The Power of Your Presence

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Yogi Bhajan said, “If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.” Many of us are in danger of going through life failing to pay attention to the simple greatness of our presence.

Our presence is our power. Tweet it!

Even more than what we say or do, our presence has the power to dictate the outcome of any situation. Neglecting to bring the energy of grace to every situation blocks us from our purpose. However, when we learn to align our being with positivity, love, freedom and light, then life can begin to flow. Energy is everything.

In this video clip from my Manifest Miracles Now workshop, I talk about the importance of fine-tuning our energy. Mastering this art can have a massively positive impact on your life and on the world. Enjoy this clip and if you dig it you can watch the full 3-hour workshop! Details here.

If you enjoy this lecture I welcome you to invite your friends to order Miracles Now and get the workshop & gifts.

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  1. “I don’t care what you say, I care how you be!” what a line tweetable for sure! In fact I’m tweeting it now!

    one of my fav parts for sure but damn this one was jam packed with so many!

  2. Such an important reminder to be the light. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking the talk, if your presence doesn’t match everyone will know!

    Thank you for another amazing workshop, Gabby.

  3. Wonderful message Gabby. In the talk you mentioned that your crystal has energy and I’ve recently become interested in the power/energy of crystals. I also notice you are always wearing a special crystal necklace. I imagine it must have special significance to you. I would love to learn about the special meaning of your jewelry and of your crystals — from your perspective. Maybe a future vlog??? 🙂

  4. Gabby,

    I’d need a poem to express how thanked I am for your deep decision to be who you, as a Divine’s piece, trully are.

    Kisses and Love, and success!

    Sat Nam

  5. Ah! I’d like to know the title of that book about mudras, that was read by you
    on that video “Meditation for Prosperity”. Thanks a lot!

    More kisses and have a wonderful week.

      1. Thanks! I’ve been really interrested on the science of mudras. And what about a workshop in Brazil, Gabby? 😉


  6. Dear Gabby,

    I just wanted to use this opportunity to tell you how inspiring and wonderful I find you.:) First of all, you´re so sympathetic and real to me, because you´re authentic and you´re transparent. I think you differ from other motivational speakers, because what you say comes from your heart and you live what you say. You admit that you also had dark times in your life and I find it so courageous from you to speak so openly about it! Much respect! Secondly I bought your book “May cause miracles”, I love the writing style, it´s good to read and I love that it´s so practical! With this book I hope to overcome my social phobia step by step…So thank you so much for your great work, you give me my hope back! Love, Gesine

  7. The workshop was great. I am loving Miracles Now. It gets right to the point which is awesome with a 2 year old running around. Thanks gabby!

  8. I loved your clip! This is sooo true! Hope to meet you one day Gabby!

    Wanted to ask you also after long time with no practice of Kundalini Yoga, which kriya would be the best to start with?

    Lots of Love your way, Pauli. Xox

      1. I’ve been practicing Kundalini for some time before but then I think due to clearing all the blocks/ bad stuff resistance came up and I didn’t go back to my practice.
        I feel I need something easy at first. Can you advice something? Xxx

  9. I have been working more with focusing on my breath,especially at work,and I find it has been lifting my vibe and creating a positive ” presence” around everything I do.Thanks for the confirmation. XOXO

  10. I just posted that pic of you on my Facebook page. Such a powerful statement. I have become so aware of when I am not owing my presence. I noticed my voice changes at times( i try sounding more cute), I say weird things or I talk too much and I also stop breathing. I have noticed that in those moments I feel like I shrunk. I feel really small and invisible, when I’m in my power I hold my space amazingly. I know am seen and more importantly felt. This is making such a powerful difference in my life because it feels sooooooo good when you are in your power. It feels good because it is the truth of who we are. We are the Grace of God.

    btw. love that song..I cried like a baby in the workshop!! I share it with others every chance I get.

  11. That’s a great clip from the workshop Gabby! It makes such a difference when we finally realize that our thoughts are (at least) as solid as our bodies. Our thoughts really do create our reality.
    I loved how you said hi to the 4 guys in the room 😀

  12. Thank you for your reminder to be the presence in my own life. You are so inspirational, I saw you at the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto this year, and have been a fan since. I find that you are such a down to earth and authentic person. Seems every day there is something in your facebook posts or vlogs that speak to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with others, and being an inspiration with your words. 🙂

  13. I absolutely love this Gaby, we ARE all just energy and the more people that live this truth and understand this, the world changes. You are doing such amazing work, thank you xxx

  14. Love your clips! Do we still have access to the above if we pre order book through the iBookstore? (Apologies if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere?) thank you!

  15. What about the people dying in Africa now, what about the crack prostitutes being raped and abused by the average Joe right now, what about the kids in dysfunctional family’s, what about child trafficking, what about the guys going for 5 $ sex with kids to Thailand now..what about us?Am I mistaken something? Could you please tell me….

  16. Well what I’m saying here is, I can meditate my ass off for years and do the right things and be the one who cares, but it doesn’t change the state of the world honey…

  17. “We are all just energy”. Energy is so contagious, yet so misunderstood, thank you talking about it so that more people begin to see how they can impact their own energy. Later in the workshop you talk about how we are all teachers, you’ve certainly made a teacher out of me. My “classroom” might be small but it makes a difference to those around me who need it. Thanks for being an inspiration and for all you do! Can’t wait for the new book!

  18. Hi Gabby! My friend and I plan to see you in San Francisco later this month, but she has an 8 month old baby. Are there restrictions on bringing children/babies to the event? Thank you 🙂

  19. Gabby where should I go for Kundalini Class when in NYC? Whose class?

    Plus are you leading any classes? Would be awesome to meet you! Big love to you! <3

  20. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for your wonderful videos and writing. I stumbled upon your website at the start of the week and was drawn to buying your book ‘Add More ~ing To Your Life’. After just a week of reading and watching your work I have noticed synchronicities occurring in my life and I feel generally more inspired and uplifted. Something about your work clicks with me and I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you 🙂

  21. “If your presence isn’t working, your word will never work.” Wow! That really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing it.

  22. Hi Gabby,
    I saw you at ABC Carpet and Home, it was awesome! I remember you saying that you would provide the song list from that day but I can’t find it.
    Is it on here somewhere or did you send it in an email?
    You Rock!
    Thank you,

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