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Hey there, Spirit Junkies! Today is all about a question I get asked ALLLLL the time! People always want to know what I do for exercise. So since we’re in the midst of the holiday season a time when many of us are traveling a lot and out of our normal routines I thought it was the perfect time to share with you how I get my move on.

Years ago, when I started doing speaking tours and book tours, I witnessed that this was the lifestyle I had chosen and that it meant I wouldn’t have a standard exercise routine. I’m often in hotel rooms and in cities far from home, so I don’t have a go-to gym or a standing SoulCycle class or anything I can reliably count on as my way to work out.

Tweet: Make exercise a part of your spiritual practice. Move in some way every day.

Basically, my workout was on me! So I decided to set up myself with a powerful exercise routine that I could take with me wherever I go. It’s tried and tested and proven to be awesome, and no matter what your fitness style is or what kind of schedule you keep, you can do it. So check out the video below to learn my #1 exercise secret, and leave comments letting me know your favorite ways to move and sweat. I hope this video serves you. Happy holidays!

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  1. Thanks Gabby!
    This is wonderful and something I follow. I find that if I don’t have judgments, I can get my movements in easily. As a writer and a counselor, I do find myself sitting a lot. When I am not working, I am moving, straightening up, helping my kiddos, running errands, hiking in the woods, or full-on exercising, and my body loves me for it.

  2. Beautiful: “I find that simply moving can get me back into my body, get me back into my energy, just allow that stagnation to move through me, and reignite my connection to my spiritual relationship and my relationship to my body.” This is so empowering, Gabby! You primary exercise intention is to tune into you rather than trying to work your body into some perfect ideal. That’s a wonderful paradigm-shifter! <3

  3. Love this! So simple and feels inspiring more than pressuring. Have you checked out Erin Stutland’s Shrink Sessions? They are rocking my World right now! 5, 20 or 45min workouts where you move and say positive affirmations out loud at the same time! They’re super groovy and uplifting! I think you’ll dig them Gabby. Thanks for the vid xx

  4. I LOVE that saying Gabby it’s so damn catchy. 🙂 I stared doing this just over a year ago (moving my body at least 20min everyday) after I worked with Sarah Jenks it no longer felt like something I “have to do” but something I crave and know serves me so I make it a priority and always so happy I do.

  5. Thanks Gabby, I think the main thing which is quite confusing for many of us is that the process of manifestation requires on the one hand to constantly imagine the outcome as if it’s yet happened and enjoy it but, on the other hand, it is this very concentration on the outcome that makes us being so attached to the outcome that is not there yet? I mean, they say close your eyes and it’s yours. But then–close your eyes and surrender and let it be whatever is there..Isn’t it contradictory? It’s like–yes, you can create your desired outcome, but no, you cannot desire it — just surrender…So my question is what to do: to imagine or surrender? Sounds like we need both.

  6. Hi Gabby,

    Thank you so much for the advice! This is so timely for me as I’m trying to get more active and will really help me in 2016. I also have a yoga mat as a Christmas present so will be starting to learn next year.

    Sat nam, Catherine x

  7. Right on Gabby— this was on point. I have a similar practice– sweat 3x’s a week (bikram, hike, jog) and stretch/gentile yoga twice. It keeps me spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally balanced. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I totally agree with you Gabby. The important thing is just to keep moving. Even if it isn’t your usual “perfect” or complete workout, all that matters is being active. Although I do set high expectations for myself, on days where I feel off (we all have those I think), I try to be less demanding of myself. Sometimes I’ll say “okay, as long as I just show up at the gym it’s a good start” or “maybe I’ll just do 20 minutes of toning.” And the best part is that once you get moving, you feel better and more energized already and then 9 times out of 10 I do a way better workout than expected! Self kindness is so important.

  9. I love this Gabby! So simple, and it’s exactly what I live by myself!

    Ever since I left my full time corporate job, I noticed that routine became a challenge. I no longer live by someone else’s schedule, and my version of routine tends to be over the course of a week, instead of over a day. Sometimes it works and feels good to exercise first thing in the morning, and sometimes in the middle of the day. Sometimes my home yoga practice is enough, and sometimes I really crave the energy of being in a group.

    I also don’t personally see the need (anymore) to “perform”. With a back ground as a gym rat, a stint in CrossFit, and even the time spent in Yoga Teacher Training, I used to feel the need to see progress in my body. Either in it’s shape and size, or in it’s abilities. As a part of my self love journey, I am now so much kinder to myself. I move, when I can move, I love the body I live in, and I know it is perfect just the way it is.

    Thank you for the reminder to keep it simple!

  10. Thank you Gabby! I agreeeeee! I used to be a secondary school teacher, sitting, standing, running up and down stairs, walking around tables for hours, bending, stadning on tiptoes, running after kids (^^, yeah… tough school … ), running to catch the train, and so on, so when I started my translation industry, my body ACHED at being sitted all the time! It took me two years to realize that going to the gym (the dojo actually, but same thing) once or twice a week did NOT help as much as JUST MOVING every hour or so. Now, I go walking (or running) for 10 mintues first thing in the morning, I practice 10 minutes yoga in the middle of the morgning, then 10 minutes meditation at noon, and take my bike or walk everywhere I can. It gave me more energy and now I go swimming every day. Just 20 minutes, but every day. If one day, or one week, I don’t manage to move as much as I’d like, it’s ok. My body will remind me the day after 😉

    Keep posting, coach!

  11. Thanks Gabby. I really needed to hear this today. I have in the past been really harsh on myself for not sticking to an exercise routine. But this has clicked with me and i am enjoying doing different things each day now like yoga, walking, stretching and the occasional weigh training session.
    Also do you think you will come to Australia for shows anytime soon?

    1. Just move and feel good!! Our bodies want to move … and have fun doing it. 🙂 As soon as I have plans to visit Australia again I will shout it far and wide!!

      1. Oh please do I would not want to miss you coming to Australia!! I am yet to get to a wanderlust event hopefully this year will be my year 🙂 love this video thank you

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