Working Miracles & Accepting Your True Purpose: Introduction to ‘May Cause Miracles’ Week 6

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

In this post I’m giving you an introduction to Week Six from my book May Cause Miracles, which is all about accepting your true purpose and working your miracles.

May Cause Miracles Week 6: Working Miracles

In the video below I talk about how we can bring our miracle mindset into the world so we can become a miracle worker. Watch this video to prepare for Week Six of May Cause Miracles!

What to expect from Week 6 of ‘May Cause Miracles’

If you’re feeling helpless, help someone. This is the primary message of the book and this chapter. If you want to get out of your own way, experience more miracles in your life, and release your negative perceptions, then you need to be of service to the world.

Me Mentality vs. We Mentality

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinWe’re going to shift your “me” mentality into a “we” mentality. By doing so you’ll start to see opportunities to serve and help others with your thoughts and actions. Every thought you have carries an energy and intention.

The energy within your thoughts is either heightening the energy around you or polluting the world. Which is why you need to be mindful of how those thoughts are being perceived throughout the world.

In this chapter, I’ll give you the guidance you need to open your capacity to be of high service to this world. There’s no greater way to get out of your own way than to be of service to another person.

We’re going to handle this chapter with a lot of love, compassion and commitment to your discipline so you can create many miracles in your life.

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  1. In 2009 my life changed completely.The school nurse in Columbus School lied to my mother Alfreda Profit.She told my mother “If your son doesn’t take the HINI vaccination he’s going to die”.Any mother who would have heard that would quickly react and agree for their child to get the vaccination. Before the shot I was healthy I just had asthma. Weeks later after I received the shot I started getting very bad pains in my left ear,then a bump started to grow. This is when my life started to become a disaster. When the bump grew in my ear my mother took me to an ENT (ears nose throat specialist). They assumed it was an cyst, so they did a surgery on my ear. That surgery was a fail because it didn’t do anything,but make it worst. My left ear started to grow tremendously. The pain I was in was so unbearable that I was asking my mom for that big white pill (percocets) all the time and whenever i went to the ER I would have a morphine IV for the pain. My ear had grown the size of a baseball. The ENT recommended me to go to Yale New Haven hospital. The Doctors at Yale New Haven thought it was cancerous, so they quickly did another surgery. That was a fail, but they diagnosed me with “Rosai-Dorfman disease”. It’s a rare disease only 500 people get it a year. I was only 11 years old going through all of these things. I was in elementary school. Students would make fun of me and look at me like I was a monster. That’s when my self esteem started to get very low. Most days I was depressed because I wasn’t like the other kids. I began to become very sick that I couldn’t attend school anymore. I got homeschooled , but that didn’t work because I was tired a lot because of the meds I was taking. I was admitted to the hospital. It was like a home to me because I was always there. Being admitted to the hospital had it’s good days and bad days. Most of the time I was sad because I was away from my family. They visited me alot, but they had to work and go to school. My mother was exhausted and devastated seeing her 12 year old laying in an hospital bed. She also had to work to keep a roof over my two brothers head Rajhoin Johnson and Samuel Profit. Seeing my mother exhausted like that hurt me so much because she had to deal with a lot. Me her sick son, my two brothers, her job and keeping a steady income to pay rent. I felt like it was all my faught. She wasn’t getting any help. When my mother felt like I was getting better she began contacting multiple lawyers to go compensation for what happened to me but they all turned her down due to “statute of limitations” that is very unfair to me because it is now 2018 and I still deal with this disease. This disease is something that I might have to deal with for the rest of my life. I am hoping and praying you see this. Please help me get my story out to the world.

  2. When I was14 and just entering highschool I was determined to become a great christian metal musician however…in that first few months of being a freshman I gave friendship to a kid noone liked because he was known for being a thief druggie etc. Named Josh I was able to look past this because I never really saw it get in an “out of hand” manner. I just knew I could save him or “make his good
    Cast out the bad” as I would say. He however knew he was not liked as several other people really were so he lashed out in failing attempts to be a bully
    . which eventually led to him stealing a 9mm handgun from his brother….one day after school I went to my bestfriends house two streets over passing Josh’s house he of course had to come along… and no matter how many times I told him or my bestfriend told him guns were stupid he just took that as “ooo their afraid of me” after going back to my house we went to my computer room where Josh began ejecting the bullets out of his gun(after asking him to leave outside in the first place) I grew tierd of arguing with him, after the clip was rendered empty he would take it back out and push the spring down as to allow the gun to “click” upon trigger release to which hed begin clicking it in my direction while I would be telling him to stop I easily could have diisarmed him and even harmed him Because he was a smaller weaker guy however like I said I was determined to be a friend to him and I had lost my veiws of reality I guess you could say and eventually after repeating the said process he eventually shot me in he head….. Theirs soooooo much more to this story but this is where I will sign off

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  5. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  6. Hi Gabby

    For as long as I can remember I have struggled with having poor eyesight and eye problems, which left me wearing very thick glasses. During a tapping session I realized that I was hiding behind the glasses but didn’t know why. Tonight I was doing the work lesson #19, I had to write my darkest secrets to my ing. I began to write about how all my life I hated myself, always felt inferior to eveyone, never good enough. I always kept to myself like a hermit. I realized then that I had been hiding from life because I never felt good enough. A light went on I realized that my eye problems have been trying to tell me that. I have to work on forgiving the past and turning fear into love now.

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. Last night before bed, I sent love to my eyes. I thanked them for seeing everything around me. When I went to sleep I dreamed I was with two eye doctors, they were doing eye tests on me. I was reading the eye chart. They told me that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, that my eyes were good. I was so happy to hear that.

  7. Hi Gabby,

    I love working with your books and website on my journey!

    I needed guidance on recently being heart sick over a beloved pet and his sudden illness. It is likely my family put him down while I was at work today and will not tell me until later tonight to avoid me breaking down. I prayed for his healing and miracles and for some reason, I know he is not a person, but he was my love bug. I am beside myself and I needed your guidance in being a magnet for miracles and not accepting suffering even when the evidence in front of you shows the contrary. I know death is inevitable but I was hoping my young, healthy puppy would experience a miracle in healing.

    I look forward to connecting! In the spirit of ~ing!


  8. Hi Gabby!

    I recently attended your workshop in London and on the lunch break I had a text message from my ex boyfriend out of the blue after about 3 months. He had been messing me around for about 2 years on and off but I loved him so much and could never get him out of my life. Anyway I also got an email from my friend who works with him but I had not spoke to for a while (he works abroad). A voice in my head told me to ask her about him and she replied that he had a girlfriend the last two years. So I got in contact with the new girlfriend. And it was true, it has really upset me, but I know deep down this is a miracle and that I now know I have to move on after years of upset….. Im only on day 21 of you book, but hopefully the next miracle will be someone that actually deserves me! Thank you for such an inspirational day in London and for helping me move on. xxx

  9. Hi Gabby!

    I have a beautiful story for you.
    I really have to share how amazing of an adventure it has been reading all your books. I finished May Cause Miracles last week and from the moment I started reading the book to what has been happening after finishing, the inspiration, miracles and passion that have been flowing to me and people around me have been getting better and better! I am being lead to find my life’s purpose! I have to share one story in particular that happened two days ago. I think it shows how powerful everything related to our mindset in life is, and that it can make US become miracles in other’s people’s lives.

    I brought one of my best friends to this new bar that I love, and at some point during the evening while I was going back to our table I saw her peeking through and listening next to a curtain behind which was the kitchen.. and I joined her. It turned out it was one of the waiters that was sitting there by himself singing and playing guitar, with such soul and joy in his music that we were both were lead to go listen to him hoping he wouldn’t notice. We weren’t sneaky enough! He saw us and we both took the chance to tell him that his music is amazing, and that he should really take this to heart and realize what a huge talent he has! He had sparks in his eyes and he told us: “You guys have no idea how happy this makes me feel to hear this, earlier today I chose to quit this job to pursue my passion for music, and you just confirmed to me that I absolutely made the right decision.” After chatting with him some more, and motivating him about his decision, I learned that he had read the book A Course in Miracles a few days before this! How crazy is that!! I suggested your books to him, I am positive that it was exactly what he needed to be lead to that day!

    How amazing it is to notice miracles in the lives of people that we come across! It’s such an overwhelming and beautiful feeling!! That moment gave me so much inspiration and a feeling that anything is possible. My own life has been filled with so many examples lately!! This flow of great events that are all connected to each other is the best gift I could ever receive for my 22nd birthday! I can’t wait for what comes next 🙂

    Thank youu soo much! You really are an inspiration Gabby, and everything you’ve written has touched my heart!

  10. Here I am back with another miracle. A far different place than week 1! Last week I experienced the most beautiful miracle moment. I am a nanny to a 3 year old. We were out to lunch – the 2 of us exceptionally present and joined in love. A woman approached us as she exited the restaurant. She said, “Is that your boy?” I said, “No my boyfriend. I’m his babysitter”. She replied, “I just need to tell you I received awful news this morning, but when I walked in here he gave me the most loving smile and totally lifted my spirits.” I told her how happy I was to hear this and that children are always a reminder that in the face of our burdens we can always access that innocent joy that children exemplify. When she left I was in tears. There was my proof! Miracles and love have the capacity to be shared, even if we are not witness to it! Had we both, or one of us, been vibrating on a lower frequency this miracle never would have occured!

  11. Hi Gabby 🙂
    I shared my ‘miracle story” on this page awhile back and offered my painting “Epiphany” (I choose to see the beauty in me .. I choose love <3) I created her while reading "May Cause Miracles" and in my heart of gratitude for you and all you have done for me, I want to gift her too you 🙂 Here is a link to 'The Women Worldwide Initiative" Artist Challenge: "When you asked .. Can I see the painting ?" here you can see her and vote for her too and then I can ship her to you <3 Love and light hugs xo Leanne

  12. Good Morning Gabby
    We met in London at the women unlimited conference. Thank you for travelling to London and talking to us. I bought your book and was anxiously awaiting the outcome of an interview and you advised in one of your videos to “wait without anxiety’ and it will come . So I calmed down, waited without stress and guess what, it came good! Miracle ! Thank you Gabby.

  13. Hi Gabby,
    I bought your book and the meditation album too. Great stuff, however, a few of the meditations are missing that are in the book, but not in the meditation album. Please tell me how I can acquire these missing meditations? Thank you!

  14. Hi Gabs.. I recently came to your MCM workshop in London and wanted to say you just made me feel so happy and warm inside. Ive been abit lost lately with where im heading/ what im doing & trying to let my EX boyfriend go…I then got hit in the head by a large white van and have been off work concussed for the last 4 weeks…this might sound extreme but i needed this time to get back in touch with my spiritual insides and find my inner voice & self love…so being hit by a van was my 1st miracle and then meeting you is my 2nd…im reading your book MCM, i read spirit junkie pre head butting the van!ive starting meditating & feel so at peace with myself…yes that ego keeps popping up but you have given me the tools to shut it up! just wanted to say love life love you and all things being…xxxxxxx

  15. Hi Gabby,
    Almost upon finishing week 4 I became very sick with a ghastly cough which has lasted almost 3 weeks. I am starting to feel better now, and I am going back and redoing week 4 in order to finish it off well. I stopped the course to help my physical body heal. My cough is and was directly related to my purging of forgiveness to others in my relationships. I had been covering up my heart and lungs for so long. And so when I finally started to open up physically and emotionally, and allow all my hurts to be released, my physical body couldn’t catch up. I have one particular deep hurt that I know is still making its way out. I’m kind of afraid to redo week 4, and fall ill again, but I have faith that all will be well. I need to do this. I need the healing of forgiveness. I am grateful for your generous gifts that you willingly share with the world. May others be healed and live a full life by following your wisdom and practice of forgiveness.

    1. often we can get sick when we are healing old wounds. you’re detoxing in every way. be very gentle with yourself and go slow.

  16. Your book came to me at exactly the right time. I was desperately seeking a change in my life, but more in my self. I heard the “voice of God” tell me to quit smoking and stop drinking so much damn red wine and things would shift. I listened and made a compromise to abstain for the 40 days that I work through this book.

    Many many wonderful things have happened and the shifts have been massive. I healed a relationship with my father, dissolved my on/off relationship with my ex, have an interview for my dream job next week and have fallen in love with an amazing man who treats me with love, kindness and respect.

    And I no longer smoke or drink.

    My energy level has soared, I vibrate on a completely different level and I’m amazed at how quickly all of these things came and went in my life.

    I believe whole-heartedly that all of this was waiting for me, I just had to take the step forward, get clear, forgive myself and begin to change my thought pattern to remove the blocks from my heart.

    You’re book was nice because it was broken down into different sections and it was a slow progression of work. I never actually noticed the changes within, but when I realized that all of the things I have wished/prayed/envisioned had come true, I saw that the way I view the world and interact with it had changed in a very soft, kind and loving way.

    Well done Gabi, thank you for writing this and being that vessel of love, light and positive moving energy. And for inspiring!! Love.

  17. Hi Gabby, love your style! The miracle for me is that in all my 62 years I am doing and beeing a course from day 1 with the knowing intention of completing it on day 42. I attended your London day and realised during it that the reason I was there was to be inspired not to jump to day 42 but to work through the book. Im on day 4, yes I even started on Monday as suggested! So grateful, loving it with a knowing that miracles will abound for me and all I encounter. Thank you. Hugs.

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