send me messages here and there. I want to move on but this still affects me and I either get excited/hurt when I hear from him. I ask my -ing for guidance on how to deal with this relationship and try not to get in my own way but still am so confused and dont know what to do. I can’t seem to hear what my -ing is telling me to do. Do you have any advice for what I should do or how I should handle this? I am so tired of how this is torturing me and affecting me in my life.

    Thanks so much – lots of love to you. You are my inspiration and always make me feel better 🙂

    1. surrender and surrender some more… make a daily commitment each morning to surrender your past relationship. to release it… throughout the day when it comes up for you say, “i choose to release this now”
      stay committed to releasing it fully. that commitment will guide you one day at a time. letting go of the past relationship will clear space for a new one:)

  81. Dear Gabby,
    when I get stressed, I kind of go into a bubble. My ego is playing its own game and I am not pressent. To be totally honest, I become a real bitch to my boyfriend, and he is trying his best to be kind to me. We always end up in a fight. I attack him by nagging until he succumbs.
    I can’t get out of my ego, when I am stressed. What do I do? This is a huge problem for me.
    Thank you for your help and all that you do <3

      1. I do meditate. I learned by you guided meditations 🙂
        But when Im in that bubble, I am not aware of anything but my own needs.

  82. Let’s talk about future tripping when a relationship is in it’s first stages. What do you do when you feel yourself future tripping over a desired outcome to bring yourself back?

    1. pray for it to be released. say a prayer that grounds you in the moment. something like, “thank you for helping me release my future projections. i choose to be present now.”

  83. Hey Gabby! I love what you say about just letting your Man off the hook for V-day, totally get it and intend to try that. 🙂 Just wondering, though… I so love romance but no matter how many times I tell my hubby that, he says that he is just not a romantic person. He does lots of sweet stuff for me like cook for me and change the air in my tires, and I am grateful for that beyond belief. So should I just let my love of candles, romantic music, and flowers go..?

    1. cooking for you sounds romantic to me!!! celebrate the wonderful things he does. honor him for who he is. and seek romance in other areas of your life. like with your girlfriends or even be romantic towards yourself. send yourself flowers or buy a nice gift for yourself. it sounds like your hubby is a sweet guy!

      1. Thanks Gabby! That’s a new way to look at things and I appreciate that. I saw you speak for the first time at Crazy, Sexy, Miracles a couple of weeks ago in NYC. I’m living with cancer and you and Kris are absolute beacons of hope for me. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo. P.S. He truly is a wonderful guy! I’m blessed.

  84. Gabby gabby gabby,

    You’re wonderful and have led me to such a great place of peace. I am now involved with the best romantic relationship of my life.

    My question for you is – as you grow closer to someone, how do you sustain that deep level of trust, love, and happiness, without letting it become an addiction? I see it as a very fine line, and I want to experience it to its depth, without being codependent.

    I still listen to your Medidating album, and for anyone who is wondering if it’s worth it – it definitely is, both for clearing out and manifesting!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Hi Meagan, the key is to have a grounded spiritual practice. There’s a chapter in Spirit Junkie where I talk about how Spirit became my boyfriend. With my spiritual connection I feel full. That full complete feeling gives me freedom in my romantic partnership. That freedom is available to you! Whenever you sense the codependent patterns come up, sit in meditation and reconnect to your inner wisdom.

      Also, I address codependency in my Fearless Relationships course. you guys are getting 30% off today with the code GabbyLove – at

      1. HI Gaby,
        Thank you for your radient light !! You are beaming! I Love it! I love you!

        I’ve been on my spiritual path for some time now (8 years) and find myself very much whole and in line with my higher self. I can honestly say that I love ME. Meeting guys never aded to this, because the level of friendship and partnership was never equal or ….. (I can’t find the English word). I would very much like to share my love, attention and life with a significant other. But I don’t want it to be ordinary or just because. I would like to invite the relationship that Spirit has in store for me, that instantly feels like home. (like your mountainhouse) Can I ask for an owl, when I meet him? Or doesn’t it work this way?

  85. Love this. I restarted your May Cause Miracles guide and today is day 42! My mindset is so much more positive and great things have happened! My BF and I are building a house and I never thought it would have been possible. Now I expect Miracles. Thank you! I also love that it ended on 2/11. I see 11111111’s everywhere!

  86. Dear Gabby,
    Valentine’s Day is all about love! That includes loving yourself..Unfortunately, this marks only another year where I can’t seem to love myself. I am drowning in a food addiction/binge eating problem and I can’t find the way out. I’m in an unhappy place in my life and I don’t have a whole lot going on that can distract me from my problems…So I’m drowning in them! I go to therapy and have attended 12 step programs and read so many books!! I feel like I have exhausted all of my resources that could possibly help me with this problem. I’m scared I’ll never get out of this. I’m scared I’ve failed too many times. I’m scared it’s over for me. Once I start living my life without sugar and food, I always succumb back to it because a life without sugar for me is a life riddled with anxiety…and a life riddled with OBSESSION about food. I’m in the darkest place I’ve ever been in and sometimes I don’t want to live.
    If you have any words of wisdom for me, I’d love to hear them! I love you! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

  87. How do you really know if you are ready for a relationship? Sometimes I think I am ready, but I am really enjoying where I am at right now. Your books, meditations, and vlogs have been amazing for transforming my life. Thanks for all you do! Much love! XOXO Angela

    1. sometimes a relationship will catch you off guard. stay open to whatever is of the highest good for you and your future partner.

  88. Dear Gabby,
    what is the “best” way to release a past relationship….someone you think in your heart you will be with, but how life unfolded, you are not. Someone who makes you feel safe, loved, and yourself when you see or talk to him. Someone I have known for over half my life. I sit on a meditation pillow and forgive and release him every day. I pray to see this differnently.
    Any thought?
    BTW – you are an angel. thank you
    BTW #2 – scheduled a mani/pedi for Saturday! woo hoo!!
    thank you for all you do!

  89. Hi Gabby,

    I am going through a hard time trying to forgive my husband for lying to my and betraying me. Our 11th anniversary is on Valentine’s day. How to I make this day the best it can be during this tough time?


    1. Hi Katie. If him can’t make you feel happy right time now. Let do something else, allow other by you around them make you feel good. You still have another valentine day next year to enjoy with your husband again if he change and trust with you. But this time for both think about what mean in your relationship. And do nothing with it.

  90. Dear Gabby,

    I’m so excited and happy to read this article after I decided my girls’s trip for valentine’s day. This year, it’s my first time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I never celebrated Valentine’s Day with any boyfriend, I was single all the moment about Valentine’s Day, Xmas, New year holidays and my birthday, or girl friends even myself. I’ve been following you about a year, and the main reason that I’ve been lead to your website was the sadness of break-up and I did wanted to change my life, then it happens. In the past, I ran away from Valentine’s Day because I felt lonely and I didn’t want to face why I am still single right here and most my best friends are married or attached. Since I start on my real spiritual path, I no longer have these resentment and self-pity. I know this is time for re-connection with myself , honor myself and celebrate anything, anytime, anywhere with myself. Thank you for sharing and helping me and us very very much with your own experience.

    For the Live #DearGabby Q&A time, I have some question here:
    1. Will you release the Q&A stream later on Youtube? Because I live in Taiwan (UTC+8), I may not join you at the live moment, 2pm east coast, at this moment I’m practicing one of spiritual practice – sleeping 🙂 I want to join the delay Q&A time, please.
    2. According to the story of you and your husband, I wonder if I should try to be friends or keep contact with my ex-bfs or ex-dates even now they are almost disappeared, Or just let them go. I want to live in the Now moment, don’t want to look back and think what I made wrong before. Every time I re-think your story, it makes me feel…I was wrong and I am still wrong, because I am not a friend with him/them anymore, they don’t want to be friends with me at all. What’s your suggestion about this situation?

    Thank you again, dear Gabby.

    1. Hi Wanchen, you only need open your mind, your soul when someone come up to you. You don’t need pleasure anyone. Simple try to do things you love, want and passion about. Always focus on make something worth, value and mean in this life, when you at good situation always attract good one and things come up.

  91. Thank you so much for all this, Gabby!
    The videos just reassured me that being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. 😉 I’m in the middle of planning a single girls night out and can’t wait to put my dancing shoes on!!! 🙂
    I also just listened to the Meditation for Manifesting Love and tears were streaming down my face throughout the whole thing… I feel like I just let go of something big…
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Have an amazing Valentine’s Day!!! <3

  92. Dear gabby,
    Your spiritual exercise helps me a lot..after my meditation I feel free.
    And I understand what it means when loves your is great… thank you for the miracle.
    But one thing is on my mind what I do not understand: I have lots of moments in my life when I meet people I believe them everything (but often this people lie to get something from me) I don not want to be naive.. .. what can I do to open my eyes and do not believe anything..

    Thank you for the answer.
    with lot of love


  93. Hi Gabby,

    I just wanted to say congratulations! This show with Glamour and Conde Nast is an amazing opportunity to share your important message with even more people (and it’s also huge). A friend suggested I try one of your books a few years ago and I still thank her regularly for it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of these (very shiny) videos.

  94. It wasn’t planned, but I finish my six weeks of May Cause Miracles on valentines day – I really have given myself the gift of love! But I’m still confused over some things: what’s the difference between my ego’s expectations and my loving mind’s imagination for manifestation? Thanks Gabby – I’ve come such a long way and am finally feeling calm about the uncertainty of the future. Happy valentines day. Xx

  95. Hi Gabby,
    Have been a fan for sometime now and have done the 40 day miracle steps and also the 108 miracle changes. All of which has helped a heap. I am currently going through some marital issues at the moment and I feel like a roller coaster with my highs and lows. Am finding it hard to keep it together at the moment. I love my wife more than anything or anyone in the world and she knows this. I would like some advise and some of your miracles sent my way. Keep up the good work and enjoy your vlogs every week.

  96. Hi Gabby, Not really on topic but was wondering if you could help with this conundrum: I have a chronic illness, and am confused whether I should be manifesting or surrendering…i.e. Do I focus on manifesting good health? Or am I better to surrender/pray for the highest outcome for my health? Sending love and sunshine from Sydney xx

    1. Hi CHArlotte. Thoughts can change your health. You must be positive and look on big picture about what support for your health then get it, do it soon as you can. Always have the way make health nature.

  97. I love-love-love what you say about expectations. My dude and I have been casual, and having fun—and he just moved across the country. I’m so into him, and we have fun together, but I’ve been telling myself to ‘let him go,’ which has been difficult to accept, I admit.

    If I look at it the way you suggest, though, it’s easier to think: Let go of my EXPECTATIONS for him. Let him show me who he is. I chose HIM.

    Thanks as always! xox

  98. Hi Gabby! Thank you for your honesty & beautiful spirit! So happy to have found you on Marie TV when she interviewed you! You have kept me entertained this last year of physical rehab with your meditation cd & books May Cause Miracles & Miracles Now! Funny never expected my spouse to give me something even though he does. Thank you for reminding me that I should be thankful for all the little things. Look forward to meeting you. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  99. AHH thanks for bringing light to something I’ve been trying to tell my girlfriends for a long time! I actually enjoy Valentine’s Day MORE when I’m single than when I’m in a relationship – It’s totally an excuse for me to buy myself gifts and pamper myself when I might not usually treat myself to those luxuries, and there’s no pressure to make the day special for anyone but me! Thanks for your work, Gabby!

  100. Really enjoyed these videos Gabby. Am in a relationship for the first time this valentines but prior to this I have loved dating myself and gifting myself on Valentine’s Day. And also honouring other special friendships. I feel that around Christmas we remember the importance of friends and family and by now we’ve forgotten it a little. V-day is an excellent reminder to me to appreciate those nearest and dearest.

    Can I make a tiny suggestion in the most loving and kind way I can? I appreciate videos need to be accessible to the majority, but it would be really awesome for gender neutral language to be used surrounding relationships. I’m in a same sex relationship and it would be so wonderful to hear ‘that guy OR girl will come along ‘ or ‘get out of the way of him or her’. Meant in the kindest, loving and constructive way possible because I think you are great and fantastic. Xx

    1. Hi Tam,
      So here’s the deal about that… In my glamour videos I will talk to women b/c that’s the audience. But 99% of the time on this blog you will hear me to talk to all. So don’t worry:) xoox

  101. #deargabby may you delve into some sacred sexuality and enlighten how one may continue to align spiritually while being sexually active. I recently read a book, Anastasia, by a spiritual channeler and they say that sex should only be used to procreate a child and that if we as a species can channel our divine intentions and love in other helpful ways for the planet if we do not waste our time thinking about/ having sex. It triggered and brought up a lot for me questioning if sex is something we are supposed to indulge in? Thank you ????

    1. Alexandra,
      I believe sex is something that we must enjoy. Pleasure is part of why we are here. Sex backed with love creates an energy that this world needs more of. Many women who get inspired by their spiritual practice can lose track of their desire to be sexual. This is something we need to reverse. I’m still working out my feelings on the issue but trust me there will be a blog on the topic… maybe even a book.

      🙂 xo

    2. Hi Alexandra. If you live and don’t need comfortable for your wanna sex then everything else is your choice. But most of case people wanna having sex. People need it, if you don’t you will shouldn’t keep belong with person love you. I don’t want negative here but you don’t fit with she or he desire about sex, and it really make hurt to him.

  102. Hi Girls 🙂

    My idea for a perfect single a wonderful date with myself, such as SPA, Massage, Dinner …Pampering myself and loving myself as if there was no tomorrow ! Then but only then, the right partner will have to match that frequency one day.

    A healthy loving relationship starts definitely with oneself, I’ve learned that through a lot of pain, drama and codependent relationship.At the end I had to learn how to love and cherish myselve first and heal on a deeper levels..It’s imperative to understand that and most of all, genuine Self Love is a very beautiful and exiting journey

    Sylvia Ray Arden

  103. Thank you Gabby for spreading the light and sharing your wisdom with all of us – you have helped me a lot on my journey in becoming the best version of myself – I am not there yet, but each day I am getting closer and closer! 🙂 But I am struggling a little at the moment with my relationship as my bf is suffering from an anxiety disorder and it is having a great impact on our relationship. We have a strong relationship and I want to support him, yet at the same time I am also thinking of myself here and have come to realize that because of his disorder there are so many relationship dreams that I need to let go of and it makes me unhappy (isn’t it terrible how selfish I am?). Maybe you could suggest me some tools that could help here. Sorry for the long post, I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, Lots of LOVE! <3

    1. Hi Kelly, most important we need to be happy. I think you should don’t try to please other people so much, because if you don’t happy you will lost all of your energy, always feel tire, worry and don’t find any support in process. You need consider serious about what you can do, what you have, what you really want. So then you commitment, consistence, look on big picture.

  104. Thank you Gabby for the great ideas of how to change my perceptions of love. You have helped me change my life for the better and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for helping me become the best version of myself I can be. God bless ????

      1. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and I’m going to school to become a nurse and I have you to thank for that. You helped me realize that I am important and loved and I can’t thank you enough for that Gabby 🙂

  105. Hi Gabby! I have a doozy of a relationship question for you! I have been married 10 years and I love my hubby and couldn’t imagine life without him. But, over the past 10 years we have had our ups and downs and have hurt each other, and I can’t seem to totally let it go, so even now I think negative thought when I feel let down or disappointed by him or when something doesn’t go as planned, example, date night turns into big group dinner and we don’t end up spending quality time alone. Then I feel hurt and like he doesn’t want to spend time with me, and doesn’t care etc, etc. I know I need to stop this behavior for myself and for us. Also, sex has become kind of awkward, thats weird I know and probably TMI 😉 But I could use some ways to get “the spark back” . Thanks! Kara

    1. forgiveness will set you free. see your part in the situation. let it go and choose to forgive him. when you release the negativity towards him you will be released.

    2. Kara, If I in your case, I have some choices:
      I will do things I love and want and don’t matter what will happen. Because bad things will happen by itself.
      Or I will ignore that because him don’t see interesting in me or I don’t make new change myself, I feel really old. Then that is time I focus improve myself all of things. Then I believe in this case he will attract to me.
      Or I will find the way to gain reason first time we fall in love and support together.
      All of things above also need my efforts and same to you. Might this help.

  106. Thank you, Gabby. Can’t wait to watch these when I get home today (forgot my headphones for work today). My boyfriend and I got into a massive fight this morning – a reoccurring one which is usually from me setting unrealistic expectations on the both of us. Is there a meditation I can practice? Some books I can read? To stop this pattern? I need a miracle before we can move forward out of this place we have been stuck in.

    Thank you,

    1. If you still love him, Don’t do anything negative with him. Spend time to do things make you feel good, anything. Focus your mind on that instead on him. I understand with short time you will find the peace of yourself and you will wanna ignore his mistake or your mistake. If you make mistake with him, you will find good time to say sorry with him. Try me and you will surprise with results.

  107. Girls, did you happen to meet your prince charming this Valentine’s Day? Guys, did you go out on a date with the girl of your dreams? Share such little love milestones with the world via platforms like madcards that let you create interesting collectible cards to recount your love stories via texts, images and videos.

  108. Hi Gabby! Thank you for these videos. They are AWESOME. I wasn’t single last year but I am this year. I just ended things with a guy who I was pretty sure was a soul mate of mine. It sucks but he was going back to school pre-med so he had no time for a relationship. I think making a vision board would be awesome. I need to get more positive about this stuff!

    Thanks! xo

  109. Shanna,
    I hear you sister. This was my darkest addiction. I am happy to share that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Have you read my book Spirit Junkie? This book is really a guide towards spiritual recovery from codependent addiction. Please let me know how I can serve you.

        1. Without trying to chat bomb you…I just want to say…to you and any other sisters that may be here with me on this…I am just now learning some things that Gabby realized in her twenties, and that kind of scares me because I’ve raised four children already. I think I am the last 50s housewife. It’s what I saw growing up. So I find that I never developed Me. And I’ve been looking to others and anything else to validate my Self. Now here are these articles and lessons and messages…describing where I’m at. And I’ve come face to face with it. Can’t pretend I haven’t. Only one way out, inward and upward, I think. But…also outward toward others, I feel. Ladies if this sounds silly to you…send me your healing energy, and if this resonates with you, send me your healing energy. Sending you mine. Thanks, Gabby, for the space to say this. Good day all.

  110. Thank you, Gabby. I turned 45 today, and it feels pivotal. I am a single codependent love addict. I am seeing someone and finding myself with the same old fears and neuroses. I deeply desire life change in this area. I appreciate your teaching on this subject. Codependency is painful and I want out. Thank you, young lady, for being the light. I am facing the fact that I just have never wanted to be alone with Me. Looks like now is the time. Thank you again.

  111. I love the videos Gabby! The last one reminded me of one Valentine’s day when I was a teenager. My boyfriend never showed up to our date but I decided to have fun anyway by going out with some friends. At 4 in the morning, I had a mariachi band playing at my window ( from another guy). I didn’t even like that guy but it was still pretty cool and totally unexpected! Have a great Valentine’s day!

    1. Noémie, I love this. When I focus things make we feel good, we will have balance and keep ourselves on right path. We always need consider living with happy moment. Don’t allow other afford our happy, special it easy happen in special day like this case.

  112. Beautiful Gabby! Great ways to love all year long! That was always my problem with Valentines Day. There is so much pressure to have Feb 14th be perfect, but we forget that everyday is a perfect day to tell someone you love them.
    Have a great week Gabby! Xoxo

    1. Yes, same to me. But I think about what fit with me, what is my situation, I trust and ask myself: do I need follow other make things special with my relationship? No, in my situation there many things I need consider and happy by itself. My relationship only need me like that and keep it up.

  113. You are so awesome Gabby. You always seem so happy and guided; It’s so refreshing to check in with you every week.
    Sending you love! xo

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