How to Truly Live in the Moment

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Recently I was reflecting on a time a decade ago when I was just getting sober. I attended recovery meetings, and the motto continues to resonate with me: One day at a time.
Back then, that motto was my mantra. It gave me such solace, because I didn’t know how I was going to stay clean and sober. It felt really overwhelming. That’s why the concept of staying in the day was such a relief.

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Remembering to take things one day at a time helped me center into the fact that I didn’t have to think about how I was going to handle some get-together in a week, or a big function five months away, or the idea of not having a drink at my wedding one day.

All I had to do was keep it in the day. Today was my only concern.

I loved that time so much. There was so much innocence and peace then because I was able to keep it in the day, focusing on every small, individual action right down to down to brushing my teeth. Stay in the right now.

It was a really liberating feeling.

But after a while of living in the day, I realized that things had actually gotten pretty good. I got some recovery under my belt and “one day at a time” went right out the freakin’ window!

Instead of staying in the day, I started future tripping. I was living a month at a time, a year at a time or a project at a time.

Many of us can relate to this feeling. We move so fast that we can’t dwell in the day, much less the moment.

So today I want to talk about the concept of taking life one day at a time. This way of life doesn’t have to be reserved for those times when we’re in some kind of early recovery. We can use it every single day.

My hope is that you don’t just hit your knees in prayer when everything falls apart. I hope you hit your knees every morning and every night. Every day.

Because no matter how magnificent life can we, we still have the ego. The ego still wants to take us out of that present moment and future trip.

And when we’re taken out of the present, we lose our power.

So let’s all commit to taking things one day at a time, starting right now.

Here’s one way you can begin: Tomorrow morning, start your day with a vision of how you want that day to unfold. Picture yourself getting on the subway or in your car or on the bus, a smile on your face. Picture yourself entering your workplace ready to have a gracious experience and getting that work done you wanted to do. Imagine greeting your family or friends in the evening.

Hold this vision in the morning and remind yourself to stay in the day throughout the day.

And if a day is too much for you, keep it in the moment! That can be really profound.

Use this practice and know that it can bring you back right into that centered place — that feeling of power and presence, and knowing that today you have everything you need.

I hope this serves you.

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  1. Your comments were for me today so profoundly it shook me to my core. Saturday was my last drink. Thank you for yours words. Keep me in your prayers you are in mine. My life I now see has a thread of hope I am committed with assistance from God to make that into a rope for myself and greater good of all.

  2. Gabby,
    Congrats on the book- hope you’re relishing in the moment and your spot in the world today! Love this video and as a health coach (and IIN grad!) I constantly talk about this concept with my clients. It’s part of my Stay True to the Present Moment session and is essential for happiness. As a busy mom with a crazy and amazing 3 year old, I have to consciously tell myself to do this every day with her. And me! To enjoy her, not look too far ahead. To enjoy my day and what I’m feeling and doing at this very moment, not what may or may not happen a week from now. Tony Robbins speaks a lot about those crazy “What Ifs” that may never happen. And what it can create- how it will stop us from growing and making some pretty amazing decisions. What we are witnessing and paying attention to TODAY will allow us to make the best decisions for our life. When we are always looking forward, we can never live a life we are meant to live. The life that we deserve. Great post and video. Got your book and can’t wait to read it!!!


  3. Thank you for this reminder lovely. I often get anxious thinking about the future, rather than staying in the present moment. The Power of Now is one of my all-time favorite books that reminds me to do this. Thank you for sharing your own experience to inspire staying in the moment! Xo

  4. Thank you Gabby for your wise words. It always seems to be appropriate to think one day at a time when life gets tough but we then forget the practice. Thank you for the reminder and for expessing it so well. This is a video to keep and to shate

  5. Love and needed this Gabby! I love that the little wisdoms and stories you give about your recovery can aid me with my own recovery from my eating disorder. One day at a time!! Sometimes five little motivating words are all I need 🙂

  6. Small steps can make a huge difference, breath by breath, moment by moment, and one day at a time.Thank you for this.
    Your work helps me.Thanks

  7. I needed this, too. So timely. Can I ask a question? What is the phrase you used at the very end of the video? I’m guessing it’s something like “Namaste” at the end of a yoga class, but I didn’t quite catch it. I like it. 🙂

  8. Gabby you are the best. It’s instant peace when I listen to your videos. Thanks for being such a great teacher and source of inspiration. ❤️

  9. If there were ever a day I needed this, today is the day! I think a lot of people (besides me) woke up today (the day after Halloween) with that familiar candy hangover; that gross feeling in our bodies and depressed state of mind. I know I did. I guess I shouldn’t speak for others but I’m pretty confident that I’m not alone in this one. This Vlog definitely helped me. I’ve always said there are weeks we live a day at a time and days we live one moment at the time. Today is the latter for me.

  10. I had the most horrible day and watching this really hit me! It helped me remind me that I have tomorrow and I can just focus on that ONE day. Thank you SO much. Really needed it.

    Much Love

  11. Dearest Gabby…. This is a big part of my work… This past Monday, Halloween, was, as my son refers to it, my 2 year “canerversary” ! 2 years since my doctor told me I have cancer… I’m feeling great and still on my cancer journey…. Taking care of myself physically and doing a lot of spiritual work, soul searching/reflection…. I call myself a recovering workaholic which touches so many aspects of my life…. So one day at a time works on so many levels. You have been a true inspiration to me… Thank you so much for sharing from your heart…. Namaste , Marci

  12. Gabby, the universe called me to you today. I had a really hard day with depression yesterday. The past 2 weeks I’ve had enough, and I have wandered aimlessly to figure out how I can overcome. Late last night I stumbled on your Creative Live interview, and down the rabbit hole I fell. Today is the last day for the enrollment for your membership with the bonus, and I signed up. I was called to hear your message and I am so excited and hopeful that I can stand up and accept that depression is not my fate. I can’t wait to start my journey. Thank you!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with my Sarah! I’m so so happy that my work found you when you needed it and that you joined the MM. I know that the community will be a huge support for you 🙂 xo BIG love to you!

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