How to Trust in the Healing Path When You’re Recovering from Addiction or Trauma

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Note: I updated this post in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

In this blog post I want to talk to you about how to trust in the healing path.

It takes courage to be on a healing path

This can be really scary and sometimes just exhausting. It’s a lot easier and can feel a lot safer to check out and fall into an addictive pattern, whether that’s picking up a drink or getting obsessed with work, instead of staying on the healing path.

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But one of the first things I learned in my sober recovery is a lesson that still gives me chills: If you put anything before your recovery, you will lose it.

This lesson applies to any kind of healing. So instead of checking out, join me on the healing path and TRUST in the healing path.

In the video below I share 3 steps to follow. Watch it and take these steps to heal past wounds, trust in the healing path and experience miracles. You can also keep reading for a breakdown of each step.

Why it’s important to trust in the healing path

When I lean toward love, I am led | The Universe Has Your Back card deckBefore I get into the three steps that I outline in the video, I want to say this: Whether you know my work well or you’ve landed on my website for the first time, there’s a reason you’re on this page right now. There’s something that’s up. You’re ready to heal something.

Maybe you’re remembering something, or you’re ready to show up for that experience from your past, or you’re ready to heal that addictive pattern. Maybe you’re ready to change your attitude.

Whatever it is that you’re ready to heal deserves your attention and your focus. If you bulldoze past your recovery, the same assignments will show up in your life over and over and over again.

Treat yourself with compassion

Before I share these steps I also really want to be very compassionate about wherever you are. I understand that when something comes up and you need to heal it, it can be horrifying. It can be so scary and debilitating.

I know the feeling of just not wanting to deal with it, especially if you’ve been on a journey of dealing with a lot of healing and then another thing comes up and now you have to deal with it again. (Alternate nostril breathing is a tool you can use in the moment to release anxiety.)

3 steps to trust in the healing path

Recently I had something come up that is probably the most important thing I’ll ever heal in my life. I’m remembering a past experience and it’s time for me to heal it. I have to really trust in the healing path. I don’t know exactly how this will be healed, but I trust in the path.

I’m sharing these three steps with you to help you trust in the healing path and to stay committed to it myself.

Step 1: Be willing to heal

The first step is to be willing to heal, to really, really be willing to heal. I was talking to a woman I mentor recently, and she was just like, “I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to get into it. I don’t want to remember the trauma. I don’t want to get into the story.”

I said to her, “Listen. All you need is the slightest willingness and that willingness will open the doors for you. That willingness will help you pick up the phone and call me. It will get you into your therapy session. It will set you free.”

Simply being willing to heal will set you on the healing path and keep you on it. It will allow whatever you need to come through.

Step 2: Surrender to a higher power by praying daily

When we say a prayer, we allow our consciousness to receive intuitive guidance. | Judgment Detox by Gabby BernsteinThe next step in trusting in the healing path is to pray. Get into a daily prayer practice of surrendering your plan, surrendering your patterns and turning it over to a power greater than you.

All you have to do is say something like, “I am willing to heal. Show me where to go and what to do. I’m ready to receive guidance, I’m ready to change my patterns and I’m ready to heal.”

In that prayer, you humbly surrender your fears, your blocks and all that is standing in your way of true healing. Praying is a way of getting in communication with the guidance that is always supporting you. This is the most important conversation you could have all day long.

Step 3: Receive the support that comes your way

The final step in trusting in the healing path is to just receive the support that comes your way. Receive the support of the people that come your way. Receive the support of the therapy or the video or the yoga teacher or the book — whatever it is that lands in your lap. Because it will.

When you open up to healing, what you need will be given to you. But you have to be open to receiving it. You have to have your arms wide open saying, “Yes, bring it on. I’m ready.”

Get inspired on your healing path by reading my memoir, Spirit Junkie

In my memoir, I open up about my own recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs and codependent relationships.

I share the story of how I transformed my life, offering my spiritual journey as a guidebook for overcoming fear, changing perceptions and creating a life you’re psyched to wake up for. I traded self-doubt and addiction for a new kind of high!

Throughout Spirit Junkie I teach lessons from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, share practical and spiritual tips, and guide you through meditations to help you on your own healing path.

Take your recovery one day at a time

I want to leave you with this very important piece of advice: Take it one day at a time, especially in early recovery of addiction or trauma or anything that is very scary. It’s a one-minute-at-a-time gig. It’s not something that you can do overnight. Do not rush your recovery. Do not avoid your recovery. Make a commitment to show up for it and be in the presence of it one moment at a time.

I want to be here for you. Please post comments below. I’m here to support you. Let me know how you’re doing, how you’re feeling. You can even just post below that you’re willing to heal. Making that statement publicly will greatly serve your path.

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  1. I really want to thank you for the information you have given me. I’m ready to heal what I can’t deal with anymore and I can’t go forward in my relationship with God if I’m holding onto my past and finding loopholes that will only lead me back into my addiction, no more! I will use my past to help others but thanks for reminding me not to rush my healing

  2. Hey Gabby,
    I am on the path to healing food addiction and I am doing ok but seem to relapse whenever my circumstances aren’t completely perfect. For example, When I’m in my daily routine at home I’m fine. As soon, as my family are in town I spiral and fall off the wagon into anxiety eating and bingeing. Equally, I travel a lot for work and my job requires me to be all over the place all the time. It is a rarity that I am in ideal circumstances to aid my early recovery. How am I able to stay on track with healing and recovery when I am placed into extremely triggering circumstances that are unavoidable? xxxx thank you for the inspiring words

  3. I am willing to heal. I finished your book May Cause Miracles last week and I am a little lost without it. It had become a morning ritual with a friend. I purchased A Course in Miracles but have not taken to it the way I did MCM. I just spent an hour reading your different blogs, I did the EFT with your video (which felt synchronous enough as I have found a new therapist that practices Somatic Experiences and EFT and I went through my first EFT with her last week. Until that time I had never heard of EFT and I have had my share of therapy.

    I never leave comments but I have come to trust your guidance after seeing how changed I feel after the 42 days of May Cause Miracles. I am willing to heal. I have abused alcohol and had an eating disorder off and on for almost half of my life. I am tired and no longer want this to be a part of my life. I am willing and ready to heal.

    1. I want to honor you, Cozzy, for doing all that you can to show up for yourself. It takes courage and strength to shine light on our patterns and make meaningful change. Wonderful that May Cause Miracles has supported you on your journey. If you have not read, Spirit Junkie, I definitely recommend checking it out. This book has been an inspiration for so many people’s sobriety. Sending you big love. xoxo

  4. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve just started on A Course In Miracles, and I’m feeling a bit stuck. I understand everything we perceive is really based on our past, I need to let it go and forgive…. I completely resonate with this… the bit I’m stuck on is if the world is as I see it and I create my own reality… did choose my childhood abuse.. And also was the abuse and the fear I felt/feel considered an illusion? Is there anything in the course about this?

    Thank you so much for all the light you bring to the world. I love and appreciate you. Much love!

    1. P.S thank you so so deeply for sharing the anxiety mediation with us all. It made a world of difference and I am so grateful for you!

    2. Hi Magz, I honor you for deepening your spiritual practice and reading A Course in Miracles. These are great questions and as you go through the text and daily lessons, you will receive clarity.
      When the course says that we create our reality, we also have to keep in mind that collective thinking also contributes to and co-creates our reality because we live in community. The those who suffer from abuse, violence, and even the coronavirus do not manifest these experiences. Instead, they are likely the result of collective fear and circumstance. Something important to remember is that the Universe does not provide us with challenging situations– the universe provides us with the guidance and support we need to get through challenging situations.
      Regarding your second question, I encourage you to keep reading the course for clarity– but generally speaking, the course is asking us to shine light on when we are replaying old stories, experiencing the pain from old wounds, and making them “real” in our daily lives.
      I hope this helps! xoxo

  5. Thank you Gabby!
    I am ready and willing to be healed from this long ago hurt & abuse that made me unable to trust men, even the ones who are trustworthy. I want to heal this, so that finally, at 45, I can begin to enjoy a loving, romantic relationship without my vision being clouded from something that won’t let me see what’s happening in the now. It’s time. Time for me to trust again. ❤️

  6. I’m in tears. Healing just seems never-ending sometimes. So hard to not feel alone. Thank You for making these teachings available to us. Much love, Cheryl x

  7. Hi Gabby! Thank you for this. A few months ago I suffered a traumatic seizure and been having a hard time ever since trusting my body. It turned into severe anxiety and panic attacks. After watching you on the Tamron Hall show it helped confirm to me that I needed medication and I’ve been working with a therapist as well. I would love some advice or guidance from you on if I’ll be able to get back to how I was. I’m so fearful to live my life now and just want to move forward. Thank you!

    1. Sending you prayers and healing light, Tommara. I’m glad that you have a support team in place. May you continue to be guided to any resources that will assist in your healing.
      I absolutely believe that you can shift from fear to faith. Here are some practices that you might find helpful:
      Most importantly, shine some light on the story that you are telling yourself. Do you believe that a shift is possible? xoxo

      1. I do believe that a shift is possible but it’s definitely my ego that keeps going back and forth between of this will be forever or consume my life. I did listen to your podcast from November 2017 on trusting your body along with the meditation. It definitely helped me and I’m going to continue doing the work recommend by you and my therapist, and doctor. I believe that this is just a bump in the road that will lead me to be greater. Thank you Gabby!! I appreciate you!! Xoxo

  8. Hey Gabby! I came across this article while I’m in the process of healing from a traumatic seizure. It has caused me to be fearful of life and even celebrating my small wins. I’m crying writing this because I’m willing to heal and go through this recovery process to get back to life. I hope you read this because I could definitely use some of your positive guidance and inspiration.

    1. Tommara your willingness to heal will guide you to the right and perfect resources and support that you need to recover. I’m so proud of you for allowing your hope to outweigh your fear. Keep taking the next right action, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! xoxo

  9. reading your blog post right now in the morning and found that it is so useful for all the healing we need in all areas of our life. Thank you for your good work!

    1. So true, Amy. We are attached to something (checking our social media account, getting outside validation, etc) and these practices could help transform fear into faith. xo

  10. I am ready to heal myself and I ask God to heal my mind, thoughts, emotions, and to give me internal peace, joy and calmness in my heart and soul. I have past trauma that I have been working on for years and I am ready to set myself free. It’s time! I am ready to be free and generate in high frequency and to attract greater opportunities and the love of my life and have my own family Ameen.

  11. Hello Gabrielle,

    My name is Josée, I am from Québec, Canada. I read your book the universe has your back last year. In my 20’s I connected actively spiritually with the source as I was a massage therapist and in my practice I strated to feel the others energy and pain or happiness as I would touch them. I took at that moment my Reiki classes to open up even more to that wonderful feeling. It fated out when I changed my work to TV sales in my 30’s… I am now 44 and am still in the same field of work but it’s not serving me anymore. I have been listening to your video’s since the past week’s on attraction, letting go, control etc etc. If I am writing to you today it’s that I feel lost. I have been meditating since the last year, working on attraction what I want, cause, one year ago, As I was sitting in my home town church ( I love to go there) A voice came to me saying : WHAT DO YOU WANT ? I then understood that I was not asking nothing and going through life expecting… So I started meditating every morning, Lots of messages came out. I did realize that my soul needed a direction that was more surrounded by love than by superficial sales or ego… At that point, last year I had to stop working for 3 month because I had inflamation problems, my eye, my back, my intestins etc… In those days, I ways the most happy and felt free, free to take care of myself. I realized that I wanted to attract the love of my life, since I have been single since 5 years, the 5 years before I was with a narcissic controler, and the 6 years before, I was with a man that I thought would be my husband, but because I couldn’t have kids, he left me ( I had 8 miscarages in 5 years) SO, I sat meditating on the man I would like to have in my life, I saw myself sitting in a bright golden light and him coming towards me… And he came at the beginning of this summer, I have never been in love like that, he was like my half, home, I could stand being appart of him. We went on trips Mexico, New york, Maine, then, he left me one day, he dropped me. I am still recovering from it, trying to let go…. This fall I also placed my mother that is very ill in a home, she is at the end of her journey…. My dad passed away in 2013 with cancer so I have only her left….And, last thing, I need help, cause I have been drinking since the last 5 years, and its getting out of hand, I want to stop but I d’ont know where to start… Since my man, my love (still call him that cause just can’t stop loving him) It’s worst, the drinking I mean… I would like to just have advice on the steps to take cause I am lost. I desire to work on my spiritual path, help others, my cause is children, I love them so much, and the fact of never having some was the worst thing to overcome in my life…. I wish i clean myself and find my path, you make me thing of me, but I just can attract my dreams, I need guidance on how. Thank’s xxx

    1. Thank you for sharing your truth. The fact that you’re posting here tells me that you are ready to heal and create meaningful shifts.

      I’m sorry you’re struggling with alcohol and codependency. In my book, Spirit Junkie, I share how my life became unmanageable due to these addictions, as well as the tools that I used to recover. If you have not read it, I definitely recommend checking it out.

      Have you ever considered going to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting? The path to recovery is laid out for you in the Twelve Steps and it’s a wonderfully supportive community. I suggest Googling AA in your area and checking out a meeting.

      I am sending love and healing light to you, (and your mom). I know that you can find peace and manifest your dreams. All you need is the slightest willingness to open the door to recovery. xo

  12. Hi Gabby, I’ve never posted a comment on a blog before and I’m not sure when or if you’ll ever see this, but here I go…
    I am a new mom and have suffered from
    depression and anxiety for over 17 years. I stopped taking medication when I found out I was pregnant and experienced so much worry, sadness and feelings of lack while I was pregnant rather than enjoying the miracle of life that was happening inside me. I am by no means a young mom and feel very blessed to have been able to conceive naturally, but even with a precious miracle in my arms, I still feel such pain and sorrow. It is as if anxiety is my baseline. I wake up with it, go along my day feeling it, and go to bed in tears. I have been on medication for many years, and now that I stopped, I realize that those feelings were never healed, I was just made numb to them. I have reached out to doctors and therapists only to be prescribed medication again. My heart doesn’t want to take them, plus I’m still breastfeeding, but I feel so close to giving in. I have already resorted to alcohol for just moments of relief.
    I was recently introduced to your teachings as well as Abraham Hicks, and have been hooked ever since. However, I am experiencing a block. I hear your words and want to believe them for myself so desperately, but my ego is overpowering, demeaning and defeating even in meditation.
    I don’t know what I expect out of this post, but I felt inclined to do this. Thank you for providing this outlet for healing.

  13. I am a 73-year old woman and have had relatively severe anxiety and depression bouts every so many years since my father got cancer when I was 22. When he got fatal cancer, it took me by such surprise, as I was living in Miss Pollyanna land before that. Besides having a physiological reason for these bouts, I can think of no other reason they keep occurring. I am ready to heal.

    1. Sending you so much love and light on your healing journey Donna.

      I want to share some resources with you that I think you may find helpful. is a great government resource. They have a free, confidential helpline that is available 24/7. The number is 1-800-662-4357. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. You can also order free publications and other information.

      If you are struggling to find care, I recommend checking out, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

      I want to honor you for doing all you can to care for yourself. It takes courage and strength to find help and change habits.

      Finally, in case you are thinking about hurting yourself I just want to share this suicide prevention hotline number with you: 1-800-273-8255. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7. There are amazing trained professionals who staff this line. You can also chat with them online at

  14. I recently was diagnosed with Lyme disease, 2 co-bacteria infections (Bartonella and Ehrlichia), and mold toxicity after almost 10 years of unknown health issues. Since July I have been undergoing treatment and healing but realize it’s more than a physical healing I am in need of: it’s a mind-body-spiritual healing.
    I detox in many ways, such as commuting to an AIP diet, implemented daily meditation and daily, and incorporate many of your books, blogs, practices such as EFT (Miracle member!) into my life and have been very dedicated since September. Since this time, I have witnessed beautiful miracles and truly feel I’m being guided and trust that feeling. It’s awesome in the truest sense of the word….but in the last week I’ve hit a rut. I haven’t seen as much progress as I would have hoped to see by now (more physically) and am frustrated and saddened by this. I felt called to post because I know I have the tools to shift my mindset and energy and do, but am struggling emotionally and wanted to express my desire to heal more fully.

    1. Alison, I truly empathize here – I get it. I get it. I felt very similar when in the depths of SIBO and GERD. I honor your journey and I’m holding you in my prayers. We don’t always make progress in the most linear way, and it can feel very discouraging. But I encourage you to remember just that — that healing isn’t always a linear path and it doesn’t always happen on our timeline. Expressing your desire to heal more fully, like you just did here, is powerful. Do your best to surrender your agenda and be open to guidance. Look for the gift in this experience, however difficult (and I know it’s difficult). You have a lot of support, including in the Miracle Membership. Lean on your community and focus on feeling good in every way you can, even if it’s subtle. Be compassionate with yourself. One book that has really helped me on my own healing path is The Mindbody Prescription by John Sarno – you may want to read it if it resonates with you.

      All my love,

  15. Gabby, Thank You So Much For Everything You Do In The World
    Absolute Eternal Gratitude
    And To Marie Forleo too!!!
    You Are So Amazing, I Love You and Your Teams and Everyone Who Will Read This, I Love You So Much!!!
    By The Way I went through a Course In Miracles to heal very ugly traumas and Now Life Is Different, I am so Happy mostly, I still suffer because people mostly, well, Love & Light!!!
    Blessings from Europe!

  16. I am willing to heal. Show me where to go and what to do. I’m ready to receive guidance. I’m ready to change my old patterns and I’m ready to heal.

  17. Hi Gabby, I been facing a traumatizing experience that happened when I was 28 nearly 7-8 years ago that my brother put a bullet in his head and took his life. However, it has taken me a long time to confront this every year on the anniversary of his death as assignment and overcome it. What is the best way to surrender and trust the universe through my recovery of this experience? I love how you created the books so far I have surrendered to the universe made that commitment. Bless you Gabby xx

    1. Lori, first of all, I’m deeply sorry to hear about your loss. I’m holding you in my prayers and sending you love and light on your healing path.

      I believe the Universe works through people, and that often those people are therapists, counselors and other professionals who can help us work through our emotions. Do you see a therapist you can talk to about your brother’s death? If not, then finding someone (even if maybe you did speak to someone in the immediate aftermath) may be the best possible thing you can do for yourself. You may also want to consider attending a support group for people who have experienced suicide loss. You might be able to find a local one here:

      There is no timeline for healing trauma and no “right” way to do it. Treat yourself with a lot of compassion, love and kindness as you heal. You’re ready to heal, which is why you were guided here. You are being guided and supported. xoxo

  18. I am willing to heal. Please show me what to do, think, believe or see differently. I am hopeful and I am willing.

    1. Jen, showing up and sharing here is an amazing sign that you are ready for some big shifts. I honor your bravery and willingness. A great place to start is by committing to practicing the 3 steps in this blog daily. A lot can come up when we commit to our healing journey, so please take it one day at a time and make sure to be open to lots of loving support. <3

  19. I am willing to heal. Show me where to go, and what to do. I am ready to receive guidance and change my patterns and I am ready to heal. I am ready to let go of my victim story.

  20. this is so helpful! I asked my doctor yesterday if I would ever be healed from anxiety/depression or if it was life long. because I have gone to therapy etc. for 4 years and felt healed then I went backwards. It is hard to deal with anxiety/depression after you feel healed form it. Thank you.

  21. I am willing to Heal. Please help me see it differently, and show me what to do. I carry with me a lot of fear, resentment, sadness… I want to let it all go. I surrender

  22. I am trying to heal my severe anxiety and depression. My doctor prescribed an antidepressant for a few months that is working but I sometimes wonder if it is really helping or inhibiting my growth. Sometimes it feels like it just lays a blanket on the actual problems to make me feel better. Regardless, I am still trying to uncover the core problem to really begin healing. I’ve been praying about it and asking for guidance and this is where I found myself today. Your guidance is life changing. Thank you.

    1. All my love and strength to you on your path to wellness. Anxiety and depression can be a lifelong presence, but there are many healing modalities and ways to work with them, embrace them, accept them and find peace and happiness despite them. Your commitment to a spiritual practice will be life changing. Expect miracles.

  23. My son was diagnosed with a rare brain infection (PANDAS) two and a half years ago that has devastated our family, and in my day to day struggles to take care of him, to heal him, I’ve not realized how much healing I need to do. I’ve been willing to want to heal, I’ve been surrendering my path to higher powers, but the one thing I’ve missed that your video brought to light for me was receiving. I’ve been so closed off from fear and pain, that I wasn’t receiving the things that have been coming my way, the many small things like finding a new book, running into an old friend, coming across this video… the Universe has/is dropping daily doses of healing in my lap, and I’m now ready to recognize and accept those little miracles that come my way, and to keep centered in my own healing. Thank you so much, Gabby.

    1. This is a miracle. I want to honor you and send compassion to you for all that you have been dealing with. This must be a very difficult time for you and your family, and I am so happy to hear that you have heard and are following divine guidance. Healing yourself and taking care of yourself will allow you to show up fully to care for your son in an even stronger way. I am holding you in my prayers.

  24. i am willing to heal
    be with and sooth the illness within me, that will birth my cure…
    in whatever time,shape,body,or form life finds me within…
    i dont know how
    but i want to be well
    so i could be the best me i could be
    wherever life leads me
    rebirths me
    grounds me
    i am willing and wanting to do my part
    in healing
    and revealing
    the good
    with integrity filled love, and positive contribution.

  25. So thankful to find this specific message today as I’m actually on an imposed of time of healing from an injury at work that lead to loss of my job. Many things are improving but my heart and mind are not at peace with this healing path and its uncertainty. I frequently pray on this asking for the grace to follow God’s will and path for me, but it remains a great point of unrest. Thank you for this beautiful reassurance. I so often tell others with empathy that I pray for God’s peace and healing love for them, but I resist accepting it for myself. Your message of healing first and foremost is resonating true here.

  26. I am willing to heal. I surrender my plans to a power greater than myself. I open my arms to guidance. I’m terrified of losing everything. I am committed to receiving love from God, my husband, my son, my family and friends and myself. It is time.

    1. Amen. I hold you in my prayers and honor you on your path. The slightest willingness is all that is required. You are supported.

  27. I recently found out I am pregnant. All of my life it is something I wanted, but now that it is a reality (and I just turned 40) I am feeling so uncertain that my husband and I can handle the huge life change and the financial burden. Everyone keeps saying it will all turn out okay, that the most important thing is that we love the child. But it is hard to feel secure with so many unknowns. I had gone off antidepressants when we started trying to conceive and the pregnancy coincided with a resurgence of depression and anxiety that, some days, feel crippling. I am back on medication and doing two kinds of therapy and it’s helping a little, but I feel like I need more. I feel unable to trust in the Universe that it will all turn out okay.

    1. I want to honor you for sharing your truth so honestly and courageously. Do you have a therapist you meet with regularly? If not, I recommend finding someone so you are not carrying this on your own. When it comes to strengthening your faith in the Universe, this is why I wrote The Universe Has Your Back. When you read the book and practice its exercises and principles daily you will experience a miraculous shift and you will KNOW the Universe has your back. You will have faith in your ability to be a wonderful Spirit Junkie mom. This kind of huge life change, even when it’s something you want, can bring on a lot of fear of the unknown. You are not alone. You may want to connect with moms of young kids or other expectant or new parents in your community – that support can make all the difference. xo

  28. Just came across your website tonight after watching you on youtube with Oprah. ( which I enjoyed thank you ) I’m still trying to work out what it means to trust in the universe. (Have had years of pentecostal preaching where the spiritual world was satanic, but walked away from religion as I couldn’t find that peace I was looking for. ) Spent most of my life running away from emotional pain and trying to hold it all together but now ready to stop and let the universe heal me cos’ I sure can’t.

  29. I resonate with the 3 steps. I also have been working on childhood trauma for years and recently I got so overwhelmed that I ended up having to move back home. It is so painful to be here, but I don’t see or feel my way out right now. It’s also making healing much harder. How do I trust my healing process while in this environment?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. There are a couple of books that might be very healing for you, depending on what kind of trauma you are healing. One is Waking the Tiger & the other is Healing from the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

      You can aid your healing with some practices I share in different blogs, though I recommend using these in addition to reading one or both of the above books and/or working with a therapist:
      How to Forgive Someone
      How to Protect Your Energy
      How to Heal Trauma and Accept Yourself

      Sending you love + light on your healing path.

  30. This was fantastic to listen to this morning, just re-enforced my own steps to deal with my PTSD from military service and now a knee injury. I found in these pass few years that my body with 1 type of injury or another, is showing me that I am off path. Thank you for putting this video out there and sharing.

  31. Hi Gabby.
    I am so relieved to find your books, audio books, meditations and website. I am ready to heal myself. So many things over the last 10 months have dragged me down to a very low esteem and my self care is almost non-existent. I did follow Kundalini yoga a couple of years ago and it was amazing. I found one of your books online and now I am ready to go again! Thank you for your amazing inspiration. xxx

  32. Dear Gabby, your work is beautiful. I also am going through a very frightning period of healing and remembering. For eight months now i am facing everything but it’s so incredible hard and sometimes it’s just to much. Do you have any tips on how to get through the roughest feelings and memories of sexual abuse and neglect? I’m currently out of work, this is a full time job now so i’m not able to subscribe to the courses right now. Maybe you have some video’s online you’d advise? Thanx for all the inspiration anyway.. hope to be a lightworker one day. I know pain can transform into wisdom to help heal others, one day i will..
    Love from Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, I am sending love, light, and prayers your way as you heal. Working with a therapist can be incredibly helpful as we integrate and heal traumatic memories. If that is a possibility for you, I recommend talking with someone who can help you work through these memories and feelings. You may also want to try Eye Movement therapy, which can bring great relief to people suffering from trauma and PTSD. There are many practitioners all over the world:

      A few videos to help…
      Use this to be compassionate toward yourself
      This meditation will help you calm down if you feel like you might melt down
      This practice helps you cut the energetic cord tying you to harmful people from your past

      Sending you love and light. xoxo

      1. Hi Gabby, I am in therapy and doing eft and emdr, so i guess i’m doing all i can ;-). Thank you for your warm reply and video’s. I will watch them and hopefully it will help too. And thank you for being someone who does the ‘hard’ work of going inside too, the whole way… It feels incredibly hard sometimes and lonely. So many don’t and make me feel like i am the one that is ‘off’. Thank you, and sending you love and light too.. x!

  33. As I’ve been guided to wards you over the past few months, I have followed you through social media and have finally made it onto your website and this video spoke to me so i clicked on it. Once you started speaking about healing, my skin lit up with goose bumps very prominent goose bumps.

    I am never sure if i’m healing, how far i’ve come in my healing journey. I am willing to heal, I am wanting to heal, I want to break the cycles that I see playing in my life and its devastating when it happens. The past few months I went through a heart wrenching break up and everyday I think I’m getting better, i’m healing but then today, BAM in my face I don’t feel like I’m healing, i’m right back to the pain and the hurt I experienced.

    my eyes are welling up and i’m just wanting to heal, oh so much!

    Thank you for your message Gabby.

    xo, Erica

    1. That is beautiful! This video resonated with you so clearly because you are on the healing path. The path can be long and winding, so take care not to judge how you feel or where you may be on it. Right where you are is perfect. Your willingness to heal is all that is required. You might also want to check out a video of mine on how to handle a breakup. Sending love + light. xoxoxo

  34. Good morning from New Mexico Gabby and thank you for this, from my heart. I have followed your Instagram for a while now and find it very inspiring but had never seen a video. This is great and exactly what I am meant to see this morning, I’m convinced. I am currently on a soul journey that has taken me from Nashville to Oregon to Santa Fe over the past month and a half, and I am here for Summer Solstice celebration next week and International Women’s Camp the following week.

    After 30 years in the music business I am at the tail end of a transition into a new life and career as a yoga teacher and Healer, and the synchronicity of the timing of seeing is yet another sign for me that I am on my right path. I know that I have the capacity in me to heal – that we all do! – and I commit to this path with an open and humble heart.

    I am willing to heal! And my hope is that I will heal others as well. Thank you for this beautiful affirmation.

    Sat nam.
    Mari Dew (Amrit Kirtan)

  35. Hello Gabby,

    I watched you on my friend’s, Jay Shetty Huffington Post Live talk. You both didn’t disappoint.
    I want to heal a long standing gut issue. I’m looking at better fibre- protein, no sugar and good bio’s (food enzymes) and I want to heal. I am so tired of a bloated, painful stomach.
    Namaste, Carolyn 😉 x

  36. I came across one of your audios which i downloaded and it led me to your website. I am just starting my spiritual journey, I am 24 and due to ill health I nearly lost my life almost two years ago and ever since I have lived in fear, by the way I am loving your fear to faith audio. I have recognised my illness was due to myself punishing my mind, body and spirit as I never felt worthy. I am now studying to become a life coach, my biggest traumas in my life had led me on an incredible journey so now I am surrending my patterns to be willing to heal. I am ready to be healthy as I no longer need to punish myself. Thank you, I look forward to continuously following your guidance.

    Lots of love x

    1. Hayley,
      Thank you for sharing your journey. I am so happy this work serves you!
      Have you read my latest book, The Universe Has Your Back? There are some truly helpful lessons in it. I’m so proud of it.
      Here is the link to it and a free workshop:
      Massive love your way!

  37. I am ready to Heal <3

    I am so incredibly grateful i stumbled across you a few months ago Gabby, I cant get enough of your work and am sharing it with so many other hearts around me.

  38. Hi Gabby,

    This video and another one you posted up recently, about telling the truth, really resonated with me today. I’ve been on a healing path – intensively and deliberately – for about 2.5 years now. I didn’t directly intend for this to happen but have been uncovering such depths of myself that I am convinced its worth it. BUT – this is the big BUT – I still find myself reaching points where I’m like, REALLY?? There’s more?! And am sometimes shocked at the things I uncover and part of me cannot face it. I’m learning that it’s an ongoing journey, and to hear you say that you face the same challenges inspires even more self-compassion – sometimes I wonder why I’m not yet blazing a trail with the knowledge and understanding I’ve gained but then I think that the Universe is delivering the experiences I need to get to the point that I can do so, in a more robust fashion. Your video on telling the truth did raise for me some questions about friendships, though. Are you of the school of thought that we can heal all relationships, or that sometimes it’s necessary to let go? I’m having challenges around this right now and feel like my inner compass says, yes you can heal x friendship, but then I am touch with the person and they make me feel awful about myself! Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories so bravely!! It helps the rest of us to do so also 🙂 xx

  39. Hi Gabby!
    I am so grateful for finding you….I have only been on this path with you for 6 weeks but I feel so connected already! You and Kris Carr are my hero’s…
    I have a long story from being premie at birth to ongoing health issues. I was one of the thoses called a “hypochondriac” or “it’s all in your head”. No wonder I have so many pent up issues!!!
    At this point in my life I have stopped Western Doctors and have gone more Holistic/Intergrated Medicine. The good news is, I finally have been diagnosed with many Autoimmune Diseases and Viruses that I am diligently working on. Im presently on the AIP diet (after trying many other diets), doing meditation and breath work daily and learning with all my heart to become more spiritual! I love your work! It has giving me a sense of fullfill and ease. I know I have a long road ahead to heal my body from pain and trauma, but I 100% believe I will be healed and in some realm heal others!!! Patience is my mantra….
    What I really want to ask which is very hard for me to do…is: I’m still feel very confused on each steps I need to take to heal. I have no clear picture on what I am doing even after seeing so many Functional Doctors etc. I’m hoping the spiritual piece will be the missing piece of my puzzle. If I’m missing something please feel free to tell!!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    I am willing to heal……

    ps: I love your book “The Universe has your Back”

    1. Your willingness to heal will set the foundation for so many miracles. Keep up with your spiritual practice, and remain open to the right therapies, doctors, and remedies. Listen to yourself and practice patience, and keep a vision of yourself healthy and healed throughout your journey 🙂

  40. You are so wonderful and amazing! I have no words to tell you how much I admire you and how you are actually changing my view on life! I have been ”binging” on your work for a week now! I can’t believe I am just figuring out NOW that you have been there for years! Thank you!

  41. Gabby,

    Thank you for connecting with your heart and soul in order to produce your book ‘The Universe has your back’. After reading, I now have true insight into my sadness, and I am now willing to heal the wounds which have surfaced. My avoidance to the truth has been complex, and these ‘coping technique’s’ have simply acted as a mask.
    I have totally surrendered, and have incredible support around me (along with the challenge of those who disapprove of me stepping out of my cage and finding the truth; a very painful realisation).

    Life now truly excites me for the very first time, and I use this to propel me through the darkest moments; I can now take a full breath without any guilt.

    Love to you & those who are working hard to heal themselves, one delicate layer at a time xxx

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! It sounds like you have all the tools you need to begin making big changes in your life 🙂 Stay surrendered, connect with your support system, and trust that every time you choose love over fear you are healing your wounds.

      xo big love to you

  42. Thank you for the wise words. I’m a mom who’s daughter is in recovery. Our entire family is learning how to heal. With hard work you can get there:) I’m going to pass this one on to her! Also, I’ll tell her about you. She will love you:)

  43. I am SO ready to heal completely. I am open to receiving guidance and am so grateful I found you!! I just signed up for the miracle membership I’ve made 2017 all about diving deep into it all, life, healing, and service!! So excited to jump in.

    1. amazing! stay committed to your spiritual practice and you will receive so many miracles. so excited for you! xo

  44. Thank you so much Gabby for this beautiful message. I survived cancer but what came up for me is now I need to heal my self esteem, and need for acceptance and approval. The doctors healed my body, but now I need to heal my soul. I am ready to heal. Thank you.

  45. Gabby,

    Thanks so much for your radical honesty and commitment to sharing your wisdom through your own transformation. I have been on the healing path for a decade now, and feel that more deeper trauma memories of childhood sexual abuse are surfacing. I was feeling really depressed and confused on and off for months and after a particularly intense kundalini class felt called to go on youtube yesterday and happened upon your video with Lewis Howes. When you shared that you’d been going through the remembrance of your childhood sexual abuse and what you had been feeling like over the past year, I felt a deep knowing in myself. So grateful for your presence and Light. xx

  46. Hey! I’ve recently just stumbled onto your blog, read your interview on the Numinous sight. Just saw this video and was very blown away when you said “whatever you put before your recovery you will lose” wow that really hit home. Im a Perfomer , fellow yogi , sober chick and metaphysics enthusiast. Took me 10 years to get 2+ years so sobriety. I’ve been in a weird place recently not going to meetings etc. my life has gotten extremely better since being sober but I have been putting my career , that sobriety help me save , before my recovery. Just a great reminder of the importance of being in the recovery process. It’s sooooo amazing to see you and the results of sobriety. Thank you for telling your story so openly , would love to catch ya in person one day
    – Friend of Bills

  47. months later I see this video for the first time, in watching realize that I need to heal this really debilitating (at times, & actually right now) issue with TRUST. thank you for providing the steps towards opening, surrendering & receiving in the simplest of ways minute by minute. <3 sat nam

  48. I have been in recovery since February of this year. I was sexually assaulted in 2014 and suppressed it for almost 2 years. I finally sought the help I needed when I started struggling with depression and anxiety. I was also diagnosed with PTSD, which I thought only war veterans could have. I even had suicidal thoughts at points throughout my recovery. I am learning that my traumatic experience does not define who I am. My depression, anxiety, and PTSD does not define who I am on the inside. Some days are better than others, but I can honestly say without these struggles I’ve been facing, I would have never started down a healthier and spiritual path. Thank you for giving me the tools and support I need through your teachings.

  49. Thank you Gabby, this amazing video has been life saving for me as you have been. I thank you for your meditation as I have finaly found someone who teaches in s way that I can undetstand and just to feel and listen so blessed to have found you. Thank you xx

  50. I am committed to healing my love addiction and my fear of intimacy thats resulting in anxiety, isolation and depression. I am willing to heal!

  51. This video speaks to me so much! I’ve been struggling with intense anxiety and feelings of sadness that I couldn’t understand for the past 8 months. After talking to my boyfriend, I realized that I had never grieved the loss of my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago. I tried to skip past the grieving process, which makes no sense because she was one of the most important people in my life. I put up some sort of wall over the past 2 years that prevented me from crying or feeling deeply sad. Well, 2 years later, this sadness has become too much to bear. I keep getting intensely vivid memories and dreams of her and experiencing crying spells. Both my boyfriend and my mom have told me that I need to process these feelings, and I know they are right. It’s so scary and so painful, but so important. Of course after coming to this realization, I find this video haha! Love it!! Thank you Gabby! ????

  52. Hi Gabby,

    I have just found time to listen to this.

    I have been struggling with using the tools I have to keep me in a positive place.

    I am a certified yoga teacher as of summer 2015 but I didn’t plan enough and so I was still working in an office job which I resented and did not serve me any longer. I would go in to work sit at my desk and have no work to do but be expected to sit tight and wait for a phone call or just wait for something, sometimes nothing.. This became more and more stifling and depressing. About two weeks ago I returned from a really fun filled weekend for my cousins hen party- and the night of returning I was filled with deep dread and anxiety about going to work the next day. I cried, I stopped sleeping and I started to feel so much pain in my body.
    I really appreciate your tools, clips, audiobooks, books – I just wish I had them tattooed to me for when I need them the most.

    I’m in the transition now and I am starting to feel a bit better. I feel more focussed, my energy is starting to build up and I feel like I am on the right path to following my dream which is Yoga and sharing that. And I am willing to HEAL!!!

    I really just wanted to say thank you. I hope one day I get the chance to meet you and personally say thank you!

  53. Hi Gabby. I am currently in the process of healing, and yesterday I noticed I was doing everything I could to avoid being present with what was real for me. Any tips on how to remain present with the experience? Also I have never learnt how to connect to and FEEL my feelings, I was searching the internet looking for ways to learn how to do this, but I couldn’t find anything out there. Is there somewhere you can guide me where I can learn these life transformational tools?
    I love everything you do, and everything you put out in the world.
    Sending you TONS of warmth, love and light, and blessing you on your healing path.

  54. Thank you for this reminder on my journey to healing. I am currently dealing with post-traumatic stress from an event at Christmas. One which also opened up old wounds from a similar event 7 years previous. I have finally sought professional help, because living in fear everyday is no longer an option I am willing to put up with.
    I am now open and vulnerable and willing to heal. The reminder that you can not rush recovery is so important. Be patient with yourself and take one day at a time.
    Thank you Gabby

  55. Thank you so much. I am willing to heal. It touched me that you stated that we are supported. That means alot to me. It can be a lonely path sometimes. Love from Holland.

  56. Hi gabby
    I have felt lonely, unworthy, unloved rejected my entire life..pretty much i was someone who close to being aborted but i guess i was meant to live this life of my karmas. I finally have decided to close off myself and never to hope as i dont have the energy or strenght. Your healing msg i resonate with but now just dont have hope for anything – my pain and hurt is the only consistent thing in my life. I do wish best for others and may they be healed. God bless u for all the great work u do.

  57. I am willing to heal Gabby thank you for these 3 steps. I find that my energy and my intention is strong. I will say or write something just as I’ve done and the universe let’s me know that it’s listening, even if it can’t respond with the “answers” right away 🙂 Others reading these comments, she’s so right! Just writing ” I am willing to heal” or saying it out loud, please know that the universe is listening and will provide you what you need to heal.

    At 28 years old, I am only now STARTING to become comfortable in admitting that I need some hardcore healing, that my inner child needs some loving, but it’s crazy and non-coincidental ( 😉 ) how the universe has responded. Your words and your intentions have all the power you need to heal. Trust in them. Thank you for teaching me this Gabby and for all your guidance and validation.

  58. Dear Gabrielle,
    Yes, this video served me. Thank you for sharing the best of you. You are perfect, whole and complete; if you remember this, I’m sure I will too 🙂 Am sending you lots of love, light and peace: good luck on your healing journey!

  59. Dear Gabby,
    I was one of the first to comment on this blog last week, because your video caught me at a very low moment where I knew I had to make an important but difficult decision. Once I followed your advice and opened myself up to facing the pain and healing, I was prepared for the worst, and instead this week I have been pleasantly surprised that the change did not bring the emotional devastation I was prepared to experience. Life is supporting me in my decision and your advice was just what I needed. I know I am still vulnerable and I’m not out of the woods, but I thought I would let you know how much this video has helped me all week!!!!

  60. I am so ready to heal. I am teachable and open.
    I am trying to heal my addiction to alcohol. I get a month in and feel great and then pick up a drink again. Last night the universe send me a special person I recently lost to me in a dream, it is so inspiring to me to feel I am heard somewhere in this universe, my cries for help.. I opened my email to find your video and and see another sign.
    I will not be demolished by this, I have succeeded in so many hard things in my life, I am ready to succeed in recovering from this addiction. To my new life.

  61. You’re amazing! I just have read your book “Spirit Junkie” and it inspired me so much. Thank you

  62. This was very personal for me too. I have always enjoyed drugs and alcohol “recreationally”. Specifically cocain. I have been highly functional despite using drugs “occasionally”. I am 35 and have had 2 babies in two years. I’m super stressed and have not been able to use drugs since I have been pregnant. I meditate, do yoga, have recently given up sugar (my strongest lifelong addiction). I fell into a postpartum depression and needed to start taking an antidepressant (I swore I would never do that! In come more compassion for people who do). And in the last month I have started using cocain again. I have babies at home and I’m way too old to be doing any kind of drugs. I want to say I want to quit completely but, I’ve always been a “never say never” kind of girl and a “I’m not an addict I just do this once in awhile to have fun” person. Those sound like lame excuses to me now but, I feel like the addict card is also just a labor that I don’t care to take on. I don’t want that to be any part of my identity. I just want it to be in my past. Like I was young and wild and now I’m older and wiser and healthier. Help!

  63. Really beautifully said, thank you so much. Your sincerity shines through and you really are in your dharma here when you are teaching from experience. I am willing to heal and let go of being a prisoner of my own desires, i’m open to grace, i’m willing to dive deeply now. May I trust enough to let go and allow the light within me to show me the way.
    Love to all

  64. I am willing to be healed. I’m working hard to heal from a 30 year relationship. I’m trusting in God’s plan for me. Thank you for the video.

  65. Hi Gabby. Im in the process of healing EVERYTHING that Ive avoided my whole life. My experience is that it “reappears” until you finally get the lesson. In a series of incredible “successes” i ended up a week from homeless and $15,000 in debt.No job, no home, no man. To say I was terrified is a massive understatement.I finally had to get the lesson. Betrayal…of myself. In every way shape and form. Thank you Jesus. It was not fun, in fact completely out of my realm of ability(I thought) but then I started letting myself feel. All of it. Its been several months and now I can see it was all GOD wanting me to be whole. Im shaky, but I’m here. Fully here:-) Thank you for your emails and support. Cynthia

  66. I asked for the universe to “give me something” tonight and here I am. At the point in my path where I’m physically and mentally drained. Where I’m asking is there even an issue or is this just me??? Where I usually give up and start focusing on something other than my mental well being. Then I find this video and am reminded of all the times I’ve hit this spot and decided to just forget it… And it always comes back. Moment after moment I slowly crawl back into that she’ll of denial until it becomes a hole of depression I’m trying to dig back out of.
    I am willing to heal. This isn’t easy but I’m willing

  67. Wow thank you Gabby for letting my Higher Power speak to me through you today. I am a year clean and sober and working my 4th step right now and not even an hour before watching this video I was sharing with a friend and a fellow addict how I am struggling with my nicotine addiction. I WANT to be willing to quit but don’t feel that deep desperation I had when getting clean. As you can imagine I’m dealing with other feelings and fears and pain that are coming up through my fourth step and every time I get done with a writing session I pick up a cigarette to lessen the intensity. I can see how this limits my ability to receive in the healing in the process and would be so grateful for insight and input. Your words have already been such a service to me today. Thank you. So much love to you today

  68. This video is the guidance that I need.
    I will leave it simple.
    Universe, I am willing to Heal.
    I am willing to change.
    Show me the way.

    a lot of love to you Gabby! Thanks for showing up!! 🙂

  69. Dear Gaby, the topic of this video was specially important for me, I think its difficult for me to trust, and you were very specific in this video about it…thank you for every thing…Hi…from Chiapas, México…

  70. I am SO willing to heal from this toxic, codependent relationship. I am in love with a man who does not respect me, support me or appreciate me. His abusive words and lack of compassion rip my heart to shreds. Yet I can’t imagine life without him because I’m so completely in love with him. I would do anything in the world for this man but he makes me feel worthless, disposable, insignificant. I’m terrified of being alone – of feeling lonely and abandoned. But I know deep down I deserve better. I am willing to change and break free from my unhealthy patterns in relationships.

  71. One day at a time. I am committed to my healing path. I am grateful to those who are helping me. Stay in it. Thank you Gabby for this. I need all of this as often as possible.

  72. Thank you for this, Gabby! I have had such a difficult past couple of days and totally succumbed to despair and my worst fears crep up for me that I wont’t be able to raise three happy well adjusted children. That I am an unfit mother to them! This thought is driving me crazy! I believe this is my greatest thing I need to heal! Thank you for your message today. It reminded me that I need to focus on this fear and heal it and drop everything else. Thank you for being here for us and guiding us on! Sending you love!

  73. I Love every opportunity to listen to you and absorb all of what you share. Your a beautiful person inside and out. I am willing to heal and I trust in the path to healing. Thanks so much.. xo

  74. Thank you so much. Perfectly timed message for this moment as always. Your guidance and advice has helped me to admit that I’m an addict and I’m committed to recovery, day by day with the help of these tools. Thank you so much again, you’re an incredible teacher and light for us all. Sending so much gratitude and love.

  75. I am willing to heal.
    I’m on a healing journey after 5 yrs with CFS. I’ve worked through loads of ‘stuff’ and don’t know what’s left to heal…so I suppose need to TRUST. Thanks Gabby xxx

    1. I think you may relate to Rachel, up there. She’s also going through physical stuff. Mb 3 steps apply. I’m going to meditate — and I invite anyone else to whom this may apply — that a white light may encompass your physical self and bring you relief, energy, and inner-guidance. I gotta find that Gabby healing meditation. Mb it’s on YouTube. In the meantime, know that positive energy and healing are being anointed upon YOU, gf! Mindy, Blessings ????

  76. Hi Gabby! Thank you for your authentic love that you share with everyone, and thank you for your courage in sharing your story at the I Can Do It! Toronto. For about the past year I had felt challenged with something for me to heal that I hadn’t connected to, and in the past month before the ICDI my body kept sending me strong signs to do this healing, but I was still stuck because of the magnitude of what I needed to heal….during your meditation I realized that this new thing to heal was another childhood trauma. I had already healed childhood sexual abuse from someone outside of my family, and this felt bigger. When I got home from the ICDI, I connected with my repressed memory of sexual abuse from my Father, but for a week I still felt challenged to fully connect with a deep healing (gut-wrenching cry) for this trauma even though I was meditating, and creating an art therapy wall in my home, and asking the Universe for help. Then, the Universe provides-my father phoned to say hi, and I asked my angels and Archangels for courage and I told him I REMEMBERED… he’s in denial, and that’s his choice, but when I got off of the phone I had my deep release which I so needed. Each day since has been a journey (there are so many emotions to heal from abuse). I’m thankful for that opportunity to express my authentic self and take back my power.

    1. Today I thought about someone who f-ed w me. I had so much anger towards him that it was eating me alive…and I so I chose again. What makes a person so sick to have done this? Research shows that abusers were often abused themselves, as a child. This has given me *some* compassion to the guy (a teacher). It’s now pretty clear to me where his psychopathy likely began. I’m thankful he’s not in my life anymore and I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse and I realized what was up. Gabby has a saying something like ‘control-forgive-delete “. You got your power back, good for you and even better you know that some hurting soul has undoubtedly logged on in here and you’re helping them heal, too! Maybe me? Blessings, Mindy????

  77. I feel your truth in this Gabby and I want to thank you for staying open to yourself and your willingness, it’s inspiring and I send love to you, I am in daily lessons of forgiveness, (there is so much crap I’m believing) but I trust in the inner guidance and I believe that we are all in this together and have a purpose on this earth and that is to be love. I stay ready and open and trust. Don’t know what’s coming but don’t have to. I know each moment has a lesson and that lesson is love. The pain that we feel can be so intense sometimes that we forget. But every moment is a new chance to start again, I am ready to see this differently, I am a open channel for love and am being guided towards the highest goodness and truth.
    You are love Gabby, in the purest sense, anything else is not real don’t ever doubt. Only Love is Real

  78. You’re so very right…the things we need are put in our path when we need them. But like you said, we have to be open to receiving them! (And we also need to recognize them!) That’s sometimes the tricky part! It’s funny…sometimes I pray for patience, and then a situation arises and I act impatiently. So I go back to God and ask him for patience again. Then someone told me, “God will not give you patience, but he will give you opportunities TO BE PATIENT!” It’s up to me !
    Thank you for this video…it was helpful and thoughtful, and I love that you’re helping people. I hope to help people someday as well. Thank you again!

  79. Dear Gabby when i see you my heart is opening??. Unfortunately i understand not so much????(mothertongue german).but anyway, every morning i listening your videos????
    Thank u??

  80. 6 months ago, the abusive relationship I was in came crumbling down and forced me to move. A month ago my mom kicked me out and I was able to move in with my older brother. Days ago, I got fired from my job. You could say a divine storm has been thrown my way. You could also say the universe or God is pushing me to be different, to make necessary changes and to let go of the hurt I have been holding onto so tightly for so long. Thank you for this, I needed this.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I think it’s absolutely no coincidence that something brought you here (virtually) to a caring, compassionate community. I think we have the choice to spin “our story,” into something negative or actually take it as an invitation to golden possibilities. It’s okay to be vulnerable and cry, actually human and healthy. Then you move on, one moment at a time. You inspired me today..because your presence here means your on a good path! Go girl! We are all with you, in light and love. Be blessed, Mindy????

  81. Thanks Gabby 🙂 I feel like this could also refer to physical healing? When health issues arise and the answers simply don’t seem to be coming could the same 3 steps be applied?

    1. I think…Absolutely! Thank you for applying her methods to your circumstances. Recovery would seem to be #1, when dealing with physical healing. Think about it, in the simplest terms…if you broke your leg, don’t you think recovery — cast, physical therapy, etc; — needs to be before you hit the ski-slopes?
      Good point! Blessings, Mindy????

  82. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. I was diagnosed with MS several years ago and I’ve chosen an alternative healing path, which is troublesome for some people in my life and has made me feel lonely and disconnected at times. So grateful for the words you chose to share today. xo

  83. Totally needed this today. You are 100% right, you can’t rush healing. After an abusive relationship, it’s so easy to try and sweep my feelings under the rug. Right after I separated from my husband I started a new job thinking, this is great! I can start over and put all my thoughts into my job and not my relationship. Well it worked maybe 20% of the time, but the voices in my head always won because I know I wasn’t completely healed yet. I worked so hard to hold it together especially for my daughter, and a month ago I lost my job. You are so right….anything you put before your recovery you will lose. The universe gave me a message, and I hear it loud & clear. Now I’m working on healing myself, and I’m ready for what’s next. Your talks help so much. Thank You.

  84. I’m willing to heal…I have some traumatic wounds that are trying to just keep me stuck and not live my life as I know it’s it ended to be lived. Thanks gor sharing your path with all of us snd encouraging me to stay strong and let the healing work. Lots of love being sent your way….

  85. Thank you Gabby for all your beautiful service!! I follow you and your videos regularly. I am in Recovery from binge eating disorder….one day at a time. I am willing to heal. xo

  86. Thank you for this. It came at the perfect time. I was in a relationship with an addicted. It came down to him not being ready for this relationship. I have to let him go so he can find his ways. It breaks my heart because I love him. What is the prayer that I can say to help him? I am ready to be heal.

  87. Thank you Gabby such a timely message as I spent yesterday between bed and the bathroom with cramps and vomiting through my period pain , it was the first time I’ve ever surrendered to it and not taken painkillers – I am ready to heal and let go once and for all !! 🙂

  88. Timing is everything, listening to you today connected me and my current need to heal a pattern and inspired me to tackle an issue I have been procrastinating about for a long time. I saw you in Melbourne Australia and I’m so glad I did thank you. I am open to healing

  89. In February of 2015 I unexpectedly lost one of my closest friends. In April of 2015 my son and his two small children moved back home because he and his wife decided to divorce. In June of 2015 I made the decision to close down the daycare that I had run from my home for 23 years in order to be available as a “Nanny” for my friend who passed away’s teenage children. Her husband is a pilot and is gone for days at a time. I have known the kids since they were born and felt it would be more comforting for them than to have a stranger come into the picture. At the same time all of this has been happening I have been going through menopause. Not coincidentally, in June of 2015 I began having health problems which to date have not been resolved. In fact, they’ve gotten worse. It’s been my mission to resolve these health problems and feel better. Just about every waking thought for the past year has been about my health and how to “fix” it. I have seen numerous doctors, been part of a program for anxiety, and most recently began working with a nutritionist/health coach. I am slowly learning how to embrace meditation, yoga and several other stress relief tools that are helpful in managing my stress but through it all, the “mission” has been in the forefront. Last week my health coach said to me, “There is always beauty in surrender. Can you surrender for two weeks?” Yes. I can. I vowed two weeks of no more gathering of medical information, no doctor appointments, no new remedies, no being fixated on my symptoms. My focus would be using my stress relief tools and trying to have FUN (something I’ve all but forgotten how to do). When I saw your words – “Do not rush your recovery”, it confirmed for me that surrendering to the process is the only way that healing will come. I am willing to show up for my recovery. Without rushing, without avoiding, without micro-managing, without hyper-focusing. I am willing to trust in the healing path, to pray and to receive. Thank you Gabby. <3

  90. Hello, My goodness, I keep trying. I feel that my husband, daughter, son, and myself are assets to the world. We are the good guys. Rough stuff continues to happen. We are grateful for the squirrel that we give sunflower seeds to. We are grateful that we all have a bed to sleep in.
    What I do not understand is the people that come out of the wood work to do harm to us. This recently happened and I am suppressing this one. I also have some issues with not wishing them well. hmm

  91. Hi Gabby, Recently I had my gallbladder removed, mid March.
    Operation went ok, took me longer to recover because of my underlying health condition which is chronic pain for nearly 10 years in my back, mouth(trigeminal neuropathic pain), face and scalp along with chronic fatigue.
    My blood pressure never came back up after the operation so my doctor started to juggle my medication to bring me down off one of them. Whilst I was on the lowest dose of this I got my periods which sent my
    pain levels soaring and they haven’t come down since even though I’ve gone back up on my medication & even over the amount I was taking. So I’m in a vicious amount of pain all the time & just want to heal back to the level of pain I was able to manage a number of weeks back. I came across your clip and felt it was showing up for me maybe at the right time 🙂

  92. Dear Gabby,

    I know it all, what you are telling, I feel my heart yearning for a life free of concerns. I’m looking for my way to do that, I am a writer and I am starting e-mailcoaching for women like me 10 years ago, mothers struggling with their relationship, dreams, Because of the burnout of my husband and me not earning enough money, I feel that everything I do has ‘the money thing’ behind it, and I know it doesnt work than. But we have financial troubles and it is hard for me to create, be in flow when those concerns stand in the way. I feel I have so much love, strength en talent, I just want to put it into the world!!

  93. I so badly want to heal! My mother passed away 4 years ago and I thought I had accepted it by now. But recently I found out that I still deeply long for that special mother-daughter connection I had. Especially since I come fron an all boys family and now have my own all boys family. Due to recent event these latent feelings of loss and loneliness came bubbling to the surface and I realised that I was unconsciously passing my fears/frustrations/pain onto my boys. It was a reel eye opener. The last thing I want is to make my boys feel like they aren’t good enough for me. So thank you Gabby for this video. I am willing and ready to heal.

  94. I just watched your video now, and I am wondering if I didn’t accept to heal at the moment when I allowed myself to listen to certain musics related to my past, I was forbidding myself to listen to them before. And with these musics, my art came back. I lived a shift.
    I am not healed yet, but it is a great work in progress which made me paint again and post videos, something new to me. I am in a quest, and I feel much better. I am even wondering if my healing journey is not actually my destination? I appreciate every second of it.

  95. I believe I am ready to heal after the loss of my mother, I guess I´ve not known how or been avoiding the pain for some time, still feeling a bit lost with it, but me being open and willing to deal with my sorrow hopefully will show me the way..

  96. It IS so tiring until we trust the healing will come-thank you for the reminder of the good in store for us when we are willing to heal.

  97. Thank you Gabby for the video and support.
    I have never realized how broken I am. Once I healed my depression and overcame my childhood traumas I thought I am amazing and life will never be the same again. And it is. It is way better with a smile on my face. And now I find that behind the depression there are also the insecurity, feeling of unworthiness, fear to be myself and always trying to meet other peoples expectation and please them. Always fighting my way through the life. In reality I am smart, gorgeous, kind, feminine etc, but inside my mind always feeling the opposite. Some more healing is needed – to heal my soul, heal my mind, return to love and awaken the goddess that is willing to shine the light.
    Thank you Gabby for reminding to stay on the path.
    Sat nam.

  98. Gabby,
    Thank you, Thank you , Thank you,
    Your e-mail could not have come at a better time. I have had struggles to heal and still am trying to understand what Healing I am searching for. My lost in confidence , our need for control , my blindness has affected our relationship. Leading us to a potential ending of our10 year marriage My wife says it’s over. I strongly believe deep in my heart being sole mates, to rebuild our trust, our safe zone, our love and groath together Is where my purpose still remains To break our bad habits and become stronger as a unit. I have been quiete , another part of my healing And acceptance to live in the present . To live every moment to the best of my abilities without holding back. I as well has continuously needed to be prompted to communicate due to lack of my confidence in my thoughts. Not knowing what my purpose is . I still am on my journey and am breaking out of those avoidance habits . My distractions have continuously lead me to avoid the real issues at hand. Thank you
    And I am ready to heal

  99. This had me in tears, it is honestly so easy to just get out and avoid your healing that you don’t want to go through. Thank you for making me take a step further. It’s either I’m in or I’m out. None of this in between bullshit. I’m
    Committed and ready to heal. (Sorry for the swear word)

  100. I am a musician that let her music fall by the wayside for many years and am working on getting back into it. When I was younger, I made a lot of musical connections without even trying, but now don’t know where to begin with finding the right musicians to help me. I am willing to release whatever I am doing that is blocking that support from coming to me.

  101. My addictive pattern is showing up partnership. Regardless of the betrayals and the unhealthy patterns this particular relationship in my life has endured, I have not been able to draw a hard boundary, shut the door and walk away. I am afraid of the pain I will feel by breaking my own heart and getting healed from my addiction to this person.

  102. Gabby. Thank you. It’s been a few episodes since I’ve watched one of your videos. Today this one landed and called to me, in divine timing. So many times in the past, I’ve thought, I am willing to heal… but found that I would only get so far and then either self destruct or stray from the path in the name of something more important. This past week I’ve been thinking about my willingness and commitment to my healing and then BAM, there you were to remind me of how simple it can really be to make it happen, on a daily basis, in the midst of all the complexities. Because I help others to heal but haven’t really fully healed myself, I find I lose confidence and become really hard on myself. No more of that. I am willing to heal. For real. XO April

  103. I am finally ready to confront my addiction to unhealthy eating and am ready to heal. I am scared, but willing.

  104. I love you so much. This is the most touching video you have ever posted for me, and that is saying a lot. You have played an enormous role in my own trauma recovery and I could never thank you enough for what you do. I am praying for you and your recovery and holding you in so much love. We are one in this… and you inspire me everyday. Thank you. xoxo Dana

  105. Hi Gabby, This video was so timely and inspiring.

    I have been working on healing from a trauma that happened a little over a year ago (and made me face all the previous ones). I find I get discouraged or exhausted sometimes as I have not fully healed yet despite the intense work. I even felt bad, like I had ”failed” at healing etc! I am also healing from health issues, self-doubt, low self-worth, negative self-talk, shame and bad relationship choices.

    Hearing you say that healing is a moment by moment thing, and that you cannot rush recovery made me sigh in relief. I just need to keep doing the work and stay committed to healing, and let go of the timing!

    I am willing to heal. I am willing to heal! 🙂
    Thank you so much Gabby, for sharing this beautiful vulnerable message with us. For being you and shining your light so bright!
    Love from Canada, xoxo

  106. I love you so much. This is the most touching video you have ever made to me, and that is saying a lot. Your work is what has gotten me as far as I have in my trauma recovery and I just want to honor you. Thank you so much. And know that I am praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts as well through your recovery. You are my biggest inspiration and we are one in this. xoxo. Always, Dana

  107. I’m not sure exactly what it is I need to heal, but I know it’s there because I keep stuffing it down with one sugar-laden substance after another. I know it’s scary because I’m feeling the fear just writing these words. So, I’m taking a deep breath, and another, and writing that I am willing to know what it is that needs healing and I am willing to heal.

    Thank you, Gabby, for this perfectly timed message

  108. Hi Gabby! Thanks for reading my comment. 🙂
    My hardest challenge right now is to let go of my need to control… control my husband, actually… We just moved to California (from Canada) and we are expecting our first baby any time now (I am due in a week!!!). It seems like I lost the control of my life by moving here for my husband, and maybe with all the unknown coming with a baby!
    I feel like I need to control the household to feel safe and peaceful… Everything needs to be as I want it… I just can’t seem to let go, as I am afraid my husband won’t do his part when the baby comes or that I will need to deal with two babies, if you know what I mean… I don’t know where to start to heal that need to control…
    Thanks for your help and guidance.

  109. After years of trying to heal myself of addictive patterns with food and thought patterns that were literally causing me disease. I have finally come to a place where I am willing to heal. A lot of my recent healing has been aided by my coaching sessions with one of your wonderful coaches! I literally cannot thank you enough for all the miracles that are taking place and that will continue to take place in my life. Mind, body and spirit everything is healing and transforming. What a wonderful feeling!

  110. Hi Gabby…I am at the end of a 20 year Bulimic journey. Its a really tough one. Could I please tell you of this and ask you how it is that you concrete these final steps in recovery. Sometimes I feel like I am just at the start of it and sometimes just at the end…but I also seem to spend so much time thinking of my recovery that I disorder the order. Do you get this?
    Its a horrible affliction but I am not the victim rather the player. How do I get the motivation to get through these remaining steps? Nikki

  111. Hi Gabby. I have been having a hard time getting over an ex who cheated on me. I gave me a a few chances. I am so pissed at myself for getting back into a relationship after the first time.
    He even brought his 20 yr old daughter alone on the rendezvouses. Disturbing. I am deeply betrayed. I know I am better off that I kicked him out, but I feel like I lost my whole family. He has another daughter. I loved them like crazy.
    I really feel it is hard to get support from the people in my world. So that feels more lonely than having to separate from a bad man.
    I need to change my patterns of getting involved with men that have serious issues. He has issues from childhood that he will not deal with. Other men I have been involved with have been alcoholics, drug users, etc. I have a co-dependant thing going on. That last one didn’t do drug or drink much so I thought he was different. Side note. He use to be a big drinker and dabbled in drugs before I met him. Found that out after we broke up.
    I am willing to heal. Show me where to go and what to do. I am ready to receive guidance. i am ready to change my patterns. I am ready to heal.


  112. I am willing to break the cycle of finding myself in abusive work situation after abusive work situation, and not asking to be compensated fairly. And I am willing to follow my heart, stop procrastinating, and will pursue my personal trainer certification so I can help others heal and find their own strength. Thank you for this.

  113. Wow – I love how your messages really resonate with me and get me thinking and feeling in a new and productive way. Thanks for being a down to earth teacher !

  114. I am willing to heal past traumas and I release my plans to God. Thank you Gabby for another gorgeous video.

  115. I am willing to heal from the past. I grew up being one of a few African American people in my high school. During my time there I experienced many instances where the “n” word was used and it slowly began to chip away at my self esteem and worth. Over the years I’ve carried these experiences with me even when I thought I was healed. I’m ready to forgive myself and those who said these things over the years so I can fully show up in the way God has planned for me. I do not know how to move forward from these experiences but I’m open to whatever should cross my path and allow this healing process

  116. Sending you so much love Gabby. Thank you for your sharing your light to the world. You are a huge inspiration. Thank you for giving me strength. I am willing to heal.

  117. Dear Gabby. Your spiritual talks has been an absolute positive guidance for me over the past few weeks. I’m a spouse of a chronic alcoholic with drug abuse husband. We’re currently living in Asia and he left his country a decade ago after a huge storm of his life of being a heavy drug user. (English is my second language Gabby, please understand if I make any mistakes) He developed his destructive behaviour since last year because we’ve been involved with a legal matter due to a failure business action in this country.

    It’s so hard to see your loving person sick. Yes, literally sick. He nearly makes to his work place after staying up and being drunken. He already lost previous job because of his drinking issue.

    My questions is.. Would it be possible to pray for me to heal him although he doesn’t want? I may already know the answer, but I’m sure there people out there extremely struggling with their love ones going through a tough path because of addiction.

    I’ve always believed my inner wisdom and universe has my back although it may take awhile to actually see it. My intuition and prays don’t work when he’s abusing himself. I mean I can’t really hear inner voice when I’m in a dark place.

    Please Please Gabby, guide me what would be helpful for this situation. It’ll be a light for my life when you answer my comment.. Thank you so much for doing all this for people out there including me. Please know that there’s someone in Asia also a big fan of yours!!

  118. Hi Gabby! My Mom is in major need of healing, yet I cannot seem to get through to her. I repeatedly forward her your emails and videos praying that she will listen. Please help me help her. her story is far too personal to post in a comment. Thank you! Xoxo

  119. Your awesome message comes at a time when I needed to be reminded and reassured. This year I have dealt with a huge trauma that has been suppressed for 33 years. Since I started on this path of healing, my whole world has been shaken up and many parts have crumbled to ruin including relationships, family and my soul’s core. I believe the universe has me but I do have times of sadness, fear and overwhelm. This morning was one of those times so I thank the universe for your message and your beautiful soul..xx

  120. There has been whisper followed by whisper of things from my childhood I had suppressed further than my memory. As I’ve opened myself up to healing what I thought to be big issues, bigger ones have risen their heads and said ‘remember me!’ Moments in time that have been so traumatic, have been hidden under a layer of addiction, self-harm and self-hate, eating disorder, disfuctional relationship after relationship. As new events raise their head I’m stuck between ‘I want to heal you’ and ‘I wont even let myself go there’. I’ve reached a point where I can see that running away from healing is not the answer. It will simply manifest its pain in another area of my life until I deal with it. Knowing is one thing, taking steps is another. I know I have the power to over come pain. I am a recovering alcoholic, now 7.5 years sober (I’m only 26). I suffered debilitating Eating Disorders for over a decade, I’m now passionate about self-love through nutrition and healthier than ever. But I’m frightened by this challenge because it’s not just me involved. I’m unsure of where to start. I ask the Universe to kindly show up and leading me in the right healing path.

  121. Thank you so much Gabby! Your message makes me feel good and makes me wanna cry at the same time. Thank you for showing me the way. I now realize that I have been ready to heal for a little while, but I was to afraid to show up. I Will now, I’m reading, bring it! I have experienced anxiety a few years ago, and that was because I lack of self confidence a lot. At the time, it took me a while, but I got over that anxiety (at least I thought). The thing is I never healed whatever it is that makes me lack of self confidence. So, those few years ago, I made a decision based on my fear and I quit what I was studying in to start in another field, one where I FELT I would not be scared. I was so wrong. In fact, whatever it is that I thought I was avoiding in order to not feel like I’m not good enough is back and is really intense. It shows me that I really need to deal with it and that trying to avoid it won’t make it. Right now, I’m a little overwhelmed because that choice I made a few years ago did not only led me to feel the way I was trying to avoid, but also led me to a job that I really don’t like and that is so not like me. I really need to change that and to stop feeling like crap. So, thank you for making me realize that I need to do this one second at a time, to say I’m reading and to be opened to what comes up. I’m ready to heal Gabby! Thank you So much for your support!! Much love!!

  122. After years of therapy, drug and alcohol abuse, lost relationships and darkness I still am not in recovery. Now and then I have periods of peace. Then the bad dreams start again, the fearful thoughts, the hopelessness overwhelm whatever headway I’ve made. At that time no amount of learning from you, Gabby and all the wonderful teachers of the world seem to penetrate.
    Yes I know it’s all inside me and up to me but that thought makes it all the more daunting.
    Feeling weak and helpless right now and in need of just one trusted friend. There is no one I can trust.
    But I am willing to heal. Truly willing.
    Thankyou for at least letting me write these words.

  123. I AM WILLING TO HEAL….loss of so much………..despite I know i have so much…but these losses run deep………..

  124. I’m willing to heal. I’m trying to let go of the anger I still feel for someone who hurt me. Although I no longer need or want this person in my life, I am angry about what happened and upset at myself for letting them in in the first place. I know I need to let go to move forward, and I have tried, but seeing them just keeps me in anger. This is not who I am and I qant to be free of anger and bitterness.

    1. Hi Alyse,
      I read your comment, and know how you feel. I was hurt by a man, a whole year we hung out, although we said we were friends he knew i was crazy about him. There is another woman involved and she also knew i was head over heals for this guy. Me and this guy would walk each other to our cars, but drnks have dinners he became someone I trusted with even my darkest secrets. He did the same. (so I thought). I won’t go into detail w the other woman but, overnight he stood by her side and belittled me. Everyone at work knew the change in him. Friend I have struggled with depression all my life, I been in really dark places these past few days, it got so bad that my old habits of hurting myself came back. I know I don’t want him back but, at times I get so angry at both of them and wish I could do something about it. My psychiatrist took me off work for a month, I has been hating myself and a few days ago I was so out of myself that I began to physically hurt myself like before then I stopped and sent him and her messages tons of disgusting messages, I exposed things to her about him and I went after him thru all social media I sat down and cried, the next day was worst because the damage was done. Alyse if I wouldn’t of lashed out at them I would of probably really hurt myself, but, then again I felt like I was not me, I feel ashamed, and realized that I was more angry at myself for letting myself get hurt. There is one thing that has kept me going website like this, women like you that also share. There is one thing that sounds crazy to some but, girl like Gabrielle says hit your knees. Don’t deny yourself to feel what you need to feel, and to surrender. I will tell you it’s not easy specially when the thought of them lingers in your head with a sting that makes you miserable. This is were you surrender let go forgive and think it’s for your own sake. To me this is my assignment . and Alyse no one absolutely no one is worth you feeling angry. Your heart of its like mine, we are caring, loving, and all around amazing women. *don’t fall as low as I did. I still have to deal with seeing them but, it looks like 2 more months from now because this whole thing broke me hard. (i hope this makes sense, I have cried so much what hurts is that i cared for this man with all my heart and although I told him I hated him n cursed him n her I did not mean it. They are still together and I am grateful they did this, otherwise I would of continued giving without receiving. Loving but not myself. Hang in there you see them, surrender God,Spirit Universe the Angel have your back???????? I hope you don’t mind I shared with you.

      1. Thank you Yolie! The stupid part is that I have been in a loving relationship for 10 moths and I still get mad!
        I understand your anger and why you did what you did. Having him treat me horrible, then move in to someone else was infuriating to watch! I left him, I didn’t want him and I still get upset about having to watch it.
        I think I need to forgive myself for letting that person in. I may never get an apology but he is incapable of understanding what he did. You are right if I stayed I would have continued giving without receiving. And staying angry keeps me from receiving what I have with a good, strong and loving man. It’s not worth it. Take the lesson and move on. Hopefully you will heal, forgive yourself and find someone worthy of you. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been ashamed that I have carried this for so long. It’s really time to let it go.

  125. This was great and so spoke to me. Could you explain a bit more what you meant by not putting anything before your recovery? I’ve been on the healing journey for a few years and life just happens where I get sidetracked. I’m at a point in my life where it’s taken longer than most but I’m getting there. I love how you resonate with all ages and as a baby boomer, I am learning so much from you. It’s never too late to learn. Sat nam

  126. Thanks so much for this video. The past couple weeks, I have been feeling down on myself because I seem to revisit the same patterns over and over. I do some work, and make great gains, and move my life in a direction that is good for me. Then, I feel like I’m TOTALLY OVER the issues I had been struggling with.
    And then they show up again. I get into the habit of beating myself up because I thought I was over it. I feel like I should be over it.
    Your video today has given me a little nudge back to a right minded way of looking at things. I don’t have to have it all figured out. I don’t have to finish it the first time through. This is doing the work. Over and over.
    I’m happy I’m not doing it alone.

  127. I am inspired by you Gabby. I recently went through a bad breakup with someone that I have been friends with for a long time then romantically involved for 4 years (he initiated) It hurts to my core but know that I can’t be with someone that does not want to be with me. Getting over the hurt feels overwhelming and I am not sure what will make it go away. People say time but I know it is more than this. It is the feeling of abandonment started in my young childhood and continuing up until now. I know I need to heal and I am ready. Thank you for your insight and support.

  128. I have accepted to heal. Books and people and links have fallen in my lap. I am facing a decision in love that is tearing me in two. I fear making the wrong choice and hurting others. But i am trying to be patient and listen. Thank you for sharing.

  129. Gabby, I’ve seen so many of your videos and I’m so grateful for them all, and your books. Finding you I my life has started me on ACIM and now I feel like i have something I can count on, I know I am completely safe now. It’s a wonderful feeling.
    I am so touched by this video, and your vulnerability to be willing to help and offer support, I have been praying for this! There is something I’m not wanting to look at right now, sexual abuse from childhood. I’ve been through so much in the last year with recovering from depression and suicidal ideations, having this come up has seemed like too much, like its one thing after the other and its never going to end.
    This abuse has now manifested itself as a lump in my body where my abuse occurred, it’s just reminding me to tune in and find out what my body is trying to tell me. But I haven’t been brave enough to face it fully yet. Some days I feel like l do want to just quit, like there is no one who I can talk to, no one who understands and no one who will help. I can see my ego patterns and how they keep me stuck and it is minute by minute for me to be present and remember who I truly am. My goal is to let go of my identification with my abuse and how it has attracted in undesirable circumstances in my adult life, and live as much in love as I can.
    Thank you for this video, for the encouragement to keep going. I know I can get there in the end, I know it in my head, but I don’t feel it in my heart all the time. Thanks so much to you and to all the others who have posted comments, it helps me realise I am not alone, and I am supported. I hope all the others can feel that too.

  130. I don’t know what I need to heal- I know I need to heal but I don’t know what it is. I just know that the same lesson keeps on showing up- and if I want to not have the same lesson show up I know that I need to heal whatever it is- I have healed so much- anger, fixaction on success, doing what fills my soul not my ego- so many things that I needed to – but I don’t know what this one is and I just want to be happy and heal- so I can be in a relationship that feels right

  131. Thank you so much Gabby! I am willing to be healed and take the necessary steps required for growth. Especially with the emotional pain I’m feeling from the loss of a long term relationship, that was no longer serving me for my highest good. It was negative and it was bringing me down every single day. I need to deal with this pain and release it.
    With love and peace, thank you!

  132. Dear Gabby

    I follow you and love your authentic way to be and that you share not only the pretty truth but the whole truth! I wish to become a miracle worker myself, I am working towards that!

    I am willing to heal. My x boyfriend (we broke up a month ago) was one night agressive towards me it included putting his hand on my throat. I am having a hard time finding out how to heal that experience, it is stuck as a memory in my body. I have worked alot on forgiving him, I know he is a good person, but that he did a bad thing out of his own fear. But it effected me and got stuck with me. If you have any advice how to possible work on letting go of that memory in my body, it would be great!

    Love and light
    Louise Elfi

  133. Hi Gabby,
    Whatever you are going through, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    I am willing to heal

  134. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for your openness, sharing and encouragement, it has helped me find the courage in myself to start getting real and being truly honest with myself and start the healing. Looking forward to spending next weekend with you and all of the other attendees.
    Lots of Love and Gratitude,

  135. Conscious breathing connects me to a powerful, and healing, and peaceful energy in the universe. After watching your video Gabby, I realized focused breathing is my way of praying. Thanks.

  136. I am willing to heal from my last breakup and to let go of the attachment to my ex boyfriend. This video has really spoken to me. I feel so strongly that the time is now, and I must move forward.

  137. Thank you so much for this Gabby! I am almost a year sober and even though I’m not using, I still have things that need to be healed. I just want to say thank you. I’ve read all your books. I have all your meditation albums and you have truly inspired me to stay with it. Your story is very similar to mine and just reading your books and doing the exercises has changed my life for the better. Thank you for all you do and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

  138. Thank you! I can use all the help I can get, thank you! I am on a healing path with addictive behaviour, it’ s so difficult, but I know I am not alone.

  139. Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this important topic. I recently healed something very big in my life, and much of the healing occurred when I became willing to admit that I was stuck in the story of it all. I realized that in staying stuck in the story, I was allowing myself to be a victim (which is one of my biggest triggers!). Once i had that awareness, the path to healing became much easier and more wide open.

  140. I am willing to heal.
    I’m on a healing journey after 5 yrs with CFS. I’ve worked through loads of ‘stuff’ and don’t know what’s left to heal…so I need to TRUST. Thanks Gabby xxx

  141. Hi Gabby,

    I finally checked myself into an eating disorder clinic after living with bulimia for 9 years. I finally got to rock bottom and have been in program now for 6 weeks. Although I’ve been free of behaviors for 31 days now (the longest I’ve gone in YEARS) I’m afraid of going into the opposite end of the spectrum and restricting my diet due to the weight I’ve gained. I’m meditating and reframe my thoughts as often as possible, but I feel like there is still so much on my plate and feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Please help.

  142. I guess I start with simply I am willing to heal. In less than one year, I have had a hysterectomy at age 39, quit my job as a labor and delivery nurse plus quit being a bereavement coordinator for families who have lost babies, and become a full time stay at home mom to four beautiful kiddos 10 years and under. With so many experiences of trauma in the past, I suck at change. So I guess I need universal guidance on how to adapt and heal from these past 10 months. Where to begin? Not sure. But I am willing to heal.

  143. Hi Gabby and Spirit Junkie community,

    4 years ago, I went through a devastating breakup. It’s safe to say it was the hardest thing I ever went through. This guy was my best friend, my rock, my entire support system in one person, and my family. The entire relationship I felt he wasn’t the one for me. I felt he was holding me back from fulfilling my greatest potential and truly living a rockin life. I never fully expressed this to him, but this belief did inhabit me from being able to be truly grateful for his presence in my life. 4 years later I’m wracked with guilt. I’ve gone through other phases of healing: forgiving him for his part in the breakup. Forgiving him for his actions and betrayals after he breakup. Forgiving hurtful things he said. I never quite got to forgiving myself. I get impatient and I think, “not this again, I thought we were through!” But I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I cannot put a graduation date on my healing. It comes and goes in waves and I need to stay open and present and allow myself to feel. I am ready willing and able to see my wounds. I am ready willing and able to fully forgive myself and others who have hurt me. I am ready willing and able to love myself. I am ready and open to receive. Thank you Gabby, thank you spirit junkies. Thank you universe.

  144. Hey Gabby. I have been healing for the last 2.5 years and know there is more to go. I am 28 years young and lost millions of dollars in real estate. We are currently winding up our property portfolio, and along with that has been some massive personal transformation, yet as much as I want to get up and go – and avoid this situation because I’ve done so much inner work already – there is still the call to remain here and heal.

    I feel scared and tired because I have already faced so much and learned from it, and I want my life to move on from this and most importantly I want “success”. I recently lost my way in the last few weeks, after being aired on national TV telling my story, there was a lot of back lash. It was very hurtful dealing with it all. Have just found my sense of peace and now, my adrenal glands are shot … more healing to do.

    Anyway, thank you for your video, a gentle reminder to hurry up and wait 🙂

  145. Thank you Gabby for this great video. Since March I started my recovery of ‘seperation anxiety -with a spiritual coach’ the wounds were deep – I am part of a Twins- the other part didn’t servived in the uterus & my relationship with my father wasn’t that good in my childhood years – so yes there were a lot of unfealed feelings – anxiety, grief , anger , … that I had to heal – It wasn’t always easy but now I feel so much lighter & free , … The therapy called ‘feel to heal’ and indeed I had to feel every feeling that I had pushed away to heal and to come more whole … it wasn’t an easy path, but it was so much worth… now 3 months later after 6 sessions, I feel the peace within me …
    The day i decided that I had to heal this piece within my accupuncturist gives me the adress of this spiritual coach who helped me so much …
    Thank you Gabby for all your great lessons, support & most of all to help me to stay on my spiritual path – lots of love xxx Veerle from Belgium

  146. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you for this video!!
    I have a huge assignment that for years I have avoided, and every time it presents itself I sweep it under the carpet and cover it up. A few weeks ago the assignment repeated itself and it has taken me down. I been praying surrendering everyday. Gabby, it’s been so bad that this time I had to stop working, (even work could not anesthetize all the pain I am going thru). All I could say is… I AM WILLING TO HEAL, SHOW ME WERE TO GO. WHAT TO DO? I SURRENDER!!! Thank you. (you talking about this, reinforces that I am on the right healing path)

  147. Thank you Gabby. I am willing to stay in this place as long as it takes to fully and completely heal as love…being love, accepting love and living as love. Even though writing this sicknes my stomach in fear that it will not come. Last night it felt like self sabotage to stay in this place one more day…but today I am willing all over again. Thank you for your timely message. I chose to open as love and feel all that comes though me without resistance (or release the resistance best I can when I notice I’ve closed). Hugs and connection, Deb

  148. Gabby, boy did this show up for me at the right time! Thank you…

    I’ve been following you for a long time but you were always just in the background and this year I have been plagued with injury until I begged the universe to make it go away!

    That was over a month ago and long story short, I started working some if your tips and guidance, my injuries have calmed BUT more importantly I know I’m healing long term emotional pain, unblocking and getting out of my own way AND my newfound freedom has brought me my first 2 paying clients in my new healing work after nearly a year of ‘trying’!

    Still a ways to go but I’m excited because I trust the process… Thank you!!

  149. Hi Gabby sorry I feel really stupid asking this, what exactly do you mean by “anything you put before your recovery you will lose” . Would you mind giving an example I just don’t completely understand it . Thank you so much. Love your work , you’ve changed my world ????

  150. Thank you so much for this! I got attacked and stabbed with a knife two years ago and i am still living my life in fear. I am afraid of people, of my partner and i just had a baby, so i really don’t want her to think that it is normal to be a prison in my own home. I WANT to be free, i WANT to be able to go after my dreams instead of letting my fear run the show. But for two years i have not been able to heal the trauma. I am terrified that something will happen again and that i wont be able to forgive myself because i knew that i could have prevented it. I just don’t know what to do. I force myself to do scary things sometimes, but the fear eats me up on the inside and it doesn’t get better. I am really ready to heal this. Thank you again.

  151. I am open-minded and open-hearted, and invite the Universe to guide and heal me. I am broken open by the end of a long term relationship with a truly sacred and special person. I was very ill last year and thankfully healthy now, but the result is a loss of my relationship which I had placed all of my hope and security in. I am faced now with all of my codependency and poor self esteem issues which have been popping up throughout my life. I am praying and asking for the Universe to heal me in my need for approval, need for anyone but myself to be happy and fulfilled. Thank you Gabby.

  152. I’m a multiple trama serviver. I’m finding it very difficult to be in a relationship. I feel I’m being abused at every turn, even when I’m not.. I have been working on myself therapy, mediation, tapping, yoga for 30 years. And at 50 I’m still just as broken. I can’t give up but I’m still miserable. Any suggestions?

  153. Gabby,
    I have followed you for years and even though I am a bit older, you are not only a spiritual light for your generation but for all generations. I love your prayer asking where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom. I say it every day with heart, ears and eyes wide open. I am either listening incorrectly, or I have a bad connection! When I do hear, I get mixed messages. I will get a message, and in my “gut” I know it’s right, then an opposite message and I will feel the same way. How do you “know” when it is right?

  154. By far the best video ever!thank you!I am willing to heal!It’s been a hard spring ,a new job,an old boyfriend came along and it messed me up,i am struggling hard everywhere .And today,you came before my eyes and i think the Higher Spirit send you.Thank you!I’m willing to heal,Gabby.Lots of love

  155. Thank you! This is exactly what I was thinking on my way to work today. I have healed many things but I know I still have to heal some others. Sometimes it really feels so overwhelming but I always try to meditate, pray , and calm myself by reminding myself that I can do it, that I don´t have to do it all at once and that really helps me.

    Thanks for shining your light Gabby! God bless you!

  156. I am transitioning to a new job, a new town, and will be living with a partner for the first time. I must release my desire to take care of everyone and “do it all” and center back into the present moment. I let go of my people pleasing tendencies and make my voice and my needs heard. I trust that I will be able to heal these old patterns and move forward on this path. Thank you, Gabby, for your support and guidance.

  157. Hey Gabby! I can’t even explain how much your work means to me. I adore you! It’s a little bit embarrassing to write it down but I just want you to know how important you are to me. I’ve made so much progress since last summer when I started to read your books and following you on Instagram. I’ve tried to write down my problem in this comment in many different ways but it feels like haven’t got it right. So I’m just gonna write it down pure and simple. I’ve got a f*cking nasty discussing eating disorder that’s formed my life since I was 11 years old (I’m 23 now). Today before I saw this video I was standing in front of the mirror thinking “is this it? Is this how my life is supposed to be? If it’s going to be this way I just might as well die because I can’t take it anymore”. I want to get well. I want to live the life I’m supposed to live and sometimes I acually feel it’s possible. Often in the mornings, but then the afternoon comes and my anxiety creeps up. I KNOW deep inside that I can get well but I don’t know where to start. I’ve reached my breaking point!!!

  158. I know I need to heal. I’ve ran for so long I’m no longer sure what needs healing…I am willing to heal.

  159. I have two pedophile brothers. I don’t wish them I’ll but it makes my skin crawl to be around them. I’m willing to forgive them.

  160. Dear Gabby, Just want to thank you for your inspiration to show up more fully in my life. I’m a Jewish sister, living a vibrant Jewish life in Eretz Yisrael in the hills of Judea…and I tune into you often to nourish my soul in a special way. I’m 52, happily married with 4 beautiful children aged 7 – 22. I’m currently on a modified green veggie juice feast during this special soul purifying time of counting of the Omer…really working on major healing from a lifetime of emotional/compulsive eating. EFT has helped me so much this last year in releasing the blocks to self love and acceptance. I just appreciated so much what you had to share today about willingness, prayer, and being open to receiving. Thank you so much…it’s just what I needed in the moment. Love and blessings from Eretz Yisrael, Rina Shoshana

  161. Thank you so much for your work, your books and video. I really needed this topic.
    It’s hard sometimes to not listen to your ego and you just end up hurting yourself. I’m willing to heal….

  162. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you for bringing this up. I cannot agree more how hard it can be to stay on the healing path. It’s been very hard for me lately to stay committed to the path and open to healing. I would do anything to not address and old pain I have to revisit and heal.

  163. Recovery comes first…you do not have to answer every question tonight. You can throw it up for all of us to help one another. Xo, gf????

  164. Hi again Gabby,

    I noticed the comment below from you “keep putting your healing first and you will see so many miracles”. That is pretty amazing to thing about….could you elaborate?

    Thank you

  165. I am willing to heal. I have had so much happen over the past two years from my marriage struggling, losing both of my in-laws tragically, my husband losing his biggest steady client, struggling with my own ability and belief in myself to also provide financially for my family. There is so much healing I feel I don’t know where to start. I wake up with so much fear gripping at my chest! I have turned to daily prayer, surrendering and meditation to keep me moving forward and trusting. Somedays I wonder will it ever balance out? Will the good things and abundance come our way again? I am so grateful for you, you have helping me trough all of this so much! When I in doubt I turn to your books or videos and always seem to find the perfect words to re ground me! Thank you so much! Xo

  166. This is something I learned over the time I was numbing, avoiding and denying my emotions after the abrupt end to my marriage. The pain was too great, I didn’t want to go through all those awful feelings and at times I didn’t even think I could. But I learned there is no skipping over it. The only way to get to the other side is to go through it.
    Thank you for sharing this Gabby. The more people who are reached with a message of ‘yes, it may suck, but if you want the peace from healing, be here in these uncomfortable moments now.’
    Blessings to you.

  167. Thanks so much Gabby, this was definitely what I needed to hear right now! Also, thank your for your books and sharing your life with all of us. Working on dropping my coffee addiction, and you’re certainly an inspiration. Love the one day at a time reminder. Thx again =)

  168. Thank you so much for your vulnerability and your guidance. I am SO ready to heal. I started this journey two summers ago when I first read “may cause miracles”. I finally read it when I was on my knees in tears in NYC. It really helped me clean up my act and the miracles were flowing. However now I’m in LA and the same assignments keep showing up. I’ve fallen into addictive food patterns, comparisons, and binging on any television to avoid and numb myself having to deal with the feelings coming up. I tell myself “you deserve to relax. To keep your mind off of it.” It’s like my ego is tricking me into thinking I’m actually doing something healthy for myself. “Put your recovery first” is just an incredible and powerful reminder. I’m in tears writing this because I’m so touched by this message and the timing. I know healing isn’t easy and am so happy to be a part of this community to know that I’m not alone and that amazing people all over the world are going through the same experience in different ways. So long as I’m willing to show up no matter how hard the universe will be there waiting to support me…truly thank you again Gabby.

  169. Hi Gabby! I was in your first SPMC Level 1 and 2. I waited and had patience and was willing to hear the messages that were right for me from that journey. And they came. Because I was willing to wait. When I hit my 10 years in recovery from alcohol addiction in April I was lit up. I launched my retreat, Recovery Transformation, and sold out. Rocky Mountain retreats up here in Canada for women in recovery and they are waitlisted now moving forward. This is my path and part of my healing. We teach best what we most need to learn, and here I teach. Thank you!

  170. Thank you Gabby. Genuinly. ??????Done a lot of healing over many years but more layers.. !
    I am facing challenges in trusting, and at the same time doing so, without having psychological expectations, on healing EDS (Ehler-Danlos Syndrome) – even though I see and have an inner wisdom that if I can turn on the gene I can shut it. But oh oh where it has taken me- some huge challenges on all levels but some beautiful development too. I keep opening up more for “receiving” – I tjink that is actually a topic to dig more into for many. “How free am I to recieve?”
    I am so deeply thankful for ACIM and your interpretations on miracles????????????????????????. I am confident I too will share with focus on children and parenthood.. (Wish I could share with you a short videoclip I happen to record of my gal 9 yrs old.. She is using your teqn. in school and other situations. And it is just the most adorable thing)
    Love from across the ocean in northern Sweden
    Sat Nam

  171. Dear Gabby,

    I am healing my soul. I’ve been holding the voice of my soul down for too long not listening to it not taking actions that are aligned with what my soul longs to do. For me it is taking a step to actually make my dream of becoming a dancer come true. I always played it small and said to myself I cannot do this I have to “work hard” suffer and earn money to make a living because everybody else around me is doing it and always did it. I reduced my worth and blocked the blessings God had for me in my life because I was thinking about other people that they might judge my life and say this is not fair to have such a blessed life when indeed i learned it it. It comes down to self worth and I did not put much of that in myself. My soul cried out and here I am , wondering what I am doing and recognizing the ways I blocked my soul from living a joyful life and experience joy and blessings that I also shut down on giving and receiving love. I am afraid of love , I cut the one I love most out of my life because of it and I was constantly afraid, anxious and sad . But it is getting better and I am over .. Each day I gain a little bit more peace . Even though I lost things in the fire my soul now gets a chance to heal . Thank you for talking to us and sharing your wisdom gabby. I am excited about your new book and because of you I am on this path o healing … Lots of love , Nata

  172. Thank you for this. I am willing to heal and I have been working so hard at it, but I have been losing faith. I have been watching my 18 year old daughter make distructive decisions again and again for the last 2 years. I have tried to control outcomes and I know that is not the right path, but I cannot be a peace with letting her make these choices that are damaging her future. I have come to the realization that there is no more I can do, these are her choices. It is just so painful to watch your child go down such a difficult road. How do I heal from past and present frustration, betrayal and anger and be a peace with what is going on in the present?

  173. I’m just getting out of a relationship that had many dark places and revealed a great deal of dysfunction in both of us. Releasing from it feels like getting over an addiction because he had such power over me, which I realize now is a form of emotional abuse. He betrayed my trust and left me feeling broken, and there was physical abuse too.

    But I am grateful for the light he shone on my problems and things within me I have to deal with. I need to use this experience to be a better person. I am willing to be here for this process, I want to heal.

  174. Thank you, I needed this video at this moment. I’ve been really trying to deal with some issues and feel like I’m in the “stuck” mode and don’t know where to turn sometimes. Your videos/books/tools have helped me so much in the past year I’ve learned about them. I know I’m a work in progress but I have that hope and my visions that motivate me to become better. I am learning how to let go, accept what is, and try to heal and move on….some days are just easier than others but I do feel stronger. Thank you.

  175. Hi gabby, thank you so much for this – it came at just the right time.
    The healing I am dealing with right now is a recovering from an addiction to romantic relationships. About two months ago I met a guy and since then it has been bringing up my shit as you would say. I have discovered a codependent pattern, a lack of worthiness of being completed and whole on my own, and so much fear when I am with a romantic partner. It is unbearable and I have started to heal when I found the source of when it first began which was my parent’s divorce when I was younger – at that time I felt a lot of shame and anger towards my mom for leaving and instead I denied it all and got a boyfriend to “love me” and that pattern had been repeating ever since then.
    Now with this new man that has come into my life the flood gates have opened and everything is coming in, it’s at times horrible because my body is physically reacting and I have had a tightness in my chest that feels like an open wound. I wanted to ask you if it’s normal to feel physically affected by your healing?

    Thank you so for your support!

  176. Gabby- thank you for your inspiration today. As a sober sister nearly 12 years In recovery, your video reminded me that even today I need to put my sobriety and recovery first. Sometimes I get so busy in my miraculous sober life, I forget my primary purpose. Your video brought me home to it today.
    In love and light,

  177. I have been feeling very lost and alone. Anger is becoming an all day, everyday thing. Past hurts keep coming to the surface.
    I know I need to start forgiving. To let go.
    My Bible Studies and visits with God are suffering.

  178. WOW! Devine perfect timing! I’m healing from a hysterectomy. When I over do it, and try to get back to my old, busy lifestyle, my body hurts so much the next day. You’ve reminded me I need to slow down and let me body heal. Thank you!!

  179. My arms were wide open for this today. Thank you. I just had a major surgery for something that I should have died from 30 years ago. My doctor calls me his miracle girl. I know I am a miracle and feeling overwhelming blessed right now. But, as I recover I am feeling so much anger and sadness. Especially, as I physically cannot do yoga right now. I know that as well as the physical healing, I need emotional healing, especially from a recent heartbreak. I keep myself so busy lately, can’t seem to meditate and do not have my happy! And, now I know why. I am blocking that healing and this miracle by keeping distracted. Starting right now, I will meditate for at least 20 minutes, I will pray and I will journal and let everything I am feeling spill out on paper. I will nourish my body and nourish my soul so I am ready to be the light, share my experiences and make a difference. Thank you Gabby, I think I got my Mojo back. Sat Nam!

  180. Willing to heal. My journey began in Dec 2014 when I ended up in the ER. At that moment I knew my life had to shift. I wasn’t sure what that was going to look like, however I decided to trust the unknown process and the universe. One of the first things I picked up on a daily basis is meditation, and through this I started to live again. A couple of months into my journey I quit my finance job not knowing what I was going to do, however knowing that this was the right thing to do. I decided to honor my mind, body and soul for the first time in my life, which was a new concept for me. My intuition told me that I need to take time to heal and discover my happiness and purpose in life. Fast forward to May 2016, I am opening up the very first guided meditation studio in West Hollywood mid June. Currently, I have fallen into my old pattern of working 20 hour days to get this up and running and not giving myself the necessary time to recharge. Since this is my dream and something I am passionate about I decided rest isn’t necessary, however my body is telling me otherwise. My current healing process is to find balance in my life and not feel guilty for not working 24/7.

  181. I’m willing to heal. I’m challenged to stay grounded in the moment & in my body, during the tail end of this trip. I really need self-compassion. I’m doing the best I can w/different surroundings, tons of stimulation, food & drink my body isn’t used to & just missing my resources & routine I have set up at home. I’m w/family that doesn’t see me for my true intentions, so it’s difficult. Ugh!! I’ll pray & stay open, trusting this’ll somehow make me stronger in the long run. Thanks for letting me express here.

  182. This is SO timely! A few weeks ago I severely sprained my ankle and foot and have no choice but to be VERY still. In my frustration of not being able to go where and do what I want, I have been determined to figure out what this is teaching me. A big lesson is how I need to be PATIENT with my emotional/spiritual healing just as I’m having to be with my physical healing. Each time I think my foot is a little better & try to walk the way the doctor said not to, I end up in more pain – such a parallel to my emotional patterns. And since I can’t exercise right now, ALL the emotional crutches I lean on are front and center. The Universe has forced me to literally stop running, and I’m trying very hard to view this time as an opportunity for healing on all levels. Definitely uncomfortable, definitely necessary.

  183. Gabby you are a radiant light of pure love! An angel sent to inspire us all.
    Divine Timing for me today. I have recently started therapy for sexual abuse which I experienced very recently when I was at university. It has totally changed the course of my life and triggered so much for me. Yesterday I started reading a course in miracles it really resonates with me however I am feeling really exhausted and tried. I am trusting the process of healing and I call upon the Holy spirit for guidance.
    Big Love to you.
    Living in the light

  184. Thanks Gabby – I needed this today! In my very first few days of giving up sugar!!!
    Thanks again for all your inspiration and teachings!
    Jennifer (Dix hills, New York)

  185. This is amazing and needed to see this because Im not drinking because of abstinence in one of my ED programs and I just met a cute guy and he asked me to go for drinks and I thought “sure I’ll have a drink” but that’s me ONCE again falling into the trap of people pleasing and trying to fit into what someone else want… That thinking isn’t recovery. Thank you!

  186. I have been on the path to healing now for the past 8 months and I still feel as though I have barely scratched the surface. I spent the previous 20 years totally unconscious and struggling to heal. It wasn’t until I learned that all of these thoughts and beliefs that were torturing me weren’t even mine that I finally started on the path. I still find the pattern of using substances and numbing my feelings hard to break. It feels so automatic. I’ve been to rehab in the past and tried 12 step meetings but always end up using. I found myself awakening after my family found us in the middle of our most difficult year and we were shaken to our core. As I am healing and feel like I am making progress in many areas of my life it seems like life drops a ton of new issues in my lap. I know that it’s inevitable but it feelsike I’m being tested and I’m not always strong since we’ve had such an emotionally stressful year and I feel like I don’t have much strength and energy left. have learned throughout the past 8 months that my true purpose is to heal myself and to then help others to awaken and heal.

  187. Gabby,

    Your soul is so wise in this topic that I can see you are living yourself! As a healer and counselor I always wanted to heal everyone else first and skip over my own physical healing and the wounds of the past! This year I stopped working and dedicated my time to my own healing first ! I so wanted to jump over it and run from it! It has been a vicious circle of not honoring my body and going beyond my limits! As spiritual teachers we have to stay with our own being first and tend to it! Without fail, I have looked for the shortcut but never found one! It’s scary to face our own wounds of the past and patterns! And it’s SO easy to dive into work to avoid it! But your honestly is beautiful and I know you have all you need to heal! You inspire me to step out and never put anything before my own recovery! Gratitude!

  188. Thank you Gabby for this video and topic. I’ve been following you for a few years and you inspire me, especially with your recovery. I’ve been sober for over 3 1/2 years and I’m still dealing with old addictive patterns and behaviors. I’ve slid back into being addicted to the wrong man, starting smoking again and recently made a huge move. I moved 1400 miles away from my family and friends and I’m not happy. I’m not happy anywhere I go or move to. I feel like I don’t know how to be happy. I’ve been praying and asking for the guidance, what are the lessons. After listening to this video I feel I’ve been giving another tool and that’s to say I’m willing and open to learn. It is one day at a time and can seem overwhelming but with support it’s much easier. Thanks again Gabby. ??

  189. Thank you so much for being you! I quit my high pressure, corporate job because I didn’t like the person I had become. I am still searching for the right fit now; and I watch your videos to start my day off with all of your positive energy. I did my own “Super Soul Sunday” yesterday- and it helps so much with my fear!

  190. Thank you. I’m 50 days sober today. Some days I feel so lost. It’s been a journey and every day I have to experience my feelings even the unpleasant ones, the ones I use to escape by medicating. You have been such a force in my life. God bless you and Thank you for all you do.

  191. You are absolute right about this. It’s like the onion theory, layer upon layer. There’s always something to heal, it may just be giving your soul loving attention. I have a daily meditation something usually comes up, sometimes I don’t even know there’s something to heal. I’ll think I’m good, I’m clear, I’m current, then a memory or a thought or a vision will pop up and tears will slowly roll down my eyes, releasing it. And again, sometimes it’s just being with my soul in recognition and uniting with it. The practice is always integration. Namaste Gabby.

  192. Thank you for this video today. It spoke to me.

    I am reading your book, “Miracles Now” and doing my best to focus on 1 lesson a day. As I become more present and face my fears, I feel overwhelmed. I realize I have so much to heal.

    Your video helped me remember that I don’t need to rush. I only need to be show up, surrender through prayer and receive the support that comes my way. (Deep inhale and exhale) What a relief.

    Thank you for your work!

  193. Thank you!
    You are so great, I really appreciate what you share.
    I am willing to heal…I went through school as an undiagnosed dyslexic. I found out I was dyslexic in my late 20’s. A LOT of negative stories about myself were created whilst struggling in school and then naturally perpetuated. On top of that, my parebts (who actually are really great people) modelled perfectionism, judgmental attitudes and v little self-compassion.
    SO I’m working on this stuff….

  194. Thank you for this video today. It spoke to me.

    I am reading your book, “Miracles Now” and doing my best to focus on 1 lesson a day. As I become more present and face my fears, I feel overwhelmed. I realize I have so much to heal.

    Your video helped me remember that I don’t need to rush. I only need to be show up, surrender through prayer and receive the support that comes my way. (Deep inhale and exhale) What a relief. ?

    Thank you for your work!

  195. I am willing to heal! I have been in recovery from alcohol for 10 years but still have an addiction to another substance and what to free myself from that!! I so related to when you said I just don’t want to deal with this right now I have so much on my plate, unemployed again! and looking for work too!! I know I need to heal and do believe I am willing and ready to accept healing!!

  196. thank you Gabby, I’m not sure exactly what I’m recovering from, but became upset today about choosing deserving older lodger for my spare room instead of a young one like I had before. I’m actually much older again myself but have lots of young friends, but I hadn’t realised this was such a big issue for me – still trying to work out why, but a any rate stumbling on your Trust in the Healing Path felt very helpful

  197. Wow Gabby,
    Thank you for your vulnerable message. I am Willing to change. I am open to that Source which is greater than I to bring the support however and whenever it shows up.
    I thank you, thank you, thank you.
    And so it is as I AM!

  198. Thank you for this awesome video full of support and devotion to helping people. Makes me feel like I’m not alone struggling with my inner demons. For me it’s emotional eating (mostly sugar) and feeling the need to be perfect. Pretty tough topics to tackle but one day at a time, using amazing tools to get me throught the day and I wil surely conquer or atleast be able to let go and let myself tap into my real self and let myself shine. thank you so much for this great reminder that every experience has a higher meaning, a healing process is going on. Thank you for your amazing presence.

  199. Hi Gabby! Thank you for sharing this. I am in the process of healing a deep-seated relationship pattern that has been causing me pain for decades. It’s scary to sit with the unknown right now, but I am ready and willing to let this go. Thank you so much for this, and thank you for your dedication to your own healing path and to ours. xx

  200. Hi, I have been through emotional abuse in the past, in my intimate relationships with men, and I made a conscious decision not to date & to give myself time to heal. That was over five years ago, and I finally met a guy who seems amazing, and interested in me, but I find myself over analyzing what I should do and say, or just how to get to know him better, without having to make myself feel too vulnerable. Any advice please? Namaste x

  201. Dear Gabby, thank you for your wise words. I am getting out of my house, I have opened my heart again, I have taken a step to stop the negative energy around some family members. I am strong and healthy. I really attune with your words on this video, I do pray daily and step 3 was for me a big one: willing to receive support… Thank you so much for this video, I am now more committed to heal myself and others.


  202. I was asking my friend last night, “why is this situation showing up again? Am I ready to handle it differently? Is my seeing it showing me that I’ve done the work or that I’ve not done the work?” I feel both excited about this situation and also caught off guard… As the way it went down last time hurt my heart. I am going to take these steps today and listen to my guides, thank you for the video… I pray for healing to come to all of those who are willing to surrender the old pattern

  203. In trying to figure out why my life is the way it is, I recently came to the realization that I carry alot of shame. It was a powerful realization figuring out how it all fit together and how that shame has effected my decisions and the course of my life. I am only at the beginning of trying to heal this shame that I have carried most of my life. Im looking for tools, resources and like you mentioned as painful as it is I know it has to be done and it has to be done now. I am 48 and have already been diagnosed with breast cancer twice. I feel my inner emotional state has attributed to this and it is something I never want to experience again! For many years I guess I knew but tried to avoid dealing with it. Gabby, I have watched so many of your videos but this one really hit home and brought me to tears. Thank you for all that you do!!

  204. Thank you so much for putting this out there! Something moved me to spend 5 min watching this video this A.M even though I was in a big rush. I found myself SO moved by it. SO THANK YOU! I think we can also really under estimate all the “small” addictions we have from food to media to relationships to self talk. They’re not always upfront and clear, even. Learning to heal these can make a huge difference in our day to day lives. At least that’s what I am realizing. Becoming aware of these is the 1st step and your video really helps give next steps! Gratitude!!

  205. Thanku Gabby for this video, it really moved me to tears because i feel the minute to minute stragegie gives me hope and believe in succeeding because otherwise it feels so overwhelming because every day there are so much opportunities to heal …

  206. I saw an interview one time with Arielle Ford where she talked about how soul mate relationships are the best kind because they bring up your baggage and your buried issues, but they can also in my experiences be exhausting. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  207. I am willing to let go of body shamming for being ill from an autoimmune issue. And I want to let go of the “when I haves.” Life is here now. I want to EMBODY full happiness & healing now.

  208. Thank you Gabby…my husband and I listened to this together. We ran straight into a major cross roads last week and your message Perfectly stated what we needed to hear. Thank you. I’m coming to the SJM this weekend and I can’t wait…I’m open to receiving it all!

  209. Thanks so much Gabby
    I just love how real you are! One minute at a time is so true though we forget that. I loved your talk on the Hay House summit also. I tend to get easily overwhelmed. Working on not eating the whole elephant at one time! Whew!
    And feeling like I need to get it all done today. I was so taken in your Hay House talk when you said approximately, I’m tired of running and chasing everything or your work, something like that..
    Big hugs
    Feel like this is a nod from the universe

  210. I am currently at the moment trying to forgive. I got to the point that I was angry at every aspect of my life, I felt like I had a war going on in the head. I watched one of your live videos on Facebook where you were suggesting books and you suggested to me May Cause Miracles to me. It has helped tremendously, The clutter in my head has decreased. I find that I still am struggling with some forgiveness that i need to let go of. I am 91/2 years clean and sober, its a bunch of shit left over from my drunk days that my 12 steps didn’t completely clean up. Your book has been a lifesaver for me, when I complete May Cause Miracle what would you suggest my next step be?

  211. Hi Gabby
    Thank you for sharing your story, your insight and wisdom to guide others.I am in the process of making a job change. God has given me an opportunity and I am going for it. I have thoughts that I won’t measure up, but know thoughts of fear are bad spirits so I try not to speak them. I am still dealing with a lot of anger over the unfairness of my last employer of 11 yrs. My last day will be June 3rd, the date of my dad and friends passing years ago. I do sense that I am protected by God’s Angels and Jesus frees me from fear…

  212. Hi Gabby,

    I’ve been on a healing path to recovery from PTSD from my experience of being sexually abused by my mother. The most troubling part of this whole experience is the ultimate betrayal of the one person I was supposed to be able to trust.
    I follow your work and you have helped me through this. I also see a social worker that specializes in sexual abuse.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    My only thing that holds me back is prayer and giving it up to a force beyond my own. Any help would be appreciated.
    Again. I love your work, and your light.

  213. I believe that what I need will be dropped in my lap, as you said. However, I constantly feel my struggle is 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I just want total relief from my food addiction. I want to honor my body and soul by making healthy choices for me, but it seems my wants are not as strong as my actions….

  214. Dear Gabby, you walking gift from God <3 :-*

    THANK. YOU. YES. I. am. willing. to. heal. And dear beloved soul: I am at exactly the same point as you are right now. In a morning meditation some days ago I went back into childhood trauma, gaining back memories of me being abused as a little girl (I knew about the abuse, but the memory was really all blurred and not clear) – and that hurt so bad, the pain was almost unbearable. I could feel my broken and torn heart. I could feel the freaking cold inside of me and I could literally see little Hannah at the age of three: Lying on the floor, almost frozen from pain and fear and the longing to die.

    I cried my heart out. I still do. My body is aching like as if I was 80 years old (I'm 36 right now). But I so damn KNOW that this is happening because I am ready for this healing! And I do open up for it. My heart chakra is filled up with things that do not need to be there any longer. My solar plexus is aching to be emptied of all the old rubbish stuck in there. I am going for it. And I so bow to you, brave soul for doing the same and sharing this with us <3

    Thank you. Again and again and again. Take care soul sister. We are all so dearly loved. And we can walk through this pain and walk beyond it and shine even brighter. We all have this capability. We do. YES WE DO. 😀

    Loads of love to all of you, blessings and all the best from Germany,

    1. so much love to you. your willingness and faith will transform your wounds into wisdom. i’m holding you in my prayers xo

  215. I am excited to go to your weekend retreat in July 29-31. I listened to your video and believe I have somethings in my past that I have not explored and it is affecting me in my sobriety. I have been sober for 3 years and feel there is something underlining to uncover to give me that peace and serenity that I want. I do believe that your message was meant for me to hear. Looking forward to meeting you!

    1. i am so happy this message found you when it needed to. continue to put your sobriety first and everything else will fall into place. can’t wait to meet you this summer! xo

  216. As someone who has worked with survivors of violence (domestic abuse, sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking) for years, I applaud you for taking on your trauma. Just as you said, you have to be willing to face it in order to recover. I have found it abundantly helpful in my own healing process as well as many of my clients to make the transition of feeling and saying that I am a victim of a traumatic act to being a survivor and even a thriver. You are a thriver, Gaby! Keep thriving girl! You got this!

    1. thank you sister! and thank you for the incredible work you are doing in the world. you are a true lightworker and i’m honored to witness your light xo

  217. This video came to me at the perfect time. I have followed you for years and have a few of your books and this video is a reminder to me that I have the loving support in myself when I am reading your books so it is a simple thing that I can do by taking out my copies and immersing myself while I am at the beginning of this journey back to my health and at the end of a journey by completing my divorce. This year has already brought around so much change and I am ready and willing to change while receiving the guidance I need to love myself, my body, and my new life in this crucial and challenging time. Thank you for everything you do! Sat Nam.

    One person at a time, each of us can be the love we want to see in the world.
    Thanks GB for this timely message. xoxo

  219. This is just what I needed. Thank you Gabi. I’m in recovery from a series of emotionally abusive romantic relationships. This is the first time I’ve been without one in almost 9 years and even though I know it’s for the best the loneliness can be really scary. This helps remind me to stay on this path. I am not the victim, I am the lighthouse.

    1. just remember you are never alone. there is so much love, light, and healing surrounding you, keep on your path and you will see so many miracles! xo

  220. Wow, this came to me exactly when I needed it – after I had all these attachment wounds/traumas coming up with my boyfriend. I kept thinking last night through tears and intense emotional/physical pain that there has to be a better way. This morning I’m sitting on my yoga mat looking for an online yoga video and this comes up. Thanks so much Gabby, it can feel lonely and terrifying to heal and this was nice to know I’m not doing it alone. I think something people don’t often know is that they have a trauma stored in their body and it’s coming up- and people just brush it off or claim something is wrong with them and shame themselves. I think it’s important for people to know trauma lives in the body and is a visceral reaction that takes you back to those painful situations and it’s not your fault that this is happening.

    Can you speak more to what ever you put in front of your recovery, you will lose? Does that mean I should not reach out for help and prioritize spending time with loved ones who support me through this? Also can you speak more to the ways people sabotage or slow down their natural healing process? Sometimes I feel like I get in my own way, but the nature of trauma as disorienting or debilitating can be confusing in it’s own right – so I often can’t tell.

    Again, thanks – this is amazing of you to open up this topic. I feel there is such a need for it.


  221. Thank you Gabby. I cried. I cried when you said I am here for you. I needed this today before I practised meditation and after- I saw this after. A lot came up in my meditation today and I am willing to heal. Having you there offering support was the encouragement I needed to keep swimming upstream. Thank you.

  222. Thank you for the video. I love the idea of healing and I want to feel healed. I am just at a loss as to how to start because I don’t have an addiction (other than coffee) or a trama. My life is good and I have no reason to feel broken but I do. I feel stuck and repressed. Every day is such an effort to simply get through. Can I heal an unidentifiable wound?

  223. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear. I am willing to heal. I finally listened to the voice that called me to write a spiritual book for teens. I spent last night thinking about the content, chapters, and title of the book but know I need to be sober to do this. Alcohol is something that I have always struggled with. Addiction runs deep in my family and while I am not an alcoholic I know my life would be radically different if I just stopped. Each sip is a confirmation to me about the addiction in my family and as I drink I contribute to this destructive family pattern. I am willing to heal, one day, one moment, one second at a time. Thank you Gabby.

    1. continue to put your healing first and you will see so many miracles. your commitment to helping teens is so inspiring and will heal so many people. lots of love to you! xo

  224. Hey Gabrielle,

    thankX for your interesting videos

    your style feeds me

    what me helps during years is flowerremedies

    in a way to change patterns in my life

    in combinations with yoga and meditation and …

    it heals me step by step

  225. Gaby. Thanks for sharing! Thank you for including the Prayer in the steps for healing. People need to accept praying into their lives because it brings massive transformations. I have been in the path of healing a lot of drama in my life: codependency, alcoholism, addiction, fear, and the list goes on. I can say I’m not healed yet but today I feel amazing. I honor and thank people like you for appearing in my life out of the blues. Your book Spirit Junkie did wonders in my journey. Blessings always, Laura

  226. I am willing heal. Drinking wine was fun & a way to unwind. It’s now become a scary addiction & a way to numb the things I don’t want to acknowledge. Today is yet another attempt to overcome this senseless routine of drinking. But as I sat with breakfast enjoying a beautiful sunny morning I opened your email & watched your video & have renewed hope. Thank you Gabby xxx

  227. Hi Gabby,
    A topic so close to my own heart. Thank you for this !
    As I continue working on releasing a huge history with food disorders/compulsivity, etc, I find myself turning to meditation more and more and taking such comfort there. Though these days, I find it hard that my stuff and working on my stuff and thinking about working on my stuff — takes up so much space in my brain and heart and life. So many years of therapy later I have an awesome hubby and boys that fill my life. I teach yoga, I meditate and yet … Still .., feel like I am always working on it. Starting again. Beginning a new sadhana. Recommitting using different words.
    Reading your work and the work of so many others — it is a blessing to say the least but sometimes I wish this recovery thing wasn’t so all consuming.
    You have been a source of such wonderful inspiration and strength for me, Gabby. Biggest hug of gratitude, sister!! XXX Sat Nam

  228. Thank you so much gabby for your work and your insights. I am starting on a path of recovery and this is crucial informant on for me I am willing to heal.

  229. Gabby, I love this, so so much. This is exactly what I am dealing with in my life right now – healing and facing a sexual trauma from when I was a kid, and realizing all of the false beliefs it’s lead me to carry (I’m not worthy, I dont matter, etc) into my life and my romantic relationships. It has been such a painful process – facing all of this with no idea where it’s leading and the need to control has been fierce. But I am seeing changes in myself as I try every day to release and surrender more, to feel what comes up, to be grateful that I have the opportunity to heal this now. I know that once I do such big great things are in store. I AM willing to heal. I AM willing to release all of the negative beliefs. I AM willing to see things differently. Thank you for your beautiful message Gabby. You are such a blessing. xxo

  230. Thank you Gabby for that wonderful post. I am currently on a journey healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have just discovered you through the Hay House Summit. I’ve always been a control freak but am beginning to discover that I need to let go and trust the universe! My CFS is helping me get on the right track and its great that there are people like you freely available on the internet to guide people in the right direction. Thank you so much xx

    1. Hi Claire,
      I read your story and it’s like reading my own. I too suffer from chronic fatigue (mine is caused by a stroke years ago). I too am a control freak and I am learning to heal these patterns in me. I consider my stroke one of my greatest gifts as well as, like you, it is teaching me to learn to heal my thinking.

      I wish you all the best on your healing journey. Love and light to you.

  231. I’M WILLING TO HEAL!! ???????This email could not have come at a better time. I completed my intuitive healing practioner certification a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been feeling like I’m on a roller coaster. I’ve healed so much in the passed year, and can see and feel all the miracles I’ve experienced but these last few weeks I’ve been really feeling pulled back to my old self sabatoging ways. Everything you said in this video helped me so much to remember I’m not alone. The healing we go through can often feel like hard work and you’re right it can feel easier to slide back into our old patterns. I have been asking for guidance and a week ago after a meditation I picked up CIM which had been gifted to me. I was guided and opened to The Saviors Eyes. It was exactly what I had been asking the universe for, I want to experience existing in a constant state of oneness, not as only an understanding or the belief that we are all one but the undeniable feeling. I was reminded that all I need to do is be willing. Again, this weekend I went to the lessons and opened to There is nothing you want forgiveness can not give you. I know this is where my healing needs to happen, through my practice of constant forgiveness of the past and every moment, every person, experience and the acceptance of what is in the present I will experience the oneness. Thank you so much for this video today, thank you for continuing to vulnerable so everyone who follows you can be reminded, we are all in this together. Can’t wait to see you next week for SJMC in NYNY!!!! ????????????????

  232. Thank you for this message. Over a year ago, a dear friend introduced me to 2 of your books Spirit Junkies and May Cause Miracles, those books helped lead me on a path to finally get sober. I am now in my 10th month of sobriety and in AA, and this message spoke to me. I have been feeling stuck, and finding it hard not to push down sad feelings and things that I need to deal with. I just don’t know how. I needed to hear what you said I will use these tools you have given me. Thank you, I am so very grateful. I am willing to face what I need to, to grow and heal. 🙂

  233. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for this video. As you said it came at the exact right moment.

    I have been dealing with chronic fatigue as a result of a stroke for twelve years now. I have always felt that the key to healing is in healing my thoughts.

    I started A Course In Miracles two weeks ago and it seems to bring up all kinds of old patterns. Mostly negative judgment about myself. I had become kinder to myself and intellectually I understand, but my emotions are very raw right now.

    I feel wounded and small and feel almost crushed by the weight of all the judgments and the shoulds and the healing I have yet to do (when I thought I had already made such progress, I feel like I’m sliding back)

    I’m exhausted by it all.
    Any advice to tap into compassion in a way that will help me feel it?

    Thanks for listening. Lots os love.

    1. Hi, may I reply to this, as I really identify with your message and want to share a small breakthrough that I had yesterday that may help you too. I am in the middle of the Finding Freedom course by Jennifer Hadley, which is based on A Course in Miracles teaching. Yesterday I was also feeling utterly exhausted by the struggle against negative judgments, opinions, thoughts of lack, all just kept coming up, I felt faster and stronger than I could release them. I went out for a walk and found myself saying “why is it so hard, why is it such a struggle”. And then realized – just by doing this “complaining”, I was making the “struggle” real for myself. That itself was me manifesting a sense of lack. And I turned it round. I decided to not only ask for help from spirit, but to trust that the help was already there. I decided to focus on all the ways I was supported. Even things like the trees that were creating the fresh air for me to breathe. The neighbor who dropped off a free sample at my door. The small wise voice who speaks when you ask for guidance. And I found myself a few hours later feeling easy and peaceful. I hope this also helps you. You are supported, in the visible and invisible, always x

      1. Thank you for your comment Clare! Yes, that is exactly it!
        I recognize that I have been trapped in ego, in stories that ultimately are not real, but sometimes that energy can have such momentum it can be difficult to step away from it.

        Thank you for reminding me of the support that is all around. That even the trees support us by providing air to breathe (love that one). Yesterday after a moment of surrender and prayer I received a long hug from my 18 month old niece and a friend texted me with a loving message. All around there are signs that life loves me and that I am being invited to love myself like I love others.

        Thank you for reaching out as well and being a messenger of love to help guide me back to peace. Love and light to you.

        P.S. I will check out that course, it sounds great!

  234. This is a little video packed with a big message! Healing can happen with commitment, faith and a willingness to be open to whatever comes. I spent six years healing from a childhood of sexual abuse. I surpressed those memories until I was in my forties but once I made the choice to heal I never looked back. It’s hard work but so worth it. I encourage anyone with an addiction, trauma or emotional pain to listen to this video over and again until you find the courage to heal. It can happen! Thank you Gabby for sharing this powerful message. Roberta Dolan, author of Say It Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse

  235. Divine Timing…..

    I have just recently started therapy for a trauma and I am feeling super vulnerable and scared and almost out of control.

    I have been guided to watch your video and it has given me the courage to trust and stay in the moment.

    Thank you
    Love and Light

    1. Dear Clare,
      Your message jumped out at me as I can relate to what you say. I too am starting on a new journey and feel really vulnerable and almost out of control.

      We have both been guided to watch this video and I trust that we are both guided towards healing. All the drama/pain/etc that arises now is being brought up to heal. I believe that we both have the strength to move through this. In this moment we are already dealing with it (even when I feel I am doing so “badly”) in the best way that we can in this moment. That will always be enough.

      I hope you can join me in trusting that. Thank you for sharing and letting me know that I am not alone and I too can (and will) move through this.

      Love and light to you.

  236. Thank you! 7 years of sobriety from my drug of choice has been the best path I could have chosen. It has been a blessing, but VERY difficult. It has been so much more than just giving up the drug, but realizing how much pain I have inside of my soul and body memory. I just want to thank you for being a support to so many. You inspire me!

  237. Gabby, Dr Bali had told me about you !

    Anyhow I just tried to heal my wound from my sister Kiran ! Today I got A nod from her and a letter from a lover with whom I had a traumatic separation. He said he has cancer! I was able to open up to him for once! But I still need to open up more to my sister Kiran and I want her to open up to me and other lovers who bottled up stuff when they left! I still miss my Mother who. I lost because I was studying in Belgium

  238. Gabby, this was a perfect topic thank you so much for sharing! I’d love your thoughts on improving surrender practice since I think this is what is stalling me in my healing path. I will write out that I surrender certain things or feelings or even say that in prayer, but I don’t feel “lighter”. And I find myself continuing to think and try to solve these things.

    Should I feel “lighter”? Is there any better practice to be doing? Is it more like a muscle that I’ll just get better at? I have been doing sporadically and not every day so the key could be there…Thanks for your help and much love for all the work you do in the world! XO

  239. Hi Gabby, I recently lost the love of my life- my husband of 16 years best friend for 24 years. He lived with juvenile diabetes since the age of 13. He was take from his family – his two beautiful children and me his wife from a severe heartache. This has been very hard time for us. But my mantra- as hard as it is at times, is to remind the kids and I that their father had a great love for life. Happiness was his mantra for life. I trust in the path to heal our broken hearts. I trust that I will push myself to live in happiness again.

  240. Thank you Gabby!! It’s so inspiring when you share what’s real for you. I really needed this today. I’ve been healing some deep stuff lately and its overwhelming a lot of the time. This was a massive help today. Blessings!!! I am willing to heal xoxo

  241. How timely Gabrielle! I am starting to heal my mother wound and I just find that it is such a huge task because this wound has touched up everything in my life, I can see that now. Where would you start? It is a very daunting issue for me as it could take a long time. Where would you start? Just as a how big and deep this issue is for me a couple of weeks after I was with her last year I was admitted to hospital with a perforated ulcer.
    I really need a miracle!
    Thanks and much love

  242. How timely Gabrielle! I am starting to heal my mother wound and I just find that it is such a huge task because this wound has touched up everything in my life, I can see that now. Where would you start? It is a very daunting issue for me as it could take a long time. Where would you start? Just as a how big and deep this issue is for me a couple of weeks after I was with her last year I was admitted to hospital with a perforated ulcer.

    1. Hi Meli. I don’t know your particular Mom wound, however, there is a book called Difficult Mothers that’s a gold mine. It’s can be such an emotionally charged relationship and a confusing one that does touch up against everything; and I commend you on delving into it. Be extra good to you as you move through it. Best to you.

        1. Hi Meli. Recommendation was from me, Jill (someone who saw your post) 🙂 In case you don’t resonate with it, you can blame me 🙂 Jill

          1. Jill, thank you very much. I realised that later! Have you gone through something similar? I saw the contents of the book you recommended and my mum fits every single category! ….

  243. Hi Gabby,
    I’m so glad I found you,love what and how you speak out.
    I resisted for so long to get deep into the roots of my pain.
    Now I do ..step by step & I found out a lot..I’m not healed but I work on it.
    Surrender,self love,meditation….don’t be afraid going into the deepest fear..
    Thank you for being you
    Love & light

  244. Dear beautiful Gabby! Im follwing you for almost 6 years now and you’ve been helping a lot. I’ve had the chance to meet you in Stratton 2 years ago too and I feel bless for that. I am trying to free myself from my strong inner critic which keep me away from a love relationship. Single for 5 years now, I am accepting it more but I feel something is blocking me from manifesting. I hope you did not stay awake all night to answer us all. Take care of yourself first if you want to keep shinning your light to us 🙂 I know you know it! Much love, Sat nam, Nadia

  245. Right on time for me. My parents passed away within 6 months of each other. Less than 3 weeks later my husband left me. Being in recovery for seven years I sought prayer and meditation, also leaning on my spiritual sisters. However, I allowed myself to become distracted by a relationship that was VERY unhealthy. What it appeared to be was not accurate. There has been a lot of damage in my spiritual community as a result. I am back on the healing path, physically sick at times by the pain. Thank you for this. I follow you and share your stuff with women I sponsor/mentor.

    1. Dear Mary Ann,
      Your story touched me and I commend you for your courage for moving through these challenging circumstances and your strength in realizing that what things appeared to be were not accurate. It takes a strong person to stay on the healing path and you clearly are. Love and light to you.

  246. OOF so true. This was really evident in my codependent recovery. One last guy, he’s special, right? No. In my sober recovery u prioritized my fiance’s heroin addiction because it was less ignorable than my own issues. It took sitting with him in many a 12 step meeting to realize I could benefit from being there. It took finding this man dead from an overdose, relapsing on alcohol myself, and losing EVERYTHING to realize I needed to change and heal for me, not because someone else needed a sober buddy. SJM saved my life right at this point for real!! Happy to be an affiliate this year. Everything I prioritized over my healing was lost, but all was gained. Xoxox

  247. I am willing to heal. Whew, yes. I am willing to heal my gut, I am willing to heal my hormones, I am willing to heal my relationship. I am willing to heal the deep wound still left by my father. I am willing to heal my childhood traumas. I am healing. It’s been hard to always trust in the healing path, but I affirm now that I’m willing to trust. And that will help me heal. I am willing. I am here. Thank you, Gabby, for this offering. Thank you, Angels. Thank you, God. Amen.

  248. Thank you Gabby! Really feeling ok been through a lot…knowing you are always here lectures talks books( I have) is best support!!! Truly grateful n appreciate all that you do! Much love xoxo

  249. I really needed to hear this today, I’ve been doing a lot of energy work and man I’m sooo tired sleeping a lot more than usual and eating a lot again more than usual, I think I’m slipping back the way sometimes but I’m trying to be gentle with myself I think things are getting worse before they get better…nobody said healing was easy and I know it’s worth it for sure but sometimes I feel I cannot be bothered…but I’m committed to my growth no matter how slow it may seem…sending you a ton of love Gabby thanks for being yourself x x x

  250. Dear Gabby,
    I cannot say what your Worts mean to ne especially right now as my whole world seems to collaps (marriage, job, parents). But it was just this morning as I prayed and suddenly become aware that I want to be healed that I really want to survive this. And just know I received your e-mail. I’m so grateful for your work and advice.

    With Love from Germany

    PS See you this weekend in NY!

    1. i am so happy to hear this found you when it needed to. lots of love to you and can’t wait to see you this weekend! xo

  251. I am afraid to open up to healing becaus it can feel so d*mn inconvenient. Thanks for the reminder that the recovery has to come first (I read that as my commitment to my relationship with Source must come first). That’s how I want to live & love- from a place that’s real and true, not a cover up or imitation because I haven’t done my work. I trust healing.

  252. Thank you for this.
    I am in the process of healing and it is very true what you say.
    You cannot put ANYTHING before your recovery.
    I have been saying that to people in my life..I love me now, this comes first now, my well being is sacred and deserved.
    I have no choice but to gravitate away from people who are being too demanding on me and trying to shake my path.
    I simply pray they find their path of healing, but now for the first time in my life I put my healing and well being first!
    Great advice in your videos Gabby…they always serve me!

  253. Dear Gabby,
    I have struggled off and on with overeating/emotional eating for pretty much my whole adult life. I am 57. I am grateful for your video this morning as I have been struggling to refine my food plan. My primary goal is health and I hope weight loss will come as well. I would love to look back a year from now and know that I have made definite progress on this path. As a recent breast cancer survivor and someone with a family history of heart disease and diabetes and as the widowed mom of two young adults… this is more important now than ever.
    Thank you… your video really spoke to me. I am scared, but hopeful.

    1. Today I thought about someone who f-ed w me. I had so much anger towards him that it was eating me alive…and I so I chose again. What makes a person so sick to have done this? Research shows that abusers were often abused themselves, as a child. This has given me *some* compassion to the guy (a teacher). It’s now pretty clear to me where his psychopathy likely began. I’m thankful he’s not in my life anymore and I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse and I realized what was up. Gabby has a saying something like ‘control-forgive-delete “. You got your power back, good for you and even better you know that some hurting soul has undoubtedly logged on in here and you’re helping them heal, too! Maybe me? Blessings, Mindy????

  254. My Daughter has not spoke to me and my husband in 10 months. We were very close. I’m not sure what or why. But I’m willing to heal it

  255. Your words arrived at the perfect moment! I am struggling with surrendering and releasing my control. I continue to revisit allowing the universe to lead me on the right path, but then I veer off, back into the same issues. Hearing you say it is a minute-by-minute process grounded me into the reality of the work I am focusing on concerning current and past traumas. I find myself in similar situations, over and over again. I need to acknowledge, release, and trust in the perfection of the universe. Thank you for being there exactly when I needed to hear your words.

  256. I sometimes feel like it’s too much & there are too many protective mud-based cement coated walls for me to reach the core of my being towards healing.

  257. I make the commitment to let myself heal. I hope to overcome the negative patterns currently in my life and I will surrender all to take the next step in the path.
    Thank you for being here Gabby! Much love xx

    1. Me thinks that’s called, “the little willingness” aka surrendering all “planning” to the Universe, G_D, Allah…whatever you call the dude in charge, lols
      Mindy ????

  258. I am willing to heal.
    I’m finding it so hard to have relationships (friendships and an intimate relationship) because I never believe I am enough. Not funny enough, interesting enough, smart enough, everything. This is really affecting my life and work as I’m always needing that reassurance just wishing I didn’t.
    I think I’m ready now. I am so over it and I’m over getting tongue tied and being over sensisitive and wishing life would happen.
    I am ready to heal. I am open to the way. Today I will pray to be used for somethin greater and to be guided.

    1. I had tears in my eyes reading your comment. I am outspoken and funny, have lots of friends and YET I feel the same! I feel I’m not enough! I’m constantly trying to please people. I have a son and one thing I did right is to always tell him (or show him) that he is ENOUGH. Just the way he is. The result: a confident child that always surprises me. He is so much better than I would ever imagine. Why? I thought he was ENOUGH to begin with! I am ready to heal and I hope you heal too!!! Sending you love! Claudine

  259. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for teaching me that it’s ok to show your vulnerability. I am on my healing path, you’ve been a huge part of it, and today I want to send you Love, to help YOU with your healing. Thanks for being you and encouraging others to be themselves.

    1. Yes, you are. Too funny all the question marks inadvertently popping up in the algo. I take the question marks as a call to each of us to respond and affirm.

  260. Exactly what I needed to hear to start the day and remain on the path. Thank you. Well said. Be blessed, LOVE and light

  261. Hey Gabby !!
    This month it will be 1 year since I admitted and started working on my love addiction. It started after I read your book SpiritJunkie and I am sooo grateful for everything you´ve helped me with 🙂

    While I am doing my spiritual work I have started dating though and have been on many dates, not finding the one I could imagine being with. Get hopeless in between, but always keep on going. Lets hope I will find him ! AND of course full recovery 🙂 Is that even possible, to be 100% rid of this addiction ? 🙂

  262. I’ve been working on something my whole life and I feel like I am at that last hurdle. As a child I was extremely quiet and shy, it manifested in later years through teenager and early twenties as social anxiety disorder and extreme worrying. When I had dealt with that I was still left with anxiety, in general as it related to security (a job = money = security and shelter) as I had grown up very poor and we always seemed to be going pay cheque to pay cheque, there was never any security. Most recently my marriage ended and that really broke me. I had already read a course in miracles and was a few months into the workbook. I came to realize my whole self worth was wrapped up in my husband and I was now facing my worst fear of being on my own and feeling completely rejected and handling the mortgage and the uncertainty of having enough money. I can safely say that with a therapist and you and Marianne Williamson I was able to get through that extremely tough time. I now feel closer than ever to finally dealing with my insecurities and I want once and for all to get through this. I have been asking for guidance on what I need to heal. And I have been getting answers in very interesting and miraculous ways. It seems that people perceive me as still a bit quiet and hard to connect with. My ex has recently told me I don’t take action in a relationship I just let the other person steer everything and that I’m difficult to connect with. My good friend told me that she doesn’t think I’m that quiet but the perception she has is that I need to be prompted to speak, that I wait to be acknowledged before talking. So I’m willing to work on this and make this change I feel like I am so close to working through this lesson that I have been chipping away at my entire life. I love people and I want to connect with them and it breaks my heart to hear that people I love and care about find it difficult to connect with me. I am committed to finally breaking through this barrier so that I can live the biggest life possible and not be stuck in any littleness that is holding me back.

    1. thank you so much for sharing. your vulnerability is so inspiring. remember that every time you share authentically from your heart you give others permission to do the same. commit to this path of healing and know that you are being guided and supported by something greater than yourself. lots of love to you.

  263. Sat nam! I am starting Yoga teacher training with Ashley Turner starting Wensday. Yoga Phsyche , soul. I am excited, but afraid my disability will hold me back. As a Kundalini Yogi I knew a wheelchair os not an issue, but my ego is going wild . Which means breakthrough ahead! If you feel called, I just found this peace meditation via 3ho. Left me crying with joy. Please share this if you feel called . Yogi Bhajan Peace Meditation:

    1. this is so great to read 🙂 i truly respect you and you all succeed… your story inspires me , thanku xxx

  264. Sat nam!

    I am willing to trust that I will rock the yoga teacher training with Ashley Turner starting Wensday. My wheelchair can turn into a great tool instead of something I hate.

    I love you so much!

  265. This is EXACTLY the guidance I needed today as I let go of a dream that I have been very attached to and have poured my heart and soul into for many years, only to find that is creating more pain for me to hold onto trying to make it “happen” than it is providing positive energy and happiness for me to feel like it is worth continuing to pursue. Hearing your words that let me know that this change is going to be a minute to minute struggle, made me feel like I can do this. It already makes it easier for me to accept this new path of releasing and being willing to heal. Thank you Gabby for sharing your wisdom and your stories!!!

    1. you can do this! always remember that in every moment you have the capacity to choose again. i’m so happy this found you when you needed it. lots of love to you!

    2. I haven’t read the book, but The Next Happy might be a great book for you right now! Sending healing energy your way!

    3. Hello, I just found you on you tube and I am so glad I did. I was in a relationship with a man for 19 years and I found out on Facebook Saturday that he is now in a recent relationship with another women. I was devastated to see their picture announcing their relationship on Facebook. I just starting balling, I felt like ending my life. Then I just began to pray and pray and calling out for answers and something told me to go to you tube and type in how to heal from a devastating relationship and I saw you. I believe God sent you to me to help me heal. Since watching you and signing up for your emails. I am now feeling the healing process start. I know it will take a while but as long as I continue to watch you I feel I can survive. Thank you for being there when I needed you.

      1. Gabby is definitely the best antidepressant / anti anxiety medicine out there. Thank G_D you found out the truth. Now you can heal & move on w your bad self! I’m glad you are here and holding truth.

    4. This is just what I needed to hear this morning. Still keeping the faith but it’s hard sometimes but def. I like to just finally surrender it & heal any rejections and be humble enough to know that ok that wasn’t meant to be so tell me what u want me to do and u know what I need.

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