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Wow! This vlog effing rules. Some wild spirit junkie shit goes down… In the middle of vlogging about my tools for finding Calm in the Midst of Chaos something wild happened. I got a little visit from one of my guides. WATCH NOW!

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  1. Hi Gabby, This vlog entry is such a great reminder to do whatever works for you to maintain your spirit-connection, no matter what is going down in your life! I’ve found that often when my life gets the craziest/busiest/most insane, the first thing to fall by the wayside is my spiritual practice, the second is usually my physical work out. The craziest part of that is that’s exactly when I need those things THE MOST!! So, thanks for this reminder, and thanks for sharing what works for you. You inspire me so much, in so many ways! Part of my morning practice lately has been re-reading from Spirit Junkie, just wherever I happen to open the book, and it’s always so perfect for what I need at that moment. 😉

    I have to share one more awesome-Spirit-fueled divine synchronicity that just happened to me today….I recently downloaded several of your guided meditations from I-tunes, intending to just keep them on my laptop. Today I was creating a new playlist of tunes for my Ipod, and after finishing went out to walk the dog and listen to it. Lo and behold, your meditation on chapter 6, relationships, was on my Ipod! I came back and looked at my playlist….not there! But CLEARLY this is something I am meant to listen to, and frequently!!! So I’m taking the hint, thanks Spirit, and thanks Gabby!!
    Much love and light for all that you are, and all that you do!!

  2. Thank you your gentle reminder to honor myself….I am really getting back into this practice after letting the me time be put to the side while working on saving the world…I am so much more calm and centered when MY spirit tank is filled:)

  3. Thanks for this Gabby! As I’m getting ready to launch my business online, it’s sooooooo easy for me to slide from the bed to the computer and gear up for the day. I know I feel better, more connected, more aware and more alive when I breathe and get present with my day, sometimes it’s just easier to do otherwise. What a timely reminder. xo

  4. I love you and your message of healing and love. What I have done for myself and my spirit this month is deactivate my facebook account. I have found a greater sense of peace, love and presence in my life because of it. I don’t have a distraction tool to compare my life to others or a place to measure people’s admiration for me through looking at how many people “like” my stuff. I have been inspired by your books and meditations to grow in my love for myself and to grow in my connection to my Spirit and I have called this time, Project ME. Thank you!!!

  5. Great video Gabby. My life is starting to get busier and busier and I really needed that reminder today! My morning ritual starts with my morning pages. 3 pages in my journal of stream of consciousness thinking – really clears my thoughts and gets me focused for the day. I then take my self-care cards and choose one – honoring what it says and letting it guide me through the day. I will also usually set an intent if there is something in particular I need to clarify in my life. That and a little meditation, thanking God and reading ACIM before I go to sleep really bookends my days in a grounding way.

  6. Gabby! You are such an inspiration! Today was a crazy busy day, and, of course, I “had no time” to do my morning ritual. Needless to say, my day turned to crap before lunch. Thank God for those sayings in 12 step programs that used to drive me NUTS! I started my day over again, went to a meeting, and took some quiet time in my car with my meditation books and tapes. Fortunately, my HP doesn’t care where I am when I need to talk or listen. . . Then, I get home and have this reminder from you! Talk about synchronicity! Thanks again for the reminder that when we take the time for ourselves in the morning, to center and ground and give gratitude for all that we have, our day ROCKS instead of TANKS! Namaste!

  7. I love you Gabby! Right on, sparkling sister.
    On that note, I’m going to go for some quiet, listening time right now.
    Toodle loo~

  8. Love this vlog! While I didn’t see your sparkle, I have to share a story about something just like that happening to me yesterday. I was visiting a pal who happens to be a clairvoyant healer and we were talking about some issues my boyfriend is going through and in the middle of everything a small sparkle flickered in the corner of my eye. I ignored it and thought it was a glare off of my glasses but the room we were in was very dimly lit. A few seconds passed and I saw the sparkle again, then again. Finally I asked my friend if she was it too and she said no but then a few minutes later she saw them. She explained to me that they were his spirit guides coming to tell us what we needed to know to help him. Freaky and amazing!

  9. Wow! This vlog does rule! You are a beautiful inspiration to me, Gabby. I often think I stumbled across your website and all the beautiful work you do because you are meant to be one of my divine teachers, enlightening me on my journey of growth. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your light and your gifts with the world. My being is just vibrating because my soul is brimming with love and inspiration to share my gifts and make a positive impact in this world as well!!! I have developed routines of peace to quiet my spirit and connect with the voice of Love so I can be guided by it and live it.
    Cannot believe you already writing another book!!!! YOU GO GIRL! Hope you take some time for yourself to rest, rejuvenate, and recover. You deserve it. 🙂
    Anyway, thanks again.
    Love always!

  10. Gabby,

    Thank you so much for all you give. I just had to let you know that ALL because of you I’ve answered His call and I’m starting to teach! 🙂 I have a weekly meeting of Moms come to my house during the week and we talk and meditate and uplift and inspire eachother.

    My way to re-connect everyday is to tap(EFT) while saying positive affermations. My hubby and I are also reading A Course In Miracles and following the lessons each day. I can’t even explain how amazingly things are turning out because of where, I feel, you have led me to!

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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