How to Trust in the Healing Path When You’re Recovering from Addiction or Trauma

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Note: I updated this post in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

In this blog post I want to talk to you about how to trust in the healing path.

It takes courage to be on a healing path

This can be really scary and sometimes just exhausting. It’s a lot easier and can feel a lot safer to check out and fall into an addictive pattern, whether that’s picking up a drink or getting obsessed with work, instead of staying on the healing path.

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But one of the first things I learned in my sober recovery is a lesson that still gives me chills: If you put anything before your recovery, you will lose it.

This lesson applies to any kind of healing. So instead of checking out, join me on the healing path and TRUST in the healing path.

In the video below I share 3 steps to follow. Watch it and take these steps to heal past wounds, trust in the healing path and experience miracles. You can also keep reading for a breakdown of each step.

Why it’s important to trust in the healing path

When I lean toward love, I am led | The Universe Has Your Back card deckBefore I get into the three steps that I outline in the video, I want to say this: Whether you know my work well or you’ve landed on my website for the first time, there’s a reason you’re on this page right now. There’s something that’s up. You’re ready to heal something.

Maybe you’re remembering something, or you’re ready to show up for that experience from your past, or you’re ready to heal that addictive pattern. Maybe you’re ready to change your attitude.

Whatever it is that you’re ready to heal deserves your attention and your focus. If you bulldoze past your recovery, the same assignments will show up in your life over and over and over again.

Treat yourself with compassion

Before I share these steps I also really want to be very compassionate about wherever you are. I understand that when something comes up and you need to heal it, it can be horrifying. It can be so scary and debilitating.

I know the feeling of just not wanting to deal with it, especially if you’ve been on a journey of dealing with a lot of healing and then another thing comes up and now you have to deal with it again. (Alternate nostril breathing is a tool you can use in the moment to release anxiety.)

3 steps to trust in the healing path

Recently I had something come up that is probably the most important thing I’ll ever heal in my life. I’m remembering a past experience and it’s time for me to heal it. I have to really trust in the healing path. I don’t know exactly how this will be healed, but I trust in the path.

I’m sharing these three steps with you to help you trust in the healing path and to stay committed to it myself.

Step 1: Be willing to heal

The first step is to be willing to heal, to really, really be willing to heal. I was talking to a woman I mentor recently, and she was just like, “I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to get into it. I don’t want to remember the trauma. I don’t want to get into the story.”

I said to her, “Listen. All you need is the slightest willingness and that willingness will open the doors for you. That willingness will help you pick up the phone and call me. It will get you into your therapy session. It will set you free.”

Simply being willing to heal will set you on the healing path and keep you on it. It will allow whatever you need to come through.

Step 2: Surrender to a higher power by praying daily

When we say a prayer, we allow our consciousness to receive intuitive guidance. | Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinThe next step in trusting in the healing path is to pray. Get into a daily prayer practice of surrendering your plan, surrendering your patterns and turning it over to a power greater than you.

All you have to do is say something like, “I am willing to heal. Show me where to go and what to do. I’m ready to receive guidance, I’m ready to change my patterns and I’m ready to heal.”

In that prayer, you humbly surrender your fears, your blocks and all that is standing in your way of true healing. Praying is a way of getting in communication with the guidance that is always supporting you. This is the most important conversation you could have all day long.

Step 3: Receive the support that comes your way

The final step in trusting in the healing path is to just receive the support that comes your way. Receive the support of the people that come your way. Receive the support of the therapy or the video or the yoga teacher or the book — whatever it is that lands in your lap. Because it will.

When you open up to healing, what you need will be given to you. But you have to be open to receiving it. You have to have your arms wide open saying, “Yes, bring it on. I’m ready.”

Get inspired on your healing path by reading my memoir, Spirit Junkie

In my memoir, I open up about my own recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs and codependent relationships.

I share the story of how I transformed my life, offering my spiritual journey as a guidebook for overcoming fear, changing perceptions and creating a life you’re psyched to wake up for. I traded self-doubt and addiction for a new kind of high!

Throughout Spirit Junkie I teach lessons from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, share practical and spiritual tips, and guide you through meditations to help you on your own healing path.

Take your recovery one day at a time

I want to leave you with this very important piece of advice: Take it one day at a time, especially in early recovery of addiction or trauma or anything that is very scary. It’s a one-minute-at-a-time gig. It’s not something that you can do overnight. Do not rush your recovery. Do not avoid your recovery. Make a commitment to show up for it and be in the presence of it one moment at a time.

I want to be here for you. Please post comments below. I’m here to support you. Let me know how you’re doing, how you’re feeling. You can even just post below that you’re willing to heal. Making that statement publicly will greatly serve your path.

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  1. Dear Gabby, your work is beautiful. I also am going through a very frightning period of healing and remembering. For eight months now i am facing everything but it’s so incredible hard and sometimes it’s just to much. Do you have any tips on how to get through the roughest feelings and memories of sexual abuse and neglect? I’m currently out of work, this is a full time job now so i’m not able to subscribe to the courses right now. Maybe you have some video’s online you’d advise? Thanx for all the inspiration anyway.. hope to be a lightworker one day. I know pain can transform into wisdom to help heal others, one day i will..
    Love from Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, I am sending love, light, and prayers your way as you heal. Working with a therapist can be incredibly helpful as we integrate and heal traumatic memories. If that is a possibility for you, I recommend talking with someone who can help you work through these memories and feelings. You may also want to try Eye Movement therapy, which can bring great relief to people suffering from trauma and PTSD. There are many practitioners all over the world:

      A few videos to help…
      Use this to be compassionate toward yourself
      This meditation will help you calm down if you feel like you might melt down
      This practice helps you cut the energetic cord tying you to harmful people from your past

      Sending you love and light. xoxo

      1. Hi Gabby, I am in therapy and doing eft and emdr, so i guess i’m doing all i can ;-). Thank you for your warm reply and video’s. I will watch them and hopefully it will help too. And thank you for being someone who does the ‘hard’ work of going inside too, the whole way… It feels incredibly hard sometimes and lonely. So many don’t and make me feel like i am the one that is ‘off’. Thank you, and sending you love and light too.. x!

  2. As I’ve been guided to wards you over the past few months, I have followed you through social media and have finally made it onto your website and this video spoke to me so i clicked on it. Once you started speaking about healing, my skin lit up with goose bumps very prominent goose bumps.

    I am never sure if i’m healing, how far i’ve come in my healing journey. I am willing to heal, I am wanting to heal, I want to break the cycles that I see playing in my life and its devastating when it happens. The past few months I went through a heart wrenching break up and everyday I think I’m getting better, i’m healing but then today, BAM in my face I don’t feel like I’m healing, i’m right back to the pain and the hurt I experienced.

    my eyes are welling up and i’m just wanting to heal, oh so much!

    Thank you for your message Gabby.

    xo, Erica

    1. That is beautiful! This video resonated with you so clearly because you are on the healing path. The path can be long and winding, so take care not to judge how you feel or where you may be on it. Right where you are is perfect. Your willingness to heal is all that is required. You might also want to check out a video of mine on how to handle a breakup. Sending love + light. xoxoxo

  3. Good morning from New Mexico Gabby and thank you for this, from my heart. I have followed your Instagram for a while now and find it very inspiring but had never seen a video. This is great and exactly what I am meant to see this morning, I’m convinced. I am currently on a soul journey that has taken me from Nashville to Oregon to Santa Fe over the past month and a half, and I am here for Summer Solstice celebration next week and International Women’s Camp the following week.

    After 30 years in the music business I am at the tail end of a transition into a new life and career as a yoga teacher and Healer, and the synchronicity of the timing of seeing is yet another sign for me that I am on my right path. I know that I have the capacity in me to heal – that we all do! – and I commit to this path with an open and humble heart.

    I am willing to heal! And my hope is that I will heal others as well. Thank you for this beautiful affirmation.

    Sat nam.
    Mari Dew (Amrit Kirtan)

  4. Hello Gabby,

    I watched you on my friend’s, Jay Shetty Huffington Post Live talk. You both didn’t disappoint.
    I want to heal a long standing gut issue. I’m looking at better fibre- protein, no sugar and good bio’s (food enzymes) and I want to heal. I am so tired of a bloated, painful stomach.
    Namaste, Carolyn 😉 x

  5. I came across one of your audios which i downloaded and it led me to your website. I am just starting my spiritual journey, I am 24 and due to ill health I nearly lost my life almost two years ago and ever since I have lived in fear, by the way I am loving your fear to faith audio. I have recognised my illness was due to myself punishing my mind, body and spirit as I never felt worthy. I am now studying to become a life coach, my biggest traumas in my life had led me on an incredible journey so now I am surrending my patterns to be willing to heal. I am ready to be healthy as I no longer need to punish myself. Thank you, I look forward to continuously following your guidance.

    Lots of love x

    1. Hayley,
      Thank you for sharing your journey. I am so happy this work serves you!
      Have you read my latest book, The Universe Has Your Back? There are some truly helpful lessons in it. I’m so proud of it.
      Here is the link to it and a free workshop:
      Massive love your way!

  6. I am ready to Heal <3

    I am so incredibly grateful i stumbled across you a few months ago Gabby, I cant get enough of your work and am sharing it with so many other hearts around me.

  7. Hi Gabby,

    This video and another one you posted up recently, about telling the truth, really resonated with me today. I’ve been on a healing path – intensively and deliberately – for about 2.5 years now. I didn’t directly intend for this to happen but have been uncovering such depths of myself that I am convinced its worth it. BUT – this is the big BUT – I still find myself reaching points where I’m like, REALLY?? There’s more?! And am sometimes shocked at the things I uncover and part of me cannot face it. I’m learning that it’s an ongoing journey, and to hear you say that you face the same challenges inspires even more self-compassion – sometimes I wonder why I’m not yet blazing a trail with the knowledge and understanding I’ve gained but then I think that the Universe is delivering the experiences I need to get to the point that I can do so, in a more robust fashion. Your video on telling the truth did raise for me some questions about friendships, though. Are you of the school of thought that we can heal all relationships, or that sometimes it’s necessary to let go? I’m having challenges around this right now and feel like my inner compass says, yes you can heal x friendship, but then I am touch with the person and they make me feel awful about myself! Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories so bravely!! It helps the rest of us to do so also 🙂 xx

  8. Hi Gabby!
    I am so grateful for finding you….I have only been on this path with you for 6 weeks but I feel so connected already! You and Kris Carr are my hero’s…
    I have a long story from being premie at birth to ongoing health issues. I was one of the thoses called a “hypochondriac” or “it’s all in your head”. No wonder I have so many pent up issues!!!
    At this point in my life I have stopped Western Doctors and have gone more Holistic/Intergrated Medicine. The good news is, I finally have been diagnosed with many Autoimmune Diseases and Viruses that I am diligently working on. Im presently on the AIP diet (after trying many other diets), doing meditation and breath work daily and learning with all my heart to become more spiritual! I love your work! It has giving me a sense of fullfill and ease. I know I have a long road ahead to heal my body from pain and trauma, but I 100% believe I will be healed and in some realm heal others!!! Patience is my mantra….
    What I really want to ask which is very hard for me to do…is: I’m still feel very confused on each steps I need to take to heal. I have no clear picture on what I am doing even after seeing so many Functional Doctors etc. I’m hoping the spiritual piece will be the missing piece of my puzzle. If I’m missing something please feel free to tell!!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I am willing to heal……

    ps: I love your book “The Universe has your Back”

    1. Your willingness to heal will set the foundation for so many miracles. Keep up with your spiritual practice, and remain open to the right therapies, doctors, and remedies. Listen to yourself and practice patience, and keep a vision of yourself healthy and healed throughout your journey 🙂

  9. You are so wonderful and amazing! I have no words to tell you how much I admire you and how you are actually changing my view on life! I have been ”binging” on your work for a week now! I can’t believe I am just figuring out NOW that you have been there for years! Thank you!

  10. Gabby,

    Thank you for connecting with your heart and soul in order to produce your book ‘The Universe has your back’. After reading, I now have true insight into my sadness, and I am now willing to heal the wounds which have surfaced. My avoidance to the truth has been complex, and these ‘coping technique’s’ have simply acted as a mask.
    I have totally surrendered, and have incredible support around me (along with the challenge of those who disapprove of me stepping out of my cage and finding the truth; a very painful realisation).

    Life now truly excites me for the very first time, and I use this to propel me through the darkest moments; I can now take a full breath without any guilt.

    Love to you & those who are working hard to heal themselves, one delicate layer at a time xxx

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! It sounds like you have all the tools you need to begin making big changes in your life 🙂 Stay surrendered, connect with your support system, and trust that every time you choose love over fear you are healing your wounds.

      xo big love to you

  11. Thank you for the wise words. I’m a mom who’s daughter is in recovery. Our entire family is learning how to heal. With hard work you can get there:) I’m going to pass this one on to her! Also, I’ll tell her about you. She will love you:)

  12. I am SO ready to heal completely. I am open to receiving guidance and am so grateful I found you!! I just signed up for the miracle membership I’ve made 2017 all about diving deep into it all, life, healing, and service!! So excited to jump in.

    1. amazing! stay committed to your spiritual practice and you will receive so many miracles. so excited for you! xo

  13. Thank you so much Gabby for this beautiful message. I survived cancer but what came up for me is now I need to heal my self esteem, and need for acceptance and approval. The doctors healed my body, but now I need to heal my soul. I am ready to heal. Thank you.

  14. Gabby,

    Thanks so much for your radical honesty and commitment to sharing your wisdom through your own transformation. I have been on the healing path for a decade now, and feel that more deeper trauma memories of childhood sexual abuse are surfacing. I was feeling really depressed and confused on and off for months and after a particularly intense kundalini class felt called to go on youtube yesterday and happened upon your video with Lewis Howes. When you shared that you’d been going through the remembrance of your childhood sexual abuse and what you had been feeling like over the past year, I felt a deep knowing in myself. So grateful for your presence and Light. xx

  15. Hey! I’ve recently just stumbled onto your blog, read your interview on the Numinous sight. Just saw this video and was very blown away when you said “whatever you put before your recovery you will lose” wow that really hit home. Im a Perfomer , fellow yogi , sober chick and metaphysics enthusiast. Took me 10 years to get 2+ years so sobriety. I’ve been in a weird place recently not going to meetings etc. my life has gotten extremely better since being sober but I have been putting my career , that sobriety help me save , before my recovery. Just a great reminder of the importance of being in the recovery process. It’s sooooo amazing to see you and the results of sobriety. Thank you for telling your story so openly , would love to catch ya in person one day
    – Friend of Bills

  16. months later I see this video for the first time, in watching realize that I need to heal this really debilitating (at times, & actually right now) issue with TRUST. thank you for providing the steps towards opening, surrendering & receiving in the simplest of ways minute by minute. <3 sat nam

  17. I have been in recovery since February of this year. I was sexually assaulted in 2014 and suppressed it for almost 2 years. I finally sought the help I needed when I started struggling with depression and anxiety. I was also diagnosed with PTSD, which I thought only war veterans could have. I even had suicidal thoughts at points throughout my recovery. I am learning that my traumatic experience does not define who I am. My depression, anxiety, and PTSD does not define who I am on the inside. Some days are better than others, but I can honestly say without these struggles I’ve been facing, I would have never started down a healthier and spiritual path. Thank you for giving me the tools and support I need through your teachings.

  18. Thank you Gabby, this amazing video has been life saving for me as you have been. I thank you for your meditation as I have finaly found someone who teaches in s way that I can undetstand and just to feel and listen so blessed to have found you. Thank you xx

  19. I am committed to healing my love addiction and my fear of intimacy thats resulting in anxiety, isolation and depression. I am willing to heal!

  20. This video speaks to me so much! I’ve been struggling with intense anxiety and feelings of sadness that I couldn’t understand for the past 8 months. After talking to my boyfriend, I realized that I had never grieved the loss of my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago. I tried to skip past the grieving process, which makes no sense because she was one of the most important people in my life. I put up some sort of wall over the past 2 years that prevented me from crying or feeling deeply sad. Well, 2 years later, this sadness has become too much to bear. I keep getting intensely vivid memories and dreams of her and experiencing crying spells. Both my boyfriend and my mom have told me that I need to process these feelings, and I know they are right. It’s so scary and so painful, but so important. Of course after coming to this realization, I find this video haha! Love it!! Thank you Gabby! ????

  21. Hi Gabby,

    I have just found time to listen to this.

    I have been struggling with using the tools I have to keep me in a positive place.

    I am a certified yoga teacher as of summer 2015 but I didn’t plan enough and so I was still working in an office job which I resented and did not serve me any longer. I would go in to work sit at my desk and have no work to do but be expected to sit tight and wait for a phone call or just wait for something, sometimes nothing.. This became more and more stifling and depressing. About two weeks ago I returned from a really fun filled weekend for my cousins hen party- and the night of returning I was filled with deep dread and anxiety about going to work the next day. I cried, I stopped sleeping and I started to feel so much pain in my body.
    I really appreciate your tools, clips, audiobooks, books – I just wish I had them tattooed to me for when I need them the most.

    I’m in the transition now and I am starting to feel a bit better. I feel more focussed, my energy is starting to build up and I feel like I am on the right path to following my dream which is Yoga and sharing that. And I am willing to HEAL!!!

    I really just wanted to say thank you. I hope one day I get the chance to meet you and personally say thank you!

  22. Hi Gabby. I am currently in the process of healing, and yesterday I noticed I was doing everything I could to avoid being present with what was real for me. Any tips on how to remain present with the experience? Also I have never learnt how to connect to and FEEL my feelings, I was searching the internet looking for ways to learn how to do this, but I couldn’t find anything out there. Is there somewhere you can guide me where I can learn these life transformational tools?
    I love everything you do, and everything you put out in the world.
    Sending you TONS of warmth, love and light, and blessing you on your healing path.

  23. Thank you for this reminder on my journey to healing. I am currently dealing with post-traumatic stress from an event at Christmas. One which also opened up old wounds from a similar event 7 years previous. I have finally sought professional help, because living in fear everyday is no longer an option I am willing to put up with.
    I am now open and vulnerable and willing to heal. The reminder that you can not rush recovery is so important. Be patient with yourself and take one day at a time.
    Thank you Gabby

  24. Thank you so much. I am willing to heal. It touched me that you stated that we are supported. That means alot to me. It can be a lonely path sometimes. Love from Holland.

  25. Hi gabby
    I have felt lonely, unworthy, unloved rejected my entire life..pretty much i was someone who close to being aborted but i guess i was meant to live this life of my karmas. I finally have decided to close off myself and never to hope as i dont have the energy or strenght. Your healing msg i resonate with but now just dont have hope for anything – my pain and hurt is the only consistent thing in my life. I do wish best for others and may they be healed. God bless u for all the great work u do.

  26. I am willing to heal Gabby thank you for these 3 steps. I find that my energy and my intention is strong. I will say or write something just as I’ve done and the universe let’s me know that it’s listening, even if it can’t respond with the “answers” right away 🙂 Others reading these comments, she’s so right! Just writing ” I am willing to heal” or saying it out loud, please know that the universe is listening and will provide you what you need to heal.

    At 28 years old, I am only now STARTING to become comfortable in admitting that I need some hardcore healing, that my inner child needs some loving, but it’s crazy and non-coincidental ( 😉 ) how the universe has responded. Your words and your intentions have all the power you need to heal. Trust in them. Thank you for teaching me this Gabby and for all your guidance and validation.

  27. Dear Gabrielle,
    Yes, this video served me. Thank you for sharing the best of you. You are perfect, whole and complete; if you remember this, I’m sure I will too 🙂 Am sending you lots of love, light and peace: good luck on your healing journey!

  28. Dear Gabby,
    I was one of the first to comment on this blog last week, because your video caught me at a very low moment where I knew I had to make an important but difficult decision. Once I followed your advice and opened myself up to facing the pain and healing, I was prepared for the worst, and instead this week I have been pleasantly surprised that the change did not bring the emotional devastation I was prepared to experience. Life is supporting me in my decision and your advice was just what I needed. I know I am still vulnerable and I’m not out of the woods, but I thought I would let you know how much this video has helped me all week!!!!

  29. I am so ready to heal. I am teachable and open.
    I am trying to heal my addiction to alcohol. I get a month in and feel great and then pick up a drink again. Last night the universe send me a special person I recently lost to me in a dream, it is so inspiring to me to feel I am heard somewhere in this universe, my cries for help.. I opened my email to find your video and and see another sign.
    I will not be demolished by this, I have succeeded in so many hard things in my life, I am ready to succeed in recovering from this addiction. To my new life.

  30. You’re amazing! I just have read your book “Spirit Junkie” and it inspired me so much. Thank you

  31. This was very personal for me too. I have always enjoyed drugs and alcohol “recreationally”. Specifically cocain. I have been highly functional despite using drugs “occasionally”. I am 35 and have had 2 babies in two years. I’m super stressed and have not been able to use drugs since I have been pregnant. I meditate, do yoga, have recently given up sugar (my strongest lifelong addiction). I fell into a postpartum depression and needed to start taking an antidepressant (I swore I would never do that! In come more compassion for people who do). And in the last month I have started using cocain again. I have babies at home and I’m way too old to be doing any kind of drugs. I want to say I want to quit completely but, I’ve always been a “never say never” kind of girl and a “I’m not an addict I just do this once in awhile to have fun” person. Those sound like lame excuses to me now but, I feel like the addict card is also just a labor that I don’t care to take on. I don’t want that to be any part of my identity. I just want it to be in my past. Like I was young and wild and now I’m older and wiser and healthier. Help!

  32. Really beautifully said, thank you so much. Your sincerity shines through and you really are in your dharma here when you are teaching from experience. I am willing to heal and let go of being a prisoner of my own desires, i’m open to grace, i’m willing to dive deeply now. May I trust enough to let go and allow the light within me to show me the way.
    Love to all

  33. I am willing to be healed. I’m working hard to heal from a 30 year relationship. I’m trusting in God’s plan for me. Thank you for the video.

  34. Great lesson. Thank you. I am willing, letting go…trusting my journey and God / Universe has my back.

  35. Hi Gabby. Im in the process of healing EVERYTHING that Ive avoided my whole life. My experience is that it “reappears” until you finally get the lesson. In a series of incredible “successes” i ended up a week from homeless and $15,000 in debt.No job, no home, no man. To say I was terrified is a massive understatement.I finally had to get the lesson. Betrayal…of myself. In every way shape and form. Thank you Jesus. It was not fun, in fact completely out of my realm of ability(I thought) but then I started letting myself feel. All of it. Its been several months and now I can see it was all GOD wanting me to be whole. Im shaky, but I’m here. Fully here:-) Thank you for your emails and support. Cynthia

  36. I asked for the universe to “give me something” tonight and here I am. At the point in my path where I’m physically and mentally drained. Where I’m asking is there even an issue or is this just me??? Where I usually give up and start focusing on something other than my mental well being. Then I find this video and am reminded of all the times I’ve hit this spot and decided to just forget it… And it always comes back. Moment after moment I slowly crawl back into that she’ll of denial until it becomes a hole of depression I’m trying to dig back out of.
    I am willing to heal. This isn’t easy but I’m willing

  37. Wow thank you Gabby for letting my Higher Power speak to me through you today. I am a year clean and sober and working my 4th step right now and not even an hour before watching this video I was sharing with a friend and a fellow addict how I am struggling with my nicotine addiction. I WANT to be willing to quit but don’t feel that deep desperation I had when getting clean. As you can imagine I’m dealing with other feelings and fears and pain that are coming up through my fourth step and every time I get done with a writing session I pick up a cigarette to lessen the intensity. I can see how this limits my ability to receive in the healing in the process and would be so grateful for insight and input. Your words have already been such a service to me today. Thank you. So much love to you today

  38. This video is the guidance that I need.
    I will leave it simple.
    Universe, I am willing to Heal.
    I am willing to change.
    Show me the way.

    a lot of love to you Gabby! Thanks for showing up!! 🙂

  39. Dear Gaby, the topic of this video was specially important for me, I think its difficult for me to trust, and you were very specific in this video about it…thank you for every thing…Hi…from Chiapas, México…

  40. I am SO willing to heal from this toxic, codependent relationship. I am in love with a man who does not respect me, support me or appreciate me. His abusive words and lack of compassion rip my heart to shreds. Yet I can’t imagine life without him because I’m so completely in love with him. I would do anything in the world for this man but he makes me feel worthless, disposable, insignificant. I’m terrified of being alone – of feeling lonely and abandoned. But I know deep down I deserve better. I am willing to change and break free from my unhealthy patterns in relationships.

  41. One day at a time. I am committed to my healing path. I am grateful to those who are helping me. Stay in it. Thank you Gabby for this. I need all of this as often as possible.

  42. Thank you for this, Gabby! I have had such a difficult past couple of days and totally succumbed to despair and my worst fears crep up for me that I wont’t be able to raise three happy well adjusted children. That I am an unfit mother to them! This thought is driving me crazy! I believe this is my greatest thing I need to heal! Thank you for your message today. It reminded me that I need to focus on this fear and heal it and drop everything else. Thank you for being here for us and guiding us on! Sending you love!

  43. I Love every opportunity to listen to you and absorb all of what you share. Your a beautiful person inside and out. I am willing to heal and I trust in the path to healing. Thanks so much.. xo

  44. Thank you so much. Perfectly timed message for this moment as always. Your guidance and advice has helped me to admit that I’m an addict and I’m committed to recovery, day by day with the help of these tools. Thank you so much again, you’re an incredible teacher and light for us all. Sending so much gratitude and love.

  45. I am willing to heal.
    I’m on a healing journey after 5 yrs with CFS. I’ve worked through loads of ‘stuff’ and don’t know what’s left to heal…so I suppose need to TRUST. Thanks Gabby xxx

    1. I think you may relate to Rachel, up there. She’s also going through physical stuff. Mb 3 steps apply. I’m going to meditate — and I invite anyone else to whom this may apply — that a white light may encompass your physical self and bring you relief, energy, and inner-guidance. I gotta find that Gabby healing meditation. Mb it’s on YouTube. In the meantime, know that positive energy and healing are being anointed upon YOU, gf! Mindy, Blessings ????

  46. Hi Gabby! Thank you for your authentic love that you share with everyone, and thank you for your courage in sharing your story at the I Can Do It! Toronto. For about the past year I had felt challenged with something for me to heal that I hadn’t connected to, and in the past month before the ICDI my body kept sending me strong signs to do this healing, but I was still stuck because of the magnitude of what I needed to heal….during your meditation I realized that this new thing to heal was another childhood trauma. I had already healed childhood sexual abuse from someone outside of my family, and this felt bigger. When I got home from the ICDI, I connected with my repressed memory of sexual abuse from my Father, but for a week I still felt challenged to fully connect with a deep healing (gut-wrenching cry) for this trauma even though I was meditating, and creating an art therapy wall in my home, and asking the Universe for help. Then, the Universe provides-my father phoned to say hi, and I asked my angels and Archangels for courage and I told him I REMEMBERED… he’s in denial, and that’s his choice, but when I got off of the phone I had my deep release which I so needed. Each day since has been a journey (there are so many emotions to heal from abuse). I’m thankful for that opportunity to express my authentic self and take back my power.

    1. Today I thought about someone who f-ed w me. I had so much anger towards him that it was eating me alive…and I so I chose again. What makes a person so sick to have done this? Research shows that abusers were often abused themselves, as a child. This has given me *some* compassion to the guy (a teacher). It’s now pretty clear to me where his psychopathy likely began. I’m thankful he’s not in my life anymore and I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse and I realized what was up. Gabby has a saying something like ‘control-forgive-delete “. You got your power back, good for you and even better you know that some hurting soul has undoubtedly logged on in here and you’re helping them heal, too! Maybe me? Blessings, Mindy????

  47. I feel your truth in this Gabby and I want to thank you for staying open to yourself and your willingness, it’s inspiring and I send love to you, I am in daily lessons of forgiveness, (there is so much crap I’m believing) but I trust in the inner guidance and I believe that we are all in this together and have a purpose on this earth and that is to be love. I stay ready and open and trust. Don’t know what’s coming but don’t have to. I know each moment has a lesson and that lesson is love. The pain that we feel can be so intense sometimes that we forget. But every moment is a new chance to start again, I am ready to see this differently, I am a open channel for love and am being guided towards the highest goodness and truth.
    You are love Gabby, in the purest sense, anything else is not real don’t ever doubt. Only Love is Real

  48. You’re so very right…the things we need are put in our path when we need them. But like you said, we have to be open to receiving them! (And we also need to recognize them!) That’s sometimes the tricky part! It’s funny…sometimes I pray for patience, and then a situation arises and I act impatiently. So I go back to God and ask him for patience again. Then someone told me, “God will not give you patience, but he will give you opportunities TO BE PATIENT!” It’s up to me !
    Thank you for this video…it was helpful and thoughtful, and I love that you’re helping people. I hope to help people someday as well. Thank you again!

  49. Dear Gabby when i see you my heart is opening??. Unfortunately i understand not so much????(mothertongue german).but anyway, every morning i listening your videos????
    Thank u??

  50. 6 months ago, the abusive relationship I was in came crumbling down and forced me to move. A month ago my mom kicked me out and I was able to move in with my older brother. Days ago, I got fired from my job. You could say a divine storm has been thrown my way. You could also say the universe or God is pushing me to be different, to make necessary changes and to let go of the hurt I have been holding onto so tightly for so long. Thank you for this, I needed this.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I think it’s absolutely no coincidence that something brought you here (virtually) to a caring, compassionate community. I think we have the choice to spin “our story,” into something negative or actually take it as an invitation to golden possibilities. It’s okay to be vulnerable and cry, actually human and healthy. Then you move on, one moment at a time. You inspired me today..because your presence here means your on a good path! Go girl! We are all with you, in light and love. Be blessed, Mindy????

  51. Thanks Gabby 🙂 I feel like this could also refer to physical healing? When health issues arise and the answers simply don’t seem to be coming could the same 3 steps be applied?

    1. I think…Absolutely! Thank you for applying her methods to your circumstances. Recovery would seem to be #1, when dealing with physical healing. Think about it, in the simplest terms…if you broke your leg, don’t you think recovery — cast, physical therapy, etc; — needs to be before you hit the ski-slopes?
      Good point! Blessings, Mindy????

  52. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and I’ve chosen an alternative healing path, which is troublesome for some people in my life and has made me feel lonely and disconnected at times. So grateful for the words you chose to share today. xo

  53. Totally needed this today. You are 100% right, you can’t rush healing. After an abusive relationship, it’s so easy to try and sweep my feelings under the rug. Right after I separated from my husband I started a new job thinking, this is great! I can start over and put all my thoughts into my job and not my relationship. Well it worked maybe 20% of the time, but the voices in my head always won because I know I wasn’t completely healed yet. I worked so hard to hold it together especially for my daughter, and a month ago I lost my job. You are so right….anything you put before your recovery you will lose. The universe gave me a message, and I hear it loud & clear. Now I’m working on healing myself, and I’m ready for what’s next. Your talks help so much. Thank You.

  54. I’m willing to heal…I have some traumatic wounds that are trying to just keep me stuck and not live my life as I know it’s it ended to be lived. Thanks gor sharing your path with all of us snd encouraging me to stay strong and let the healing work. Lots of love being sent your way….

  55. Thank you Gabby for all your beautiful service!! I follow you and your videos regularly. I am in Recovery from binge eating disorder….one day at a time. I am willing to heal. xo

  56. Thank you for this. It came at the perfect time. I was in a relationship with an addicted. It came down to him not being ready for this relationship. I have to let him go so he can find his ways. It breaks my heart because I love him. What is the prayer that I can say to help him? I am ready to be heal.

  57. Thank you Gabby such a timely message as I spent yesterday between bed and the bathroom with cramps and vomiting through my period pain , it was the first time I’ve ever surrendered to it and not taken painkillers – I am ready to heal and let go once and for all !! 🙂

  58. Timing is everything, listening to you today connected me and my current need to heal a pattern and inspired me to tackle an issue I have been procrastinating about for a long time. I saw you in Melbourne Australia and I’m so glad I did thank you. I am open to healing

  59. In February of 2015 I unexpectedly lost one of my closest friends. In April of 2015 my son and his two small children moved back home because he and his wife decided to divorce. In June of 2015 I made the decision to close down the daycare that I had run from my home for 23 years in order to be available as a “Nanny” for my friend who passed away’s teenage children. Her husband is a pilot and is gone for days at a time. I have known the kids since they were born and felt it would be more comforting for them than to have a stranger come into the picture. At the same time all of this has been happening I have been going through menopause. Not coincidentally, in June of 2015 I began having health problems which to date have not been resolved. In fact, they’ve gotten worse. It’s been my mission to resolve these health problems and feel better. Just about every waking thought for the past year has been about my health and how to “fix” it. I have seen numerous doctors, been part of a program for anxiety, and most recently began working with a nutritionist/health coach. I am slowly learning how to embrace meditation, yoga and several other stress relief tools that are helpful in managing my stress but through it all, the “mission” has been in the forefront. Last week my health coach said to me, “There is always beauty in surrender. Can you surrender for two weeks?” Yes. I can. I vowed two weeks of no more gathering of medical information, no doctor appointments, no new remedies, no being fixated on my symptoms. My focus would be using my stress relief tools and trying to have FUN (something I’ve all but forgotten how to do). When I saw your words – “Do not rush your recovery”, it confirmed for me that surrendering to the process is the only way that healing will come. I am willing to show up for my recovery. Without rushing, without avoiding, without micro-managing, without hyper-focusing. I am willing to trust in the healing path, to pray and to receive. Thank you Gabby. <3

  60. Hello, My goodness, I keep trying. I feel that my husband, daughter, son, and myself are assets to the world. We are the good guys. Rough stuff continues to happen. We are grateful for the squirrel that we give sunflower seeds to. We are grateful that we all have a bed to sleep in.
    What I do not understand is the people that come out of the wood work to do harm to us. This recently happened and I am suppressing this one. I also have some issues with not wishing them well. hmm

  61. Hi Gabby, Recently I had my gallbladder removed, mid March.
    Operation went ok, took me longer to recover because of my underlying health condition which is chronic pain for nearly 10 years in my back, mouth(trigeminal neuropathic pain), face and scalp along with chronic fatigue.
    My blood pressure never came back up after the operation so my doctor started to juggle my medication to bring me down off one of them. Whilst I was on the lowest dose of this I got my periods which sent my
    pain levels soaring and they haven’t come down since even though I’ve gone back up on my medication & even over the amount I was taking. So I’m in a vicious amount of pain all the time & just want to heal back to the level of pain I was able to manage a number of weeks back. I came across your clip and felt it was showing up for me maybe at the right time 🙂

  62. Dear Gabby,

    I know it all, what you are telling, I feel my heart yearning for a life free of concerns. I’m looking for my way to do that, I am a writer and I am starting e-mailcoaching for women like me 10 years ago, mothers struggling with their relationship, dreams, Because of the burnout of my husband and me not earning enough money, I feel that everything I do has ‘the money thing’ behind it, and I know it doesnt work than. But we have financial troubles and it is hard for me to create, be in flow when those concerns stand in the way. I feel I have so much love, strength en talent, I just want to put it into the world!!

  63. I so badly want to heal! My mother passed away 4 years ago and I thought I had accepted it by now. But recently I found out that I still deeply long for that special mother-daughter connection I had. Especially since I come fron an all boys family and now have my own all boys family. Due to recent event these latent feelings of loss and loneliness came bubbling to the surface and I realised that I was unconsciously passing my fears/frustrations/pain onto my boys. It was a reel eye opener. The last thing I want is to make my boys feel like they aren’t good enough for me. So thank you Gabby for this video. I am willing and ready to heal.

  64. I just watched your video now, and I am wondering if I didn’t accept to heal at the moment when I allowed myself to listen to certain musics related to my past, I was forbidding myself to listen to them before. And with these musics, my art came back. I lived a shift.
    I am not healed yet, but it is a great work in progress which made me paint again and post videos, something new to me. I am in a quest, and I feel much better. I am even wondering if my healing journey is not actually my destination? I appreciate every second of it.

  65. I believe I am ready to heal after the loss of my mother, I guess I´ve not known how or been avoiding the pain for some time, still feeling a bit lost with it, but me being open and willing to deal with my sorrow hopefully will show me the way..

  66. It IS so tiring until we trust the healing will come-thank you for the reminder of the good in store for us when we are willing to heal.

  67. Thank you Gabby for the video and support.
    I have never realized how broken I am. Once I healed my depression and overcame my childhood traumas I thought I am amazing and life will never be the same again. And it is. It is way better with a smile on my face. And now I find that behind the depression there are also the insecurity, feeling of unworthiness, fear to be myself and always trying to meet other peoples expectation and please them. Always fighting my way through the life. In reality I am smart, gorgeous, kind, feminine etc, but inside my mind always feeling the opposite. Some more healing is needed – to heal my soul, heal my mind, return to love and awaken the goddess that is willing to shine the light.
    Thank you Gabby for reminding to stay on the path.
    Sat nam.

  68. Gabby,
    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you,
    Your e-mail could not have come at a better time. I have had struggles to heal and still am trying to understand what Healing I am searching for. My lost in confidence , our need for control , my blindness has affected our relationship. Leading us to a potential ending of our10 year marriage My wife says it’s over. I strongly believe deep in my heart being sole mates, to rebuild our trust, our safe zone, our love and groath together Is where my purpose still remains To break our bad habits and become stronger as a unit. I have been quiete , another part of my healing And acceptance to live in the present . To live every moment to the best of my abilities without holding back. I as well has continuously needed to be prompted to communicate due to lack of my confidence in my thoughts. Not knowing what my purpose is . I still am on my journey and am breaking out of those avoidance habits . My distractions have continuously lead me to avoid the real issues at hand. Thank you
    And I am ready to heal

  69. This had me in tears, it is honestly so easy to just get out and avoid your healing that you don’t want to go through. Thank you for making me take a step further. It’s either I’m in or I’m out. None of this in between bullshit. I’m
    Committed and ready to heal. (Sorry for the swear word)

  70. I am a musician that let her music fall by the wayside for many years and am working on getting back into it. When I was younger, I made a lot of musical connections without even trying, but now don’t know where to begin with finding the right musicians to help me. I am willing to release whatever I am doing that is blocking that support from coming to me.

  71. My addictive pattern is showing up partnership. Regardless of the betrayals and the unhealthy patterns this particular relationship in my life has endured, I have not been able to draw a hard boundary, shut the door and walk away. I am afraid of the pain I will feel by breaking my own heart and getting healed from my addiction to this person.

  72. Gabby. Thank you. It’s been a few episodes since I’ve watched one of your videos. Today this one landed and called to me, in divine timing. So many times in the past, I’ve thought, I am willing to heal… but found that I would only get so far and then either self destruct or stray from the path in the name of something more important. This past week I’ve been thinking about my willingness and commitment to my healing and then BAM, there you were to remind me of how simple it can really be to make it happen, on a daily basis, in the midst of all the complexities. Because I help others to heal but haven’t really fully healed myself, I find I lose confidence and become really hard on myself. No more of that. I am willing to heal. For real. XO April

  73. I am finally ready to confront my addiction to unhealthy eating and am ready to heal. I am scared, but willing.

  74. I love you so much. This is the most touching video you have ever posted for me, and that is saying a lot. You have played an enormous role in my own trauma recovery and I could never thank you enough for what you do. I am praying for you and your recovery and holding you in so much love. We are one in this… and you inspire me everyday. Thank you. xoxo Dana

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