The Power of Your Words

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Consider this before you vent or complain: The words we say out loud carry energy and power — not just for other people, but for ourselves, too. Words are symbols that represent an energetic vibration, and when we use low-level words we have low-level experiences.

You have the power to change your experiences by changing your lexicon.

In this video I show you how to choose words that embody an energy that elevates and supports your life. In the comments below feel free to share how you commit to changing your words.

For another video on the power of your words, watch this video about which words carry the most power. I also recommend that you checkout Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Words.

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  1. excellent to see you talking about this, it is my favorite topic, agree wholeheartedly. ‘The words we choose’ has been the main focus of my daily work for the last four years as an NLP practitioner teaching people the power of their language choices and how it can instantly transform their life experiences and the opportunities that lie in the instant future. Choose every word well to become a more deliberate creator of your own reality and experience of life- enjoy!

  2. Gabby!! Amazing post – Thank you.
    I’m just having a bit of challenges in a certain area of my life and been in drama mode, so obviously I’m staying stuck. I will change my words, my conversations around this particular situation and notice how things will change! A huge Thank you, I’m excited! x

  3. I can always tell what my clients (or anyone for that matter) are creating or going to create in their life just by listening to what they say.

    Words are an extension of what we think is possible (or impossible) to create and paying attention to what is being said is a great indication of what will likely unfold.

    Great topic and great reminder to be a little more mindful,

  4. Today I will change my dialog. Instead to focusing on worldly clamours by discussing, and analyzing, the darkness attached to disconnected people in the my life, I will shine my internal light and connect to the divine every chance I get.

  5. I F-ing love this one!! : )

    I feel like when you swear it adds power, emphasis, and magnitude and I kinda love it.

    ps. the thumb nail of this one is so cute, you look so pretty!!

  6. Love this. I will be working on this for sure this week. I have a 2 year old who is starting to repeat everything and I’ve really been noticing my words lately. Time to put it in action. Thanks gabby

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. I needed to hear this today….I have been playing a few of the same stories over and over in my head the past few days & using such a negative dialogue We, too, are house hunting and have felt this negative stuff around the search….
    Thank you for reminding me….I asked for a miracle this morning and told my self “i choose to see things differently….” miracle received. xo

  8. This is hysterical. I saw an Angel Intuitive Psychic on Saturday and she told me to “watch my words” because I kept saying the word “trying.” I was like — uh, busted. I tell my friends to watch their words all the time because I’ve read Doreen’s book (yes, it is extremely helpful) and know their power. The psychic told me to switch to saying “I am”, “I have”, “I can” and “I’ve done” whatever it is since they carry more power. I read and heard Doreen and Kyle Gray speak about angels and asking for help or proof for things. I had asked for proof I was on the right path. Well, your VLog today is my proof. I am having an amazing life full of miracles and loving every minute!
    Thank you for all you do! You are amazing! And — I fully believe a good curse word is very appropriate at times and I’ve stated the same to my kids. 🙂
    Lisa A.

    1. This comment has inspired me to change my dialog to : I have plenty of money, I will be open to opportunities to bring more cash flow into my life and I can see abundance flowing into my life freely. Thank you Gabby B, this poster, and the angel guide who all have helped me today. It’s all about giving and receiving!

  9. Agree with you Gabby! Words have such a great power.

    I have recently implemented someone’s advice – instead of saying “I don’t know how to do it / I don’t have this / I’m not capable of this, etc.” I started saying “How can I do this? or How can I learn this? How can I find this out?”

    It may be a small change in the language, but once we ask ourselves “how”, our brain is wired to find the solution. This creates miracles 🙂

  10. I’ve been using your meditation and mantra #89 from your Miracles Now Book and it has changed my life. I hope to one day share my Money Miracle story with you! It’s bigger than I ever could have imagined. Thank you Gabby for sharing your beautiful light and wisdom.

  11. First time watching one of your vlogs and as is often the case, very timely. I’m also recently married and my husband and I are in the very early process of house hunting. I’m learning how we have different communication styles and so I’m always open to ways of approaching our conversations to bring more grace, ease and clarity. I just sent him your video so fingers crossed he’ll take a look/listen. I’m releasing myself on expectations on what he may think/feel but personally enjoy the inspiration I’m receiving in terms of future conversations (both internal and external). Thanks Gabby 🙂

  12. Thanks for this wonderful reminder! I so needed to hear this. I’m trying to pass a state exam to be licensed as a life insurance agent and I’ve failed it twice, but only two points away from passing! It’s definitely frustrating and I definitely could use some different stories around it. I’m getting MORE help and support so I’m going to start there 🙂 Gotta keep breathing. Good luck home hunting!

  13. JUST the message I needed to hear today! I’ve been looking for a space in NYC for my business and having the same thoughts! I was aware of what I was doing and started to take steps to change what I was putting out there! I also realized that I had something running through my background that were causing the challenges and the benefit is that it’s giving me the time to address my concerns!
    Thanks Gabby 🙂

  14. Hey…you don’t want to sign a new lease or contract on a new home while Mercury is in retrograde anyway…ha ha!

  15. I am frequently reminding others around me to change their words & to be more positive, but now I realize I have been guilty, too! I am a consultant for a company that sells products to help people use less chemicals in their homes. I have been struggling lately and I just realized that I am keeping myself stuck – DUH! Thanks so much – I needed this reality check! P.S. Gabby-I gave someone one of my product brochures and asked them to give it to you at Bodhi in Chicago during the book signing. Did you get it? I bet you would love to use the products in your new home 🙂

  16. Again- another CLEAR and BEAUTIFUL message, Gabby. thank you. I needed this reminder today. I am compelled to add another perspective to this topic…to look at the situation that is so arduous and seemingly difficult and go to utter humility and gratitude….that “I am so blessed and grateful to have the privilege of buying a home in Manhattan. Thank you and may it unfold with ease and grace.”……with love and gratitude for YOU. TARA

  17. That’s exactly my topic these weeks. We bought a new appartement and we’ll move at the end of August, but we have not yet sold our old house. I hear me telling everybody that I meet how difficult it is to sell a house in this particular price level, with this particular style, in this particular area, blabla.
    I ask myself is it because I can’t letting go my house, am I not yet ready to move in an appartement although the new place is really beautiful. But I now realised, it is my negative language, my negative thoughts also against the real estate guy, I have to change immediately. I thank you so much for this aha moment.
    With best regards from Switzerland, Connie

  18. This is such a powerful and important reminder, especially in the times we live in when growth is happening in such an accelerated fashion. We better be mindful of what we’re manifesting! Thank you for the love and light Gabby. I’m committed to implementing this one.

  19. Thank you Gabby! I woke up this morning to receive my first rejection from a company I’d like to work with on my new website. Try as I might to feel ok with it I was feeling yucky. Then I see this video and I am whole again. Thank you Gabby xxx

  20. This was a gift today. I drove home from work thinking that I had a day in which I let my language pull me down into judgment and that this wasn’t who I wanted to be or what I wanted to put out into the world. By the time I got home, I was determined to work on this overnight and be mindful tomorrow. Then BAM – I open my email and find your vlog. Thanks for being a conduit for the universe! Not that it’s all about me or anything ;-D

  21. I put the Archangel Gabriel screensaver on to phone, to bring in the essence of writing. When I went to charge my phone I popped it on top of “May Cause Miracles.” I realised that your name is the female version of Gabriel. How cool is that. Thank you for creating abundance in love and joy. Blessings to you.

  22. Such an important message. This has been a very tender topic for me lately as I’ve just ended a very close friendship because of my friend’s use of particular types of language. I love her so much and see so much beauty in her. It was saddening that we weren’t able to come to an understanding. But to me, we need to respect each of our own rights to be who we are. I understand that she doesn’t see it as I do, but loving myself means being firm in my requirement for loving words. Thank you Gabby for bringing me reinforcement and validation with the loving words of your post.
    xoxoxo T

  23. This is so very true….and has been a long term, significant struggle for me. I’m not a big Bible quoter, (understatement,) but the quote of St. Paul, “Why is it that I do the very thing I hate?” come to mind when I consider my frequent verbal negativity. Hard to break the deeply instilled habits of a lifetime, especially when our whiny culture constantly reinforces them. But I keep on trying to overcome. Thanks for your thoughtful and powerful words….about thoughtful and powerful words! : )

  24. And if anyone has any good, effective suggestions about how to break the Negative Mouth habit, I would love and appreciate hearing them!

      1. Thank you very much for the response/suggestion! I had to laugh, as it reminds me of the old “I’m talking and I can’t shut up!”….sometimes I think we get swept away in a vortex of negative mind-and-mouth chatter and it creates something like a G-force in us that is, temporarily, out of our control. I very much appreciate your help and shared enlightenment, Gabby!

      2. Just thinking how your name, Gabby, is the slang term for “someone who talks alot.” But YOUR talk is the “walk your talk” version….and it’s a positive, nurturing, healing communication, not just mindless blather. Keep on gabbing, please….the world needs your shining voice! : )

  25. Awesome topic and I agree whole heartedly! I saw that you recommended a Doreen Virtue book… despite so many of hers that I have read, that has not been one of them. I may need to check it out! 🙂

  26. A big advocate of this ideal however nothing makes me happier then to vent my anger about a certain situation. After I get it out then I am better able to move on…. Any advice about positive complaing? If I change my wording too much then I am not able to express how I really feel then it all gets bottled up. Any advice for me?

  27. This is just what I was saying to my husband. He’s having such a bad day at work and his reactions are just making things worse for him is what I’m feeling and thinking but he’s not on board. We all get caught up in our moments but it’s so important to keep it positive so that positive energies will continue to flow. I searched for a share by email button but I’m copying and pasting to share this with him, right? Thank you for this vlog Gabby.

  28. So, this comes at a brilliant time for me. I’m currently in a situation where I have a job that I’m both very grateful to have (knowing how many people are searching for a job and want one) but that has a lot of frustrations. I hate to admit it, but I have been doing a lot of complaining about it. Sure, I also acknowledge the benefits (the paycheck, the convenience to my home, etc.) but I’ve struggled to find a way to reframe the negativity and low-vibe situations I’m around all day. However, I also know that the Universe knows to respond to how I feel about my life, and if I feel like I have a terrible job that I hate, things aren’t really going to get any better. This morning I challenged myself to not complain about my job for one day, and besides sharing what I just did here, I haven’t! I want to rise above the frustrations and negativity and find a way to be grateful for my current situation while also being open to new employment possibilities (I’m also a student so there’s that bit too). I’m definitely going to catch myself the next time I’m tempted to say something negative and also use higher vibe words to describe my current work life while not complaining about it!

  29. The synchronicity of the universe is truly amazing…your post came on the same day my jogi friends and I were discussing how your words create your life. We were standing discussing it after kundalini class when a gong in the adjacent (empty) room sounded. How cool was that? Thank you for adding yet another “conincedence” in my life’s story.

  30. I needed this! I’m guilty of focusing on worries, then talking about them non-stop to ‘work them out’ when they’re not yet real obstacles, just maybes. This will be pretty tricky, but giving it a go. Thanks Gabby, once again your advice is on point.

  31. Love it! My husband is constantly saying things like we don’t have any money or we will never have any money- it drives me nuts but every time he says that I say right away we have lots of money or money is coming! A couple of times after an interaction like this we received an unexpected check in the mail- both were small but still a huge confirmation that the power of words is real. Now working on affirming that my husband is becoming more positive. Plus I put a citrine with intention near his checkbook. We’ll see what happens. I have abundance of all that I need and more to share. Just saying.. 😉

  32. Brilliant advice and so easy to put into action immediately. 🙂 thank you.

    I’ve been dipping in and out of Miracles Now (it lives on my bedside table) for the last few months – it is a truly life changing book and I have never felt more authentically ‘me’ and comfortable in my own skin. Just booked my ticket to see Gabby in London this November 🙂 so delighted she is visiting this side of the pond!! <3 Xxxxxx

  33. I so agree with this. I also catch my daughter falling into the negative word usage and I repeat back to her the alternative, higher energy version of it so she can see how to change her mindset. It’s funny how many people are shocked to hear me respond to their ‘how are you?’ question with ‘AWESOME!’. Almost like they can’t believe it! I’m trying to change myself and the world around me one word at a time….

  34. I am a believer, 100%, in the vibrational energy of thoughts, words and actions to create our reality–both what we want and what we don’t want. This is a great reminder, thank you! What I find most intriguing about how we apply this in our lives are the bastions of behavior we protect from the wisdom we are learning. Cursing and ‘venting’ were areas of release that always felt good and were familiar defaults for me, so I didn’t want to give them up–I always made exceptions for myself in these areas. I know I am not alone in that. Part of the reason we hold on to lower vibrational expressions of anger may be because we don’t usually have the tools to process anger other than ‘venting’ (collateral damage) or suppressing (internal damage) and we think (mind) those are our only two options. But I believe (heart) there is a middle way. It begins by being an honest/neutral observer of ourselves–see when we are protecting certain habits from this wisdom, owning it all is a great place to start. Then why not practice applying this “Power of words” wisdom to all areas of our vibrational output? Marshall Rosenberg and his teachings of Nonviolent Communication are a great resource for learning how to express our anger fully without venting or suppressing! Anger is a gift, he says; “Anger can be a wonderful wake-up call to help you understand what you need and what you value. Like warning lights and gauges, your emotions and the felt-sense in your body are there to help you understand which of your needs are not being met.” Gabby, I believe we can transmute our fear, anger, stress, annoyance, etc. into compassion and love. Low into high. Beautiful vibrational alchemy. It’s possible!

  35. Gabby… You are an angel. I came to your YouTube channel today after looking for some solace from a hectic morning. I clicked on this video thinking that, perhaps maybe where I need to start is with my words. I was blown away when you started talking about real estate — The Universe clearly led me to this video for a reason! I found great comfort in your words and am forever grateful – I know that The Universe has my back and that things will work out – they have to! Thank you, thank you, thank you! x

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