Working Miracles & Accepting Your True Purpose: Introduction to ‘May Cause Miracles’ Week 6

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

In this post I’m giving you an introduction to Week Six from my book May Cause Miracles, which is all about accepting your true purpose and working your miracles.

May Cause Miracles Week 6: Working Miracles

In the video below I talk about how we can bring our miracle mindset into the world so we can become a miracle worker. Watch this video to prepare for Week Six of May Cause Miracles!

What to expect from Week 6 of ‘May Cause Miracles’

If you’re feeling helpless, help someone. This is the primary message of the book and this chapter. If you want to get out of your own way, experience more miracles in your life, and release your negative perceptions, then you need to be of service to the world.

Me Mentality vs. We Mentality

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinWe’re going to shift your “me” mentality into a “we” mentality. By doing so you’ll start to see opportunities to serve and help others with your thoughts and actions. Every thought you have carries an energy and intention.

The energy within your thoughts is either heightening the energy around you or polluting the world. Which is why you need to be mindful of how those thoughts are being perceived throughout the world.

In this chapter, I’ll give you the guidance you need to open your capacity to be of high service to this world. There’s no greater way to get out of your own way than to be of service to another person.

We’re going to handle this chapter with a lot of love, compassion and commitment to your discipline so you can create many miracles in your life.

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  1. In 2009 my life changed completely.The school nurse in Columbus School lied to my mother Alfreda Profit.She told my mother “If your son doesn’t take the HINI vaccination he’s going to die”.Any mother who would have heard that would quickly react and agree for their child to get the vaccination. Before the shot I was healthy I just had asthma. Weeks later after I received the shot I started getting very bad pains in my left ear,then a bump started to grow. This is when my life started to become a disaster. When the bump grew in my ear my mother took me to an ENT (ears nose throat specialist). They assumed it was an cyst, so they did a surgery on my ear. That surgery was a fail because it didn’t do anything,but make it worst. My left ear started to grow tremendously. The pain I was in was so unbearable that I was asking my mom for that big white pill (percocets) all the time and whenever i went to the ER I would have a morphine IV for the pain. My ear had grown the size of a baseball. The ENT recommended me to go to Yale New Haven hospital. The Doctors at Yale New Haven thought it was cancerous, so they quickly did another surgery. That was a fail, but they diagnosed me with “Rosai-Dorfman disease”. It’s a rare disease only 500 people get it a year. I was only 11 years old going through all of these things. I was in elementary school. Students would make fun of me and look at me like I was a monster. That’s when my self esteem started to get very low. Most days I was depressed because I wasn’t like the other kids. I began to become very sick that I couldn’t attend school anymore. I got homeschooled , but that didn’t work because I was tired a lot because of the meds I was taking. I was admitted to the hospital. It was like a home to me because I was always there. Being admitted to the hospital had it’s good days and bad days. Most of the time I was sad because I was away from my family. They visited me alot, but they had to work and go to school. My mother was exhausted and devastated seeing her 12 year old laying in an hospital bed. She also had to work to keep a roof over my two brothers head Rajhoin Johnson and Samuel Profit. Seeing my mother exhausted like that hurt me so much because she had to deal with a lot. Me her sick son, my two brothers, her job and keeping a steady income to pay rent. I felt like it was all my faught. She wasn’t getting any help. When my mother felt like I was getting better she began contacting multiple lawyers to go compensation for what happened to me but they all turned her down due to “statute of limitations” that is very unfair to me because it is now 2018 and I still deal with this disease. This disease is something that I might have to deal with for the rest of my life. I am hoping and praying you see this. Please help me get my story out to the world.

  2. When I was14 and just entering highschool I was determined to become a great christian metal musician however…in that first few months of being a freshman I gave friendship to a kid noone liked because he was known for being a thief druggie etc. Named Josh I was able to look past this because I never really saw it get in an “out of hand” manner. I just knew I could save him or “make his good
    Cast out the bad” as I would say. He however knew he was not liked as several other people really were so he lashed out in failing attempts to be a bully
    . which eventually led to him stealing a 9mm handgun from his brother….one day after school I went to my bestfriends house two streets over passing Josh’s house he of course had to come along… and no matter how many times I told him or my bestfriend told him guns were stupid he just took that as “ooo their afraid of me” after going back to my house we went to my computer room where Josh began ejecting the bullets out of his gun(after asking him to leave outside in the first place) I grew tierd of arguing with him, after the clip was rendered empty he would take it back out and push the spring down as to allow the gun to “click” upon trigger release to which hed begin clicking it in my direction while I would be telling him to stop I easily could have diisarmed him and even harmed him Because he was a smaller weaker guy however like I said I was determined to be a friend to him and I had lost my veiws of reality I guess you could say and eventually after repeating the said process he eventually shot me in he head….. Theirs soooooo much more to this story but this is where I will sign off

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  5. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog.
    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

  6. Hi Gabby

    For as long as I can remember I have struggled with having poor eyesight and eye problems, which left me wearing very thick glasses. During a tapping session I realized that I was hiding behind the glasses but didn’t know why. Tonight I was doing the work lesson #19, I had to write my darkest secrets to my ing. I began to write about how all my life I hated myself, always felt inferior to eveyone, never good enough. I always kept to myself like a hermit. I realized then that I had been hiding from life because I never felt good enough. A light went on I realized that my eye problems have been trying to tell me that. I have to work on forgiving the past and turning fear into love now.

    Thanks for your help.

    P.S. Last night before bed, I sent love to my eyes. I thanked them for seeing everything around me. When I went to sleep I dreamed I was with two eye doctors, they were doing eye tests on me. I was reading the eye chart. They told me that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, that my eyes were good. I was so happy to hear that.

  7. Hi Gabby,

    I love working with your books and website on my journey!

    I needed guidance on recently being heart sick over a beloved pet and his sudden illness. It is likely my family put him down while I was at work today and will not tell me until later tonight to avoid me breaking down. I prayed for his healing and miracles and for some reason, I know he is not a person, but he was my love bug. I am beside myself and I needed your guidance in being a magnet for miracles and not accepting suffering even when the evidence in front of you shows the contrary. I know death is inevitable but I was hoping my young, healthy puppy would experience a miracle in healing.

    I look forward to connecting! In the spirit of ~ing!


  8. Hi Gabby!

    I recently attended your workshop in London and on the lunch break I had a text message from my ex boyfriend out of the blue after about 3 months. He had been messing me around for about 2 years on and off but I loved him so much and could never get him out of my life. Anyway I also got an email from my friend who works with him but I had not spoke to for a while (he works abroad). A voice in my head told me to ask her about him and she replied that he had a girlfriend the last two years. So I got in contact with the new girlfriend. And it was true, it has really upset me, but I know deep down this is a miracle and that I now know I have to move on after years of upset….. Im only on day 21 of you book, but hopefully the next miracle will be someone that actually deserves me! Thank you for such an inspirational day in London and for helping me move on. xxx

  9. Hi Gabby!

    I have a beautiful story for you.
    I really have to share how amazing of an adventure it has been reading all your books. I finished May Cause Miracles last week and from the moment I started reading the book to what has been happening after finishing, the inspiration, miracles and passion that have been flowing to me and people around me have been getting better and better! I am being lead to find my life’s purpose! I have to share one story in particular that happened two days ago. I think it shows how powerful everything related to our mindset in life is, and that it can make US become miracles in other’s people’s lives.

    I brought one of my best friends to this new bar that I love, and at some point during the evening while I was going back to our table I saw her peeking through and listening next to a curtain behind which was the kitchen.. and I joined her. It turned out it was one of the waiters that was sitting there by himself singing and playing guitar, with such soul and joy in his music that we were both were lead to go listen to him hoping he wouldn’t notice. We weren’t sneaky enough! He saw us and we both took the chance to tell him that his music is amazing, and that he should really take this to heart and realize what a huge talent he has! He had sparks in his eyes and he told us: “You guys have no idea how happy this makes me feel to hear this, earlier today I chose to quit this job to pursue my passion for music, and you just confirmed to me that I absolutely made the right decision.” After chatting with him some more, and motivating him about his decision, I learned that he had read the book A Course in Miracles a few days before this! How crazy is that!! I suggested your books to him, I am positive that it was exactly what he needed to be lead to that day!

    How amazing it is to notice miracles in the lives of people that we come across! It’s such an overwhelming and beautiful feeling!! That moment gave me so much inspiration and a feeling that anything is possible. My own life has been filled with so many examples lately!! This flow of great events that are all connected to each other is the best gift I could ever receive for my 22nd birthday! I can’t wait for what comes next 🙂

    Thank youu soo much! You really are an inspiration Gabby, and everything you’ve written has touched my heart!

  10. Here I am back with another miracle. A far different place than week 1! Last week I experienced the most beautiful miracle moment. I am a nanny to a 3 year old. We were out to lunch – the 2 of us exceptionally present and joined in love. A woman approached us as she exited the restaurant. She said, “Is that your boy?” I said, “No my boyfriend. I’m his babysitter”. She replied, “I just need to tell you I received awful news this morning, but when I walked in here he gave me the most loving smile and totally lifted my spirits.” I told her how happy I was to hear this and that children are always a reminder that in the face of our burdens we can always access that innocent joy that children exemplify. When she left I was in tears. There was my proof! Miracles and love have the capacity to be shared, even if we are not witness to it! Had we both, or one of us, been vibrating on a lower frequency this miracle never would have occured!

  11. Hi Gabby 🙂
    I shared my ‘miracle story” on this page awhile back and offered my painting “Epiphany” (I choose to see the beauty in me .. I choose love <3) I created her while reading "May Cause Miracles" and in my heart of gratitude for you and all you have done for me, I want to gift her too you 🙂 Here is a link to 'The Women Worldwide Initiative" Artist Challenge: "When you asked .. Can I see the painting ?" here you can see her and vote for her too and then I can ship her to you <3 Love and light hugs xo Leanne

  12. Good Morning Gabby
    We met in London at the women unlimited conference. Thank you for travelling to London and talking to us. I bought your book and was anxiously awaiting the outcome of an interview and you advised in one of your videos to “wait without anxiety’ and it will come . So I calmed down, waited without stress and guess what, it came good! Miracle ! Thank you Gabby.

  13. Hi Gabby,
    I bought your book and the meditation album too. Great stuff, however, a few of the meditations are missing that are in the book, but not in the meditation album. Please tell me how I can acquire these missing meditations? Thank you!

  14. Hi Gabs.. I recently came to your MCM workshop in London and wanted to say you just made me feel so happy and warm inside. Ive been abit lost lately with where im heading/ what im doing & trying to let my EX boyfriend go…I then got hit in the head by a large white van and have been off work concussed for the last 4 weeks…this might sound extreme but i needed this time to get back in touch with my spiritual insides and find my inner voice & self love…so being hit by a van was my 1st miracle and then meeting you is my 2nd…im reading your book MCM, i read spirit junkie pre head butting the van!ive starting meditating & feel so at peace with myself…yes that ego keeps popping up but you have given me the tools to shut it up! just wanted to say love life love you and all things being…xxxxxxx

  15. Hi Gabby,
    Almost upon finishing week 4 I became very sick with a ghastly cough which has lasted almost 3 weeks. I am starting to feel better now, and I am going back and redoing week 4 in order to finish it off well. I stopped the course to help my physical body heal. My cough is and was directly related to my purging of forgiveness to others in my relationships. I had been covering up my heart and lungs for so long. And so when I finally started to open up physically and emotionally, and allow all my hurts to be released, my physical body couldn’t catch up. I have one particular deep hurt that I know is still making its way out. I’m kind of afraid to redo week 4, and fall ill again, but I have faith that all will be well. I need to do this. I need the healing of forgiveness. I am grateful for your generous gifts that you willingly share with the world. May others be healed and live a full life by following your wisdom and practice of forgiveness.

    1. often we can get sick when we are healing old wounds. you’re detoxing in every way. be very gentle with yourself and go slow.

  16. Your book came to me at exactly the right time. I was desperately seeking a change in my life, but more in my self. I heard the “voice of God” tell me to quit smoking and stop drinking so much damn red wine and things would shift. I listened and made a compromise to abstain for the 40 days that I work through this book.

    Many many wonderful things have happened and the shifts have been massive. I healed a relationship with my father, dissolved my on/off relationship with my ex, have an interview for my dream job next week and have fallen in love with an amazing man who treats me with love, kindness and respect.

    And I no longer smoke or drink.

    My energy level has soared, I vibrate on a completely different level and I’m amazed at how quickly all of these things came and went in my life.

    I believe whole-heartedly that all of this was waiting for me, I just had to take the step forward, get clear, forgive myself and begin to change my thought pattern to remove the blocks from my heart.

    You’re book was nice because it was broken down into different sections and it was a slow progression of work. I never actually noticed the changes within, but when I realized that all of the things I have wished/prayed/envisioned had come true, I saw that the way I view the world and interact with it had changed in a very soft, kind and loving way.

    Well done Gabi, thank you for writing this and being that vessel of love, light and positive moving energy. And for inspiring!! Love.

  17. Hi Gabby, love your style! The miracle for me is that in all my 62 years I am doing and beeing a course from day 1 with the knowing intention of completing it on day 42. I attended your London day and realised during it that the reason I was there was to be inspired not to jump to day 42 but to work through the book. Im on day 4, yes I even started on Monday as suggested! So grateful, loving it with a knowing that miracles will abound for me and all I encounter. Thank you. Hugs.

  18. 🙂 I got your book on New Year’s Day — and felt like I was ready for miracles. But, I’ve found, that it has been a bit difficult for me to confront and face some of the internal changes going on. Still, even as I slowly work my way through your book (I’m only on Day 8 or 9 even though I’ve been processing the different affirmations and ruminating on them since January), I am finding things really shifting at a deep level for me. One thing that’s changed is a toxic living situation. That, in and of itself, has freed up so much more energy for me and positive energy at that. Just finding the strength to change my outer world by working on changing what’s inside. Other miracles that are happening are being able to observe, forgive myself, and get rid of judgments. As someone who is super judgmental to herself, this in itself is a miracle. 🙂

    I guess I wanted to post because I want people out there to know that it’s okay if you need more time to get through the book and to really understand and implement the concepts. MCM truly is miraculous and there are many important, transformative messages within it. I’m on a slower, longer road but it’s no less important or impactful.

    Thank you for your work Gabby. So many things have been changing in my life since you came in as a “virtual teacher/guide.”

  19. I needed a miracle when I received the book. I was literally sobbing on my knees begging God to show me what to do, when I was interrupted by a knock on the door- I looked down to see a package on the doorstep, and there was “May Cause Miracles”.
    At the age of 38 I finally found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We were blissfully in love and I had no doubt that my future would be shared with him. Naturally I was shocked in September when he told me an ex-girlfriend had called him passionately pleading him to give their love another shot. He then broke up with me in an agonizingly slow and confusing way, because he was truly confused himself. We did our best to keep a close friendship through the months of confusion while he worked to figure out what he wanted. This other woman lived on another continent so he could not travel to see her until January to see how it really was for them to be together. The weeks leading up to his leaving held precious, warm, loving time shared celebrating the holidays, and they held torment for me as I attempted to find peace in the unknown of “this could be the man I spend forever with” or “he may choose to be with her”.
    Hence, the breaking point of getting back on my knees to pray through tears. I had been there before, when I got sober 4 and a half years ago. This was almost harder. My ego was flaring up from it’s deepest core.
    I started doing the May Cause Miracles program before he left the country to see this woman. I was almost done when he got home and called saying, “It was better than we imagined. We exchanged rings and said vows of committment to each other. I feel really clear.”
    Holy shit.
    When I consider that I had been praying hard for clarity, and for God to show me what to do, um…well, I got clarity didn’t I? Not only did he not choose me, he committed to someone else and his job requires him to move across the country a week later. This man is being pulled out of my life in big ways – clearly a message that I have a bigger purpose to be focused on.
    I was amazed how quickly I was able to shift from fear to love. I noticed my ego would flare up and try to rationalize the whole situation, or go into judgment or victim mode. Because of May Cause Miracles I could easily recognize those as fears of my ego trying to take control. I enlisted friends to support me in the moments where I was losing strength. I told them that when I call or text them strung out I need them to remind me, “The truth of me is love.” Or “I choose to see love instead of this.” And at the end of my nightly journaling I wrote loving words about my ex -that I love him enough to want him to be happy, that his smile makes me smile, that I trust that God is giving us both what we need, and other similar forgiving and empowering thoughts.
    As a result of doing May Cause Miracles through the period that my ego was challenged more than ever in my life, the second day he was home we met and caught up, the next few days were up and down, but by the 5th evening we had tea and I asked him to tell me about her so I can begin to accept this relationship he is in. Exactly one week after he came home, after I had spent months awaiting his decision of me or her and didn’t get the answer I wanted, he joined me for a yoga class and we visited over tea for an hour or so, in a completely loving, respectful, spirit centered way.
    It was indeed a miracle. Love just feels better. It’s just the truth of who we are.

      1. I actually sent the book to him last week and thought that was “super sweet” and was excited to now know what I am taking about when I refer to it.

  20. Thank you Gabby! I’m on day 38 of May Cause Miracles. I have done many intensive courses previously the shifts from your program are both subtle and profound. I can witness and feel the loosening of the grip of my ego, the feeing of freedom as I am more connected with my ING is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting together such as accessible, easy to follow and powerful program. May you continue to guide people to have their own miracles.

    Nicole xx

  21. Hi Gabby! I commented previously about how much May Cause Miracles helped me. I feel really guided to send you a tithe or donation but I have no idea where to send it to. I hope you or someone that knows sees this. Thank you so much again! x o

  22. Hi Gabby! I hope you read this, I commented previously about how much I was helped by May Cause Miracles. I feel really guided to send you a tithe or donation and I have no idea where I’d be able to do that. If anyone could reply, I’d appreciate it! x o

  23. Today, I was able to handle all of the challenges that came up from the perspective of the miracle mind. On Monday night at group Gabby you told us we were light workers and our job was not to save others but to share the light. We are light houses attracting not preachers preaching.


    I find this practice so powerful, to be able to send love to live in that golden light and send that energy out to others without advertising. This process has changed the way I am looking at the challenges that come up in my life. And best of all, I was able to envision the man I used to live with standing with me in a beautiful golden light. I don’t hate him. I’m not jealous of him. I have nothing but love to send him. And it feels perfect to do all of the healing without ever communicating with him.

    Through this process, I’ve got the tools to take care of my mind and spirit. That is a gift for life that I will share for the rest of my life.

    My heart is filled with gratitude for A course in miracles and Gabby you are a MIRACLE 🙂

    I love you guys

  24. Holla from Sweden!
    Gabrielle, my oh my, where do I start? “May Cause Miracles” has made my brain roar “Finally, my swagger is back”.
    For five years, I have read a new metaphysical book almost as often as I have changed underwear. The books made me feel empowered – for a while – but because of fear (of failure/rejection) I actually never applied these truths in my daily actions.
    But “May Cause Miracles” has changed every area of my life for the better. I feel calm & excited ’cause now I know that the next time my playing small-bonanza kicks in, I’ll simply use your beautiful tools & reconnect with love.
    + Your book has soon healed this procrastinator w/ a capital P. I am actually eager to get going on my passion projects!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and for writing this book. Thank you for changing our lives back to love!

    My life as a miracle worker starts NOW. Hey ho, let’s go!

    All my love,
    Ps. I cannot stop talking about your book to all my friends. They have had many miracles happen in their lives simply by trying out the tools I have raved about. Now they are all buying your book. Ds.

  25. I am just about to start week two of may cause miracles. My husband has made comments on how happy I am & yesterday I was told by one of my best friends “that my energy seemed cleaner”! I loved the way she put that because that is exactly how I feel! I discovered you only a few months ago & since then I have implemented many of your practices into my life, read your first 2 books & have given many of them away as gifts because I want to share this feeling with everyone! Gabby, you have been a godsend & for that I am blessed & forever grateful! Much love & gratitude : ) xo

  26. My ego told me I was going mad, but my soul knew I was the most sane I had ever been.
    I have always known intuitively, since been a young child, but there was something more about life I wasn’t being told, that society was missing something in some way. I battled to understand and over time this resulted in years of feeling inadequate, depression and a heavy sense that I had to pretend to be someone to fit the material, secular, mechanical world that we see today. Discovering my ‘self’ as a spiritual being has felt like coming home, I can now live true to who I know I am deep down inside, and the effect of that has been better than any antidepressants known to man!
    It is hard to believe that having worked in the mental health field for over 14 years I had never heard the term spiritual emergency until it happened to me! My mum had struggled with her own mental wellbeing since I was born, being diagnosed as having schizo- affective disorder 20 years ago when she tried to say she believed she was a ‘healer’. Her beliefs completely disregarded she was sectioned, medicated and given brutal electro convulsive treatment, rendering her an almost robotic existence. My mum was told she was mad, and so that is what she was forced to believe.
    In 2008 I experienced my own mental crisis. Various traumatic life events took their toll on my already fragile sense of self and I made a serious attempt to take my life. Thankfully I was not living in the UK at the time and therefore avoided falling foul of the mental health system and being lumbered for life with a derogatory label. Nothing made sense and life seemed futile.
    Then early in 2012, after summoning a new strength to make some sense of it all, my whole belief framework about myself and the world changed in an instant. Various synchronicities had led me to read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, and before I’d even finished reading the book I instinctively knew all of the contents! I had gone into a meditation asking the Universe what on earth mental illness was all about, and, as I cleared my mind of all thought, to my amazement my question was answered so clearly and without any doubt that everything I had questioned about my existence in the world made complete sense. My level of consciousness expanded and I was able to channel a theory about spiritual emergency – a concept I had known nothing about only an hour earlier! I came out of the meditation and existed for the next three days in a heightened sense of awareness, I knew I was completely connected to the world and every being in it, and that all there is, all that matters, is love.
    For the last year I have been researching the phenomenon of spiritual emergency and it is thanks to the information I discovered and the contacts I have made that have prevented me from going into crisis. I can now see how easy it is for people to believe that they are the only one to experience psychic phenomena as that is what I believed at first too. It was only due to me working within the mental health system I knew not to talk openly about my euphoria, as all that it would have achieved at the time would have to have got me sectioned! It is vital that this experience is normalised to help other people who are ‘awakening’ to understand what on earth is happening.
    I now know how to manage my new found ESP and stay grounded, whilst acknowledging the wonderful miracles that occur around me every day. I feel so blessed to have gone through the traumas I experienced now as I know this is what led to my expansion of consciousness and wonderful insights I have into how easy it is to create our desired reality.
    Being brought up in the materialistic, technological society that we are currently in it is easy to forget that we are spiritual beings at our core. Some people shy away from the word ‘spiritual’; it’s just language, most people have used the term ‘soul’ at some point in their lives, it is the same thing and has no religious connotation. We are taught to strive externally for wealth and happiness, but without searching within this search is futile, you’ll never find externally what has been inside all along. The first vital step to achieving is to believe.
    I am now very proud to be part of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network which strives to normalize and validate unusual and sometimes extreme human experiences. We believe that there is no distinction between mental illness and spiritual emergency, the only distinction is in whether the experience renders the experiencer unable to function in their everyday life.
    I know that purely by validating someone’s beliefs about their experience whilst helping them to remain grounded in our ‘shared reality’ it can help avoid unnecessary diagnosis or event assist someone back into recovery. I know this to be true because due to me speaking openly about my own experiences, validating hers and helping her to ground herself back in the here and now, my wonderful mum is no longer a robot – her life and soul have returned! And that is the only evidence I need to know this is the work in which I want to put my heart and soul!
    For more information go to:

  27. Yesterday a miracle happened at work. One of my staff members, who recently got engaged, took her engagement ring off to put lotion on her hand and left her ring on the ledge of the sink in the employee locker room. 10 minutes later she realized and went back to get it and it was gone. She came into my office in tears, really distraught and then she told me what happened. Immediately I told her that we had to keep a positive thought. Well, first I told her not to throw up – because she looked like she might loose it. Then I told her that the ring would come back and that people were good. That this person just made a mistake.

    We then went to HR and made a report, we went to the lost and found, we went to the manager’s office and we told everyone and put a note on the bathroom mirror. A buzz spread throughout the Club. We looked through the bathroom garbage, emptied the towel bins, and scoured the floors. Lots of people were upset that someone we work with could do this, saying that ‘these things happen’ and that ‘we work with thieves’. I held firm that the ring would come back and that we just had to pray that this person gets a conscience and returns the ring. I went back to my desk and actually wrote down, “I choose to see this situation differently. I choose to see this with love. Angles, Mother, Father, God, we need a miracle.”

    The HR manager came into my office to tell me that they taked to some people who were in the locker room at that time and still, nothing. I told her that I believe that people are good and that people are honest. She said, “But Lindsey, that’s just you. I’m the person looking at everyone sideways on the street, thinking what are they going to do to me.” As she left I whispered to myself, “I choose to see this differently.” In the meantime, I told my staff member that lost her ring that she could leave for the day if she wanted. She was so distraught. 30 minutes later, the HR manger walks into my office WITH THE RING! and told me that another employee called her into the bathroom to point out that she just saw it lying on the floor below the sink!! That ring was NOT there before. I know that whoever took the ring placed it back there where someone else could find it and turn it in. I called my staff member, and she answered with tears in her eyes, and I said, “Girl! It is your lucky day! I have your ring in my hand! It’s a miracle!” She was obviously beyond elated, excited, relieved, and overwhelmed. She came back to work and I gave her the ring and a huge hug. She later sent me an email thanking me for helping her. She wrote that thank you didn’t even come close to what she felt for what I had done today for her. I wrote her back saying that I was happy to hold a space of love and positivity for her when she was feeling fragile, and even when she’s not.

    Then I told her about your book and how I’m a miracle worker in training 🙂 I LOVE the new tools I’m learning through the book and your 6 week course. The resources in my ‘miracle bag of tricks’ is growing by the day and I’m loving putting them into practice!

    Infinite Love & Gratitude to you Gabby, your whole team, and the many miracle workers out their shifting the world!

  28. Yesterday a miracle happened at work! One of my staff members, who recently got engaged, took her engagement ring off to put lotion on her hand and left her ring on the ledge of the sink in the employee locker room. 10 minutes later she realized and went back to get it and it was gone. She came into my office in tears, really distraught and then she told me what happened. Immediately I told her that we had to keep a positive thought. Well, first I told her not to throw up – because she looked like she might loose it. Then I told her that the ring would come back and that people were good. That this person just made a mistake.

    We then went to HR and made a report, we went to the lost and found, we went to the manager’s office and we told everyone and put a note on the bathroom mirror. A buzz spread throughout the Club. We looked through the bathroom garbage, emptied the towel bins, and scoured the floors. Lots of people were upset that someone we work with could do this, saying that ‘these things happen’ and that ‘we work with thieves’. I held firm that the ring would come back and that we just had to pray that this person gets a conscience and returns the ring. I went back to my desk and actually wrote down, “I choose to see this situation differently. I choose to see this with love. Angles, Mother, Father, God, we need a miracle.”

    The HR manager came into my office to tell me that they taked to some people who were in the locker room at that time and still, nothing. I told her that I believe that people are good and that people are honest. She said, “But Lindsey, that’s just you. I’m the person looking at everyone sideways on the street, thinking what are they going to do to me.” As she left I whispered to myself, “I choose to see this differently.” In the meantime, I told my staff member that lost her ring that she could leave for the day if she wanted. She was so distraught. 30 minutes later, the HR manger walks into my office WITH THE RING! and told me that another employee called her into the bathroom to point out that she just saw it lying on the floor below the sink!! That ring was NOT there before. I know that whoever took the ring placed it back there where someone else could find it and turn it in. I called my staff member, and she answered with tears in her eyes, and I said, “Girl! It is your lucky day! I have your ring in my hand! It’s a miracle!” She was obviously beyond elated, excited, relieved, and overwhelmed. She came back to work and I gave her the ring and a huge hug. She later sent me an email thanking me for helping her. She wrote that thank you didn’t even come close to what she felt for what I had done today for her. I wrote her back saying that I was happy to hold a space of love and positivity for her when she was feeling fragile, and even when she’s not.

    Then I told her about your book and how I’m a miracle worker in training 🙂 I LOVE the new tools I’m learning through the book and your 6 week course. The resources in my ‘miracle bag of tricks’ is growing by the day and I’m loving putting them into practice!

    Infinite Love & Gratitude to you Gabby, your whole team, and the many miracle workers out their shifting the world!

    1. Love that your keeping it all positive and choosing to see it with love. This helps me to see things differently also. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hey Gabby!

    Funny I’m reading this today. I have been a huge fan of your work as it has guided me through the toughest time of my life to date–being broken up with and laid within a two month period. I have read MCM and have been doing the exercises along with my ACIM daily practice–inspired by you : ) Today I woke up to find that due to a bank oversight $500 was taken out of my account to pay a $50 bill. I freaked out for a second, then sprang into action calling my bank to make sure my rent and car payments do not bounce. As I sat on hold with my credit card company a feeling of peace came over me letting me know that everything will work out. Thankfully my dad agreed to make an emergency loan to me to cover everything until I can sort out what happened with my credit card company and worst comes to worst I am one massive step closer to paying off my credit card bill. I spoke with my bank and since all my payments were made on a Thursday night most of them won’t clear until Monday after I put in the loan from my dad. Usually situations like this throw me into a fear spiral and ruin my day by causing me to stop seeing the miracles but that little voice in my head kept saying “ask for a miracle and see the blessing in this situation.” I’m still a bit pissed it happend–no Starbucks today–but I know whatever is of the highest good is going to come out of this and I can wait without anxiety knowing that.

  30. Dear Gabby,
    I don’t have a story to report, just yet. I think that deep down I’ve been on the path to miracles for a long time, and your words help me make it real true journey rather than hidden -intuition- or -inner voice-. I have to say that choosing love has already led me to light in small everyday situations. There is always a choice to build a wall, to accuse, to be hurt, and then there is the option to see the other. To realize that they are craving the same thing you do. And accept them for and not despite their imperfections. As someone who struggled with defining my interests I was genuinely surprised when I realized that I am interested in people, in souls, in stories and emotions.
    Thank you for your work,

  31. Hi Gabby 🙂 I know your a busy Amazing woman, I left my comment and shared my miracle story of how my painting “Epiphany” was birthed-created from doing the beautiful work from “May Cause Miracles” … I shared that I would like to gift her to you as a grateful thank you 🙂 (not sure how to post a pic to you or ship her to you .. Need a forwarding address lol … Contact me and I would be happy to send her (my angels are telling me -she is for you) Thanx Love Leanne 🙂

    1. I also have a Facebook page for my artwork “Angels Kiss my Canvas” we are friends on FB Leanne Labadie Kuemper and “Epiphany” is my cover photo 🙂 you can view her there too …

  32. Dear Gabby,

    Thank you so much for addressing my question regarding how to pray (my issue is around chronic pain from Lyme disease) during session 5. I was totally blown away that you asked the participants to pray for me at the end…thank you all! A few small miracles have already occurred and i am using your advise on healing. You are awesome!

        1. Hi Susan

          Sooo happy to hear that you are increasing Glutathione in your body. While the IV works really good, oral supplementation using Cellgevity works within the cells raising Glutathione levels by 300% and is less costly than the IV. Just wanted to let you know of another option.

          To your health

  33. To the amazing miracle Gabby,
    I cannot not tell you enough what a MIRACLE it has been in finding you and being part of the MCM 6 week course. For the past 8 months or so I had been feeling so off balance and confused. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way and what I should do about it. I wasn’t miserable with anything in my life, but there was a disconnection that I just couldn’t solve.
    The day before I found you and purchased the MCM course, I literally wrote this in my journal ” Dear God & Universe, I need a miracle. I’ve fought far too long on my own and I know there has to be a better way. I surrender to who I am to you in order to become who I was designed to be. I desperately need a miracle.”
    The next day I found you and the May Cause Miracles book. And as you say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Getting in touch with my inner guide has completely changed how I see myself and my life and while Its still a work in progress, every day is a miracle! I see now that that uneasiness I felt was really the disconnection with myself. I’m finally connecting with my truth and my light and I feel so blessed to get the miracle I asked for! Keep rocking on girl!

    Sending lots of light and love!

  34. Pretty much tears of joy joy rollin here. I posted my 1st comment to you & then came back here to watch the video. OH Dear says me I am late they are on week 6 wrappin up the series, your gonna need to catch up. Imagine my smile & heart beaming that I am caught up cause I was so busy doing it. See what you sparked & we didn’t even know it. I did up that work for re-MIND-ers for self & know the best part of me would be to be of service & share my God given Creativity with others. And Bamb there you are sharing yours too. I look so forward to talking to you.
    Love Peace & Light
    Queen M Quack
    a.k.a. M
    Menda Hayden
    Thank you thank you.

  35. Hi Gabby, I am just about to start the final week. I am a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful children. All of my life I have let my ego take the drivers seat and never knew there was another way…until I was led to your book. As someone who was in internal distress – always worried about being judged or not being accepted and acting out on those I love most – this book has brought such a light into my life – really trying to savor each moment, look at each moment from a loving perspective and be GRATEFUL for the abundance in my life – because i truly have SO much to be grateful for. It is still a work in progress and I am sure I will re-read the book to really clean up my thoughts but the foundation that the book has provided me is priceless.

    I had to do up a blog article on what I saw the day you were on Anderson Cooper.
    Then I went & did up 2 sets of Flash Cards one for Help With Fear the other is Living in a State of Gratitude. I hope you like my work on this. I am so happy to be here & see what you have going. I am so in, & I thank you in advance for what I know here will help me. In turn I would like to help you. Please view the article & go to the next blog article to see the work done with the cards. Feel free to send me an email for a zip file I can send you. You may use these any way you like to help others.
    Sincerely I thank you with all my heart.
    Fear & Gratitude Flash Cards

  37. Dear Gabby,

    The miraculous shifts that I experienced while reading your book were amazing. I was going through a rough time. In July I became a registered nurse and was not hired at the hospital that I work for. I really wanted to be a cardiac nurse, and it looked like that dream would not come true. For 8 months I looked for a job, I believe I filled out about 350 job applications. I had a couple interviews here and there. They went well, some places would call me back and I would not accept the position because it didn’t feel right. Last month I was starting to get desperate, I was in the middle of reading your book and it helped me remind myself to believe in miracles, that something would be out there. My perfect jot would come. About a week and a half ago I learned that another individual was hired at the hospital that I was working for, but I was not even offered an interview despite that fact that I kept inquiring about open RN positions. I was devastated. I wondered when in the world I would get a job. On day forty of reading May Cause Miracles I had my review at the hospital. I was offered a job on the Cardiac Unit without even interviewing. So, on day 40 of your book, one of the biggest miracles happened! I got my dream job! I trusted my ~ing, and got what I wanted.

  38. I am in the middle of reading May Cause Miracles (started on Ash Wednesday) and it really has brought about a stillness in my heart. It definitely comes and goes as the day throws things at me but I love the focus on love, gratitude and forgiveness. These qualities are very much lacking in our society and as a result fear has filled that void. This has led to our current climate of not being able to empathize, the cruel way we talk to each other especially in politics and the high levels of stress that permeate our lives.

    I started reading this after The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford, God rest her soul. It was a good book, but it was really intense and accepting all my negative qualities was hard even though it was necessary. This is a good sequel to that book. Both books have allowed me to look back on things in my life and why I have the fears I have. This journey is helping me to understand that those experiences do not define me, that they are lessons that I had to experience to grow.

  39. One rainy day in Sept. 2012 my steering belt came undone and was hanging from my car (on my way to get gas and head home to my kids). There is way more to this story, too much to write, but I will say that it was the sort of event that happens in your life when things are slowly starting to be rebuilt after destruction. I called the tow company, and was waiting in the car while heavy rain and winds pounded down on my car- I made it to the gas pump. They were supposed to be there in 30 minutes, but it had been an hour. I was praying the whole tuime; first a desperate prayer, then a calm knowing prayer. The kind of prayer that you say when you have faith that you are being heard.A man in a beat up pick up truck wearing the orange vests worn by people that upkeep lawns for apartment properties pulled up with his daughter. I rolled down my window top apologize for blocking most of the area, and briefly explained my situation. He asked to look under the hood, and proceeded to tell me that he could try to fix it. His name was Mario. He pushed my van over to the side of the gas station and spent two hours with me and my van, ultimately fixing it. There are more details to this that make the story even more amazing. I offered to give him $20 (which was all I had save for the gas that I was about to put in my van). He declined
    repeatedly and only wanted a supersized drink for himself and his daughter. By the way, I live in Henderson,NV, not the south where stories like this are common.

  40. Miracles just seem to be an everyday occurance anymore. As I shared earlier about a previous miracle many more have since followed. I received a message while meditating months ago to start writing. So I listened and last night this came to me so I wanted to share because I think this sums up my MCM experience and the ability to shed light on any situation in our lives and to be reminded to live through love and light.

    When your world is the color of tears everything is blue and gray. Everyday is a cloudy day.
    When did the sunshine leave this space? When did my heart leave the arms of God’s grace?
    How do you return to the light of all days?
    Why through love in all things…this is where the light shall never leave.
    Much love everyone!

  41. Gabby,
    there have been so many miracles since I started the MCM journey. I am currently on week 6 so I am excited and open to see where the spirit leads me to help change the world. One of my biggest miracle moments came 2 weeks ago and continued last week. I have been married for 21 years and most of my marriage I have not been happy. I have 2 great kids and I feel we were brought together for a reason but needless to say because of MCM I discovered that the reason I was so unhappy was because I was unhappy with myself and have been since before I got married. I had put so much emphasis on my marriage as my special relationship and so much pressure on my husband to make me happy and I resented him so much because I was not happy. Always comparing him and our marriage and our lifestyle to everyone else that I thought I wanted to be like. I couldn’t believe how crystal clear it all became. We have talked several times about splitting up over the years but never really doing anything about it because we both value marriage very much and wanted to make sure before putting our children through that. I wrote him a letter telling him everything I had learned about why I was unhappy. I asked him to forgive me and himself for all the things we had done to hurt eachother over the years. I told him I forgave myself and him and was letting him off the hook for trying to make me happy and that the only person that can make me happy was myself. Several days later we talked about the letter. He told me it was the most beautiful thing he had ever read. He cried I cried we mourned all the time we had wasted hurting each other. He told me how he was so unhappy with himself also. I told him he has to forgive himself. He said to me “I don’t know what you have been doing with that book you are reading but it has changed you. You are a different better person.” I knew I was being transformed but to hear someone close to you say it was good to hear. I sent him your book on his Kindle. I don’t know if he will read it but I hope I have planted a seed that will grow when he is ready. As for our marriage it is as if we are developing the relationship and becoming the parents that God wanted us to be and knew we could be all along but our ego kept us in fear. Not sure where the spririt will lead me maybe it’s to help other couples struggling. I also feel very strongly that if more young people were tought the principles in MCM that there would be less violence in our schools and less bullying. So thank you thank you thank you for your book and thank you to Masten at TDL that led me to you for it has changed one more soul and hopefully I can help to change some more!

  42. Dear Gabby,

    You are a miracle worker and I thank you for it! I initially read about your book on Kristin McGee’s blog and felt called to read it. I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive at first. Meditation, affirmations and a miracle mindset were SO out of my comfort zone but I was open and ready. You had me at “Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real”. This opening line of MCM literally rocked my world. I’ve come from a place of fear for what seems like my whole life. With each passing day I’ve felt my fear retreating. Now, in the moment, I can sense fear and my ego creeping in. I’m able to silence it with an affirmation and replace the fear with love and light. This practice has dramatically impacted my relationship. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years and the other night he looked at me and said: “I feel like I’m seeing you – the real you – for the first time. And you’re beautiful.” LOVE!

    MCM has been an amazing 42 day journey and I love your suggestion of repeating it periodically as a mind cleanse. The other day I mentioned to someone that I wanted the opportunity to meet you and learn from you in person. Later that night I opened an email about your upcoming events – I couldn’t believe it when I read that you had a June workshop scheduled in MA. I can’t wait!

    Thank you from a devoted miracle worker! #GratitudeIsTheAttitude


  43. And I should add that my husband (who is normally not very communicative) is opening up more and has noticed how much calmer I’ve become (I am on Day 39 and notice little positive behavioural nuances every day- yahoo!)

  44. This book has totally changed my life!! So much so I bought six of them to give as gifts to friends! I was really struggling with a coworker and when I started this book January 1 I chose to start fresh with our relationship, and all my other relationships. My boss, friends, and family have all noticed such a big difference. Instead of exploding I now find the love! Thanks so much for guiding me!!

  45. I finished this weekend and a few things have happened. First, I have been struggling since graduating from college in 2007 to find a job that I can grow with and love. I think that I have found it as a researcher type recruiter job. I have my third interview tomorrow and during my second interview when they asked what kind of pay I wanted they said they would not pay me any less that 5k over my asking price. AMAZING! Plus it’s a job that may help me create a side business involved with helping people discover fresh new ideas for jobs they might love. Second, I got the news of the third interview on Valentines day and I have never felt soo much love on V-day before. I am starting it over again and attempting ACIM but I keep getting tripped up over “god”. I also painted on the walls in my bedroom in big letters ” Dear Love, What would you have me do today? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say and to whom?” once it is looking pretty I will post a picture in Herfuture. Thank you for creating this book in order for me to pick it up and discover FAITH!
    🙂 Love Ya!

  46. I finished the 40 day May Cause Miracles last Sunday. I loved it so much, I’m going to start it all over again this Sunday. I enjoy the structure. I also picked up my copy of ACIM this morning and started reading it again from the beginning. I understand it much more clearly after completing Gabby’s 40 day MCM course. Thank you, Gabby! Love Emma xxx

  47. Gabby,
    I started reading and applying the principals, and was into week 2 when I received the news of settlement in a lawsuit from an auto accident, in which the full amount was awarded…May Cause Miracles working….and looking forward to many more! I’m not done with the book yet so I will keep you posted!

  48. Hi Gabby, I’m currently on (my second attempt) at lesson 11 and I’m so sorry to say that I’m finding it really hard going so far. I’m hoping you can tell me if this is normal, if things will improve as I work my way through and if there is anything I can do to help my experience along.

    Right now I’m in a very stressful and difficult place. I’ve recently moved home to a new town with my boyfriend and although we now have a flat to ourselves (we were sharing before) it is consequentially much more expensive. My wage is barely covering the costs with very little left over for socialising and keeping in touch with friends. I know no-one in the new town.

    My partner promised me when we moved that he would get the business he was playing with up and running properly and would finally be able to start helping me out with costs. But he hasn’t done this yet (we’ve been here since the beginning of December) and shows little sign of commitment to making this happen. When I talk to him about it, he shuts down on me and just gets upset and even slower.

    I’m so scared all the time that I won’t be able to afford to make ends meet and that I’m just becoming more and more isolated from the people I love.

    I found your book in the middle of all this and hoped that it would help me deal better with the situation, and that it also might help me figure out a way to get out of the job I’m currently in and into something much more meaningful that I might therefore be happier to make more of an effort at. So far to be honest with you I’m struggling. Is this normal?

    Please help?

    1. fear is what’s blocking you from moving forward. do your best with every exercise and try to stay committed each day. the more energy you bring to the exercises the more relief you will feel. sending you love and light.

  49. I attended the Ignite Conference this past weekend. I was inspired by SO many and on a energy high going into this week. My first instinct was to protect and nurture that energy, hesitant to return to the “real world” and anyone or thing that could lower that vibration. BUT, I knew I was armed with the knowledge and WILLINGNESS to change that story.

    I started May Cause Miracles on Monday – and combined with that energy – I’m manifesting miracles all over the place!

    I live with bipolar, and my biggest fear is returning to the depression end of the spectrum. Setting the reminder on my phone and writing the affirmations on my wrist definitely helped me to witness my fear yesterday.

    I am a Nanny to 3 boys ranging from age 2 to 11. The 11 year old has been struggling with his emotions, and loves that I am sharing my “secret” powerful wrist messages. He even welcomed an intro to EFT today. As an aside, the 2 year old is reporting he feels better too (as he taps his crown). I could go on and on about all the little miracles-including willing sinus pain away today with LOVE and positivity and a message from my mom (who I have not been aligned with) saying she wanted to “learn and live the life I speak of”.

    Gabby, thank you for your continued dedication and support. I’m off to do my evening meditation!


  50. Hi Gabby
    Just about to start MCM – looking forward to the next 42 days. Do you have plans on visiting Australia at any stage through the year?

  51. I am currently in recovery for my eating disorder, and want you to know how much your book has helped me in the process. Every time I have a fearful thought about my weight or appearance, I immediately negate it with the mantra’s you provide! Each day is becoming easier and easier, as I am realizing the TRUE purpose of my body. I have made it a goal to be a “messenger of love” and not let my ego stop me from this. Much love xoxo -Kathleen

  52. I really miss doing the workbook everyday, so I went through my journal to read what I wrote during the 42 days. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my fear had diminished. WOW!!!

  53. Although I’m only on Day 16, I had the most marvelous revealation during this morning’s reflection. I was reflecting on the ways that my ego’s chatter about my physical looks separate me from my spirit and my Source. I was breathing in and breathing out and was in a state of peace when my ego’s chatter suddenly went off in a different direction. The chatter centered around comparisons, what my ego perceived that other people enjoyed and what I didn’t have and probably would never have. Out of the blue, my Divine Guide stated quite clearly, “Your ego believes in LACK, but you don’t need to believe in that. Nearly everything the ego perceives is from this point of view. Don’t listen anymore.” I saw in a flash all the ways that my unhappiness stemmed from this skewed perception. I felt so much lighter, better able to ward off the chatter of my ego! Thanks so much for this work!! I hope it creates an abundance of miracles!!

  54. Hello Gabby, I am a 35yr old woman, I have struggled with depression, OCD, ADHD, for a long time sitting down for me and reading for 5min straight is a miracle. A couple years ago i bought your book and left it in a box along with all of my mess. Last year was a tough year, I dated someone younger, I never felt that i could fall in love with him, i numb dating someone who was there for “support”. A few weeks prior to the new year I was done with him and myself.. I also had a conversation with a guy my age, he said a few things that made me realize I needed to change, plus i have a huge crush on him. That day i came home from work I felt sad, empty, I still live with my parents, anyways he next day i went to the store, feeling angry, disappointed, and with a crush on someone who i see or saw as unreachable. I began to look thru the magazine isle, picking up magazine after magazine and throwing it back on the shelf, the last magazine i picked up was The law of attraction, i thought to myself whatever. But, decided to open the magazine up. I landed on a page that read across ANGELS, ones again the word ANGELS came up I bought the magazine, came home and google the word angel, then happiness, Gabby, u came up, on the cover a beautiful blonde with pink bold letters MCM!!! Gabby, for the second time in my life you/your book came up.. This time i looked you up and began reading Add More Ing (which i already had). Now its spirit junkie and MCM, your u tube vlogs. ect.ect. My miracle has been many, It has been a struggle with my ego. It still tries to take me down, but i breath it out with I choose to see this differently. I apologize this is a looong comment. But, I am excited I can meditate for 2 whole minutes, Although, i am very behind on my MCM i can actually read and understand things that i am learning. I am learning to love my spirit, i am learning that i am worth it, I am learning that I deserve to also find my soulmate, But the most important thing is that I am learning that i am a strong beautiful woman.. Thank you Gabby, thank you for bringing my faith back, and for tyeaching me to see my life as a miracle:) *By the way there were times in the book MCM that i was ahead of you, (lol).. My ADHD is one battle that i am facing without fear!!!!!!

  55. A little over a year ago, I went through a difficult situation in my personal life and ended up feeling very betrayed by someone I had trusted. I felt so hurt by and angry with this person, and angry with myself for trusting him. Some part of me knew that I had to forgive him for myself (in fact, one day when I had been desperately praying for something to help me feel better, I saw graffitti that said simply “Forgive”) but I didn’t know how to do so. After starting “May Cause Miracles”, one day it just occured to me that he had done the best he could. While I do believe that I gave him more concern, compassion and understanding than he gave me, I think he gave me as much as he was able. And I cannot be angry with someone for not giving something they do not have. I also realized I was able to give more love, understanding, compassion, etc because I have more of it to give.

    After struggling for months and months to forgive, and feeling like I would never be able to, I just did. : )

  56. Hi Gabby! Thank you so much for your lovely book! I’m in the last week and I can notice major shifts in my life: I am so happy and grateful and full of energy. Also the people around me start to change. The world is a better place now. I’ve decided to become a coach myself and introduce the netherlands to ACIM. Already asigned for a life coach training! Lots of love!!!

  57. Yesterday I felt a little depressed and realized that I was comparing myself to my cousin who I really admire. I came to the realization that the universe is big enough to house both our dreams and goals. I also realized that I need to chill out and let the universe do its thing! So I wrote my blog illuminatedintent on WordPress. After I wrote about my experience (“o Canada”) I read some of A Course In Miracles, chapter 17 about special relationships. Mind you I’m reading it in order and my bookmark was already there. I did not go to that specific spot and low and behold it confirmed my conclusion concerning my relationship and comparisons with my cousin. Earlier in the day I had asked my friend to hang out because of feeling bummed and she invited me to the live stream event that Gabby was holding last night. Low and Behold it was about special relationships and comparisons and about judgment! It was like the universe was giving me the confirmation that I had come to the correct conclusion of why I was feeling depressed and how to get over it which is to recognize that the light I see in my cousin is the same light I see in myself. We are both successful in our ventures even if the method is different. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had!

  58. Hi Gabby 🙂
    I want say how grateful I am for you “Love and Light Hugs” xo
    Short and sweet .. My life has been in transition .. All of 2012 was “healing-seeking” “clearing-releasing” after divorce and a bad car accident .. Shifting and finding my way … I found you and “Spirit Junkies” love that book !! And when I realized we are “Scorpio Sisters” I thought Oh Ya we can go deep lol 😉
    I bought the book “May Cause Miracles” as a Christmas gift for me and loving it too !!! I see my patterns of fear around “lack” money “fear” for transition new career and finding love “I needed to love me” No more scared little girl” Miracle worker Yes !! And I do get tripped up and triggered still, but know why and have some “ing” tools in my “tool box “Thank you Gabby !!” I see the illusion I was living in. So my biggest Miracle since I started the book, I have been creating a new career and working as an artist “Intuitive Angel Artist” and the way I paint has changed dramatically because of you !!!! I paint with divine-meditated-sacred space-open in heart and the love and light energy flows !!! My last painting mid way through your book .. I named her “Epiphany” and wrote the words “I choose to see the beauty in me” and “I choose Love” I would love to gift her to you as a grateful thank you 🙂 xoxo if you want her email me and I can send you a pic of her .. And if you like her I can ship her to you 🙂

        1. I am working on creating a website .. Miracles shifting and finances will be flowing 😉 Single mom scraping by has been my reality .. If you send a email address to mine .. Or I can send to your website ?? 🙂 I would be happy too !!

  59. I have completed all (42 days) of May Cause Miracles and I continue to notice the biggest shift has been awareness. I am SIGNIFICANTLY more aware of everything. I am also getting better at once I notice these thoughts shifting them. When I was thinking about commenting I was tempted to read the stories of others but then I recognized that I would end up comparing myself and my journey (thanks ego) and decided instead to comment first and then read the successes of others.
    Outside of me people have commented how much more ‘zen’ I am. Although I didn’t notice this I believe it to be true. I am really happy to hear I can do this as many times as I like. I think my first time through has been the flashlight and some gentle chipping. Next time through will be really using the hammer and chisel.

  60. hi gabby I´m in my 9th day and i have experience a Big change!!! my first experience was about forgiveness, when i was making the evening exercise first I thought that “i have already forgive a lot of stuff!!” but something tell me to continue so when i decide to open the exercise shake my world completely! that night I dream about other situations that i didn´t want to let go, in my DREAM i was forgiving i Was letting it go!!! next day i go to my meditation space felling completely different when i finish my meditation i open my Eyes and there is was a beautiful RAINBOW on my window…. I believe in miracles! THAN YOU FOR THIS AMAZING GUIDE!

  61. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for this book! I am just beginning it and I cant wait to see the transformation. However, I am struggling with getting past the form and seeing the contents (especially in myself). I struggle with acne and it is hard to see past this. Any suggestions on how I can see more of myself and not just the acne…

    Thanks, xo!

    1. acne is often related to anger. work on the forgiveness stuff in a major way. also – try some other things: get rid of dairy coffee and sugar. white flower too. that really helped me.

  62. Hi Gabby,

    I feel like I am shedding my old skin of low self esteem and damaging beliefs of myself all because of your books and workshops. I have recognized that the abuse and abandonment that was my childhood has been dragged by me into the future and all my present relationships have reflected that pattern on some level of abuse to be in my present life and I have finally understood that until I truly love myself, I will continue to attract the people and circumstances that will keep me feeling the victim and abused. I feel that I have woke up from a dead sleep of many, many years and I know that I am on the path that is right for me and I know that I am going to be a wonderful role model for my teenage daughter. I am deeply grateful for you and feel peace for the first time in 48 years.

  63. Gabby!
    Thank you for writing May Cause Miracles. This book has amazed me from day 1 right up to today and I am on day 37! It’s amazing how each chapter corresponded with everything that was happening in my life each week! Your book was the miracle I needed to get thru the past 6 weeks with a different attitude, and to look at life with love instead of fear has been truly amazing! I am starting A Course In Miracles next week to continue on my practice that you have jump started for me! Again thank you! You most certainly are a miracle worker!!

  64. Gabby-
    I love the book. I just finished yesterday with the 6 weeks. Each week I found myself more in tune with the theories and overall a more spiritual practice through my life. I missed not having my morning affirmation to read. So I know that is something I need to make time for in the mornings even though I finished the book. I really valued the book which helped me in the financial area. I gained a new client, a new business opportunity and in my yoga class I focused on the word abundance and was the winner of a drawing they happened to have that day for a free yogi towel. Just the week before at yoga my instructor had commented on how great my practice was that day. So I highly recommended this book to a friend. Thanks so much for all you do!

  65. Gabby

    I have experienced several miracles in one. There is an individual that I work with that is not good for me to be near and I was looking for a way to increase my income enough to compensate for the child support I receive so I am not dependent on it. A new opportunity at my job arose out of no where and I was offered an increase that more than offsets my child support and I will no longer have to deal directly with the other individual. What a huge miracle for me! Thank you for you work.

  66. I have been practicing with Gabby for almost a year and currently on day 19 of MCM. January 31st, I drove home highly under the influence of alcohol and through the love of God, I made it home without hurting anyone or myself. My husband works out of town every 2 weeks and he told me one of his fears was that I would get a DUI when he was out of town. Since September he is also not able to be home during his 2 weeks off until the end of May. I told myself (not him), if I drove under the influence while we were going through this time I would stop drinking until the end of May.
    I did not have to admit to him that I did this, because he would never know but I woke up and was so upset with myself and at that moment I realized I was not LIVING MY TRUTH!!!! I was good at talking about it but not following through with my actions. I started MCM that morning, I told my husband what I did and that I was holding myself to my truth. I have never felt better, I have gone out several times to events and dinners and I have realized I am super fun sober too!!!! Not only that but my clarity if off the charts, I catch myself being triggered and I ask for forgiveness for those thoughts and prefer love. My business is all the sudden taking off and I know its because I am clear, spending more quality time in my business and actually having time, to take time for myself to be healthy. Thank you Gabby for all your guidance and love.

  67. Hi Gabby,

    Recently my prayer has been for mentors and a network of like-minded people to come into my life. I finally took the plunge and started my own company. At my job the other night (bookstore) I approached a young man and asked him if he needed some help. I told him that I’ve read several books in the well-being area and if he needed any suggestions to let me know. He asked me asked me some questions which then turned into a long discussion about manifestation etc. I asked him if he read your book and he pulled out his phone to show me a photo of you, two others and himself at your event here in Vancouver! Then he told me that he’s part of a mastermind group and asked if I wanted to join them for their next meeting! Miracles! Boo-yah!

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!

    Cheers, Melissa

  68. Gabby,

    I love the book. I am on day 22 and already I have experienced many small miracles. The thing I am grateful for most of all is that I have begun to dig deep and get really honest about what is holding me back in some areas of my life. And through your work, I have begun to be more forgiving; to exes, to family, to work colleagues and to myself. I’m not sure where I am going right now but I happy on my journey and I will be happy when I get there. Thanks in no small part to you.

  69. I loved reading your book! Some topics that I thought would be a breeze were tough and the ones I thought would be tough were great! I had a miracle moment on the last day. I stepped back and looked at a situation in my life, and realized my ego was at work. And then something in me broke open. I had a lot of tears and as painful as they felt, they were good tears. I thanked my inner guide and was so grateful for the moment. Within half an hour I felt lighter. Free. Then I turned to read the last part of your book about the Buddha. I could not believe it! I had just experienced something so similar and then I was reading about it. Thank you so much. It made me feel so happy. I am so thankful for your words.

  70. Picked MCM over the weekend and started day one today!! I am willing to witness my fears and choose love over fear has been running through my head all day. I am so excited to continue through the book, thanks Gabby!!

  71. I’ve finally become more loving and accepting of myself, recognizing that I’m already perfect as I am. I’m deepening my meditation practice and have gone to yoga 4 times in the past week, when for whatever reason, I was blocking myself off from doing it. I’m believing in myself to successfully launch my health coaching practice and little miracles are appearing to help me on that path. I’ve become more open to my own healing (I have a LOT of physical issues going on in my body, unseen to the eye, but make me miserable day to day). I’m learning that I’ve been holding onto a lot of pain and I no longer need to make myself suffer. And I want to inspire others through my health coaching and incorporate spiritual aspects, as well as essential oils to help people feel better and good about themselves. I’ve had several people comment on my Facebook page that I’ve inspired them to pick up May Cause Miracles. The best part is that I will be seeing you live in NYC in less than 2 weeks for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Live Conference and I’m working on manifesting going to Kripalu, especially since it’s the weekend of my 31st birthday! <3

  72. The best for me was being able to forgive someone who I wasn’t able to forgive for almost 3 years and who called me the day after I wrote the letter (I never sent it though).
    The other miracle is that I no longer have fear issues surrounding my body weight or how I look. I am beautiful and nurturing myself with everything good.
    Loved your book and can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂 <3

  73. May Cause Miracles provided such an amazing structure for me to take my spiritual practice to the next level. I got on the miracle bandwagon with Spirit Junkie from which I chose to leave my job in pharmaceutical sales to create wellness in the world. I took a 9 month severance package and a week later found out I was pregnant. The universe had my back and gave me the gift of a fully paid pregnancy with benefits. May Cause Miracles did just that-created amazing miracles in my business where my partnerships are taking me and my family to new places across the US, Mexico, and the UK to name a few. We are abundant in every way and we are spreading that love and abundance to the world.

  74. Gabby! You, Mastin, and Marie have been helping me so much! I’m on Day 36 today, and moving and grooving! Among many realizations, I found that basically all of my OCD obsessions and compulsions come from a sense of lack. And that I only partly believe in abundance for myself. And if I don’t feel abundant, then I feel the need to control to let go of my anxiety. My OCD has been a rough journey, but when I started focusing more on my ~ing, I noticed a way out of the chaos! I’ll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you will be seeing me finally on the front lines for the first time in my life! ;D Much love

  75. Can’t even completely put into words how much May Cause Miracles helped me. Difficult situations with family came up during the 6 weeks and with my shift in perceptions, I was able to handle most of it with a clear head and real peace among the chaos, it was awesome. I learned so much and am still learning every day. Thank you so much Gabby!

  76. I have to say the biggest miracle of all happened Friday night. I got to speak to Dr.Dyer live on QVC and thank him for his work and opening up the flood gates to spiritual learning. I have been rebuilding my life from a divorce for the last 3 1/2yrs and have a brand new life thanks to all of you for being my spiritual teachers. I remembered the next day I said a prayer at the beginning of the wk while looking over the last wk of lessons in MCM and day 39 was to give thanks to someone who has made a difference in your life. I prayed to be able to thank Dr. Dyer for opening the flood gates and bringing you all into my life. Then less than a wk later I got to share my story and thank him on national tv infront of thousands of people. Amazing!! Thanks so much for all that you do Gabby! You guys are miraculous!! 🙂

  77. Gabby! You are my first role model, EVER! and now Kris and Danielle and Marie. I’m feeling blessed and finally found my way. It’s rocky and rough getting going here, but this time last year, you and your books saved me from the deepest darkest pit of my life. I wanted to end it all. MCM is helping to remind me where I have come in the past year and bringing light to my darkness including lost dreams and faith.
    Thank you, hope you are feeling better, I too stayed in bed VDay, but sent out good vibes still 🙂

  78. Day 41 and feeling good vibrations. So is my 12 year old daughter. You have helped us understand our purpose in creating miracles for all those around us. We are ready to change the world one miracle at a time, one smile, and one love. Your words transcend generations and your vibe flows freely across the world. Thanks for this inspiring and much needed book. We believe in God, miracles, love and you. Peace.

  79. When I started this book, I was in a very confused point in my life. As a sophomore in college, I was trying to find my way through a major that I didn’t like and looking for respect from others when I didn’t quite respect myself. I found myself wishing for man I was certain did not exist.
    It sounds crazy but I now I am going through a complete career change that I am seriously excited to start. I feel a calling and a sense of peace. Not everything is final and it most certainly will not be easy but your book has shown me my purpose which is beyond exciting!
    In terms of romance, the book came to me at time of some mess up crap. I had an old partner show up and hurt me in ways that I didn’t think was possible. Through forgiveness, I am back in a positive state that is ready for whatever the Lord is gonna throw at me. I am not fearful about romance. It has ignited my friendships and flooded my relationship with God. I know now that I can never be alone and God’s plan for me that is SOOO much better than what I got in my head.
    Finally I know what I am capable of. I respect and love who I am and I am confident in God role in that. As a person who struggles deeply with depression and anxiety, there is no greater miracle.
    Overall, I know that this book is not done showing me miracles. The lessons I have learned will continue open up doors and miracles for months to come. I know I am only touching the surface of my capabilities. There is not enough room in this comment box to say all the changes in my life. Cannot thank you enough. God bless you Gabby and your work.

  80. Hey Gabby! Love Love Love you! Thank you for your light & all that you share to brighten our world:-) I just started your book & on Day 6 there is an Inner Guide Meditation that I can’t seem to find to download. I have all the May Cause Miracles downloads from the cd but there isn’t one called inner guide (from page 50). Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Much LOVE & LIGHT!

  81. I read your book sitting in my living room in NYC unsure of my direction. My inner guide was divided and debating itself. 4 weeks later i am writing this while sitting in a cafe in Nairobi, Kenya. I took my leap, let go of the life i thought was mine. I went for happiness. Im teaching full time, doing what im passionate about and creating abundance to not only survive but THRIVE!!! I wake up to a miracle every day. Thank you for sharing your story so that i can go out and create mine. Xoxoxo

  82. I love MCM and I love your work Gabby. I read Spirit Junkie twice, both on my way to Bali and on my way back. I started MCM when I got back from Bali and I have to say, the biggest takeaway for me that I’ve found is that I actually catch myself when I have negative thoughts. I’m becoming way more conscious of this pattern and have actually been able to stop myself and turn it around into something positive, resulting in me being a bit more relaxed. Other people have picked up on it as well and have been telling me it’s so refreshing to be around someone with a positive attitude!

    I’ll definitely be using the work in MCM throughout my daily practice many many times over and cannot thank you enough.

  83. Gabby, I am so grateful for this book! The past 40 days have filled me with so much more self love, passion for my field, and optimism in my relationships. It is so much clearer to me what I need to do to really break through the things that are still blocking me (like resentment towards parents, holding onto a past love relationship, and questioning my worthiness for a fulfilling career). Best of all is probably that I feel a much closer connection to my ~ing and am ready to be shown the way to more love and miracles. Thank you for your work Gabby xoxo

  84. Gabby,

    You have done such a great job of capsulizing A Course in Miracles in your book. As a long time student of the Course (12 years), I found it to still be helpful to me, especially in the area of accepting my body (aging body).

    Please encourage your students and workshop participants to read and study the actual A Course in Miracles book…it is like my right arm and because of my diligent study. My life is a complete miracle…I’ve gone from complete self degradation on all levels to complete trust and faith in the Holy Spirit to always show me the road to peace and Love.

  85. I was able to admit to a former husband, who after two years of trying to make it clear that the only relationship we had was a friendship- his illusion and deep need caused him to resist hearing what I was truly saying and my guilt caused me to feel that it was up to me to explain it over and over and then resent him for not understanding and ACCEPTING it. Then one day after I had explained that I wanted the weekend alone with myself and don’t call or stop by – he did anyway. I was in the house, heard the doorbell, saw it was him, chose to not answer AND CHOSE to not feel guilt for that and in fact, I would honor myself and my decision by choosing to be HONEST with him if he later would ask if I was home. Well, he did and I did! I told him I was there and chose not o answer the door since I’d made it clear I wanted to be with myself – NO compromising – no guilt – just simple unswerving truth with myself FIRST and then with him. I could see how FEAR had kept me captive for two years and blame and guilt kept it alive – it was about honoring me and accepting him. He was choosing to not hear truth because he didn’t want it to be true – I thought it was my obligation to get him to understand – but when standing in my truth with nothing but fearless love for myself was all that mattered – he heard me. I now can accept him as he is – needy and a victim as he sees the world but with no need to fix him – just simply accept! Wow- wow- wow — a very liberating life when you choose differently and accept totally – “thank you!”

  86. Greetings, I am writing to share a recent miracle that opened to me. Starting around Oct of 2013 I was continuously having dreams where I was being awakened by angels. I wrote them all down and was told it was time for me to lead my tribe. Since that time my life has completely changed & shifted.

    Many of my healing gifts from lifetimes were awakened within and I have been remembering so much. Now I assist the angels in offering Angelic Auric Clearings. I am able to assist others in.person or remotely. Since giving myself back to the light its constant miracles in my life.

    I am assisting with miraculous healings that have blown my mind & expanded mine as well as those we assist in.consciousness. If your interested experiencing a clearing please send me your info and ill happily send you a flier with more information.

    My angels have guided me to share this healing w the world. So if it feels aligned for you lets connect soon. I send you Love & Light in all your giving back to the world…many blessings to you

    Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

      1. My great miracle has been having met my wife and having been fortunate to have been involved in a sport that keeps me healthy (running). I have been competing for over 23 years and do my best to write on my site about glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant) and other health related alternatives. Our relationships, health and time are the most important things in life outside of God (if you are religious).

  87. This has been so amazing! I’m on Day 36, but the changes are astronomical!! Having lived a fear based life & now realizing it has she’d light on that darkness, changed work, attitudes towards people & started a slow reconnection with the man who ripped my heart out last year. Knowing now how much fear & judgement I was bringing in has made
    Me take my responsibility for what happened & whatever the outcome is now, I know it will be perfect & I’m able to be at peace.

  88. I just finished the 42 day guidebook. I had some amazing insights. All my life I have had poor eyesight with a strong prescription that has gotten worse over the years. On my ing writing, I reallized that as a child people all around me made fun of my eyes, of course I learned to hate my eyes, and hid them behind thick glasses, which got thicker as I got older. Now I am learning to love my eyes. I tell them all the time how much much I love them, how pretty they are, how grateful I am for allowing me to live a privileged life. My eyes are growing strong in love, never to die in hate again. NObody will ever make me feel that way about myself again.

    I have always had a “lack” mentality. My finances were always a struggle for me. I had realized through my ing writing how took on others lack mentality, and how I have misused money in the past. I am now focusing on an abundant mindset all the time, putting more love into everything that I do and think. Thanks Gabby for this amazing book that is changing lives worldwide.

  89. Hi Gabby! My miracles are occurring in my relationship with my boyfriend. Every time I feel there is some tension in the air, anything feels off, or I am right about to snap his head off over nothing – I silently say : ‘I choose a miracle’ – it always works. There is always a positive outcome. The energy flows and I can’t even remember what was wrong in the first place! Other areas I’m working on are health and finances – more difficult for me. I know it works in exactly the same way, but my fear-mind is stronger in those areas. But I’m keeping it up!

  90. Hey a few typos in last post, opps.
    here is how it was meant to read,
    Hey Gabby, have to say really like your work. i have experienced lot’s of little miracles opposed to a big thank you mam whamie. Being an extremist by nature kinda looking for that slam dunk shift. I have really enjoyed abundance chapter thus far. I felt the energy moving in my universe.
    You Rock! Thank you. xxx

  91. Funny I should get this post today!! I tweeted earlier that this is my day 42, woohoo !!! I have so loved this book.
    You Gabby have been my head monk!! I now recognise the gold which is my Buddha within. Thankyou for showing me the clay! And how to remove it xx I will take what you gave me and go out into the world and shine. I expect miracles. . . Much love to all xx

  92. Hey Gabby, have to say relly like your work. i have experienced lot’s of little miracles opposed to a big thank you mam whamie. Being an extremist by nature kinda looking for that slam dunk shift. have really abundance chapter thus far. I felt the energy moving in my universe. You Rock! Thank you. xxx

    1. Lizzy B Love Through the book (I am personally on day 32) I was able to get honest with myself about partnership and got out of a relationship that wasn’t fair to either one of us, I’ve gotten much more clear about my Soul Purpose, and I’ve opened up to receive the love that is already out there and I just didn’t see it before. My life is changing so much, I’m becoming the person I was meant to be, and that is a freakin miracle! Thank you! my friendships are also deepening, which is INCREDIBLE

      1. Hi Gabby,

        I am looking to share my miracle with someone sinceI had promised to God to share with people.

        The Great miracle that I am experiencing is that now I am a mother of beautiful girls.
        My both pregnancy was a tough journey .During our anatomy scan of first pregnacy we were told that our baby got some mass in her lungs and need to monitor it..We lost our peace of mid and we keep on vising doctor every 2weeks they told it might grow so may be the baby need a surgery after being born.but in my inner thoughts somone was telling me that our baby will be perfectly fine and I went back to my hometown and did a scan and by Gods grace they couldnt find any mass in baby lungs and baby was perfectly fine..

        After a year I got pregnant again and during anatomy scan doctor told me baby heart got some issues and they could see some mass in her stomach..This this i couldnt find peace..I was devastated ..I was panic..I dnt know what to do..I keep calling my friends and parents but coulnt find peace.I juat kneel doen for prayer .I kept praying.I just ask God.God if you are going to give this baby I just want it to be perfectely normal.I am just believing that you can do it.I will only receive a healthy baby. after that peace flowing inside me.I went back to my hometown and found my baby is healthy and perfevtly normal..I thank God .Its my 2nd miracle..

    2. Hi Gabby,
      I have a miracle story for you. While I was a couple of weeks into MCM, I was notified my ex husband was in the hospital and dying. I immediately went to the hospital. My ex mother in law arrived and started verbally shouting and attacking me. I told her I was there to say goodbye, but the attacks kept coming. I was stunned, I said I had the right to be there and stayed a few minutes more. When I went to leave I tapped her on the shoulder and said “I’ll leave now”. I went in the waiting room and sat down feeling angry and hurt. Suddenly this wave washed over me as I recognized the attack as fear (I directly related to my work in MCM) which was causing great anger sadness and pain. I sat there and started praying for her to be blessed by love. Oh, how badly did she need to feel love. In the days ahead I kept praying for her and my ex husband. The next day my ex was conscious and spoke to each other, we were able to have peace and closure. We held hands and our last words to each other were “I love you”. Two days later my ex MIL apologized to me through my son Nick. Some people said the apology wasn’t good enough, but my response was prayer really does work. And there it is was a miracle! I reflected back on the letter I wrote myself from MCM accepting all spiritual assignments. My ex passed away on February 1. The memorial service was a beautiful tribute to him. There was much love, tears and healing at the service. Love won. I’m on week four of MCM. Looking forward to many, many more miracles. Thank you Gabby for letting spirit use you in such a powerful way. Love, Julie

        1. Wow. What a wonderful story. So often we choose to stay in that place of “I’ll never forgive” and we miss opportunities. So good that you got to reconcile before his passing….for him and for you. I think it’s funny that people were telling you the apology wasn’t enough. Trying to get you to go back to the place of fear. You will be an inspiration to those people by your spirit driven action. You are an inspiration to me.

    3. Well Gabby, not so much of a story of miracles. I just started a very difficult crisis in my life. I made a terrible decision based only on fear; I rejected my full scholarship to one of the top 10 universities in the world for my PhD, because I believed I could not help my family economically without a secure job, as the one I have before. I knew I was making a mistake giving it up but in the middle of my emotional guilt for not staying in my country and help. Now that I cannot go back, I feel dead inside… like I could have avoided this, I had everything in place, my tickets, my visa, my new house, but fear got in the way… and now I literally want to die. i tried for three years get admission and funding, everything went alright and I messed up. It was the city and country of my dreams, I was happy… but just days away fear settled in. I want to die Gabby… how could I do that to myself?

      1. Jenn, I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult experience. First and foremost I want to encourage you to seek help if you have thoughts of hurting yourself. I know this must be extremely challenging for you and I want you to know I am holding you in my prayers.
        If you feel unsafe right now, I urge you to visit your nearest hospital or call 911 (or if you’re not in the US, then your emergency number).

        In life’s most challenging times I know it seems difficult to believe in a peaceful and bright future, but please know there are many resources and people that can help you move through this period with hope, faith and grace.

        The Universe always has your back, and you are ALWAYS being guided, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Realizing you made a decision from a place of fear is a massive step, one that many people struggle to take. You could have denied this for years but you have confronted it. Now be gentle with yourself. Even though you may not see it now, you have the opportunity for deep spiritual and personal growth. This is a miracle.

        Later you may decide to call the university and talk openly about your situation with an admissions counselor or professor. Maybe you can apply again. Maybe you will decide to apply somewhere else and earn your PhD closer to home so it’s easier for you to support yourself and your family if you’re nearby, even if the university isn’t as prestigious or the city isn’t what you imagined to be your dream city. If these thoughts overwhelm you right now, revisit them when they don’t. You do not have to do any of this right now.

        For more guidance I suggest watching my Super Soul Sessions talk on spiritual surrender. A practice of surrender may be extremely powerful for you right now. You can follow the steps I outline for the next 40 days (or longer). My book The Universe Has Your Back will resonate deeply with you as well. If you need more guidance, seek out a qualified therapist who can help you move through this and take the next right action in your life. You don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

        Remember, if you have thoughts of hurting yourself, do not hesitate to seek immediate help.

        Jenn, you ARE being guided. You are being held and supported. You are loved. There are big, BIG miracles waiting for you.

        Sending you love and light.

    4. I m here to say the miracle that happened to me. I m Jessy from India. I m a college student and I m dealing with pcod for the past three years. I don’t know the real reason for my sickness. It just waxes and wants. My parents are really sad about this. I have tried medicine, yoga and what not. But still my cysts recur. I cried to God. I fight with him sometimes and pray the other times. I could always feel his presence near me when I cry desperately. The sickness went to a very bad stage that I went into depression, massive hair growth, mood swings, facial hair like beard and mustache (slightly). I was frustrated and thought I should give up on prayers and accept reality. I felt like I was no longer a woman. Then my mom forced me to go to a retreat. There I felt God’s presence and healing hands. My always painful utreus was comforted after a long time. I got my monthly periods without any hormonal medicine or special diet. He us a Good who heals. He wanted me to be his witness and I m telling this to you. I m not more then a trash but he is kind send merciful enough to look at me. I want you to believe and wait upon him. Please pray for my full recovery. Thank you to whoever reading this witness. Thank you for the forum to share my witness

    5. Please pray for Corky he had a massive heart attack today at work was rushed to Rockdale piedmont now has been airlifted to Atlanta piedmont need all the prayers I can get my heart is broken Thanks so much for all the concern and prayers the update at this time is they are keeping him internally iced down and heavily sedated he is on respirator. He will remain that way until around 11pm tomorrow night when they will start to warm him from there we will see how he responds and we will know more of what we are dealing with. Please keep him in your prayers. Again thank y’all and if you message me and I don’t respond I will as soon as I can I am really scattered right now love you allshed to Rockdale piedmont now has been airlifted to Atlanta piedmont need all the prayers I can get my heart is broken Update on Corky
      What an amazing week this has been. My family has truly witnessed God and His many blessings! On February 27th my family was pulled in a room where we were told that he has brain damage, we were told he would never get better,never talk,never walk again. I would need to put him in a long term facility ( nursing home). They wanted me to sign DNR paperwork. I told them I needed time with my family. My whole family was broken the pain was unbearable, we decided to not give up on him and the power of God although I knew my sweet husband wouldn’t want to live that way. I cried my heart out and prayed God please show me a sign what do I do for him. Within an hour I was told to go to his room he was waking up and guess what responding to commands although he was extremely week. As the following days went he improved every day moving more,responding more. The trach was going to be done on Monday March 4th which came with lots of complications. We needed him to come off ventilator before Monday and God’s blessings never quit coming he came off the ventilator on Saturday!! Praise God!! On Saturday night he pulled the feeding tube out of his nose and instead of putting it back in they decided to see if he could eat and guess what he did eat! Not much but enough to keep the tube out!! Thank you again sweet God! As soon as ventilator is gone and he’s eating and guess what talking too! He has fragments in his memory which could last a while but he’s doing good. Now it’s out of CCU and into CCU step down where physical therapy starts. So here it is Monday (no trach needed) and for the first time he stands up and taking a couple of steps! Glory be to God and all you prayer warriors! On Tuesday morning after work I get to hospital to find him sitting up in a chair smiling, I cried but this time happy tears. He did really good all day and by Wednesday he’s on his way to rehab! So one week from the day I was told he would never do anything again he’s making great strides to doing everything! Talk about miracles and the power of God and the power of prayers! I am in awe of God and his blessings for my family and forever grateful for every tear, prayer, words of encouragement, hugs, and message that has been sent our way!! Thank you!Thank you! And a special shout out to the wonderful medical teams that helped him(St Joseph’s is wonderful) but most of all the beautiful people at Kroger store 621 for going over and beyond to save my sweet husbands life I can’t find the words to say but thank you God has special blessings for you! I will keep you posted as it comes I know this is long but I had to let everyone know how God has filled my heart! Now never take your loved ones for granted go get a hug and kiss that’s an order love you all ❤️

      1. You and your entire family and in my healing prayers. Sending lots of peaceful energy your way. <3

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